(base)PSO2 New players MEGA GUIDE - LEVEL 1-100 walkthrough AND farm 29m per hr UP TO DATE

How to play steam games on nintendo switchmake steam recognize installed game PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS game hey guys this video is intended for  new and returning players with the   intention of getting to endgame as fast as  possible in preparation for fantasy star   new genesis this video will go over  how to do that and make hundreds of   millions of macetta to fill the true end  game called fashion star online two yeah and in the event that you were watching this  after the new genesis release for whatever reason   you decided to make a base pso2 character  this guide will still be useful for you so   now would be a good time to grab  a drink because this video will be   a long one but dont worry my name  is bama and im going to help you first off this needs to be said in case you  already started playing and you are new to   the game do not invest in your class tree yet do  not invest in your mag device yet unless you know   what youre doing for your mag device its a bit  more lenient though you can jump to the chapters   explaining mag devices and class trees whenever  youre ready using the video progress bar or   time codes in the description so before we start  lets quickly go over how to change your player id   this is important because its a way for other  players to know who you are no matter what name   you give your characters if left unchanged your  id will be a long string of letters and numbers   you can change your player id in the  start menu after selecting your ship   come over here to support menu then click on  change player id name now it says this costs   ac a type of real money currency as indicated with  this little red triangle symbol now carefully read   this as sega only grants you one free id change  after that you pay real money to change this   quick tip if youre like me you can take advantage  of this and give all your characters the same name   so after spending a day creating your  character and completing the tutorial   youll end up in this ship just walk up to  the teleportal and select return to lobby   this is going to take you to the  main lobby also called the gate area   now from here you may get a pop-up ignore this  if you like its just going over the news and   the latest premium scratch and lose astarte will  begin explaining an important feature of the game   this is important but if you want to skip it you  can do so by holding the control key on pc or b or   circle on your controller now the game is going  to direct you to speak with rebecca here what   i want you to do if possible is actually skip her  for now in this clip i spoke with her on accident   and said nope screw you i have more important  matters to attend to instead what were going to   do is walk over to our friend affin over here and  accept his quest also called client orders in pso2   i recommend reading athens quest here because  he will actually teach you the basics of the game   for his first order he wants us to swap  our weapon palette to do this on pc use   the scroll wheel to choose a palette and left  click to accept and up and down on your d-pad   and a or x to accept on controller now we  talked to afton again to complete the order   now lets grab his next orders called how to  set photon arts and how to set techniques next   lets grab absolute unit so you come down here  you open your menu come over to this tab here   go to equip weapons click on any of these skill  icons and select a skill from the new window here   also note that depending on your class you may or  may not be able to complete both of these quests   after that we can turn in this quest and lets  accept his next order called choose your skills   wisely for this quest we head over to the class  counter and speak with the class consultant hit learn class skill now at this point i suggest  looking at your class build first before doing   anything here links for up-to-date builds in  the description under the appropriate timestamp   im going to put a point here because i already  know that this is important for my build   again i recommend checking your build first so  quick tip in the spreadsheet for the class builds   i believe the skill names are set to the english  translations for the japanese version of the game   so the skill names will not  match the north american version   just simply select this checkbox here to  view the correct names for your game version   so for example if you are playing in pso2 north  american version you would select english but   the brackets pso2na or if youre playing in the  jp version you would select english pso2jp now   you can reset your class skill tree here this  requires a skill reset pass now the problem is   the only way to obtain one is when the developers  send them out and they only send out passes when   they release a new class or make major changes to  existing classes the problem is there is no new   content coming out for pso2 the story is finished  and the developers are preparing to launch their   sequel near genesis sorry guys this may be a  little jarring im inserting this clip after   the fact of the entire editing process but this  is a little tip for those of you who are like me   and find this skill system confusing so when  placing points into the skills this is the actual   literal level that it will be after confirming and  also says here what the final skill level will be   so this happened to me when i first started  i was having a hard time scrolling this page   we actually have to keep the mouse cursor  outside of this skill tree to scroll now the   actual problem is when we accidentally scroll over  top of these skills it will actually change the   skill allocations now this screwed me up because  i never refreshed this page and i had not noticed   that i accidentally changed the skill tree i  ended up screwing up my first class this way so   just in case i recommend refreshing this page to  reset it once in a while okay so after placing a   skill point into your skill tree lets turn that  into affine so after handing in that