PAYDAY 2 Beta #01 Deutsch - Wenn Bankräuber gierig werden

Steam buns recipefree steam war games PAYDAY 2 gameplay welcome to pay day 2 with the greediest boy in the world the man who really celebrates the game were celebrating locally hello and its the beta it started today we downloaded it directly lets start together lets take a look that you From this you will get the first insight into pay day 2. I was a pd slate at the time and loved playing it and since it was local I think it was also a big fan of pay day 11. Of course, there were more often played through it, but there weren’t that many you want lets already say that there are more missions in the beta in the real game from pay day so its going to be a really big game this time and as you can see the whole thing was also localized this time you have German subtitles and its become very extensive here we see once the description of what we have to do exactly then we see here the advantages building plans and risk level lower then here the overview see there w ir the equipment that we have with us and here team setup there we see the equipment of everyone if you press the blueprints for the advantages, a card opens with a few small tips although the money is and so on then it also belongs here now add a few advantages so i only have four left here now i could, for example, get an ammunition bunker here or get insider info over here what exactly they do but over here information about the security measures of the bank sounds really cool everything is ok cool stay there because local blacks do nt put on the masks quite easily there was also back then with this bank robbery mission the very first one here its just important not to let the cameras see you because we all wear gloves, strangely enough, its obvious were like that the drill is unusual but as long as we dont take the masses and france the citizens with us ok ay we have to get hung later you could now for example you ca nt shoot at all and risk a mask on a mask crutchlow this amateur russian of course then i put my mark directly with the drill and i go upstairs as soon as you pick up the drill or any money bags you ca nt sprint anymore and the angle of the target is a bit different because the hold is so hard on one side ok i just eliminated in the camera but it was pretty loud yes and all hell is breaking loose now i dont have any yet silencer there you can then somehow put it on it not yet of course went over the roof now and down here we want to be uncomplaining can in bora directly we secure the room here I bring the same enthusiasm in the program in the spirit I liked a young lady over there Im quite good Im taking over here we still have a greasy old man so Ive got me in the world where knoxville has him tight enough here i still have a lot of hostages up to now hostages are important because that way you can get an exchange later if someone is captured so that you can get the player back straight away and you exchange it that way you can actually do it you say all the elements from the first part are all there again on the graphics here are basically the same a bit prettied up here and there but otherwise overall the game in a beta is already twelve gigabytes big is it because you have pay day 1 installed also the same graphic change is then you have to i only have 4 documents or how was that anyway two years over here they come i always had the position left internet arrived where jet sets oh yeah down here you can see life and in payday 2 you have armor like that back then i still remember the armor once it was permanent then it was gone yes they are alive that would be there us a simple man can really stand very little what do we have here some over here i can steer the camera he but only cameras are still on when there is a fire somewhere outside one directly in front of the building okay because the edge if you hold yourself get in the building so it can look and keep an overview but will we spot all the cameras right away so I would really like to go over there somehow and get some ammunition we have customers complaining by the way here errors here is another one small safe in the bosss office itll be open in a minute where are you Im here Im here now the police are coming storm theres the muk coming too bring new music I thought mother was pretty awesome back then mainz has something somehow yes it really has a great background music so when youve made it so the liberating museums hockey coach forward johnny knoxville gives cover and bonus ammunition taken station customers open so one is not the big one many bulls on the street what do we have here on the buga broke I am all alone to fix it near what is therefore now a salesroom how much money we take with us the whole thing will divided at the end or not at all no i think so i think the money will be divided there they are standing still get to walk again 22 their pockets full the others are watching or how it is here again for a division the big drill has the big safe is in two others coming from behind someone has a whole lot of took out with their boiler and they help us around with the cake which opponent you where can then because they all have other armor on right now which made me a bit of a noise in my gang pistol cell phone even this time the colorful ones have to say that in retrospect pay day still had really good campaigns By the way, it came from left 4 dead I thought it was very cool I would wish for the new pay day in the workshop that we think about such an awesome workshop with new loads of new weapons and a firearm then you lose it it doesnt matter if I do it later, like after half a year if they dont do daisies forever, if you bring a maximum of 5 then the oven is off then I think you could do a workshop as well as orcs must have the 2 there was now a workshop made and they also had three or four dlcs afterwards so hes okay but then the game has to have the potential to last that long so the game definitely has to come over here you could nail a window like that if you take the boards hetzer the cops we come through the back entrance all rows so for all those who say where is zombie mode here you can also nail big drills thats got h over there ammunition over here man the bag on ok there is not much going on right now but you where me up here seem to be sniper units so the important safe will be open in 50 seconds then cola we line up here the snipers but I got him my phone ring the bell you can answer it yes you can a money and too bad there is still coal he repeats everything purple cow dont answer the phone the cops are all calling wise there is yes so he was lying on the table probably some negotiations i was real if you me here ten percent are somehow or hours program is there now be ready for ten percent of the loot I tell everyone here then I say you are very calm the mhh no no again too hardly really again such a drill locked down it took a long time he three minutes always nice in the balls ball to the head main entrance chief of the mexicans managed to get around the mexican politics politicians while criminals le play in the sun we can both with the money ok want to come back and mother gone again ok storm attack the moni bag gone