Payday 2 Hostile Takeover Heist - Solo Stealth (Death Sentence/One Down)

Steam fresh veggieswhere are my steam games PAYDAY 2 gameplay it took a handle to planning to have his bed thats what you need Music Marsh but Ryans gone too far hey whats up guys I havent seen yall in a year uh-huh okay get it yeah me and my dad jokes Im not a dad although I am old enough to be one now how sad anyway new Heist yay Im waiting anyway pretty sure this is loud stuff but why not pick it up anyway two nasty yes he is very thorough okay okay lets see lets see lets see what to do first so this is actually a pretty big mission and I think that uh its gonna take some time to get through this especially if I try to play it safe a lot of roaming guards and a lot of roaming sieves I think thats the really big kicker right there a lot of roaming saves makes things very difficult these bathrooms can be a pretty decent safe spot dont open this those guards see how theyre passing through theyll see anyone you put here and this is one of the few safe spots to actually put sieves right behind that little little sink a Time yeah so the more sieves that I can get tied down and or killed uh yeah the better I had a funny conversation with uh mule pops and uh I forgot how we brought it up but we were talking about like dead bodies and oh I think damn it was a morbid topic we were talking about what to do when uh you know when were dead and I think well in case you guys are curious if it were me just burn me into ashes and throw me off some Mountain maybe go to Yosemite and you know thats kind of thats a big stretch maybe just spread my ashes in the sea I dont really care do whatever you want funeral plots are way too expensive and its not really worth in my opinion anyway uh we were talking about seeing dead bodies and how a lot of people my sister my dad can get like visceral reactions from seeing a dead person and I remember the first time I saw uh cadaver from some Advanced physiology class and I just looked at it and didnt feel anything I just I dont know maybe at some point I lost my Humanity early on I just Im just weird I dont know why I shared that with you guys thats I hope this is not the cut that makes it a YouTube its gonna be weird as you can see I try to keep things Lively when theres nothing else to do theres a lot of suits uh maybe I can join it over this way no cant no oh cant do it I start touching these computers yeah if you dont use a shotgun this Mission really favors a shotgun you can open so many of these doors just by popping them I dont think Ive ever found a use for that back staircase maybe I should that looks like a garbled one oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  a lot of roaming sieves yeah these vents are a double-edged sword because when its closed people cant see through it when its open if we can see through it but you can also walk through it so you know its really up to you Music I want to go back and check I dont I dont know if this first objective is based on like actually just hacking the computer once or you gotta hack it like twice I think if you hack it and you see like the garbled screen that means its wrong but some of them could be right so Im just gonna stay here and exhaust all my options first  __  ah yeah see now I have to go back and actually interact with it okay good thing I didnt leave yet well time to wait anyway how yall been I know that my uploading has been rather bad Ive always had a rather sketchy upload schedule but yeah you know Ive been focusing on my life turns out YouTube is a horrible career right more and more people learning about that I dont know when I started it was a very Fantastical thing you know oh my God you get to make a living playing video games why dont I do that everybody tries to do it now we got too many people doing it now weve screwed up the entire algorithm and everything and now things just arent looking well for us anyway I cant keep up with the whole upload weekly for men and you know like I said YouTube is not exactly what one would considered a sustainable career oh been living without well I do have insurance now but living without insurance and you know not actually getting paid much and yeah its just uh its its not worth it plus unfortunately I have completely burnt out on this game so you know this is the only thing that people like my channel for so um yeah thats the one lets see oh perfect uh no key card should I burn my only pager or not my only page or my only ECM Jam Rod I think I will its worth it I think this is one of those missions where if you screw up youre royally screwed theres like no in between some missions is like oh yeah you got a little leeway you get spotted you know drop your hacker ECM stop a cam pick a pager stuff like that yeah yeah this one its like no its a trail of  __  if you get spotted once youre like kind of boned are you kidding me up thank you oh no his body is right in the way oh boy head all right well there goes the body bag hey theres a key