order we are   going to take davids next order called pse burst  101 please read this tutorial its very important   and then next we are going to head over to  the shopping plaza to find an npc called jan   now you can get to the shopping plaza  through any of these three gates jan has a few easy quests that we can complete to  boost our level so for his first order he wants   us to deposit an item into our storage  to do that press i for inventory on pc   and for controller you will have to pull  up your menu by pressing the start button   and navigate to your inventory  we can do this with any item   im just going to place our basic healing item  into the storage as you can see here there   are different types of storage every storage  type except character storage is account wide   after that lets speak with jan again to get our  next order please read any tutorials that pop up next is a primer on visaphone use you  could find visaphones all around the ship   this machine will be the main way for you to do  your shopping when accessing the personal shop for   the first time the game will prompt you to create  a second password for trade related activities   pc players are lucky they can actually use their  keyboards here so while we are here lets just   quickly look at the shop and back out doing this  will complete an upcoming mission automatically after that lets back out and do chads order by  selecting arks search then select player search   and you can actually just type anything in here  to complete the order so once thats done lets   talk to jan again and accept his next order this  one is a little confusing it says to set phrases   to at completion and activate so instead of going  about this literally were going to open up our   chat settings then we come over here to auto chat  and in the at quest completion section we just   want to type in something like i dont know how  about gg now the way auto chat works is whatever   you type in into these boxes will be automatically  set in chat at their trigger conditions   so for example at quest start is a trigger  condition for when you first enter the mission   and at quest completion is when you clear  the mission objective there are these add   and remove buttons here you can actually have  multiple phrases for the same trigger condition   and they will activate randomly now as youve  probably guessed this feature can be annoying   for some if you find this annoying later down the  line you can always turn it off in the options   hit chat settings scroll down a bit and  under the display auto chat from others   you can choose what you want to see here you can  also disable your auto chats if you scroll down   to the bottom you can also turn off voice chat  as it is on by default dont worry no one in the   lobby can hear you voice chat only works while you  are in a party so we wont be able to complete the   auto chat order for jan just yet we have to wait  until we complete a mission for it to activate   we are also going to hold off on the enhancing  your favorite gear client order because   at this point we dont have enough money to  enhance so next we are going to head over   to francas cafe but first we are going to  set up something important that will save us   time in the long run open up your  options window and under control settings   depending on what you are using click  on either keybind settings keyboard or   keybind settings controller  then find the quick menu keybind set this to whatever key you want  in this case im going to choose   c also to unbind a key just hit tab again  and press the same button to unbind it so   in this case i press c again now close the  options window and open your quick menu now the top right of this window what we are going  to do is hit the key that is indicated here so in   this case it is shift for pc players now on this  drop down menu we are going to select multiplayer   and then hit save now with this menu you can  easily quick travel around various parts of   the ship but for now were going to walk over to  francos cafe which is to our right now once here   were going to talk to sophia good morning now  for your first time here there will be a little   introduction for her just talk to her twice to  view her client orders now with this order we   have to go into a mission and do some gathering  and fishing which we will get to in a minute okay   so now that we have our order lets head back to  the gate area to finish one last quest before we   head out on a mission so to get to the gate  area lets head back over to this door here   move to gate area now lets head over to aven  and so afton has a quest that requires us to   equip a unit one way to do that is by coming  down here to customize clicking on equip armor   lets equip our back piece arm piece and leg piece  so we click on this set set set we just set there   you go weve completed the mission also quick tip  if you want to hide your armor or your units click   on the item you want to hide and engage stealth  also occasionally i love clicking auto equip   when after picking up a bunch of units i usually  just go for melee defense and i hit confirm itll   auto equip units that are an upgrade okay now  lets hand this in absolute units now before we   head out i got to say this if you want a speed run  to end game you do not have to complete the story   although i highly recommend that you do because  the game rewards you with star gems more on this   later i actually recommend skipping episodes one  to three personally i watched the anime called   pso2 episode oracle because this actually  goes over episodes one to three from the game   and then i skipped episodes one to three in  game until episode four and then at episode   four i played through the story normally before  we head out lets actually talk to one of the most   actually the most important npc in the entire  game i think uh kofi or coffee or however i   dont know coffee i like coffee so were gonna  call her coffee coffee offers client orders that   unlock more content for us to complete such as  higher difficulties and access to new missions   she offers mag license trial we can