Прохождение PAYDAY 2 Co-op — Часть 1: Первое ограбление

How to transfer rockstar games to steamconnect controller to steam deck PAYDAY 2 gameplay dear friends hello everyone channel Russian tactics welcomes you with you I am alexander plav and ketma sen we go through everyday life and 2 hello dima hello sasha hello friends you see, we are immediately given here already by Madara these colors of modification in general, look what can be done, but for now I will go through the sections here and so we have only one gun available so far this is a secondary weapon I will immediately put a modification in me it will be a silencer in principle you can also be installed 12600 it costs excellent for the money preview I ’ll probably also put a glushak for myself so that it’s more fun and pump it over I saved the main rule morally you said everything but listen to the main one we have no modifications yet available but the store can buy it is not enough look 12600 and we have 4 p. you are right, that is, we will have to complete one task with you, and after that we will apparently already be able to buy with you what we wanted, so lets go, well, lets now choose a task on the map so that no one superfluous joins us, adjust the filter accordingly and come on, here are 4 stores and stars, do you think this task is suitable for us, they are very good and catching on for a start this is suitable of course for seeding this and that except for acceptance and as they say and you need to invite all the invitation sent lets join so friends now in just a few seconds our task will begin waiting for Dima to join I hope we have different masks I will inspect you much more fun than mine well well it looks like I would say well lets get started well lets go then we start the robbery friends forward so we have with assets lets say so in in general, here in the photo we have shops that we will need to search, so what else is there here we are shown what level of security and lets say resistance is expected with you, but this is our equipment and I can also look at the equipment and two more partners were given chains dimm will be with us well, well, we think the plan has gone, in general, we will need to flee the workshop from the moment someone takes us better, everything is clear, I ate it very simply, so these stores, as shown in the photo, you can’t jump far, you ca n’t run, it’s all only in robbery mode, that is, when you and I put on masks, but purely visually, look, maybe somewhere then, as in times and free way nescafe, let me go in verses, seeing and you go to another store, by the way, we have cameras here, so I believe that there is still something interesting there, yes, it can be quiet, quietly, okay, I go out, listen, then rather just from the camera there, it means there must be something interesting adele you look at the trees, as I understand it, and so I look at the general temperature in the hospital where that in order to steal, lets look here, theres another camera, look here, there is a safe in the green store, a small one, and the safe was allowed like that, but its not interesting, small, come on, big one, in general, you and I need to rob, gut all the cash registers, and if we find the safe and find it with you, then gut the safe if we have enough strength for this with you, well, so in the back room there is nothing interesting here through the dog, then you can somehow crawl through okay, look that door, you can break it, I found another small chain in the store right away that with it and lets start well, well, come on I’ll try the door anyway, then break it in now, that’s that woman, let’s put on a mask, then for now, look there, on the left, she’s gone, no, the pepper is going out the window, interesting, I even see when they look at you there, by the way, the view from above of Kramer, years on the door, goes like this, come on I then lets manually break open the door and Ill cover these with cockroaches a good idea you can see for yourself how much progress I have in hacking this went from the other side so there is also a camera by the way so I destroyed the camera and put it on 7 3 but get ready now there will be a sound found me civilians try not to kill well everyone lets go lets go we need to tell her to lie down and tie it up it will be a valuable hostage in the store, which is not all there, but there is also 7 we are looking for a drill on this side, put it like this and braids, then lets empty them, we collect money 30 seconds, but this civilian is looking at the display, so maybe we ’ll take another one then, and let’s take gas and let me because restart the drill I’m doing it, I see over the mountain I put something here Im late, listen, I can still take another safe and eat, although we can cover it with you for now, lets borrow these two stores so I have two minutes how much I have left to carry there 4 seconds one and a half shorter than a minute I while here dim lets be hard to declare name lets see what yes I see beauty all of a sudden I have 8 6 seconds, but I can see for a minute 7 seconds everything is under and until the right, maybe to the other side, I would run there and clean these braids, come on, sasori, it’s safe, they didn’t prescribe the cartridges for the siger there, and I’m here about inspecting so that everything ends smoothly, but so far it’s kind of clean so straight about what you have there so your city has stopped with us now I’ll make them all work myself so that’s all and everything everything