Four Decent Friends play PAYDAY 2

How to steam chicken breaststeam best free game PAYDAY 2 game Music its called the god emperor i always got to switch your controls when you start a new game i dont i i usually play i just like fun to it yeah im like conformists conformist have fun in your rat race life living paycheck to paycheck for corporate gains yeah thats all about the experience all right my goodness my guys are riding to the to the hideout on a scooter like a little scooter hes like on my way guys dont start the raid without me wolf baby baby wolf baby oh  __  god damn it oh no i killed a pregnant woman karen t henley look for that name ill go downstairs calvin were gonna have two minutes and like 30 sec or a minute 30. intern of big  __  office yeah thats really weird its nepotism causing property damage Music we each okay go go go go  __  stole my car you  __  oh im upside down well flip the car i cant Music i will i tail it out of there they wont let me exit i cant exit the car how did you manage it youll get the explosives justin its ethans wife oh my god hila you  __   __  ill pay healer and just say what im shooting is a palestinian child yeah hes coming back to the border hes staring at the garbage get him chosen people are safe once again from that five-year-old child throwing a rock on the ground you got something to say do you want to live get down get down the ground cops coming upstairs ill get him what the  __  were getting yeah get down on the ground just stay on her okay we have four hostages which should be max oh that was close calvin im coming inside so i can get the keys youre going in the office or the meeting room not many people get to come here follow you come here to see your boys with me not many people get to come lets see that penis if you want to work here well are you sure damn clothes off take your damn clothes off power soul take off shirt go get it done i cant i cant run its suspicious activity jogging down the street galvin is suspicious don come on come on theres a cop right in front hes right in front of the building i cant get in he saw he saw me each go to a different car right done Music i agree im stuck for the ethans wife what the  __  Music where do i park this just in the containers parking in the containers oh my god well hey we didnt already hundred thousand dollars  __  calvin  __  why i didnt do anything you did it to me you killed me you should drive better you should yeah  __  these headphones destroy them now would you if your mom bought you the cat your headphones would you wear them um its a gift you have to like oh i cant throw it away or re-gift it i dont have to use it every time she goes down shes like why arent you wearing the headphones i bought you doc oh my god youre not for me shoot there them be a security room one two three four seven so far five six seven eight ive got eight all right would you go down the hall no just in this room in the start look one two three four five theres one above me one seven two three one four five six seven where was the eighth one i saw it what we got a  __  big boy Music theres another dozer and i cant i cant see are you  __  kidding me again what jojo dozer press three whatever whatever the people shield down aint got  __  theres so many shields justins gonna die oh im lagging really bad yeah i just killed like 18  __  people im starting to protect my ass im reloading  __   __   __  all right back up can i open this first aid kit no is it in there i dont know  __  no patience zero yeah thats him its patient zero is it really yeah thats him holy  __  you have to find another centrifuge so its our fault this happens possibly there he is dont worry guys okay what are we doing oh  __  for  __  protect me all right i can do that hey man whats going on hes dying youre sure people trevor shoot look out im a doctor oh  __  hes playing house i just see ammo dropping from everybody that youre killing kelvin dont just shoot the guy what happens we saved the world all right kill him get it done with him oh damn hes invincible in trouble i wonder if you ever fight the patient zero like does he ever become a zombie no he shits himself though all right take another blood were you there yeah were you there changing yeah looking at his  __  pile right now come to the room with me oh my god i just realized youre playing us who am i playing oh man i was says justins character he took it from me i remember those days when he was eating sewer chicken with idubbbz not no more yeah those days are over theres that sniper im out of ammo ammo bag right here i think they got our hostage yeah hes been gone for a while coming in one on the street right here theyre trying to take him oh  __  got a shield over here oh  __  oh  __  lets score theyre going to get our hostage hostages i found a ton of bags ah  __  let me kill that shield please thank you i got the sniper thank you wheres the taser im getting tased i dont know thats the last bag lets go you look oh my god he looks so gross oh my gosh what are you talking about no its amazing now ryan is my friend lets get out of here get those doors open the switch is right there take that seal team six how many  __  army dudes are on his plane all of the entire us military before you open the next door you kill the people who are in the previous no he has the need to rush forward yeah no no no my build is all about  __  murder then murder the people in the room the worst action star ever well you guys are here to back me up guys