PAYDAY 2 Cheater Tag Explained

Indie games steamoblivion steam PAYDAY 2 steam Hello everyone Im marijn211 And today Im explaining to you how the PAYDAY 2 cheater tag works The cheater tag has a fairly limited amount of checks which means it doesnt mark a lot of cheaters but it has few false positives (see comments) which means it and its accompanying auto-kick feature can be quite useful (although Id recommend not using it for exceptions) its completely client-side which means it works both the host and clients in the lobby although obviously if you arent the host you wouldnt be able to kick anyone So here are the triggers for the cheater tag from my guide on this subject it includes basically all features of a DLC unlocker although I havent tested the new outfit system it checks wether someone has any used skins in their Steam inventory which can be checked even for people with a private inventory for example It includes a check on boost attachments for example to XP I have no idea why and how this is even tested In addition and last of all there is a small amount of checks for when you are actually playing First of all a check on throwables so mostly grenades If someone throws more of those than should be possible, of course keeping perk decks or skills in mind then they get tagged or if they deploy too many deployables like ECM jammers or bodybag cases theyd also get tagged or if a player drops or picks up more than one bag which would indicate theyd be using a mod allowing them to carry more than one bag although the actual mod has bypassed this check (accompanied by a block on actually dropping/picking up the bag) and that mod was disabled as non-host in other games anyway so as you can see the amount of checks is very limited especially in-game if you wanted to improve your ability to kick cheater you could get mods for that like HUDs so you could check peoples skill point assignments which with more points spent than possible would point to cheating a very clear indicator, kinda stupid the game doesnt use it or if someone has a known cheat mod on their modlist they could be auto-kicked with a mod like shown here these would be easy ways to easily get rid of more cheaters in your lobbies I hope you now understand the cheater tag better roguelike steam games How does the payday 2 cheater tag work?Original guide: (Im not gonna give tech supports for your cheats in the comments, I do read it for everything else though) If you are in need of support or would like to be informed of updates or new releases of content by me (mods/YT/Twitch/other), check my brand new Discord: steam unlockied can steam satisfactory play with epic games free steam games giveaways steam lesson plans steam games downloader