Is Payday 2 worth buying in 2022? (Game review)

Cyberpunk steam workshopsteam deck ssd upgrade 2022 PAYDAY 2 gameplay run fast break glass commit larceny get caught and lose custody of the kids this is payday 2 a game about stealing anything that isnt bolted down and looking  __  good while doing it the successes to the much loved payday the heist payday 2 give me your money this is a  __  robbery edition to the good yet linear and reactive gameplay that was payday the heist and just ran with it they added more open level design customizable weapons the option to stealth every mission that makes sense pre-planning skill trees actual stealth systems just like uh a lot of  __  you know allowing for that sweet sweet proactive gameplay fix my brain needs to make the happy juices lets touch quickly on the setting before we move on to the meat and potatoes of the game payday 2 takes place in a version of america where the police act like russia during world war ii throw bodies of the problem until it goes away while also acting like the normal american police force by firing into buildings full of hostages and acting as the personification of the term police brutality there is a story to the game but its almost entirely unimportant and completely batshit insane you have to go quite out of your way to engage in the story of payday because its far from the focus of the game so much like the optional reading assignments in english classes while some people seem to love the plot me and many others happily choose to pretend it doesnt exist the actual gameplay takes place during heist which can be split into two main types stealth and loud its also worth quickly mentioning that almost all of the stealth missions can be played loud but none of the loud missions can be played stealth kind of like how all weeaboos are trash but trash is just trash did you get me while there are a decent variety of objectives between heists from rigging an election to an escort mission for a drunk drug-smuggling russian santa claus in the vast majority of missions youre going to be trying to steal something these things include but are not limited to bags of cash gold guns artwork servers cars cocaine each of the items have different weights so carrying them can greatly affect your ability to move with the lighter ones having almost no effect and the dumpy heavy ones removing your ability to sprint and completely retarding you whoa whoa whoa whoa there nessie get off your high house and stop typing that comment i mean in scientific use you intellectually disabled frappuccino i understand that if you havent played this game bag weights seem pretty unimportant as a feature most of the difficulty of this game is derived from having to lug these things around unaware guards or through a hellfire of freedom pills the speed youre moving during these times make a pretty massive impact and i appreciate that a clear and decent amount of thought went into how much of an effect these bag types have on it the only thing i think that they got wrong is that carrying a bag of cocaine slows you down slightly or as i know from experience that carrying a bag of blow only ever makes you move faster normally in the direction of a rave all of this smashing and grabbing takes place while either stealthing to avoid the guards or shooting your way through the most aggressively suicidal and very police force in the world from your everyday beat cops who are one day from retirement and probably thinking theyre too old for this  __  to some dudes who played way too much splinter so in high school before we get any further lets talk about character customization since this seems to have an effect on everything else i want to talk about the main form of customization is build adjustment this is done through the skill trees and the perk decks both of which are unlocked via leveling obviously this is a  __  video game but while you can only have one perk deck equipped at time you can have any combination of skills unlocked from the trees provided that you can afford them even at max level you have to be careful about balancing what you want and what you need so at low level youre always making a sacrifice of some form when building since its incredibly difficult to be funny when something is actually good lets switch focus to the meta thats formed regarding this build system eh you would think with a system like this there wouldnt be a meta and everyone would just build to cater their own playstyle and while this is true in some respects every build you see used in this game falls into one of two basic categories stealth builds when you need to sneak in unnoticed going loud is not an option almost every players stealth builders know identical because there is a right and wrong way to build for this thats just a fact no armor smallest guns and lowest detection rating possible loud builds used for when you want to effectively smash in the back door whats so funny ill grow up anyway if you want to kick in their  __   __  theres two main accepted ways to build the dodge build and the dont you find watching paint dry just thrilling build with a dodge build youre taking advantage of the games dodge mechanic you wear no armor and you run around as fast as possible spitting in the face of death and praying that your finger doesnt slip off the sprint key unless you lose the favour of rng jesus and end up getting your cheeks clapped faster than an altar boy at sunday school however with the why didnt daddy love me build you stack as much health and armor together as possible waddle round at the top speed of an asthmatic penguin and hide behind cover whenever the armor bar looks a little low probably wondering why the other kids dont like you all right i might have been a little biased there but you get the gist the most complex system in this game by far are the stealth mechanics while theres a lot that goes into making stealth feel good in this game im going to gloss over the main features since im going to want to discuss the detection meter i should probably explain how the detection in this game works you see the detection in this game isnt based off of your hitbox its based off line of sight of your head this means if a guarded civilian doesnt have a direct line of sight from their head to yours they literally cannot see you then goes for hostages is taken and the meat sacks of those less fortunate only realize this when the game makes you clip your head through this bit of the train to hide and no matter how much your body is sticking out they cant see you now on the surface this may not seem like the worst way to program detection once youve realized this is how it works a bollard becomes as effective a piece of cover as a 10-foot brick wall and hostages are invisible provided you spend 10 minutes shoving their head under a  __  cabinet dont get me wrong for a normal player this system works fine its far from game breaking and honestly most people probably wont notice just