actually  do that right now and remember in the beginning   when i said do not invest into your mag  device yet well were about to get into that   so lets complete this order right now and  go over how they work on pc to open the mag   device menu its y on keyboard for controller  its open through the main menu down here   so these devices are kind of like pets in  pso2 they offer stat boosts depending on the   items we feed it now this is important so listen  close our class build will determine which items   we feed our mag the class build compilation tells  us which mag to build as we can see here for melee   support mags for simplicity we feed it melee  weapons to increase melee support and monomate   to decrease decks for range support mags we feed  it ranged weapons and dimates to decrease decks   for tech support mags we feed it tech weapons  and trimates to decrease decks for dexmax we can   simply feed it skill disks ill leave a link  to a webpage for mag food in the description   if you want more specific info on how to use your  mag you can usually find it in the class guide   section what i mean is that at the bottom of these  class builds are links to guides that go in depth   about the class as you can see here theres advice  on how to progress your mag to cater to your   specific class okay now lets move over to print  here print offers a way to acquire our mid-grade   weapons which we will use to farm money and our  end game gear come over to legendary 15 star   collection 1 and select a weapon from the crosses  series making sure to select the appropriate   weapon for your class so how does this work  well we have to fill these bars to 100 percent   and to do that it actually tells us in this window  right here for lumen mechs we can farm these early   through urgent quests so if we stay on top of  virgin quests eventually we will fill this bar   if you would like to know more about urgent quests  i actually talk about them later in this video   for our beginner weapons lets select a weapon  from the beginner collection folder here   these should be pretty easy to get sorry guys  these are actually a pain in the ass to get what i   suggest instead is buying a lambda weapon suitable  to your class and enhancing it as we progress   please skip ahead to the weapon progression  section of the video where i expand on this so we will not be able to work on the crosses  collection for now but its a good idea to at   least have it active in our folder for summoners  choose the 14 star egg collection folder   these are the best eggs for you i recommend  reading the in-depth summoners guide it will   always be up to date and you can find the link  to it in the description below also make sure   to take a weapon suitable to your subclass  because we will be forced to play it later on now to view the progress on the collection  sheets come over to this menu here and open   the collection folder now premium players  can work on more than three sheets at a time   but for now we can make do with our crosses  weapons for main and subclass and one beginner   collection weapon for our main class okay now  leveling to 20. lets quickly go over the arcs   menu because we will be following this until  we hit level 50. so you can reach the arcs   menu by opening up your menu and pressing whatever  button indicator it shows here for pc its shift   so what i would like you to follow is whatever  it tells you to do in the main missions here   so we havent watched the main story  quest called an encounter with xian   so lets actually do that now you can do  this by speaking to the quest counter clerk   which quest are you up for another one can be  found here which quest would you like another   one can be found in francos cafe so click on  story quest episode 1 an encounter with xian   so after watching the story quest the game teaches  us about how to claim the arks mission rewards   lets do that and then speak with coffee because  she actually has a new client order for us to do   called the practice quest certification the way  to do this is by speaking with the quest counter   clerk and selecting practice quest now feel free  to do any of these they are basically tutorials   now after completing the practice quest and  claiming the reward from coffee come over to any   visa phone near you and please grab any rewards  from the receive campaign items menu option   there should be a reward for the first time login  incentive here this will actually give us an armor   piece that has a 30 experience boost attached to  it make sure to equip it so whenever we click on   a mission from the arks mission menu it actually  shows us indicators both on screen and in menus so   lets select forest exploration for our very first  mission again just follow the mission indicator   here lets choose force exploration and remember  to always choose the hardest difficulty available   for leveling purposes always choose except in  current block if you want to have the opportunity   to pick up client orders before heading out you  will not be able to pick up orders once you are   in the mission area now the fastest way to do this  is by opening up your client orders menu come down   here and open up client orders then choose this  bottom option here this list shows only the client   orders that can be completed during this specific  mission and it is only viewable in the lobby if   we chose search multiple blocks and accept the  game would teleport us directly to a mission   with players already in it and directly into the  gateway ship now another important thing we should   go over here this checkbox right here allows other  players to join us regardless of whether or not   we have a full party of support npcs basically  real players will replace whoever we recruit   so always check this option if you need help  but do not necessarily want to play with other   npcs and this way it allows real players into  the mission area but for this mission we will   not check this box because we actually have an  order that requires us to keep an npc in our party   now before we head down to the field we actually  have a client order that requires