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Best cheap vr games on steamsquare enix games steam PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS very good people how are you welcome to my channel welcome to a gameplay of new genesis fantasy of being online it is a game that is still in closed beta it has not yet been officially released and when it does it will be free to play and here I bring you a first take a look at this game to show you a little bit about how it works or how or what you are going to find in this game, so we are going to give it a little bit and leave me the comments of course, how do you think about the game and others I dont know if You can still sign up for the beta because I signed up a long time ago and good luck money that they have come to me so I can download it The game is still completely in English I dont know if it will reach Spanish when it comes out officially I dont know although I have serious doubts because I never Ive seen a bit of being online in Spanish, but hey, for those who dont know me, the first video you see because Im a big fan of this saga, I played the first phantasy star online and that came out in the lashing surely a lot of what you are seeing in this video is also here for that reason also play fantasy the star online 2 as a rule that it can be played today I also played the universe of xbox 360 and well I practically played enough to this saga and I wanted to try it and well I created two games to discover a bit how the game works and so on and we are going to teach how to create the character or how the character creation would be because we have several races and several class types it is very easy to understand as soon as I started playing it to understand right away that we are going to create a character and for the moment well I have two slots okay here I have this one that would be a magician and I can create another completely different character and if you choose another server its okay because of At the moment we have three servers available so you can create one more character and start covering completely from scratch if you wish and here I will show you another character What I have in this case would be a hole or a slingshot and in the class that I have liked the most at the moment it would be this buoy than another character so you can see how the character creation is and well an intro comes out Im going to skip it if you see it later, not to not do many, well, I left all that, although I had quite a bit of video on the subject and here we have what humans would be, we have here what newman would be like elves, it seems to be, these would be like robots, okay They are a hybrid race, not because of him, but between humans and robots, and those are the ones in my hands. I really dont know if they will be like some kind of beast or something like that, right now, well, as you can see, they have horns, so you can, you can. Well, to say that they are human beasts not per hundred, thats fine, well, I m going to create, for example, one of uman, its fine and we can choose in this case between what would be the man or the woman who is a woman and here we can choose a little the appearance of how We want that character to be based on that character, you must choose, for example, we can remove or leave the creation of characters, but of course not teach how to create the possibilities that we have, I am not going to dedicate myself to creating a character completely, I can dedicate time to the face to the features to the eyes to the hair well we have a lot of possibilities the truth is that it is quite good to make a game of this style we already want the hairstyles there are some that are blocked and this is something that does not worry me but possibly it is worth possibly well They are hairstyles that we have to pay because if this game when fried play is going to have a fairly vast store, surely in fact you have already seen that there seems to be a premium package to unlock the store at least I understand to unlock the store between players I dont know 100% father because he doesnt take a look at it in depth but hes going to have a monthly package that you You pay and you will have access to X stories that if you dont pay well maybe they dont have and it seems to me that Ive seen what one of them is you can work with other players but I cant confirm yet here we can select a base appearance or as khedira our characters are okay as we want it to be good Im going to choose this one I dont know for example no and as you can see we have quite a lot possible we can change the color and so on I dont want to get too wrapped up in this and here its okay once we want our character we can choose What class do we want apart from race? What main class do we have? We can have at the moment, from what I have seen, two main classes, that is, if you are Buner, you can choose Gunner as a main subclass and as his classes, Rangers is fine. If you are Sport, its fine. what would be a magician, well, it can be a healer, okay, Ill explain a little how a hunter class is basically the one who goes to melee with swords like us ted comes there is a little gameplay of how the class works as a fighter it is like a kind of assassin not an assassin because in truth he uses van bommel with fists it is basically and the truth is that he is quite cool very showy but basically jaime le but with fists its worth being idea that as a murderer it is basically the gunner come back with a double pistol the one that I have done to myself the truth is that he is very handsome very funny and the rangers well it would be the same as on Monday but with a rifle or like a sniper rifle it has more more precision shoot from further away etc. okay but a little less more boring in quotes boring is strong is the magician uses fire and ice magic at the moment I have seen because the beta is very limited and then we will test that it is like a suv for ok this priest also does damage to that ml too and its quite important I think its a class that will be important to do certain things in a group well Im going to choose myself in this hunter case for example so that you can see it here I said the name that a random man had been chosen we