Payday 2 Live-Action Short Film

Cowboy bebop steaminghow to run steam unlocked games PAYDAY 2 game Hey. Throw this in the bag. Okay, lets grab our stuff and head out. Did you do that? No did you? No? Greetings candidates. Today we have been afforded a wonderful financial opportunity. Our organization has gotten the drop- on a depo that has been importing, refining, and distributing cocaine in the region. Your duty will be to silently access the facility- retrieve the cocaine- and bring it back to us. The payout could be up to five million dollars, friends. When you get that, you will split it evenly. Dont fail this organization- and above all else- Do Not- Fail- Me! Cameras? Cameras are down. Ill handle this, okay? This is for otherized personnel only, state your business. I work back in sector six. You dont have the company plates. My car ran out of gas about five miles back. Let me see your ID. Sure, its in the back. The hell, Ricky!? It had to be done. Park right here. Get Down! On The Ground! On the ground! All the way! Stomach! Get on your stomach! Hands behind your back! What? He hit the alarm. Just get back to packing the coke. We got company! I left them a little surprise. We got company. Okay, Im gonna turn. Get in the back. Come on, get out! Leave the gun in the truck. Everything good? Yeah- it all went good. Five Million Dollars! Im not shairing that! see games in common steam This is a Payday 2 live-action skit that my friends and I made for a film contest. I hope we do well and I hope you enjoy watching.1/12/21 - Holy Shit 10K Views. 5/1/21 - Added subtitles due to suggestions. 7/1/21 - 20K VIEWS! 10/18/21 - 30K 4/25/22 - 50k!! We Still Going! 7/10/22 - 60k!!! 10/12/22 - 70K! steam biggest games game tarjeta regalo steam steam gaming cards how much is dwarf fortress on steam local coop games on steam