Payday 2 One Down - Diamond Heist (Solo Stealth)

705 power steamer wagnerhow to put steam vr games on oculus quest PAYDAY 2 gameplay sapphire oh theres the guy right there heart there ah should I be bold lets be bold I am really really not fond of the glass cutting in this game its so it hurts the ears like why someone needs to make a mug where its just like kittens meowing or something - thatd be thatd be a lot better alright so Im gonna follow this guy cuz I needs keycard and boy is this mission nostalgic his on health I mean like I didnt really play that much of payday the heist but I did play enough and this was one of those maps where I did play a little bit more than the others because well just trying to memorize those sapphire spawns really and just you know is the first time stealth was introduced to the game so I did a lot of it with a friend oh come on now the question is where do I hide his body on me oh jesus no no no oh my god I cant believe he made it in his head is in the wall that guard I hope hes not sticking out oh hes sticking out yet he cant be there theyll see him from the hallway Music yeah I noticed this happening earlier those guys in the roof okay you go over the side you need to die I dont know why I bothered not killing the SIV I mean it makes my life a hundred times easier instead of having to worry about well everything pretty much oh this matter Chungs quite a bit so if youre out there with performance issues youre not the only one all right put Joe head in here please be a good boy he is not a good boy follow me you know what I I dont know the point of body bag things Im getting ready to just blast your brains out man cuz its not very many good spots on this map to hide a body come with me this may take a while I also think do you think its really hilarious that this map the they just give you the location of the objective if you wait long enough like I havent done anything and they just showed me where they are all right youre not worth it literally lost two pages because of this one guy I also have no bags on me so I should take the rest of those all right now we can actually start the mission hey oh that was a lot of work and tears and just enough all right this guy needs to shut the hell up that makes two sapphires and theres a guard there that makes three Im gonna try to keep a mental note of them says there should be alright I only have two them nope three because there should be 12 in total in the first game there was 10 but in this one they added two more theyre very easy to find but you know its still easy to you know lose track of which ones you picked up and how many you have left so thats four Ill try to keep track as best as possible Gerry grab that one yeah and I still get lost in this map a lot theres a card luckily nobody gets alerted when they see this box so thats nice one I think thats right I hope thats read that guard its a guard hey computer number two okay thought he was gonna leave but this will be useful later myzel grab him now blue zero theres a guard there yeah this guard is fairly annoying because he basically patrols left and right through that one area thats really it do believe that makes five seven and this should be a couple more Music freaking heck man watch that guard alright so this is six guard eight its a guard 9 and the 10 should be right around to my left the sherry I believe package you can think oh Ive got no need for packages and through doing everything I found all the computers just thats all hunky-dory thats a green 3 and this is the last sapphire that you can find before turning off the alarm but I actually turned off the alarm already so thats even more hunky-dory ok art watch our thanks camera thank you enjoy that pace my hands man okay the code is good and yeah so see here these are the two last sapphires that they added a little bit of chunk cant be payday without some good old chugging right okay lets see one three zero hey what are the chances I get the red diamond a that would make my day come on game come on game you know you wont do this is a fairly doable mission not too difficult hey not gonna ever get that red diamond well away okay freakin alright thanks guys well theres nothing really special I mean the red diamond theres just a big old wall here that spawns you can drill it and you get the red diamond thats how you get the achievement is RNG you know it doesnt always spawn I just happened to be unlucky enough where every time I want to stealth it it doesnt spawn its good stuff so what that should be two of the achievements for you guys the last one is really just well you have to actually do it loud Music basically when Bane throws a CFO off the helicopter he lands onto that fountain hell drop a little money bundle on him just pick that up lets get that last even pretty super simple but yeah Im kind of surprised that they didnt change this mission much in general because like this was definitely made for the old payday the heist type stealth in mechanics and theys those were very bare-bones very simple and you know because of that when we go into this game is not very much different feels the same but I guess they didnt really want to overcomplicate it so and it is what it is glass cutting sound though its horrendous and you have to use it for each and every one of these you cant smash these open drill as it sounds the alarm oh boy I do enjoy hurting my ears like this Music could they just have made it just like the Sapphire from the last game where you know you push push the top of the case of something then it opens up I wouldnt mind if they made it so you had to wait the whole time where you just you know took a little long time interact god this glass cutting south who thought this was a great idea someone needs to slap that person hey we cant break the glass but we can break the fine china Im sensing some some favoritism