us to invite an   npc partner to do this speak to this terminal  here and select jan not athen i forgot that   athens order is actually for a different mission  choose dan for now do not select any other npcs   as this will fail the client order if you complete  the mission with more than just jan as a partner   to return partners to the terminal just select  it again and select the npcs you dont want in   your party then select return while we are here  lets quickly introduce the friend partner system   you can select partners from  a list of random players here   you can also create a copy of yourself that lets  friends and other players take you along on their   missions more on so now that we have our partner  lets walk over to the futuristic vending machine   here to grab a drink i personally recommend  taking the highest tier of shifter available as it   provides a boost to attack power premium players  have access to higher tiers of these strengths   which provide drop rate boost and experience boost  now it is possible to get an experience boost as   one of the random effects given you can see here  that i received pp economization as a random stat   increase as a free-to-play player we can sit here  and spam the highest tiered drink to hopefully get   experience boost but in my experience i rarely  received it this checkbox here lets you pause   your current boost for example if you have  an active experience boost that you received   from an experienced boost ticket just make sure  to check this box before buying a drink if you   want to pause your boost to the left is the shop  where you can buy healing items and other things   to the right you can access your storage so just  quickly lets set up our auto item pickup options   open your options menu click on game settings then  settings scroll down to auto pick up and enable   all of these options you can also set whether  you want rare drop notifications to display i   set mine to 13 star greater rarity as seven star  drops a lot and i found it to be a bit invasive   okay finally lets head down to the field  now remember we have to do some gathering to   complete sofias order so these green indicators  here are for gathering just walk up to them and   interact and choose the first option here sophia  is actually going to give us another order where   we need 10 tomatoes that we gathered from here  just keep gathering until you run out of stamina   and these blue indicators here are for  fishing repeat the same steps as before   dont worry about pressing the interact button  at the perfect time it doesnt matter right now   so for exploration missions the objective is to  get to the last area to face the mission boss but   for jans order we need to get an s rank on this  mission to get an s rank you cant die and you   need to kill around 30 enemies while completing  the mission under 15 minutes i generally rush   to area 2 and stick around other players and kill  things in area 2 for a bit before heading to area   3. area 3 being the resting area before the boss  pick up any weapons and units as these will be   good upgrades for the time being we also need them  to complete the enhancing tutorial client order   okay now that we completed the mission hopefully  you received an s rank if not just walk up to the   teleportal here and select either of these retry  options okay we completed our first mission and   now we can claim the reward from our arcs mission  menu what i would like you to do is to continue   following this until level 50 remembering to  pick up client orders before each mission and   to complete them remember you can always check  which client orders you have by opening up your   menu and coming over to this tab and opening  up client orders we can actually sort by area   to see which orders can be completed while in  a mission i check this all the time just to see   where im at in terms of progress and to see if i  missed any client orders that are almost complete   so we can actually see on the mini map at the top  right the green circle icon this just means that   we have completed orders head in the direction  of the icon to find the npc now we are going to   head to franks cafe where we will turn in the  gathering order so hopefully you gathered as   much as you could earlier because now were going  to need 10 tomatoes to cook a forest tomato salad   to do this lets walk over to the culinary and  ada this is where we can cook our food and after   completing this klein order we will be able to  cook on the gateway ship later so cooking is   simple we just need the required ingredients and  masetta as shown here if you dont have tomatoes   you can check your storage at the npc as well  you can find them under the materials tab or   by simply typing tomato into the search bar here  making sure that the proper tab is selected first   once we have the required materials just simply  craft and then speak with sofia for skill rings   its the same process as cooking but we come  over here to the skill ring jeweler instead   now remember if you dont have the required  materials check your storage i will provide a   link to a website showing the material gathering  locations in the description as this will be   useful for future activities now we actually  cant do sofias next order just yet we have   to unlock the earth exploration mission before we  can get the required materials to enhance our rank   so lets move on for now now that we have more  than 16k in masetta for our next order we have   to enhance a weapon or unit for this we just  walk over to monica or dudu here so basically   the purpose of this npc is to enhance our gear  or make it stronger so we can hurt things harder   so lets hit enhance item and choose any weapon  or unit here preferably your main class weapon   for me its the harmonizer because im playing  a summoner so after selecting your item another   screen is going to pop up here items on this list  are what we can destroy to feed to our chosen item   so in this case i am feeding my harmonizer with  the last survivor weapon so i select the material   on this list and hit confirm twice ignore this  pop-up