like to see how much i chose can you see that somewhere in the end i’m at the end i think so i’ve got it currently only the pistol i havent used the other weapon at all what i find the pistol in it so strong even back then if i smell the talent tree at the time extremely good you will look at it first you can say so what do you specialize in like i probably will execute at the beginning not there Im right there Ill be he so the tank I can take a lot when a special on today someone is down going in the direction of controlling its my turn it s my turn gives me the head thinks come on boy Ill get it Ill get it in the middle of the room why arch or want exactly from the side pretty knocked down came through the back door i just had to have everything on the football come on boy Im not hearing anything right now Ive got you Ill get you there another way had a chance up front and close by he even pulled him from the outside a few very well we had to get rid of the snipers up there yes this one here thats why we have to open now be or 50 seconds it cant be i dont get anything from those up there i lie down but ill give the countries up bora daun gem i take the ammunition and im down i went for it i just had nothing left i lie down front wasnt that bad its still going to be two guys to the right of you theres the congstar is right the window in front of that have i have i have i and im going to put someone to the side down again ive just gone and another one shotgun is in Ill get you Ill get you when you cover I dont see anyone from the beginning 1 other will be picked up as the next rain rain rain boys search lockers too you __ it takes a while and right here think storm attack a bit you open the entrance there Im already cracking over here I dont need it or you get a lot of coke now ok you can take care of the world I have my killer pistol here so hold the position after all i had ammunition for all cities ammunition for everyone at the bottom left pack the best things here maybe a medical 3 should be here I still have 19 oo Im going again Im almost as good as never die is up and measure rent i throw medical here a safe good idea is at the next lock i take over here so a colored and burn ointment should have taken the specialist with me okay okay i’m down here it looks good everyone is complaining right now you can see the white ones below beam i have no rivets three medals one down never got him for rent i went here medal candidates not l inks in the case in which an open and medals inside unfortunately not enough and you still have to find something and we get here now make gold 10,000 oboe and what do I have is cool gold chains again a rivet but I can take gold chains with me of course so if its rent who delivers the medals worth old junk no one wants and his people are still here cracking one at least to crack top left a1 thats the money nothing at all documents and have to be here and a really cool store but such documents could also in person paper or soy a plot of land what do I have here what can I see here exactly hard to say everything is not there but down here also an old clock or something like that a casket without stature you can get 1500 very well that you cant take one with you some last __ man come on come on the sme win you can never sit here I have no I took a casket like that just a moment I put the ammunition in the ammunition over here everyone is alive I would like to get another one not just because of greed you know I want to be a bit more amazed how an idiot runs anyway we can’t get him youll get the hollow that could be crazy watch your armor i have he says he was arrested doesnt matter doesnt matter we just have to split it up again goes again i took randomly is shot then it grows then go straight away but they didnt on mister spock is it still cracked or not its going back to zero come on baby come on and ill get some coal demo of a thriller in there chip online club we should have gone he warns so greedily up to 50 meters the goal is just gone hold the position hold the position because a room in okay we dont have a medi kit anymore you have to make sure that he always sc hön leave attention sign when the storm is over we have to get out just a moment I have to go discovery first 1 I would really like to him goes afterwards with 81 works somehow but there is with you over there we do n’t because I’m shooting off right now I’m at shoot another one goes another one goes then I also want to have a yes for a long time because loosely its my turn come have a look old man is gold for that come from the Rhine-Main Im even stronger to the hole I do nt have it with mine activity to hike i get you i get you i want to hit then it breaks off 15 seconds still have i got you got you we have to stay out but over there is very proud thats my gold the lump cloud that can give me the gold the golden difficult Ill get the holy holy velev me back I dont have the coal whats pressing but inside it doesnt matter here you have the gold with me I have that on my back old chocolates over here in here through the gold on d en back no idea im just cracking the gold anyway its hard i ca nt go there either ok lets bring the gold out storm just has to end then its back here i dont have any more medals valuable __ i dont need any medals coming already people i can shoot more from now on the storm is over after the moment i just up here and then ok there was money in it oh come on 1 one more thing comes after because i the coming new one now a new storm no no no no no no im halfway through but think about the gold in it i need the coke ok well take it we have evening bags it makes sense a lot of ammunition ran in there once and i got away with it this way islams wrong it wasnt the knives that but the car is parked on the left the others are still cracking it doesnt matter sniper down everything clear over not greek over and Ill get them with 1 1 1 1 it are rejected give protective shield human protective shield im down his gold lost here shares taken away from the party you make your just about comfortable with his old port 54,000 are safe in the car is awesome come on guys you pack say yes parking spaces it had a lot of coal with it i have him mason is coming with coal he is lying in the middle of the gully smog smog smogs bauxite see through now put it in although behind you i saw it or storm attack and acer oh come on really have so much money in bern there are over 100,000 in there because of everyone down his one down under is in the car ill be back in 50 seconds ok i hold the position too well i can because you were so greedy again failed i said human shield if it wants to escort me i said i have medals the skin is off i think is the radius working for everyone go yes where you what kind of number here we see the coal comes the money there nn let the crew show statistics here and also how many enemies they killed ok crew here you can see it highest number of christa luca have the highest precision so im even level 2 and goes straight to level 3 well that was the first one follow pay day at some point kreis will probably be there too and i would say see you in the next round together with 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