here in fact we cant even steal the fine china oh my god why do I put myself to this I dont need the money I dont need the extra Cory I told me anything but since were already here I just want to grab it uh and I havent even actually finished the stealth itself never no you have to do you have to do you have to walk pretty far to get the loot back to its drop-off spot basically wherever you started alright thats everything right now thats everything Im evil so its on that side second floor I do have two body bags I should have two pagers no yes I do no I do its a guard where the stairs I think actually these elevators have a stairs of the Marone very convenient very convenient yoke nobody notices theres a guard stay completely still that six sense are working hopefully never know might save your ass and spot something that you didnt notice as a guard there oh come on man wait why do you stand right there now he comes this way okay the guards know exactly where to go and I think Im actually no as I say I can move it up here without them noticing but Id rather not its just watch that work via watch out for the guard not worth the inevitable headache if they happen to see it and that guy I didnt actually know they came down here so thats good to know guard maybe once you turn off the lasers they actually have a chance of walking down watch out for the guard oh boy this may take a while I got to move eight bags all by myself Ill go in this way theres a staircase luckily this is not the side with the party actually what interesting thing about this map that they added is that the party can actually disperse now so there if you get really bad rng you can have a whole buttload of sibs walking around and that just makes life really really difficult so yeah interesting is what Ill say to that I am glad they made this fully sellable though I like it when they change the original missions to be a little bit better for the second game I eat fully stealth over like this and I still think the best addition they had was making First World Bank completely stealth bull of its own too Im not actually sure if the guards can pan over to where we drop off the loot because you know Ive been running around there and I kind of get a I kind of drop my guard a little bit but like I said I dont know if they can go there just saw a guy pass by its a guard give them a bit of a spotter Rooney I get this because of me killing the guy around here that it actually seems a lot easier to navigate once I go up just keep going slow and steady wins the race oh Jesus thank goodness I cant die from that fall huh imagine getting spooked and just pressing s and falling back and dying yeah that could have been really frustrating good old shadow raid ladders right there what better way to end a stealth look by a by your own clumsiness its a guard hes kind of close well Im gonna back up anyway because my nose is itchy dont might be sorry Wow nice paintings why cant we steal these paintings because theyre not special enough camera well they also kind of look just like pictures instead of actual paintings but you know photography is beautiful too theres a guard its a shame theres no reflective surfaces on this map Id love to check myself out in that new sneaking suit I do believe quite a few people are quite happy with the getup we got for this mission I mean youve probably noticed from the gloves and everything if you havent managed to seen it yourself my English is also very good dont worry about it I guess speaking of skins this judge one is really nice I like it a lot because theyve been adding those riddles and for the most part I havent really cared by any of those skins that either look mediocre and I just havent really had a preference one way or the other or theyre just for weapons I dont really use on the final day they added something pretty goddamn glorious this real fancy looking judge watch the guard with blue sights no less very cool I think a few people have been saying that its supposed to be a little nod to like a Blade Runner God but I think other people have said that it looks nothing alike so you know I I dont know I think its just pretty cool its bigger own on me oh my god inspect my gun like all the Prost elders do I see all dem YouTube videos man they always go like this what theyre doing anything Im gonna check out mug good so cool and in this case it actually is pretty cool so a nice unique its a little different a little off the beaten path but I like it theres a guard there so other than the sapphires I dont think this mission actually has like extra looter oh hello so I after this that is really that and thats the solar cell not too shabby not too shabby pretty fun mission I think a little simple but hey Music no one ever said simple was bad right baby well get the glorious red diamond which only spawns once a blue moon or red moon speaking of which it did some read under these dropping bed you just have a thing to make the pain go away yeah but thats what Ive been telling myself for a long time a drink isnt cool down thats not its so beautiful and red I aint it oh I imagine I should have just left oh good god what have I done to myself why did I do this Music futa steam games Diamond HeistSolo StealthOne Down Difficulty Build - Got around to showing you guys all the Sapphire locations in this map. Also, didnt get the Red Diamond to spawn during the stealth run but I took a snippet from my stream to show you guys what it looks like when it does appear (if you guys wanted to see it, its at the end of the video). ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Follow me ↴ 🔹 ☛ 🔹 Discord ☛ Support the channel ↴ 🔹 Leave a Tip ☛ 🔹 Patreon ☛ 🔹 Become a Member ☛ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ #payday #payday2 steam deck best indie games animal shelter game steam ea play steam games good pc games steam steam lookup