I Found a BANNED Weapon in Fortnite!

List of games playable on steam decksteam how to download games to external hard drive PAYDAY 2 gameplay okay so fortnite made a mistake right now you can get a weapon thats not supposed to be in the game its awesome but theres one big problem which Im going to show you while trying to win a game by only using this weapon now lets get it wait a second hello what guys YouTube is telling me that 75 of you watching right now are not subscribed I upload every single day so dont miss out make sure you subscribe to the bell for more daily awesome videos all right well the real question here is not what is the band item that Im going to be using but its whether I can win the game by only using this banned item now well give you a hint it is a weapon rather than an item so technically you know I have a chance kind of not really honestly this is gonna be pretty bad because its a weapon that only comes in Rarity yeah so here goes nothing lets get this kinetic blade were gonna use that for transportation were gonna head over to this area over here three slashes and we are on our way so youre going to want to head over to frenzy Farms if you want to check this out and were gonna have to pay close attention to our friend over here this is gonna be sunflower and you can see She sells a Havoc Plum shotgun which is nice because Im going to use that to absolutely blaster there we go lets drop this and now we can only use the Thunder shotgun which should be banned from the game its not currently in the game so the fact that we can use it is most definitely a bug or a glitch why cant we win the game by only using this shotgun that is the true question big hit on him oh man I almost went down this thing does not really hit it was really good in the last season but the Thunder shotgun has definitely lost a lot of its Gusto versus the pump shock in this season Im talking uh it cant compete so me just using that is going to be incredibly difficult but a challenge is a challenge you know he like to make the impossible possible here okay this is perfect just getting some heels getting ready to go I need to mentally prepare myself for uh just using a gray weapon and at that just using a shotgun thats gonna make things Ultra difficult because uh spring is really good this season too but enough for the talking its time for reaction its time to show you that its not the equipment its the player oh I hear people Im going oh look at this guy over here he looks so unsuspecting he doesnt expect me to fly in with the thunder shock and Im sure where you at oh nice build oh 82 from that range theres a lot of people around here but what has happened one berserk oh shoot oh well no limit is a limb and I got four of them we know for a fact that theres somebody else here oh theyre there whats up baby they cant even react this thunder pump is actually insane they all probably think Im a hacker honestly I mean house could you get this you know if you didnt know but now you know now Id feel bad using the shotgun if it wasnt worse than the current shotguns out there and if you gave me like a huge Advantage but this is most certainly a disadvantage with all the loot thats out there right now in this season I will say the Thunder shotgun has been a lot of fun to use and I will continue to love it okay even though its gone but right now its not gone and Im gonna use it as much as I can were going into Mega City here I think somebodys probably in that box we got a beautiful Dragon up here oh theyre fighting down there Im gonna go check it out oh this is Mega City so they probably dont have the most Maps Music oh Im doing like 45 damage there oh that poster is really awesome so were gonna go check this out definitely some people here oh I see them they dont know their mirror I dont even know this 55. oh man I am way too good I am a Silent Assassin sorry about this guards well get over it all right give me that vault key card we are moving we are moving stabbing our limbs starting to think that maybe the Thunder pump shotgun is kind of insane okay lets get in the vault I wanted really just a slurp juice and maybe to get some of this gold too somebodys here you want to get into my Vault son you want to get into my Vault yeah another thing coming to you let me tell you that look at that you see that another spectating me so Im wiggling my head no no I do not need the Havoc pump shock and the Mythic all I need is my gray Thunder shotgun oh the Zones coming in the hot and let me open up the chest rackspeed really quick they get some more gold here too and then we gotta get out of here because uh the storm is gonna swallow us up Ill see you later Mythic pump shotgun this guy right over here Im gonna see if I can jump on him death from a ball Im gonna take the car in depth nine eliminations this might be one of my best solo games ever and Im using one of the worst weapons you can get right now so honestly Im kind of impressing myself now Im drifting with this car like Im having a great time oh let me do this though Im gonna go all the way up going up oh we in it in it to win it okay good heels good heels smearing some keys down here or something dont really need any of that though cant even really use any of that what Im gonna do is take this motorcycle which is so awesome by the way and just uh head over here maybe get myself a bounty thank you very much and you know what Im gonna continue heading in this uh Direction looks like our bountys over here oh this motorcycle is zooming right now I hear them shooting I know my bounty went down hes not gonna expect this though oh going out foreign skills outpaces better weapons although they had a Bray Havoc pump shock and I dont really know about that but you know what at least they tried Ill give him that let me take this slap juice and get moving I have not used any of my augments which I gotta feel is pretty impressive augment one lets get uh oh none of these are gonna help me shotgun recycle thats actually gonna be big uh supercharged why not more parkour yep and then trying to find a perk thatll actually be useful as my last one oh lets do aerialist Im gonna fly over here really quick and try to get a bounty what do you got for me hmm okay now we can do our combo where we slash up and then we actually get to fly too look at that if somebodys capping the point there is that oh thats my bounty Music Pop Goes the Weasel give me that Crown honestly it comes down to tactics thumbs down to Rob Tower and tactics lets get this bounty Hoots the owl I really like their names whether I like their name or not theres no bearing on whether I eliminate them actually honestly I had some bearing looks like theres at least another person with a crown in the lobby just gonna keep on getting to a good position here looking around for enemies ooh look a classic car ow really wow thats not really cool not being very nice about this this is Hoots the owl owl big hit on him Another One Bites the Dust baby feeling good feeling energetic yeah Chuck Cannon if four people left 13 eliminations Thunder shotgun go crazy do a little dance oh not too much of dance because there is the uh heavy sniper in the game that could instantly eliminate me I dont like that okay big fight over here Im trying to do my uh Thunder shotgun Strat Thunder pump if you will which honestly because Im using an actual Thunder pump makes a lot more sense about to pull my glider up here oh shoot shot it down what is happening here dude there is Music oh that guy got eliminated you pop this get him so hard him so hard again so hard again and again mouth Music he has the uh pulse rifle which is gonna make things difficult but I have my life just tell me theres seals here theres not theres one guy there the other guys there 19. and 30 . Gotta Keep On Moving Jill Bubble nice gold heavy sniper from a normal chest or break this running a new season so I kind of like it arm up a little bit okay I need the guy with the pulse rifle to go down thats the only way I win honestly I have no idea where they are Im gonna break the zip line just in case it doesnt break okay got a farm up because we got to use a lot of mats versus the guy that has the uh very special weapon there he is down there soon one person is not accounted for were they fighting well they are fighting Im going in all right were gonna do bro hit him quite a bit whats the strategy here because I have a Chuck cannon thats gonna help me out a lot its gonna go for the small little hits oh great Thunder shotgun for the dumb oh hes gonna feel bad if he looks and he replays on that one well it might not be the best weapon in the game right now but we just won using a band weapon GG steam games split screen Fortnite Banned Weapon Challenge Chapter 4, Season 2 gameplay with Typical Gamer!SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! 🔔Merch: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Music by Epidemic Sound: steam remove game activity steam weekend free games steam connect lost game steam steam games like harvest moon