everything will need to be given a bunch to the last store where the special forces are approaching to reach two hide squats smoke some business then the problem is that along the way he can hide until come on come on 20 seconds I hope she this drill will not stop there 10 seconds for 5 hacking ka to me, I still have three thousand dollars, a fool, in general, we already have a minivan belt behind us quickly for all of you opened a tutor compartment for in a nearby store you wanted to immediately help anyone else Altai hell lets break it down and Ill take all 10 seconds from here we are ready come on four three two one and the safe opens let’s collect in the next 5000 you insert in the world only decently very much I’m to you now I’ve recharged the new little animal I’ll put it in a third it will be fine I also restart here where the door is, even though the tap is gentle on the husband, let it go then you let someone empty gysin I still don’t understand I don’t make so little money let’s restart the second one then but it’s time for us to basically go, well, you can try to the palace 75 saying let’s wait wave 2 minutes in the villa minutes do not notice that with each and probably minute more and more noisy the fighters arrive to speak smoothly and the colors do not get from where everyone knows perfectly well where this place is so I am collecting a cartridge so here we have well, yes, for two minutes there’s even a term from God, there’s a whole group, even if it’s still let’s launch together, they’re far away there, look with objects cantabile deaf, we’re shooting normally and here we still have the temper to stand idle, I’m restarting now like this come on, while I was wandering the blow, I’m hiding, well, that is, we’ll play backgammon here again for high stakes, as I understand it, well, we need to take all this 100 percent and so I think the souls have come if I can get out of it, well done, I’ll distract them well because they all ran like you so and here he has a minute left with ideas and new ones already from to the nation I can throw by the way so lets bend down and make this usada drill work today I put it in sight essesno 3 2 1 1 all of us open with you choose 300 thousand dollars here another 50 for seconds I looked at Daria stopped opening on the general run here come on come on lets keep them distracted lets say earlier morrow new money well take the normal with you so 40 seconds d 40 even in green suits to melt and let’s go, I made their site normally invested here with us, but it became 20 seconds, so hold on from behind through the windows, you need to collect more cartridges 3 years 1 fixed took two and a half we leave we leave we leave through the ear you reach our pole with a butt there, well, I take it and leave 5 thousand did everything went running running running running the results but its okay, well give everything is fine fine so the zone to the burgundy zone Im in the rank of a our underwear, and not hair, is sniffed by someone who forgot how much we worked for, so with you there for about twelve minutes it was about what now the money and experience points earned are counting 6,400, but it was a simple robbery, so the amount, in principle, is impressive for the first time, in my opinion its not enough its not enough whether its still an opportunity look now were in good health come on come on unique bathe oh well yes but I will listen safely ryoko eat and strengthen vest armor vest UAH of course good in inventory see here also about work you can see statistics in general for our group so most of all 1 I was worn 0 1 you can see well, probably in alphabetical order, so they showed me personal statistics well, Im ready to go to the card table come on choose a card now lets see what they will give us and so for me the size of the weapon mod does not matter and you have a tactical flashlight from this I already like so well let s see 16800 I have so I can spend now but among other things you can also buy weapons here in the store is now available while it’s under the image, look much cooler, that is, the power to put your sight on it, apparently, well, plus look, and so come on, do n’t forget to put on body armor that upholstered darrel passed reminded me here 1000 perhaps to spend great and now you need to and to dug out to press so that I appear with him in the next robbery, so we put on a bulletproof vest, well, I probably won’t watch anything else because there’s not so much and it’s opened and by the way I know how much infanrix costs how much set 8 558 but it’s a little expensive decently you will have to collect money Well friends look here on our map the task is displayed in general - something of different complexity and different categories, that is, you can rob banks, you can rob and jewelry stores, again, there is a fast torso task, in principle, the location itself is also, but with a different difficulty mode, so I think you and I will continue the next part naturally and we will take it by the way with you bank a pair of something big to grab to big lets take perhaps something more difficult so in the next episode you will definitely see the continuation friends thanks for watching in general see you soon stay on the rusgametactics channel everyone is happy for now is the evil dead game coming to steam Плейлист PAYDAY 2 (Кооператив): Оборудование RGT : Совершайте лихие налеты на банки вместе с друзьями в отчаянном многопользовательском приключении! 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