message now lets hand this into jan   well talk more in depth about enhancing later  in this video so were actually going to stop   doing chance quests because the rewards are  not that great and they are taking more time to   complete than simply following the rx missions  they are a great way to learn a few systems of   the game but not necessary to the end game goal of  farming masetta for fashion to bring over to ngs   now main missions that require us to talk to  specific npcs all we have to do is select the   talk option as you are completing the arcs main  missions remember to check on coffee regularly   as you can see here she has a difficulty  trial which unlocks the next difficulty   hold off on doing the special blockade area order  we will be doing this after level 50. also if you   have any of these exp boost tickets use everything  except 100 and up we will be saving the 100 plus   tickets for leveling later the boosts that stack  are as follows exp earned plus tri boost plus   x tri boost the game will actually tell you  if youre about to overwrite a boost as well   the flat exp tickets if youre going to use  them then i suggest either using them for   your old characters or after level 20 once youve  equipped your subclass now urgent quests will pop   up randomly after the launch of ngs when you see  the notifications all you have to do is come over   to the quest counter and select the new menu item  urgent quest we wont be able to do this until   after level 20 and you can see here at the bottom  it says the conditions to join select the highest   difficulty available and instead of accepting  in current block hit search multiple blocks   and accept this will ensure that you get into a  mission with players if you ever see npcs standing   here on the plaza with limited time in their  titles please do them they often give cosmetic   rewards for completing their client orders  now the next thing that we should be checking   regularly is the title keeper here we can pick  up items here like exp tickets and sg currency   later on in the video i will go over the  different types of currency and how to use them okay now that were level 20 lets go back  to coffee she actually has a quest for us   and its going to be the subclass permit trial  very important please do this as soon as possible   the forest has garango and the caves has  photon vojran these bastards are hard to find   but in all seriousness please do this as soon as  possible because we actually want to share the   experience with our subclass before handing in any  quests and taking any sort of experience boosts   so now would be a good time to grab the draconians  and false bond client order from aven remember   to only recruit affine as a partner and we also  have to get an a rank and above so to knock one   of these guys out quickly what i actually did  instead of exploration was carthio eradication   all right heres the fujin now they have  the two horns on the sides not these guys   but you can check on the top left their  names you can easily check if you got it by   coming down here to coffee subclass  pervert trial photon yeah all right   now if youd like to leave the mission quickly  just open up your quick menu go to party commands   go to either leave party or abandon quest now  for garangos if time attack quests are available   running the first mission on this list  is actually the fastest way to spawn one   after killing one you can leave the quest through  the party settings found in the quick menu   after unlocking your subclass from coffee come  over to the class consultant here choose change   class and select a subclass please refer to your  class build to know which subclasses to pick up   you can also freely change between these classes  whenever you like now after equipping your   subclass now would be a good time to go through  and hand in all your client orders your completed   ones i was a big dumb dumb and i got ahead of  myself and started handing them all in coffee   gives us a client order to speak with astate and  this is going to talk about auxiliaries all we   have to do is walk up to astarte and go through  this dialogue now lets hand this into coffee   now complete the arks mission and next lets  open up the quick menu and click on go to salon   then we discard and exit this is just a shortcut  to the salon counter then speak to naomi here and   select manage auxiliaries you can basically create  a custom npc here dont worry about the class you   can always change it later i personally chose the  same as my main class that way i can give it my   old equipment also just know that these npcs are  like knee height so you may want to increase the   height slider all the way up after creating  the auxiliary lets open up the quick menu   and go to our personal quarters in here we will  interact with the personal terminal and select   place furnishings and place the auxiliary console  anywhere you like now at this point actually open   up your arcs mission menu and accept the rewards  because theres a bug where we have to place down   the auxiliary but the mission has to be active  first so accept the rewards and then place down   the auxiliary if its too late just simply speak  to the auxiliary and select dismiss temporarily   then place down the auxiliary again now before  we send our auxiliary on a search we need to grab   missions from franca our auxiliary is level one  so we need to grab the easiest orders i actually   like to do is sort by biome and the lower we go  down on this list the harder the missions become   so lets grab the first three missions and head  back to our room now that we have our orders lets   speak with the auxiliary and send on a search we  can select up to three orders at once and each   order takes one hour to complete this is also the  only way to level up the auxiliary there are two   options here send and send keep image basically  the auxiliary will disappear from this terminal   if we choose to send normally so its been three  hours we actually received a notification in the   mail telling us that our auxiliary has completed  their mission so we are going to speak to