said ok and we started the truth that the tutorial is quite simple they always mark you where you have to go how you have to do things etc it is true that it is in English and youre not very good at English, well, its very easy because with an application like Google Translator you can translate everything, although its a very intuitive game, okay ? You need to be an expert in the language, well, we went out here, this would be the main city, although there are more cities, but this is where we started the beta. I dont know if when the official game comes out, also here, the same and well, they mark you there where you have to go for the missions and Others here you are seeing since there are many people all these are other players okay we can do things in groups we can do groups etc etc etc we can do the missions there are only more morras there are a lot of things all this that you see around here okay these are like stores for example here in this store later Ill show it well its new it would be this okay here you can enchant the weapon to enchant the weapons you have to put other weapons of 100 if everything is a sword you put another sword that perhaps is worse than yours and you raise it a level okay and the base enchanting level that basic enchantment I dont know if later open a more difficult enchantment that I ask for and have better ones than surely here we have good to manage other types of things in this case it would be the abilities of the class that have certain abilities to look for and others we are going to take a look at it for a little there are many abilities but as you can see here we have the abilities of all the classes are okay and we can use what the teams are for to learn is that extra attack or that ability that it gives you etc. we are going to learn from the candy fairy We are going to look for them and I already have stability. Okay, what are you seeing here? Okay, lets get out of this room and were going to do the main missions. One Diego in a guide doesnt do something basic about the game. all the reverie is worth this to find the truth that I have not given it much cane in fact everything is like in gray because you can not interact with many of the things and here for example is what I told you before that we also have to buy weapons that It has not let me buy any to sell weapons, etc. In other words, it has a lot of interesting things and this would be the store where I have seen that if you do not have the package, you cannot sell it to anyone or anything, we get a message about premium sets 30 days, etc. I dont know when the official nerd comes out, if it will be mandatory to make certain transactions and three players or something like that, were going to wait for it to come out and it can be bought, we ll talk to him again Its true that the game, as you know, is still a bit strange, the npcs dont load well or take a while to load, but hey, its nothing that prevents you from playing, basically afterwards we have an options menu where we can see they dont exist that we currently have in our inventory these are the missions we have right now that right now they dont appear here which are the main ones which are the main missions we can do daily missions weekly visions for a time limit that will be events or something like that I imagine they give you money here everything It is handled with money and well, it is basically getting money to buy etc. Here we have, for example, selecting several weapons, the weapon equipment that you can have 3 me at the moment, like an air well, I carry the double pistol and the rifle here now, we are going to do it. see if they give me another weapon we can take another weapon and we can exchange weapons as we want or feel like its okay but yes Its true that we have a class and maine and a secondary class, so yours would be to focus on enami, but hey, and these would be the skills, its okay that we have that you can play the game with both command and keyboard and mouse of course, so gentlemen, more things, these would be the armor and well these would be the slots to throw us potions buffs etc. that we also have good and well a little like this above more in being good power we can have a chat voucher for already established fights voucher you default to greet people whatever we have also even to put nicknames for stallone 3 world well a little strange after that what you see on my back that little purple robot that is a sea is a exists since the game began in the plants and being online one already existed the sea images like a pet in quotes that gives benefits to your character also has certain attacks certain last ones and I dont know if in this module you will have problems with the You had to feed it, it evolved and depending on the evolution or the food you gave it, it had one aspect or another, that is, it could change its appearance depending on the food I was giving it and all that I know was enough to see if in this game they have done the same thing surely and nothing we are going to give it a little look okay as I have seen okay what you see here with little balls is that the game is distanced okay Ill explain right now he entered the city okay in the city I dont know if there will be a limit of characters I suppose that it will be 40 or 50 people, the truth is that the limit does not go away but there are certain areas that when others pass that barrier, as you can see, load is worth loading the map and up on the mini map that you see above lake in the left corner shows 32 that means that currently in my zone on this server there are 13 players out of 32 32 is the maximum in this zone there are other zones with fewer players there will be others that will be more played res but it is limited basically the truth is that this is quite good because in that way what it does is that the game does not go so smoothly that there are not so many people in the same place etc. so well it is an aspect of trini that to find out later the game has day and night it changes okay at night I realize that the bugs are much stronger or at least they change completely we have here a kind of sprint okay I am currently playing with a controller even though the keys come out below the mouse But Im playing