Does Payday: The Heist Still Hold Up Nowadays?

Dyling light steamgame player count steam PAYDAY 2 game bird up I want to make one thing abundantly clear from the start of this video I love payday through its very high highs and its very low lows Ive always had a soft spot for payday too no matter how many times I play through the same damn Heist the game has always stood the test of time is one of my favorites and with payday 3 on the horizon I cant wait to see what will come next when the always seemingly struggling yet brilliant and hilarious swedes over at Overkill but what about Payday the Heist the first payday game you dont see it brought up that much even in the payday Community unless someone mentions hey did you know that blank thing was in Payday the Heist of what your response is probably oh thats neat my names heiko and today I want to see if Payday the high still holds up nowadays alongside its more successful sequel I feel like payday needs no introduction to semi-goofy semi-serious game about robbing banks stealing from the feds and and as popular as payday is most people only ever talk about payday 2. now this is probably because Payday the Heist is old and not many people are playing it or making content on it I feel like theres a lot of things painted The Heist did better over Payday 2 and vice versa so lets start with the first thing you see when you first boot up the game the menu in Payday 2 the menu UI as of now is very clean and fairly easy to navigate everything may seem complicated to a beginner but you get used to it quickly compare that to painted the highest whos UI is admittedly dated small text box against a colorful screen may not have been the best decision some options are buried in deep subcategories and the separate menus for skills perk Dex weapons and armor are all forgotten for one single linear leveling system which is a fresh idea if youre coming back from Payday 2 but far from a welcoming one this leads me into my next point of Interest the gameplay Payday 2 is a very fast paced game with waves of mindless cops and enemies of the sort swarming you from every corner of the map granted I havent gone loud on any difficulty higher than Mayhem but compared to the easiest difficulty on payday the Heist the predecessors gameplay is much more slow thought out methodical and Payday 2 I find myself running around at a faster Pace rarely using cover as intended and completing Heist quicker on the contrary and pay to the highest I find myself picking off the opposition while moving from over to cover while theres a smaller concentration of enemies each mindless Stormtrooper can pack a punch and actually take you down adding to this every time a special operative like a shield taser cloaker or Dozer shows up it feels more significant because you cant just easily dispose of them like you can in Payday 2. and pay to the highest ammo is a lot more scarce kind of youll find yourself running out of ammo quicker during assaults but the flip side is that the quiet time between each assault is a lot longer than Payday 2 allowing you to go out and scrounge for ammo when it comes to weapons and pay to the heist they hit like a  __  truck page you can have some amazing Gunplay all the guns look and sound from decent to pretty damn good and the customization is endless this is great but sometimes I find myself feeling like Im popping heads with a Nerf gun on the other hand the guns in Payday the highest really pack a punch when you line up a perfect headshot with any of the weapons it looks feels and sounds great the only issue I see is that the selection of weapons in Payday the Heist is very small which can be either a curse or a blessing depending on your point of view along those same lines lets talk about characters ah I need a medic bag in Payday 2 there are 20  __  two playable heisters now this may seem like a good thing right the more the merrier more personalities more dialogue more interesting right well when all these characters are added at different times and with more Heist being added along the way you run into the problem of getting voice actors back into the booth and recording new lines which costs a lot of time and money and doesnt always work with everyones scheduling to comment this pretty much every heister just has generic dialogue bereft of Personality that can apply to basically any situation uh sniper just ate a bullet I owe you a pint call me the cloaker smoker this leaves every non-classic heister feeling somewhat void of personality and leaves the exposition up to the contractor whether it be Bane lock Vlad The Butcher Jimmy you name it the only glimpses you get into a heisters personality is their description their appearance in their shallow pool of pager lines that can get very annoying very quick sorry about that I think maybe its from all the ass that I dropped this morning skin now when we look at Payday the Heist that the game only contains the original four payday gang heisters Dallas chains wolf and hoxton since there were only nine heists released in the games original lifespan Overkill was able to write creative and unique dialogue for each heister in each Heist giving them and the game is a whole much more personality on the topic of Personality lets talk music dont act dumb now I want to make this one thing abundantly clear before I talk about the soundtracks of these games I absolutely love the soundtracks of payday Heist and PayDay 2. I think Simon Bitcoin to compose some of the best and most recognizable music in all of gaming however I feel like Payday the Heist had a soundtrack that better fit the games theme and tone well kind of let me explain see pain in the heist soundtrack in total is about an hour long compared to Payday 2s which is about three hours long except thats just Simon vicklands work not including the work of other artists especially after vickland left Overkill in comes the problem in Payday the Heist the soundtrack was more focused on a grungy industrial sound loud clipping drums thick bass crispy yet muddy distorted guitars and low humming synths make up the majority of the games soundtrack with a few more electronic sounding songs included as well the thing is none of these songs deviated from the tone of that gritty atmosphere of a group of four notorious criminals robbing banks gangs the feds and much more on the contrary and Payday 2 the soundtrack basically did a 180 from Payday the Heist the majority of tracks are fast-paced electric songs with a few occasional gritty industrial songs thrown in which to be fair does respect the faster nature and gameplay of payday 2. viklens work in both games fits really well with their respective atmosphere but the problem in Payday 2 arises when we look outside viklins work Im not saying all the other artists that worked on Payday 2 soundtrack did a bad job I feel like a lot of their tracks are pretty damn good it just feels like as time went on and more heisen tracks were added the music kind of lost direction in which tone it should focus on this brings me to my next Point tone you see I need my payday too payday of the heist has a very clear-cut tone that I kind of mentioned already its very gritty very serious very industrial very orange and to some extent Payday 2 at the start of its life kind of carried along the same tone just blue instead of orange but then comes the problem when you have a game where it takes robbing the White House just as seriously as Goat Simulator that is to say very serious payday 2s tone especially in the present day bounces around a lot from comically large spoons to ah Bane dying in the bad ending and speaking of robbing the White House in Goat Simulator pay to the heist well Heist were somewhat grounded in reality somewhat but payday 2s Heist well let me just read a synopsis of a few of them eyes where you chase down live goats filled with cocaine a heist where you rate a private military compound to steal several live nuclear warheads for a crazy Russian dude a heist where you run around a mall doing a  __  cocaine collect-a-thon because that crazy Russian dudes brother-in-law dressed up as Santa and hid bricks everywhere and the heist where you sneak onto a private militarys Cargo Plane full of money launch piles of money into the  __  Sky Skydive out of the plane and then secure all the money on the ground along with a lot of the newer characters being wisecracking jackasses payday 2s story in tone is more of a long drown out elaborate joke than an actual narrative now all this isnt to say that I dont love payday because I do Ive sung hundreds of hours into this series and I plan on sinking in hundreds more especially in the next installment but in the case of Payday the Heist it seems like people just dont play it because well Payday 2 exists I had a lot of fun revisiting the first game in the series and it still holds up to some extent the only issue is most of Payday the Heist content is already in Payday 2. and with Payday 2 constantly being either free or on sale unlike Payday the Heist more people are just going to gravitate towards the sequel Music it was time for Enterprises Music foreign Music Music pickle pickle Music twitch steam key In 2011, Overkill Software released Payday: The Heist, a four player co-op shooter about robbin banks and pickles. 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