our   auxiliary again to receive the rewards now we can  keep sending them back on the same mission as long   as we have the order we can take advantage  of this at later stages when our auxiliary   takes much longer to level up these orders are  also worthwhile doing while under level 50 as a   way to supplement our experience gains a little  trick that we can do once our client order cap   has reached is we can abandon francos orders  temporarily and once our auxiliary comes back   we can grab the orders again and simply complete  the matt franca this way we can at least save a   bit of space to dismantle an item we can do  that at the personal terminal in our room   we are going to hit crafting then we are going to  go diy crafting now we go to item dismantling and   were just going to dismantle this its okay if  you have nothing to dismantle just know that when   you do have something to dismantle you can do it  here okay so the rx mission pass just gave us a pa   fragment set as a reward for dismantling an item  now what we can do with that is open it up youll   find it in in your uh consumables tab at the very  bottom so just open that up and then with these   what you can do with them is go to the terminal  go to crafting and go to diy crafting and then   customize photon arts or customize techniques what  were going to do is just craft a random technique   preferably one meant for your class so im going  to create a strike gus zero and this is random and   well talk more about this later in the video but  for now lets just complete our exhibition pass   if you are leveling a dex mag you can feed these  custom photon arts and technique theyll give you   the most experience for your dexmag so we wont  be able to do our next arcs mission relating   to crafting just yet we have to wait three  hours for the cool down on our crafting menu   okay so it has been three hours lets grab our  technique pa fragments from storage and lets   craft the custom technique im going to craft  safoy because i actually dont have a movement   skill yet and this one and ill zombae are actually  great movement techniques if you are playing   a class other than tekker force or summoner i  recommend quickly checking out the movement skills   section of your in-depth class guide found on the  class guides compilation document to know which   skills to purchase the movement skills are a great  investment just because things get done quicker   also a quick tip we wont be able to use the  custom disks until we learn the base skill so   for safoy custom i would have to find or purchase  the regular safoy disk at this point we can start   completing our skill instructors client orders  they give client orders which reward us with skill   points for our class azanami is for bravers  kyokuya is for phantoms stratos is for heroes   katori is for storing blades bouncer saga is for  jet boots bouncer marlou is for tekker and force   orza is for fighters and hunters lucot  is for etual pietro is for summoners   risa is for rangers and gunners and coffee  is actually our luster skill instructor   also make sure that the client order gives  skill points under the rewards section okay so now that we are past level 20 we can  actually start working on our daily missions   the reason we will start working on  these is because we actually get an   experience boost depending on how many  of these blue icon missions we turn in   you can see this meter here shows what our daily  exp boost is at each of these blue icon missions   add five percent to a maximum of fifty percent  the meter drops five percent each passing day   as long as we do our three daily missions we  shouldnt have a problem maintaining this boost   now the fastest way to complete the three daily  missions is by doing the first recommended quest   you can get to them by clicking on main quests  then recommended quests so the three daily   missions can always be completed within the first  recommended quest also when players say things   like rec 4 or rec 1 that just means recommended 4  or recommended 1 quest now what we should be doing   daily at this point is completing all four of  these recommended quests while also making sure to   get an a rank or higher we want an a-rank at least  because that allows us to receive these special   presents the special presence can only be acquired  one time per mission and this is account wide   if you see this icon here that just means that  the special present is available if its not there   then its been claimed so heres what they look  like after completing a mission now the reason   we want to claim these presents is because theres  a chance it could give us a bonus key well talk   more about bonus keys in a bit but for now just  know that they are important and they should not   be used until after level 50. so after completing  the first recommended quest we also completed   the daily quest and as you can see the daily  boost increases each time we complete an order   now remember how we talked about the crosses  collection folder well we can actually complete   one of the requirements early by running specific  urgent quests one of them being armada training   final lament and the other called armada of  annihilation interception make sure to do   these quests at the highest difficulty available  i actually talked about a way to view upcoming   urgent quests later on in the video if you would  like to know about it i suggest quickly skipping   to the section called pso2 tweaker and then coming  back here all right lets quickly recap from level   20 to 40 we will be doing urgent quests daily  missions recommended quests for special presence   and the rx missions that being main daily weekly  and tier missions doing only what we can as some   of the tier missions require super hard difficulty  the list shown here also illustrates the order in   which we should be doing these activities so the  top being activities we do first and the bottom   last if you have any items with a question  mark icon this just means that they need   to be appraised to do that we go to the shopping  plaza and speak to kiara there are three options   for