with a wrong team controller and they are basic attacks. We have the X on the controller, which will be the basic attack, which will be the actress, and the left of the mouse, which will be this, and what this basic attack does is charge sisters, lets take a look at it look now to see if you see any enemies here in fact I have to kill the first mission there are 10 enemies so well its quite simple all this that you see on the ground s well, portions and others from here just as big were going to try to get there because in fact its okay there are events there are events of super 8 super loud voices okay and well I said level 10 of one basically its level 10 this bug and Im people level 1 therefore to this enzyme lets see I have given it we swear to heal well with the crosshead we can move through the numbers or with the keyboard we press the number and it is already easier with mouse blindness of course but good as the The game is also for consoles, then we have, as I said, the basic attack that heals the weekly mana, the blue bar that we have that is used to execute abilities such as this one, which would be by pressing the and it is a strong ability, but I should not have gotten in here but hey, we press the there it is, and it makes a strong attack, as you can see, it would be the one with the sword that you see above, which is with the right click of the mouse, and then we have the other truth, which would be a bl cool, there are other classes that do a kind of evasion, okay, there are others that do evasion plus attack, as you can see, its a meme and lets see this video and well, I dont know if its because being a beta they always revive you without having anything good at times They are capable of killing these people, then I pull the trigger, the trigger would be pulled, okay, I have more abilities, I have another one in the x that is charged, if the charge does that, it is quite beautiful and the y was put on, well, it has another one that would be this that would be well, each one has its own way of executing there are some that they like, others that do damage in the area, others that by selecting the enemies, well, a lot of stories, so lets see if I can hit more, how is it that I dont hurt him, I do nt hurt him I do none of the damage and it kills me constantly and youll see that the fire is quite good, lets see, it s not something that is going to break the market, I would say, but it will be fun, there are many players, we will see when it comes out officially if people He still has that desire to play, well, more with exposures, these are positions, as you can see, they have to be healed more. I imagine for now, I have always used this one that they have around here, they improve a lot more than they will not be healed depending on, he has killed 33 and at least this will give you it marks on the map when they come out depending on minimal issues that mark on the map where that area is located and surely there are more players more players doing that that vote and I am important because they give you enough people they can give weapons better weapons than yours etc what It happens that it will be good, be a ball, of course, always choose what you like best in these types of games, in the class, race and others, but obviously if you dont know how to play a game at the beginning, its easier to play at range than I dont know. Im going to teach my class, okay, it would be going out here, Im going to show you the class that I was playing for a while, which would be, in this case, the shooter, which is the one that has been the most cool for me and it went awry The marathon class is quite cool, the magician class, well, completely at a distance, you dont have to get close to the enemies, but there are certain abilities that are one for an ice wave that is very kind but well, you dont have to use it simply to escape from the enemy or give it a final shot or whatever the range taught me which is exactly the same level 8 is a maximum level in the beta it is level 15 you cannot go higher than 15 so in a little while at the maximum level there is practically Im going to show the map now so you can see how big it is, the truth is that its quite interesting. The map has many things, many very strong enemies, there are many map events, and this would be the case. The robot girl is worth it because its the one that hits people when they settled in none of them the one that was rangers the robot of a lifetime and left behind was human and the one that was a magician was the usual focus that there is no other way Then with this one, for example, the tutorial has already finished because at the beginning we give you the missions, which is a tutorial that teaches you how to play, basically it has nothing special and then they leave you to your glass ball where you want to do what you want and there is even some daily missions that if you want the face and no no but it is simply to understand the game a bit we are going to see the map okay if it loads it is that you pass from the area it remains quite caught since it loads everything and here you can see right now in all the The map is okay, as you can see, well, it lets me zoom out. It has a lot of zones, it has a lot of zones. travel from one point to another without having to kick yourself this is a game that will be like this a mark that I have left, for example, we are going to go to this area that I know myself and so we have a good time Teó for the heart I think it was there you can always find a lot of enemies a lot of people playing a lot of little things in fact you can cook in this game there are recipes to cook that you are a fan of in life the damage etc. so it is quite interesting and around here there are people who are doing some missions for us or something that we are directing to that area that I dont know and lets see what its like in fact in this game you can also fly okay you can have double jumps look at this is this is an event this would be to do it as oil if you are going to see he took one away because level 18 level 8 I imagine I do nt know if I take one away because of the level or possibly for other things he has to do in a group these bugs are very hard and well Im going to throw my