Stealing $2,552,500 in CASH in VIRTUAL REALITY (Payday VR)

Must buy steam gamesbest co op puzzle games steam PAYDAY 2 game your shoes are raggedy what my shoes your shoes dont even match look at a guy in a distance this is bad doing over here yo dont frickin ignore me broader okay I dont think he really cares alright lets go to the bank wait we gotta check it out before we go in right can I put this some way I dont think the people ask okay how about I walk in Ill check it out you stay here cuz I think you having a weapon I think thats gonna throw some signals dont worry is its a BB gun Ill demonstrate it on this guy see oh hes just very old god are you okay guy mister I dont think hes gonna recover from that man lets go in you going Ill go around the back Im gonna walk in I want to open a checking account give him a little push get him out of line man I dont have to all time there you go I dont think all that hello I am Im here to open a bank account with you guys I want to deposit it like two dollars what all right get her out of my sight she doesnt she cant help me I dont like her thank you wait I dont have they detected us Im putting on my mass so they dont know who I am right why are they pointing guns at us we didnt do anything wrong I want to open a checking account woman hey get on the ground Oh further checking Sekou down just like a little meatball hes in the meatball costume he didnt open my checking account doesnt you dont have to do that and you do it yourself through myself oh yeah all right numbers and graphs oh I should go ask them below officers hello officers by any chance do you guys have a you know how to open up baby now officers to open a bank account maybe if we use more force hello Ive tried to open a bank account I dont think they know how men come here sucks they killed me are you kidding me dad they were really angry what are you know doodle proof right me cringe so whats the game plan whats the game plan we need we got to strategize this this time can we actually highlight things inside yeah we just walk in right were normal people here what is normal people dont mind me miss oh my god my god get out of here Karen okay we got a follower use Karen is to disguise I am behind Karen I am her son I dont know what to do I dont know what were supposed to do Oh God Oh Oh she freaked me out man understandable Oh what is this I can act this where do you think we should do that right here in front of everybody that should be fine can someone pick up the damn phone lets see there we go oh yeah they suspect nothing were just mid wine some mind us doing oh thats a lot of alerts theres only one way out of this No Kanye West Lake Erie sitting on the bench right there oh my god Kanyes not like this way I wanted to show Kanye this let me show you how its done this is how you rob a bank what is that oh my god what are you crazy put on the mask maybe we can make a hole in the glass you dont end up in the cartoons there we go were in you have the silencer thats very important you are the key here I cannot write anything yes literally security guard right there look behind you fine mix well yes customer I will just cost about man is there a security guard there yes there we go right oh theres a guard theres a guard I am bah theres bathrooms there we can run into there oh wait wait for the security guys come back oh oh oh okay lets go lets go lets go lets go Oh run bathroom bathroom what the fake bathrooms in here we are part of the office now its coming bloody is coming oh hey guys ran here oh theres stairs there thats where we go this is our chance Plaza go go go go but then going the red button charity got hes coming Hey you okay like yeah swish go away were busy oh you guys coming yes coverage please no sugar cant see no one saw anything I think that one on the left oh yeah how do we do this lets execute them to it no no Terry what about this oh my god can I throw this POW shes in Im gonna cut them into pieces alright I will also cut them into pieces I didnt I hit her dont worry about it shes dead where did we get a card did he have a card he can find a card where he wasnt the manager are you kidding me who are you what are you doing here I think I see the manager in here in the office he was on the left the entire time I guess he was can you shoot both of them real quick I got one Wow thats not good that is not good Rizzy that is not good are you two minute nice to man again hey Karen just our 36 times robbing the bank you know us perfect okay and is there a garden there there is a garden there do you hear machete breach theres one security guard here on top oh hes coming this way hes coming this way this is my time to shine he does not know he does not oh wow theres a lot of people in an office do we just take them all out okay I go in slice them up and you get any Stranglers that are running with your pistol okay do not slice the glass youre supposed to kill him - did you get the coward no are you kidding me theyre not managers oh no the two security guards right here can you take them out right here on the bottom line I do the last two dad oh we gotta we gotta cancel the call not go through to things get up go for the fame no thank you go look at me go are you ready this time you got your youre spinning beyblade Ric doesnt hear us like picking through the door and talking and talking I am Karen and I am angry where is the manager so that woman is very hostile we take them all out should we put them on the ground we put above the ground okay maybe not that much on the ground you got it we are good to go we have to 1-1 3-8 keep that what why did you break the glass all right all right they cant call they cant call but its only temporary so hurry up so the boss many people as you can down Im putting them down oh I found the manager theres a man oh no its a man walk easy-peasy and then I will go for the security guy right then we should be fine now we beat up the manager stabbed him in the back put him in a bag there we go I am assassinated thats where he was assassinate the manager hes right there hes that works behind the gate security code so down to the keyboards a few security guards here oh one behind the glass Karen you still want to speak to the manager you guys can take a smoke break or grab a coffee Ill be here for a while Oh Karen big brain we cant go through here electronics are off right yes Ill just hold this thing and well be fine oh Im sorry Karen I seen the neck the code I lost the code oh she just had the key we are inside the cameras do not matter we are beyond McKennas do the same thing we did are you ready I am ready three two one oh my god my god oh Im just gonna make this many bags again today oh my god I can finally buy the tria but I got it let me just break some glass no ready have you freaked us up by breaking glass youre out of the team just walk out you walk out the front door Karen all right Oh Karen you you would like to right now Harry the Frick up Karen why did you go so slow forget Karen leave the woman behind oh yes yes activated were just Oh like seven million dollars and you were just walking Oh does she not do anything oh now you want us to do Karen do it over the door camera inside yeah work what do you mean we cant oh I hear crowd shaking to victory all right you go first punch him in the face okay get on the ground Oh get on the ground oh thats all right oh thanks Terry here hey I got a hundred and ninety-three thousand dollars in spending cash lets go Music you Applause Music steam workshop bannerlord blaza and socksfor1 have their greatest heist yet LAST VIDEO: Support a creator code : Socksfor1 TIKTOK► TWITCH► DISCORD ► INSTAGRAM ► MERCH► MUSIC►Kevin MacLeod ( outro► editing help► praduh #VR #payday2 Editor: Sony Vegas 16 Copyright problem/Business? 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