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Astronaut game steamsteaming corn on the cob PAYDAY 2 game classic job gang the first world bank we have information about the mendoza cash flow over 100 million dear friends were going back to new york theres something buried in the foundation of the old brooklyn bank that bain was after could be a way out of this current predicament were in Music it looks like someone at murky water might be behind our current predicament they have closed all communication channels with me youve got a couple of friends there but it looks like im officially ousted mr lindenhurst was kind enough to decrypt some notes an ancestor had printed on the back of a painting the view of mount vernon they know to the real thing you know yep friends ill know this is serious but you still have to have a bit of fun here got your moneys worth out of that vehicle yeah time to go have a look inside the bank make it quick friends get up to the second floor using the scaffolding or something there we go friends thats a good spot to cut through Music get down me look out taser brown now you can thank me its  __  jesus Music  __  youre  __  better shield bad choice outside Music i got the taser friends youre going to need to bring that drill into the vault room Music Music yeah you guys need to shut that alarm down find the button here those safe deposit boxes have some extra valuables we can use yeah maybe you can get into them while you wait for the vault to open if you find a keycard opening one up would be pretty easy Music tyson Applause oh Music jesus they gotta be Music Music security Applause Music Applause stay frosty Music friends you should pile all your loot somewhere closely youve got to restart it Music Applause shield Music Music dead Music  __  you shield  __  uh tasers dead Music ah get inside that voltage almost done here the thing were after is in the middle of that floor gotta put a hole in it with some c4 so we can get it out of there yeah the object in the floor is our main priority but its ashamed to leave all that pretty thats what were here for friends huh same kind of writing that lindenhurst okay friends its time for you to leave dont take too long feeling my old friends as murky have been tracking our Applause Music movements hey we need more of this take cover sniper we got one Applause Music i got it i got it Music Applause check your quarters and five Music hey Music Music Music Music 9. Music Music quick Music stop got it Music got it guys im waiting for stuff Music just throw the product in here Music then okay its a shield hey we need more of this Music operation nicely done dear friends were still in a lot of trouble but our lock is going to take care of you yeah i know i made some promises youve really put the  __  up murky water man theyre moving a large portion of their cash reserves away from the east coast Music wait until you get the signal and burst out resistance should be light just the crew the money is packed into large pallets get them out of the cargo doors and well collect them when they hit the ground simple Music heres so the plane is nearing the drop point lets not dilly dally here in the dark Music door switch friends excellent the increased drag will slow the plane and force the pilot to fly lower as expected now get to the cargo controls you see them above you so close yet so far the only way to get up there is by the stairs at the front of the Music plane Music ive seen him take a bird before is great the money is in the sky drifting down exactly where i wanted to like a million dollar snowflake oh hostages got it dont be scared just jump this is a perfect opportunity to express satisfaction Music youre all down yes no broken ankles good now find the first money pallet theyre there somewhere find them and light a flare okay now help your friend lock light the flare show me where the money is spotted a  __  shield Applause so and do it quickly if thats possible things are hot suckers friends im here and in position please when the opportunity allows take the straps and attach them to that wonderful stack of money thats the first pallet all right good now on to the second history look around for a ladder im sure that with energy properly applied to a search you will profit for sure Applause get on the ground take that ladder my friends take it and profit come on keep looking theres only so many places it can be oh  __  this one broke on impact we got bundles of cash scattered about youre gonna have to find them bag them and get them back here kill them all and let god i got the taser  __  Music oh Music come on whats  __  wrong with you these bundles cant have gone too far oh Applause keep your heads down the extraction team keeps freeing civilians Music uh why dont one of you guys love to flare for me dude Music the flare is burning nicely here i come if i may crave another boon would you mind attaching the pallet to the helicopter when im in position you see me yes im here for sure i hate to be a bother but would you mind strapping that lovely money to my helicopter and thats the second i can smell the wealth but greed is good yeah for sure find the third pellet okay well you know where it is but i dont  __  know like the flare yeah im flying in dont shoot if you see a big  __  helicopter flying at you Music right Applause Music non-operational with all haste im not dead Music Music and without the cops in tow get down to the sewers Music i left a case of thermal paste for you down there make sure you grab it Music lookout up so just treat it like you did Music cruise im waiting for you keep driving that boat to me we got a shield Music all right stop kicking around time to go i had a great time that was  __  beautifully done yet another successful collaboration you have my thanks my admiration and my so i will help secure the release of your colleague but help has a price right now the price is the elimination of the self-styled commissar the will to win this will keep you ammunition can you ever i will make sure are reliable i choose my associate planning is one thing execution is another time to execute Music this is one of his operations wreck havoc if you can smash this dump up enough he should give us a call then i can trace him bust up stay alert thats about half of them oh Music hello three more in the past but i need longer to establish the trace somewhere in dc narrowing it down keep working the commissars guys got some hot wheels how about we make them a little hotter look around the gas station theres gotta be something to burn good get back to the the  __  down Music uh Applause Music Applause let him have it the kind of guys that have fire insurance thats fine look out taser theres plastic explosives gas stations way back i havent thought thats as far as i can take it look around for something that might narrow down his location remember that metal hatch you discovered secrets worth knowing are often well protected ive been thinking about 30 seconds thats nine analysis of the air indicates presentations Applause head to the hatch the process is done bag it up and lets do another stashed around the round good job get yourself in the basement and check whats in there i will kill you for this so Music Music why are you doing it theyre coming away running the barcode now shouldnt take long to get an address Music remember if youre looking for a clue about downtown washington a file hint anything thats where hes at theyre shifting long-range teams in a position machinery slow so slow me Music i got it you realize how many dollars i sunk you to that place enough to pay your ass sometimes over faster yes i got the no i cant be almost had it be ready for anything Music Music you know that the russians Music downtown Music get yourself back Music foxy its a shield kill Music you in but this is still going to get loud good luck is a resin of preparation this will be at the specified location planning is one thing execution is another time to execute good luck jump out like attack in the box faster guys the dentist will be pissed try to get up to the next four Music hurry up and stop them and the coke is Music yours Music always Music the staircase is blocked off there must be a way up nearby youre doing this so lets get a move on Music Music hes inside this apartment get it open somebodys not these  __  clowns dont let them come in did the wrath jump hes locked himself Music Music i got the taser  __   __  off punk ass taser Music these  __  and i will theyre making the last effort make sure to stay away from that helicopter we get to cover cops will get you before you get me and i will live its firing get out of the way now crew Music Applause disabled Music foreign Music  __  off  __  yes taser Music  __  damn cops pacers Music hello Music theyll  __  you and walk out here Music those look like folks careful now i can last a year i is Music a little hot in here but you did good i can last a year got it i got it the doors open now time good work they have a hostage we need to delay the assault right this isnt working this has to do with this longer cargo is secured check your corners Music whats up Music deliver baby the commissar is dead and subsequently the district attorney is mine you are one step closer to the release of your friend i will be in touch you fap and cum steam I’m gamer that does walkthroughs gameplay and live stream go and subscribe my youtube channel. 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