card so if I put the body bag too close to the window they might actually see so Im trying to figure out a good spot to place this then here I dont like that it seems like they could see that too what about here can you guys see that I dont know thats pretty  __  far away I know a guard walks around here well see well see okie dokie I hope that question mark was for me and not the body bag nothing in this room okay ah these doors you cant shoot through special doors very special I feel like this recording is always here I think thats a gimme hey hello are all these computers off am I just uh I dont know I asked a lot of people holy cow this is a pretty big mission actually I kind of enjoy that you roam around a lot of different areas and that theyre kind of varied its pretty good I commend overkill for that one no yeah these are all off theyre not on lets see yeah that guy walking by doesnt see anything he doesnt even get the question mark over his head so thats pretty good its pretty safe wow wow wow if it isnt my favorite corporate Shield I dont know if I have to go to the floor below me I think thats for a different objective I have not actually done this Mission Ive played it like on normal for a bit just to make sure that I didnt crash or anything yeah theres this floor here but I dont know why that was close holy cow there is one particular sieve that roams around these parts that you should be keeping your eye out for and he is a scientist dude you need his little lanyard yeah these these rooms are much safer than ah I do have to come in here okay just said browser history and I got  __  scared man Ive been looking up some weird  __  myself anyway I think this is one of the better heists better stealth heist where you can actually pick up all these things early so yeah theres a lot of good equipment to pick up while youre here just like well you dont need a cocaine but yeah you need that code five two four oh five two four and then theres like some keys in the bottom Reception Area youll need those later too stuff like that my memory has been really  __  lately lets write it down oh five two four and if this isnt my successful run Im gonna have to do this a whole bunch more times thats gonna be funny Im just gonna have a bunch of writing just codes um yeah thats the one wow wow wow yeah this is kind of a scary place seriously Ive never actually been here I dont know if theres a reason to be out here a little empty Garden thing wow wow wow if it isnt my favorite Ward on the sphincter of humanity gotta wait for these guys yes yeah this is a very pretty challenging stealth Mission Ive come to notice theres a lot of object objectives and you got to run around a lot of different parts of the map so it takes a long time and then it kind of just tests your patience because these guys arent like the really annoying ones where they just sit still for like five minutes in front of a place you need to be but they are also like incredibly High roaming like they will walk everywhere okay so I just passed by the guy I needed I think Im gonna go back ah crap hes gone I might blast his balls fortunately this is a pretty  __  area yeah because that guy roams around sieves are roaming around not the best I might wait for him to come down where is he anyway is he thats pretty far up oh wow wow I dont even see him anymore not sure if I want to open that door either because if I do then you can see whatever I put here oh I almost forgot the keys that guy come on come on where is Mr scientist dude you even know how to use that team grasshopper check it out have you heard about these tapes of amiona that are going around at least I uh dont have my pants totally down a little bit of starter there come on ah maybe Ill just six sense it just to make sure I dont run into it yeah I was to say I think hes coming down whats that is that here no thats a guard wait I think is that that guy no damn Sixth Sense goes pretty far like unless thats not six cents thats that might be the spy cam I bought spy cams here I dont know how useful those are whered he go did I did I miss my only chance to get that freaking guy Im waiting for him to come back down but is necessary for the next part because you got to open these doors and you cant open these doors without him we got spotted where did he go hmm I might see him prototypes oh good thing I wrote it down Music I think safe here for now Music trap I think I missed my opportunity to grab this guy I hope he didnt come down while I was doing that no yeah Im Legit like dont know where you went he is very hes very thorough maybe he doesnt even stick around maybe he uses like the back way and walks out Im just gonna do the objective and well see what happens from there a lot of dudes sitting around um yeah thats the one neo2 the Neo Cyclone Armstrong Cannon yep I think Im  __  nuts I dont even think I got the name right its been a while since Ive watched it oh right there right there seriously pick that lock the room perfect theres a scientist