appraising here now just know this never do  enhanced appraisal please just trust me on this   were not trying to waste your money here after  selecting items to appraise you can choose an   element for the weapons just choose either light  or dark as the end game enemies are usually weak   to these elements i honestly stopped focusing  on this as its just not necessary for farming excuse me at level 40 our leveling routine  will change a bit so first thing we want to do   is complete the difficulty trial client order to  unlock very hard difficulty were also given an   order to unlock advanced quests which we can do  if we dont have any bonus keys if you have more   than 5 tokyo bonus key silvers and 100 and up exp  try and extra boost tickets i would actually use   them to reach level 50. and then skip ahead to the  bonus key section of the video if not then we can   continue the arcs missions and the aforementioned  leveling routine so just quickly when the arcs   main mission asks us to do new types of missions  like advanced quests or time attack quests just   know that we can find them under the subquest  option for advanced quests we will actually need   these capsules in order to start the mission we  can buy them from the item shop here or we can get   them as drops from the monsters within advanced  quests i wouldnt get too involved in the capsule   system as doing the first advance quest works  for our current goal remember guys laser focus   after completing the time attack arcs mission  we are rewarded with the hie unit set these are   pretty decent and i suggest equipping them they  provide an attack boost with the attached augments   if you have any keys that are about to expire then  id say at this point its worth using them if you   have expired keys do not throw them away theres  actually a way to convert them into a tokyo bonus   gold well talk more about that in a bit now  before doing the bonus key mission remember   to take the special blockade area client order  from coffee and now that weve unlocked very hard   difficulty remember to place any unspent skill  points into your main and subclass trees also   remember to use your exp boost tickets so lets  go over what each key gives and how to obtain them   tokyo silver can be acquired from recommended  quest presence campaigns which are events in pso2   and dailyrx missions the rewards are  really not worth spending the time grabbing   especially when we have boosts counting down  tokyo gold can be acquired the same way except   through the arcs weekly missions and by using  the swap shop the gold key constantly gave   10 star units and weapons the exp is on par  with four silver bonus keys the benefits of   this are that it saves time and are preferred if  we dont have many high tier exp boost tickets   tokyo rainbows honestly only use this at level 80  plus people usually recommend 90 plus but because   we will be transitioning to cradle triggers at  level 35 we can actually use these keys at a   much lower level and not feel bad about it we  can obtain these through campaigns and mission   pass only it has three times the experience of  a tokyo gold key it grants two million masetta   on clear has a chance to drop grind cap plus one  which is actually worth quite a bit magazu silver   kind of fun because you get to use a mech which  is kind of reminiscent of love love we can obtain   them from recommended presents and campaigns there  is no way to swap these up to the gold magatsu   keys it grants 10 sg on clear it gives us photon  boosters and lambda grinders its a mix of 9 to   11 star weapons and units and it gives about 11k  masetta magatsu gold can be attained through the   same means as magatsu silver it drops eggs for  summoners and it grants 30 sg on clear now the   rest of the keys are not very good honestly so we  are not going to talk about them further instead   i will leave a link to a chart of what each bonus  key offers under the appropriate timestamp below   so im unsure whether or not these keys expired  in the mail but we have a lot of expired keys   so lets go over how to convert them into usable  gold keys we can easily exchange any key by going   to the swap shop over here and scrolling down to  the bottom where we can select the tokyo bonus   key gold it takes five of any key to convert to  one gold if you still have not reached level 50   then i suggest doing the fourth recommended quest  on repeat with exp boost there are really only   two quests that are not worth our time and they  are called chaos render of tranquility and the   silence born of chaos do every other quest except  these two if youre stuck on a day with a bad   wreck for quest like i am here i actually  recommend making your next two alts and   using your experience tickets on them the reason  for this is to start your dailies and weeklies   more specifically to complete the dailies for the  tokyo bonus keys which we will be using to level   our main character if you have no experience  tickets i would honestly just tough it out   and continue to level to 50 through the methods  mentioned already so lets recap level 40 to 50.   in this order of priority we do urgent  quests bonus keys daily and weekly missions   then fourth recommended quest if the fourth  recommended quest is bad then make alts to do   dailies and weeklies if we dont have the flat  experience tickets then we have to tough it out   and do the bad wreck for quests with low tier  boost tickets once we reach level 50 the super   hard difficulty unlocks automatically at this  point i recommend handing in any outstanding   client orders and clearing up space in your  client order list we will not be focusing   on client orders anymore with the exception  of skill instructors and dailies the skill   instructors now offer skill point client orders  now would be a good time to start working on them   for extreme quests they are found under the  subquest option we will talk more about extreme   quests in another video but just know that in  order to do them we need an extreme pass which we   can get daily from prin the collection folder girl  for daily client orders the most important