im all about murder but i refuse to murder people i just want to push doors open a million dollars i hope i dont press Music youre not allowed to shoot people in parachutes thats in the geneva code my  __  bullets pierced through men calvin thats what bolts do justin basically we were walking on the uh were walking out of the train station right and where theres just like a massive whale of a human being and we get out the door and take our masks off and then the guys just looking at me hes like you all right dude im like what and hes like you have a look at disgust on your face all he sees is the fat person he looks at me like narrows his eyes hes like do you hate fat people im like yeah yeah but i didnt know that i i just unconsciously make a face of disgust when i see fat people apparently calvin do you understand what i mean by fat like this woman  __  huge like fat on forehead fat oh cant move legs waddling fat that thing took up an entire train seat is there still a thing no no uh police dont have funding for it anymore so they dont do it its sad drugs air meetings were the best yeah because you got out of school you just have classes you could play games and get treats and learn about drugs that you can take in the future i didnt know about half the  __  until they told me it existed im like oh thanks for the knowledge oh like were clown suit this is awesome whats everyone elses detection whats a good level would you guys say im at 14. im at three uh i probably didnt even bring guns hes just here so you guys are stupid theyre looking for bank robbers hold it what what good  __  job maybe you shouldnt be clown suit over here  __  walking in with a goddamn clown suit i was here to cheer the workers up all right smash everything why did he immediately pull a gun at me he doesnt know it was a heister look at you you look like an evil man hey fine i just wanted to wear a clown suit everybody gives us away immediately on the easiest one like this is literally the starter mission he bumped into me and he immediately pulled a gun he was standing still you bumped in still there thats unusual for us im just a clown just a silly guy no clown goes into a jewelry store trevor what what what if i need to buy something do you think a guy in a varsity jacket would look less out of place in a jewelry store with a sick chinese dragon on the back see that that screams with a criminal im just crap whenever i see a clown i only think bad but you got the things done good job yeah the easiest  __  mission in the game  __  up whyd you wear a clown suit i thought you all gonna wear suits you said suit i brought my clown suit well this is my fathers funeral we all want middle school follow the justin lead keep it cool all right the cs go map actually trevor you should recognize this map layout oh isnt this the uh that left for that survival map we dude or no no youre close though i dont know this reminds you the wendys map for some reason look at this you come over here you hop this fence over to the rest of the campaign you come back okay so if you want to get to the back where theres not a lot of security this place will have cameras be careful im at a loss its hard its hard rain its the burger tank oh  __  okay its over here over here thats nice even i recognized it he is a detriment i am not going in there all right someones gonna see me with all my bulging weapons yeah trevors getting ready for when we  __  up then he can storm in yeah im the backup clown why cant i take this mans war medals its not worth anything worth sentimental value and thats good enough to steal now we stole all the money in the bank we own the bank now right yeah thats how it works this thing in the crib oh  __  what was that guys playing don just right here i cant hide right here i cant see what part of i cant see dont you understand he just took that from underneath i wanted to go with him john is  __  running the opposite way come on trevor im not its telling me to go right here what are you talking about no im saying from us we were doing the long way yeah with us guys damn i dont think we can hold this off calvin im opening it lets get in the office oh man dont you have another hostage help me out here we dont have the ammo for it im glad the police gave me full ammo thats really kind of them dont protect the hostages it should be released in three minutes protect them three minutes thats basically a whole  __  way nope here ill do it i thought it was for me i got it all right ill protect you all right don youre back im back like the worst host of negotiating all right if you give this one the hostages well let your guy go and if you dont well release him in three minutes how does that sound oh  __  were rolling come on guys were running out of time lets go Music nice here howd you get a flashlight about it am i gonna saw or something i do get oh i dont  __  you son of a  __  its out of  __  ammo right i think that just goes around thats just a waste of time what was if we hit the no point in return its a waste of time oh  __  just go around this way this way i found it theres a way out gang fresh please tell me we dont have to drive out of here lets rob an art gallery sounds good gentlemen lets broaden our minds this one i like i kind of like this one Music that song is like really good though prince has got some alright songs hes got a lot of good songs i dont think ive heard many of his songs purple rain when the duck ive heard purple i havent heard it party man yeah gold i