dude yeah theres like a particular scientist dude that you need to grab and thats not him he needs to be I think hes the blonde one um yeah thats the one I have two pagers Im wondering if its worth often one of these guys that come around here oh dude I missed no house breaking loose eye on the Storm I did bring a bunch of body bag cases and I havent quite fully utilized them so Ill be a bit more frivolous with it I need that one not patient enough to wait for those guys to go away what do you want me to do with this yeah Ive done this a few times now at least around here or gotten two around this part and it is not worth dealing with those guys especially the guys in this room that window is a  __  everything excuse you surprisingly there there will be like 50 million saves Thatll Walk by the moment you decide oh yeah Im gonna go kill this guy or oh yeah Im gonna go tie him down and walk him over yeah no its not a good idea legitimately awful oh yeah I wonder if its in here theres something very interesting I noticed or oh no its still here yeah I think thats blue zero I dont know what its for though I need a new page of my notebook Im also playing in offline mode so I dont actually have a text chat to write in yeah I know all right gotta write it down find an empty page blue zero I know Im old school I write things down Im weird everybody these days takes pictures on their phones and writes stuff on their laptop but Im the only weirdo that uses a notebook still its me thats just me Im old school Im I Im not just old school I am old oh Jesus yeah see thats it right over there hell see  __  maybe Ill just leave them alone honestly it doesnt seem like they come back here so I noticed that in the actually they may come back here one of the guys came back here before uh well see I think it might be a little safer here since I killed one of the guards yeah I noticed that one of the stealth objectives are stealth favors rather that you can buy is to move the car from the north parking lot to the South Park you you can move the car I dont know my directions here theres no compass but yeah I guess I dont know I dont know if moving it is actually worth it maybe it is I mean because the first objective is only one bag and then its closer to the first objective the second objective is a little further and need to grab these four Im not actually sure if you need anything else after that thats the farthest I got before oh holy cow what the  __  happened theres just a black hole toxic fluids came from well see something in my gut tells me that this is actually not the last thing I need to do theres also a lot of bags here I may come back for it later Ill do the floor first one at a time wow wow wow if it isnt my favorite corporate I have one pager Id rather not use it um yeah thats the one I see the golf cart there but thats a  __  thats a death sentence how do you say something ah you said it again death sentence its all those death one down why am I so weird I need to go back to drinking for these I think that would make for a more entertaining commentary otherwise Im just being weird actually well Id be drunk and weird but at least Id be more confident and Id have more fun myself gotta put these in the claymobile I wonder if theres a reason to go over there I noticed that yeah that that thing is over there is open and it has okay are you kidding me lets see I think low Wang voices my shock right there are you kidding me I seriously got magic from that what a waste of a pager no I really hope theres nothing to do after this hello hard good thing I didnt I was to say if its a sieve I just blast his brains but nope wow wow so they do come all the way in here thats actually Humanity yeah its a good thing I didnt just like leave a guy tied up in there oh well no pagers butts butts but but I like big butts and I cannot lie um yeah I come back is he yeah too many sieves I cant even walk trying to speed this up I get that you know trying to balance a mission around multiple multiple players versus a solo players pretty difficult because one of the inherent difficulties ingrained in the very core gameplay of this well game is that moving bags is well the difficulty you know you have to move a lot its slow and loud youll get shot and killed and stealth you know it increases the chances of you getting spotted and stuff and I guess that you know if they Incorporated like a solo scaling thatd be kind of broken because then itd be much easier to solo all the time I dont know I Im just throwing out ideas because you know what I really hope that payday 3 is somewhat fun and not broken and balanced and its not just not just a micro transaction store glorified with a with a you know with gameplay and stuff seems like these days most games tend to fall into that unfortunate category some security team is on route to the park that parking lot I gotta run all the way over there now that is adorable but why oh Jesus thats a lot of dudes hold on this is a lot of dudes are these sieves I