that once you do know it allows for some pretty stupid choosing so you know youre welcome now that weve got that out the way we should talk about the detection meter since we know it cant be based of how much of you is visible we can realize the speed of its filling is affected by your distance to the npc your detection rating and your stance again this sounds pretty good except your movement speed doesnt affect the detection system so sprinting jumping and crouching well in mid-air only gets you detected at the rate of crouch walking except you keep most of your running velocity and after landing you pick back up to full speed and only a few steps meaning you can almost indefinitely chain the movement together and fly around the map like a well-dressed spider monkey now of course the game would be a piece of piss if you could just sneak around and kill everyone on the map with no chance of  __  it up so to stop you acting like john mclean of a pack of viagra and making everyone die hard overkill added two main balancing features one effective and one mildly annoying those two features are pager limits and cleaner costs we will start with the former because never before have i simultaneously hated and appreciated any single game mechanics so much basically every time you smack or cap a guard you will have a seven second window to interact with them and answer a pager failing to answer the pager in time or stopping the 10 second interaction before its done will cause an instant alarm no matter how many players or guards there are or what difficulty youre playing on you only ever get four pages the game will try and let you answer the fifth one but its an instant alarm either way four pages max four players max i  __  hope your parents taught you how to share as much as they can be a pain in the ass at time pages are honestly a perfect way to limit the number of cards that can be removed from play in a way that makes sense provided you dont think about it too long they add a need for a proper planning and for sudden impromptu changes to said plan when your friend panic shoots someone that has detected him because hes got the spatial awareness of an epileptic at a strobe party oh hey man have you seen steve well why would he be uh out of the hell no no no he said dont animate this bit i said dont animate this bit no no no no no stop stop stop stop stop is this funny to you can you find this buddy pages are integral to the design of this game and i genuinely struggle to think of complaints about them that arent just me being salty that being said when taking a guard hostage there shouldnt be a pager call not only does it not make sense i get when you shoot them a guard falling over is supposed to set off the pager but what about this sets off the pager besides that choosing to take a guard hostage is already choosing to put yourself at a disadvantage you cant move a guard when theyre a hostage they just sit there for the rest of the game why does having to deal with and plan around this have the same penalty as me making a guard do an impression of madeleine mccann the other feature i mentioned previously which is designed to stop you from going all jeffrey dahmer on the civilians is cleaner costs a professional doesnt need to kill those people i am proficient these are a financial deterrent with the money being taken directly from the pre-existing cash of whoever decided to redecorate the room with blood and while this might be worrying when you first start out this punishment quickly becomes pretty pointless sure its never nice to see a big minus cash amount appear in your screen but the cost of murder depends on the difficulty youre playing at and its honestly pretty pathetic when compared with the payouts of finishing most of these missions not to mention there are a lot of times when killing civilians makes your life so much easier its basically a non-brainer the only real downside is the money is taken even if you fail or restart the mission but really it is more of a mild annoyance than an actual deterrent the feature itself isnt a bad idea its just very poorly implemented it would have to be seven to eight times its current cost to even give me a seconds fault before capping bank managers and even then by end game most players have more cash than jeff bezos and often started to understand his moral viewpoint anyway lets talk about guns payday 2 has a lot of guns most of which ive never  __  used if were being honest you see the side effect of having this amount of choice is that some of the guns are objectively better than others giving you little to no reason to even try out 75 of the weapons that are available i mean you can try and counteract the guns weaknesses with the awesome customization system but most cases its hardly worth the effort as the attachments could be used to make an already good gun even better i would like to talk about how the gunplay feels in general but it varies so much and so heavily i honestly dont know what to say well i love the gunplay with the weapons i use regularly half of these guns control so badly theyre about as effective in combat as a fat kid on a sugar rush its surprisingly effective at close range but thats about it the guns that are worth using are really fun to use control great they feel satisfying i just struggled to get over how much of a waste it is to have so many of these guns be basically unusable even due to the awful handling i mean seriously look at the recoil on this  __  or due to their crappy stats while this isnt that big of an issue at lower levels of difficulty the higher the difficulty you play at the more restricted your weapon pool gets i just wish instead of throwing more and more guns into the game theyd spend some time balancing the ones that were already there but i guess that doesnt sell more dlcs does it overkill speaking of dlcs theres currently 60 pieces of paid dlc available for this game mostly character weapon and map packs  __  60  __  60. right this video is getting quite long and its already taking me a lot longer to make than i originally planned if theres anything i havent mentioned here and im aware there is a lot its either because im indifferent towards it or i have no real complaints or more likely i just forgot as much as i have issues with this game i have issues with every  __  game so its kind of a moot point payday 2 isnt perfect but my god is it fun to play with friends if youve got a few mates and you like stealth games i highly recommend you pick this up when its on sale just forget the dlc exists and have a good time thank you for watching Music you steam game release countdown Is Payday 2 worth buying in 2022?I take a look at the mechanics and features that make payday 2 unique to see why this game has such a strong fan base, and if it’s worth buying today.Written, recorded and edited by Melt Creative producer Dan garland #review #payday2 how to find out when you 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