havent heard it the bad dance and im not a big fan of prince want to pick this lock right here what im spelling come on whyd you jump off the roof i just wanted to be extraordinary okay thats badass why is it censored because america i see yeah maybe thats why it happens its a statement i mean you can have you can have community on steam yeah but that just adds to the art i know it looks cooler she looks badass it shows it shows the the political and cultural climate of america with the bold holes in oh this bait look at this babe the speed limit is 50. yeah its the residential neighborhood see all right i have uh heres my plan to keep community safe what if we have minimum speed limit of 50 in school zones that way no pedophiles can slow down and ogle our kids and this way children will truly understand the importance of road safety looking both ways i know its like you can kind of like go from like each of like who gave less of a  __  about looking cool calvin youre penny whats bear breaking bad or bear call saul well see theyre both good shows but they do complain i know like which which you find yourself like thinking about more a lot more earlier which is more your jam i mean ive seen breaking bad four times now thats true oh wait don hey look at that clown outside just a silly clown just a silly guy trevor what are you doing man come on im a distraction clown you aint distracting  __  calvin cutting a wire they see you oh nice uh alfa romeo sierra echo control dustin that was me that was me  __  goddammit finally we can start off just casing something nope this is the  __  i live for the casing and then this clown shows up excuse me id like to make a deposit on my bank id like silly string lets play im sure mad im dons imaginary friend that just follows him on every heist its me uncle the clown not following me oh i killed a civilian i really blew this one boys it was me bonko made me do it who would get more mad at you if you put a confederate bumper sticker but also an a cab bumper sticker on your car i think that youre going to be confused im being electrocuted all criminals are black what are you gonna do huh youre gonna shoot me youre gonna shoot me better make it quick better kill me in one shot imaginary friends dont bleed no i didnt tell you im not actually imagining a friend im an fbi plant trying to get you to commit another mass shooting youre gonna be the next stephen paddock i gotta kill more  __  civilians bonko demands it justin if i joined a dnd group i just did the kazoo voice the entire game how long before i get kicked out i dont know why does gazoo never go away why are we stuck with this kazoo walmart and uh just make a killer croco to therapy why does bruce wayne just invest in like mental health care for all like killer croc and the penguin and joker thats what the arkham asylum is supposed to be right right yeah it didnt work out its like oh its like almost like he funds it or something i know yeah they always have like this epiphany on batman every weekends like  __  just read it and you would know why theres no rehabilitating penguin or like the court of owls or joke like what are you gonna do for those criminals rehabilitate some people some people are just  __  up you cant know harley quinn has a really nice arc in the animated series that they just dont want to use in the  __  movie hey you want great characterizations look at batman the animated series no it does not have the funny jokes i will watch the new harley quinn cant have anything serious anymore everything has to be a  __  clip yeah i hate like this show was not written by the morty riders i am not going to watch it everything has to feel like a josh whedon thing well you know its everything an argument a lot of people make now but it is true nothing oh its been true its been true since the  __  first avengers movie came out her great your greatest characterization was the show she  __  debuted called harley quinn just no longer has a clown theme no longer is teamed up with like a clown villain like what what is it well her becoming strong and loving i dont see her as the henchman for joker at first so theres no arc really she just starts off already as the person that shes going to be its like imagine breaking bad story with walt already being like a monster do you think this game is every a cabs like what dream do they play is like anarchist maybe anarchy but i mean really anarchist character good thing but is the  __  uh around pearlman hes actually just more of a biker so the ron perlman just  __  going mad bat  __  crazy about how much he hates trump ever since he got it elected hes gonna start picking have you seen his twitter and how like terrifying he had he had that what was it the trump obsession syndrome or something dude yeah twitter was  __  bonkers some people just literally could not live their day-to-day trump permeated their  __  brain that  __  hard its like my favorite person all right you had to know what harvey weinstein was doing if youre gonna piss in his hand or piss it you dont just do that i know its funny either way its funny to imagine that he just pieced his hand thats the thing he did wicked is back on broadway i am thrilled never seen wicked if there be a hot clown baby poster let me see this yeah i would no i would not Applause Music simbr steam cleaner We wouldnt be robbing banks if gas wasnt $4!In order to survive in Joe Bidens America, the 4DF need to amass some cash. 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