thought you told you I guess that was a lot of them how reassuring holy cow uh wow wow these guys walk all the way over here Im actually kind of scared leaving the bodies in there so Im just gonna look at this old school stuff I gotta put him in a dumpster do I have a body bag still I do have a body by case what do you want me to do with this good thing they didnt have pagers wow that was surprising okay uh um yeah thats the one enter the labrador damn okay so I was right there is still a whole nother objective I dont even know whats still after this the farthest I got before before I got bored anyway was uh up to this point securing the four bags and then I said ah  __  it Ill do it live Music actually Im running out of ammo hi I hope thats not a problem killing so many goddamn sieves oh I have to go into a lab be very careful there was that one guy that came around here obviously not in this lab theyre still roaming around here all right yeah I will not move the other loot honestly its uh its taking too long as it is time is money friends time is money and they are all outside that is exactly what I did I mean I did call them out thats gonna kill me what is the best way to get in there oh boy did I just screw myself how do I actually get in there theres so many people know dont dont come here what are you doing good night can I get it from here I hope so guys are surprisingly observant nowhere to open nope ah I had a key card nice what the  __  is this oh  __  what the  __  am I getting seriously ah the C4 is a stealth objective question mark what am I doing I got this if I were you Ill get the hell out of this room hey be careful still a little rough around here no Im not going there thats a thats okay yeah lets go here back back is safer all right uh uh oh question marks anywhere else Music is this not fully stoutable Music Im so confused I mean well I mean I guess uh thats kind of expected considering thats an FBI Chopper oh  __  hold on a sec oh God I got me up right away yep that happened I do not understand well well Im still here usually this would be where Id restart and try to figure out what the  __  went wrong but Maybe if my AI make it for two minutes I can actually get out of here yeah apparently I have a sieve somewhere type but I dont know where Im not gonna question Im just gonna nod my head and say yes thank you 143. and the assault started oh boy Sydney is outside okay lets see that is a lot of sense dear God you know what I just realized even if I get out Im not exactly sure I can get out you know what I mean oh now I know where the city is the sieve is the very first one I tied the one in the bathroom that lady there is just like oh my God hes so dreamy game was rigged from the start okay I got a minute and hes got the mini bandico for some reason no what are you doing Bodhi why are you walking out of here 40 please Im traded by the A on 14. a little longer Sid what are you doing oh God where am I gonna end up oh God oh God oh God oh oh right okay lets see hold on come on come on speed it up I need to figure this out and another three cent skin uh lets see lets see oh yeah it is stealthable what did I do wrong okay out of curiosity I went back and did this Im well admittedly its only on normal because I just wanted to speed through it as fast as possible its still not that fast it still took me 19 minutes to get here but lets see if I was supposed to do something else Music okay so I got everything clear what do I do now destroy lab equipment is this like a mall Crashers thing Applause oh oh this is the objective that is actually I dont know how to feel about that I mean they dont say what to do which I guess leads you to the imagination but I suppose it would have been smart well I mean its not like I didnt realize that placing C4 was a bad idea I just I just didnt question it because I saw the Highlight I thought oh thats the objective its great I guess uh what Im missing which one has not been smashed I guess I can only smash microscopes because apparently thats the only thing that its worth smashing in this place oh  __  oh my God play Baby nice key card buddy so this this is how you fully stealth it uh joke about your grandmas okay maybe Ill just attack this at the end of the other video and Ill just pretend that Id stealth it maybe yeah I think its funnier that way plus I dont think Id be able to have another full run with nice live reactions yes I have it I did it so is that stealth bonus ignore the empty skulls here yay we did it or I did it  __  you yeah you hire the best Music Music uninitialized steam game Hostile Takeover HeistSolo StealthDeath Sentence/One Down List & DOWNLOAD LINK for my mods - #payday2 #payday ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Follow me ↴ 🔹 ☛ 🔹 Discord ☛ Support the channel ↴ 🔹 Patreon ☛ 🔹 Become a Member ☛ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ steam package already own game how to download steam mods without game steam 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