Payday 2 Gameplay PS5 - Part 1

Starfield steamsteam deck setup guide PAYDAY 2 gameplay were heading Music theres a little something i needed to fetch me from the north water warehouse quick is something Music time for a bank job guy smash and grab Music theres a jewelry store downtown that just received a shipment you up for a smash and grab people Music gold it is golden youre going to have to work hard on this one get into the bank control the room open the bank vault with a thermal drill ill try to have my guy drop it off for you then get the gold out its heavy so bring strong people get the loot gold it is golden youre going to have to work hard on this one get into the bank control the room open the bank Music be so bring strong people get the loot to the escape van at least as much as you think you can good luck Music Music little hand says its time to rock and roll look out guard okay jingles little birdies so place in your mind Music look out camera watch out guard look theres a camera camera over there guard carry its secure nice ill start her up and stay there dont move stay down just Music Music okay Music look at the floor not at me Music just find a comfortable position and relax this will soon be over and i wont drop it good thinking force will slow them down Music is about to change Music Music follow Music just breathe okay Music with that Music oh Music if you end up in custody yes Music follow me the taser is dead dont forget about those safe deposit boxes folks get me good stuff in there Music Music theyll soften up and be more willing to negotiate and keep your fingers crossed no no no gold is golden youre going to have to work hard on this one get it to the bank control the room open the bank vault with a thermal drill ill try to have my guy drop it off for you then am i right weve got a bag full of them to look into school this town is a great place to fence jewelry easy to move diplomats and trophy wives buying it no questions asked this is going to be cake lets get going Music show is Music hurry up police Music here guys Music Music trump Music so Music down welcome back Music is Music Music some pretty sweet snatch and grab back there i bet theyre going to invest in better security measures or close not our problems Music so Music Music protect okay this is a bank job but its a safe deposit hit so its a little different you need to go in careful to watch the guards and cameras drill the vault crack it then get whatevers in those safe deposit boxes take as much as we need but get more if you okay or you can stay for more Music so Music Music Music Music Music Music so so Music Applause so Music im a bag right here Music Music Music first Music up Music stay still Music Music Music so Music Music so Music stay down Music Music Music Music Music Music Music so Music Music like clockwork Music they had no chance at all i dont think the national guard could have stopped Music so Music Music 2 my friends Music Music Music score Music stay down stay where you are lay down dont move Music Music stay still stay down stay still dont move Music follow me now okay Music is Applause this game is here so whenever youre ready down Music hello Applause Music now Music god Music watch damn guys Music Music dont move Music Music Music oh Music Music so Music Music im coming in three minutes Music Music Applause Music driving as fast as i can Applause Music i got this Music so Music so Music when it arrives for a while Music should arrive on a street near the park i got the shield bring it on here i am hurry got the shield these Music Music Music hey dallas Music Music Music yep the elephant gave us the location of the biker gang hunting for the scientists little device i think theyre close to finding him we need their intel so that we can get to him first im betting its in there safe Music be careful Music stop right there got it Music i got it drop your gun now james follow me on me Music Music Music thank you hey dude follow me come here follow me Music Music shot again Music fast somebody needs to fix it Music  __  lookout Music Music Music james im bleeding you gotta help me but friends how about helping me with a weapons deal yeah im having a little problem at the mall it involves cocaine crew this is hot off the wire i have a gold deposit waiting for us whos ready Music Music lots of security then get in and drill the vault lift the gold into the bags remember its heavy then Music back um thats much better thanks Music so okay Music yourselves up and get back in the game Music himself Music Music oh Music Music getting pretty unpleasant out there follow me try somebody onward cable ties hey follow me hey follow me Music Music you need to take hostages Music i feel better already Music great work Music you squid games steam #Halloween #PS5Havent Played payday 2 in a long time. g2a game removed from steam can i connect epic games to steam ninja foodi steam function how to share games on steam with friends spider man steam