life away to kill it so Im going to ignore them these are plants that are used for cooking as I say to abuse you jump and pineapple and they are quite good and lets see if I get close to the area that I want to go to see what because the truth is that it has never come here the truth is that I have played, having spent an hour and a half approximately two hours playing and as I say a first look and I have shown more or less what I know to this day that there are many things that I still do not know so that you can see a bit of gameplay and this also seems to be an area or an area that I cannot enter, I imagine that it will be cut by the vein there, a volcano or I dont know what the hell it is if you want well if you want making a video so lets go there I have an inventory full of potions so I cant keep taking portions maximum of 10 we also have an ultimate ability okay it would be this photon blas that all all classes have their own last ability and now its good if it recharges and kills some bugs but I teach it but each class has its own last and well its getting night and night the truth is that the game It looks cool but sometimes you cant see anything, open more to see where Im going I have no idea right now Im supposed to go to the volcano but lets see if its over, okay I think its all cut off if I dont go to be able to get out that the fire is very very limited in that sense currently to see if it is completely limited so well I cant show the entire map from there its all cut so they will be in a little while you have already known what we currently have that once People are closed and I dont know if there will be another closed goal or the game will open as an open beta for the whole world or how they are going to do it, well, Im going to go, not to the area where there are usually many events, I think It was around here, maybe if Im not mistaken, were going to behave and see if I can show you some strong enemies, some big enemies that are very interesting, and so that you can see how the group game is, the truth is that at the moment I havent done parts with anyone, its not necessary because everything about events is done simply by getting close to the seen and thats it, there isnt much more coffee around here as you can see this is huge there are a lot of enemies everywhere and its concretely It wasnt the area that I wanted the area that I wanted to go is possibly its were going and I think its exactly in that area there is an area where there are a lot of events and as you can see you can fly plan okay its not that you can fly but this what is this for example we dont put that this booth here a house capable of having both houses and the truth is that the game possibly has many interesting things but of course with the goal well look here if you can fly they are like a kind of tele for fear it was like an aura that takes you to heaven basically to literally fly many people have been attacking one but I say the problem is that the beta is very short many very few things can be done and right away, in practically three hours, the whole game already knows you, its possibly people play for a while, they dont play again until and those things can but I still dont know what those minerals that you can collect and all that are for and youll see that If there is something interesting, these are level 3 lions. there is nothing here I am going to go to that area it is very empty and there is a main mission that sends you a way to kill some huge bugs and I would like you to see it because there were also certain enemies that are quite large and they are the only milk look here an event what I was looking for is that there are events all over the map and you see here people hitting each other so you can see a little how it is possible to target the enemy ok you dont have to and you go looking for the enemy look here he is here the boss would be that one here in this hitting another we can aim at the enemy we can aim it in case of command we press the upper left trigger and we can aim it with elliot and right we can we can change the detail as we want to aim at one bug or another ok new so many people Im going to change weapons ok that would be more or less and this would be well the pace as you can see is calmer to play in less frantic its like further away you have the battle and you hit it as you wish sometimes the last one has just been done if it is capable of making the strong attack fine how is this this class that is careful this class has an attack like a missile launcher that it gives a lot of enemies it stays a bit for the last one it will be able to recharge ok look there I have the last one and you know this is the one that gives it pain and damn bad milk it has these resources It has moved when I have put the last one there is a letter one and that means that there is an event and when we are above the last point I think it was two minutes if I remember correctly and each class has its own last ones it has changed again sometime as you can see You can change the class as you want because it is a little easier to play the rangers lagoon because the truth reads to me that you take all the seed of health and the burel that I have seen there with rays or the and it must be some because no no I think I give myself time in this voice to teach it, its quite cool if we remove it, it takes a lot of life. In fact, they can be put into quick access with mobility, it is not necessary to give them the crosshead to execute them, they can be put in the ability, but hey, its a matter of As usual, I think that another event is already there, its just not the same one, its not there, lets see if we can get there because there are a lot of people in this area or around here, it can be because of these event areas. s there is a people mode for people they are leveling up they are getting to know the characters seeing the skills a lot of history we pick up tv for this little rose in fact where there are people doing these events if you stay in the area you will surely get tired of killing bug because look here for example there is no one here I just join a wolf has started to stick to the light alone well these were mini events there are some that are fatter than when you