Big Bank, huge luck! (Payday 2 Solo Stealth)

Arkham horror card game steamhow to do face steam PAYDAY 2 so what do we want to try do we want to do big bank and clear the bank that might be kind of fun I like big Bank big Banks one of my favourite heists in the game this heist is really good I really hope they keep this one in payday three like they add it back because this ones really good okay its a big Bank its a real big bank ah, swipe! I thought it was a fake big Bank a fake big Bank? Bain? This aint a big bank! What?! No! its a medic bag! doesnt this usually come up failed like straight away what the f... thats God RNG theres like I dont know what it is the exact percent but its a low percent chance you just get it from that computer straight away I think its an achievement for doing it as well and we got the key card in there no way Music okay thats kind of crazy thats kind of nuts were actually kind of like super this is actually like a super good RNG run Im gonna be honest the RNG is kind of fucking crazy right now lets see if we can manage to run through this whole thing without fumbling it certified God RNG actual God RNG just mark them like this goofy noises ha ha! were marking you more goofy noises all right theyre all marked Chat this might be a YouTube run Im gonna be honest this might be a YouTube run say hi to YouTube preemptively this might be a YouTube run? so were just waiting on that time lock to tick thats all were waiting on here so we should be in any moment now well have to answer this managers phone first though all right heres the GenSec call.. were hiding behind the computer Im then manager look! *type type type type type* Im the manager *type type type type type* dont dont come in Im busy managing *type type type type type* dont dont just just go away Im busy youre ruining my concentration by *type type type type type* it seemed to have worked weve weve distracted him long enough for him to wander away okay all right so we go *pop* so now both the reason we do both those key cards is because it turns those doors off... well turns those lasers off completely okay and we got this fancy room RNG as well Music I cant remember if guards come through here if its a safe room I really dont remember okay so theres a server room okay so there are four guards back here so we have to be careful we gotta look for a nice safe place to take him out um wheres the last guy oh okay I dont have eyes on the last guard I dont want to take any unnecessary risks I lied Im taking an unnecessary risk okay thats two down okay lets get some more bags lets just scream that weve deployed a body bag case BODY BAG CASE RIGHT HERE were stealthy okay this guys still puking up his guts... ewww Now wheres the last guy if we can find *stares in horror* what the fuck does he see?? okay there are now no roaming guards back here so as long as this guy doesnt spot us or a camera doesnt spot us which would be pretty funny given that cameras are stationary and this guys throwing up the key box! now you might be thinking hey even though these guys are dead what happens to this final guy whos throwing up eventually he does become better he becomes unsick eventually but he does not roam okay all we gotta do is get the code from the managers computer last step wait actually hang on whats the range on um Sixth Sense can we see the computer from here okay well we can see a guard from here hes standing outside the office room where the camera is if I remember like if if Im judging that accurately where that one spawn is for the server room hes standing outside that right now if I had to wager a guess who is that who is that its the lady and a man come on lady leave come on shift move go make a quick Escape into the back rooms okay were safe here this is where I feel most at home the back rooms of all places okay put in the code open up the vault door and were in Okay click click click as that Vault opens up apparently this double decker Vault is actually bad RNG because it means theres more rooms to like drill open or to you like to open with the key more but I actually like the double decker vault its uh its more stylish it makes it look like your score is more impressive yknow? right thats the money so Im thinking lets just try okay we can sneak through its its a little bit scary but we can sneak through all right and then we just come back up this way so we can just throw it down the Elevator Shaft which is what well do well just Chuck it down the hole there and we should be fine so this might take a couple of minutes to clean out chat and when I say a couple like we might be here for like 10 minutes if this does end up becoming a YouTube video uh Ill see you at the end once weve got all the bags down the elevator to shift if not and youre watching this live unlucky because were moving all this shit its gonna take a while all right weve cleared out the Vault mainly uh I think we started at like 15 minutes through its now 25 minutes well do another Cut after weve uh after weve loaded all of this in the van yeah if youre watching this on YouTube then we still havent emptied the deposit boxes yet I dont have a saw as you can see Im holding an assault rifle so um and I also dont have a saw here so its going to take a little bit of manual lock picking and we might be here for a while so well secure the rest of this Loot and then uh well see you once all of the deposit boxes are open okay its gonna its gonna be a little while Im dreading it all right first deposit box is picked out by hand and this is what we got five gold no money uh a lot of loose cash things too take it up side job completed! it made my day with five gold doubloons oh thats incredible look at all of this stuff right this is a blessed run this is truly a blessed run all right now weve already opened up a couple of deposit boxes we found one money in there so far lets open up the rest of them I just picked up some money but there we go nice thats the last of them done there we go thats our whole for this theres only what two money Im carrying one because I just picked up one but all right lets go to town you just hit me like furiously mash E press E to take Im takin Im takin Im takin Im takin Im taking it all oh look at that cleaned out oh hang on missed one all right lets get the last of this loot to the van and then Id consider this big Bank clean the hell out imagine after the 30 minute Mark the guard thats been sick with the cake becomes unsick and starts wandering around again and comes and investigates The Vault hes like hey where are all my co-workers and then uh he like cries a couple of Tears when he sees that theyre all gone he finds the body bags that theyre in and he cries a couple more tears finding that all of his buddies are dead and then he comes over to the Vault and just sees one masked man standing in there like oh hello as Im just sitting here cleaning it out hes like hmm interesting here we go the last bag lets have a look at this look at the state of this vault wow absolutely incredible who knew that we could clean it out so easily without any cleaning products as well weve cleaned it out completely oh wow incredible what a haul lets join it now Im a loot bag wow we made it out with 23 bags worth one uh 11.1 million wow dont look at that accuracy stat though um wow incredible we should actually put hacker on oh theyve closed the entrance we actually dont even have to answer this pager when youre actually speed running it you just run straight down this isnt even an ECM Rush this is just a rush I think you come in and C4 it as well I dont like you lock pick it you just run in with C4 and you just blast that shit there we go we still doing under a minute? um yep nice hurray! 105 000 XP lets go dude steamed lobster time I love the Big Bank, one of my, if not my favourite heists in Payday 2 both loud and stealth. So I decided itd be fun to go in, max difficulty, with the intent of getting every possible bag of loot from the vault. What I didnt expect was rolling arguably one of the best variations of Big Bank I could ever ask for! Theres also a little bonus heist at the end for those of you who watch all the way through, I had no reason to include it but it was right before the Big Bank run I did, so I figured why not? :) Recorded live on my Twitch channel, you can find the link below! :) Music used (in order): - For the kill - Biting Elbows (part of Payday 2s menu soundtrack, the song played during the start of the video in the menus) - Sirens in the distance (Stealth) - Payday 2 - Home invasion 2016 (Stealth) - Payday 2 - Razormind (Stealth) - Payday 2 - Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod - Scheming Weasel - Kevin Macleod - And now we wait - Payday 2 (Only played for about 2 seconds) - Fuse box (Stealth) - Payday 2 The socials: - Twitch: - Twitter: - Discord: As always, thanks for watching! how to move steam games from external hard drive dune video game steam steam games owned badge levels steam mature games jrpg steam games