kill enemies they come out Vaseline to the boss but I say Its that the beta is very, very cut, its still worth up there, theres more to see where the teleports are, were going to go up there, we re going to go up there to see what we find in this form, this is still another different bug, this is the same, this is me I dont think this one has ever killed him. Well, if it has been found before when I practically started the video, but here playing Im just going to see the skills a little better, I dont take away or I dont take life and another person comes because if they dont help you ppt here life to notice this one and its because of the ability this is how it reads me but look at what you take away afterwards the enemies have weak points depending on where the attack hits them They take more life, less life, but well, basically, as you can see, some of them are quite cool and that look, steam ls, it would be good, sorry, the one you see pasting the code is the green magician 1, that is on top of the fire, the green one, I think they are the most screwed up, the most difficult for Shes never high there if I get up the first time I can hit her from c from the air its pretty cool lets see if there arent any people because since I got to the saddest people it really looks good in the game you dont need to hit the enemy to take you drone because I have been to fk wow 6 to 30 minutes of video what is this Music they are having a super event because this and this is a super event mate Music there are people country we are going to enter it in the green area Lets see if I can wow wow wow wow if there are people there are people from 9 to the base session it is understood I would look at the area being like this leave efe before being there the game has just been vetoed for the return water itself I hope that gameplay I am not agreed no we have agreed but you take the game tight there for a few seconds since it will kill what says workshop Music but here we need a lot of people Music it has hurt us there are no people who are playing for an hour and I think that the interesting thing would be to kill this first one is a low one of life we ​​ are currently here 444 some more out there some of what has been put out there it is true that only the classes that endure the most Music it seems to me the last time on Monday and now He taught me now Im almost there Music so use it with this one because I think this one will have a bit of life left in it we re going to use the power today yesterday so go down 6 is the plan like it throws a lot of purple lights I dont know much s bullets that fall from the sky or something similar but you are not going to agree we put all the drop and thats it because I thought this area was going to be more __ up the truth is this is the highest area you can upload Music in the area higher than there is in the game but the truth is gay I thought this event and the museum 4 would be more difficult here it is expected that many players will come in fact in this area there are currently 8 out of 8 as you can see tato has distanced up to the left We are 8 out of 8 in these areas, that is, the events are limited to 8 people, more than 8 cannot enter, there were 4 of us, what is missing? Lets choose the rifle, Ill kill you, and Im not yourselves. the game and you are going to play it if it seems interesting to you if it occupies fear that it is free to play then you can do the country wing you do nt care because as long as you enjoy the game well its going to the cane that here takes correction of the people full to see there are Some event around here there is an event right where I am but they are bugs they are you saw they are normal so sometimes when the game officially comes out well I may play them for a longer time or see how it goes depending on how it turns out they continue to leave town and so on So good if you are not subscribed to the channel you know how to subscribe I think that this game has already learned the whole thing in a while basically the goal is so quite quite limited we are going to finish this event now yes I think it is already going on sale towards a lower area of the mountain and he leaves at the moment and he is at the pharmacy for days here all day fighting and others containing weapons getting items getting I dont know different stories different stories to later improve your weapons do more damage get food to look for you and do more damage, I already say that with the goal it is very limited, you do nt have to look at this either, a rocket launcher, look, I have four ro selected is like with the rifle it is a good way to hit all the enemies but it spends a lot more the good thing it shows is very easy to refill it is sister with it it is quite simple it is a level video it seems to be something past there and how do you see people are here going around non-stop not to go up someone who was next to me has gone up tap I have gone up a level weapon something something I do nt understand has happened yet and as you can see the card holders are all missile launchers its pretty good its a skill that It consumes all your mana practically until the mana is not consumed, it does not stop shooting and then you can upgrade your weapons so that they consume less mana so that they do more damage at a distance so that, well, they do not heal you. I think I have seen that so that they heal you life by blow or things like that, so well with this Im going to say goodbye to this first one that uses a look at the game, I already say that it is a very, very basic look at what the game has, there are many lots of things too but half of them are all blocked and all this stuff in the middle of the map that is not seen the most is also blocked so dont leave the comments what do you think of the game and see you in the next game place subscribe if you are not leaving a comment comment people bye controllers compatible with steam =========================💡Disfruta de las ventajas de miembros del canal.🔌Ventajas: 🔌Videos solo para miembros: ========================= 👥Discord: 🟣Twitch: 🖼️Instagram: 🖱️Mi PC: bed bath beyond steamer every steam game free games on steam that don't require a good computer banned steam games best xxx game on steam