ones   for us are the orders that give over 100k meseta  and of course the three daily exp boost orders   so that would be some of the circuit missions  and suppression missions and these orders   change daily one important order to keep a  lookout for is the suppressed barlodas mission   its the highest rewarding order at 250k masetta  and this comes around once every week it can be   completed in the coast exploration on super hard  difficulty i would avoid the ultimate quest for   now im pretty sure these quests one shot me  with novel units which are the highest defense   units in the game correct me if im wrong we will  talk more about units later so now were going   to go over how to speed run dailies there are two  ways to do this method one being if you have been   gathering whenever your stamina recharges you  should have a lot of material items there are   daily client orders which reward us based on the  number of materials we hand in heres an example   the pole fishing seabed oysters we have 21 out  of 999 what we can do is hand this in but only   give one oyster to complete the daily mission this  is just an example these types of missions change   daily so i recommend going through the list to  find a mission like this one the stamina required   for gathering fully recharges every five hours  by the way after completing the daily we then   complete the suppressed zyudon mission on super  hard difficulty this one is quick because we can   rush to the end ignoring everything remember to  grab a drink and either use a boost ticket or   cook and consume literally any recipe that you  can make this method takes about three minutes   for method two if you havent been gathering  then i suggest doing the first recommended quest   and selecting the three daily boost orders from  the list that pops up here make sure to select   super hard difficulty here because one of the  daily requirements is to complete a super hard   mission so we run the first recommended quest on  super hard making sure to get an a rank for the   special present after completing the dailies just  remember that the daily reward gave us a bonus   key continuing to do this every day alongside  the leveling methods mentioned earlier until we   reach level 75. also remember to check coffee  at level 60 and do any quests she has to offer   so because we dont spend much time on our alts  over time the boost timers will cap out which   stops us from using the boost tickets this is when  we have to start cooking or leave the alt afk in   a mission to run down the timers so just quickly  while i did say to do any quests she has to offer   there are a few that are just not necessary to  complete i suggest finishing the first build   up photon arts and thats about it for now i would  actually attempt the other orders later at endgame   another boost that we can get is by being in  the lobby while a live concert is happening   the concert gives us a try boost of 25 percent  effect for two hours also keep in mind that   this boost will count down even while not  in a mission so to recap level 50 to 75   urgent quests will continue to be priority  until we get our crosses weapons after that   it becomes last priority do dailies and weekly  for the bonus keys and on your alts as well   now that we unlock super hard difficulty the  fourth recommended quest should be more populated   so we can actually spam this faster if the fourth  recommended quest is terrible or nobody is doing   it then do bonus keys i should mention that if  you run out of experience tickets i would actually   hold off on doing bonus keys if the key is about  to expire like within the day id say go for it   if youre out of bonus keys and the  fourth recommended quest is terrible   and you havent already made your alts then  do so now if you decided to purchase more   characters then thats even better all to give  us a huge advantage not just with storage space   but also masetta from weekly missions and  bonus keys although i should mention alts   will rarely be used after unlocking the myseta  farm at 85 so purchase at your own discretion okay so now that weve reached level 75 we have a  couple of choices we can either continue to level   up or if we have been wanting to play the scion  classes that being the hero luster etoi or phantom   then we would have to level up a second class  to level 75. the reason is because these are   the requirements in order to unlock them doing  this will slow down your progression but if   that means you can continue to enjoy your time in  pso2 then by all means so other than that nothing   changes with the leveling routine but at level 80  i recommend using your tokyo rainbow keys with the   highest boosts available at level 85 we will be  switching over to our subclass in order to level   it up to 85 as well this is because the subclass  stops receiving shared experience once it reaches   level 80. we need both subclasses at level 85 in  order to do ultra hard difficulty which is what   we need in order to farm masetta if you decided to  play one of the scion classes as your main and you   are at level 85 then please proceed to the farming  the seta section of the video scion classes   cant equip subclasses so they get to pass this  requirement at this point we should be forgetting   about all the previous money methods as they are  now obsolete and a waste of time well actually not   really we can still do the weeklies on our alts  for the quick and easy 2 million macetta but im   lazy and i like consistency so i choose the cradle  instead also make sure you have your crosses   weapon is the bare minimum requirement here so now  that both of our classes are at 85 the next step   is to spam the quest called cradle of darkness on  the ultra hard difficulty by doing this quest we   will simultaneously level up to level 100 and  rake in millions of masetta so to do this we   have to stay in either block one or block two as  you can see blocks one and two are usually full   this premium space meter just shows how much extra  space is reserved for premium players to join   so why blocks one and two well this is because of  the way quest triggers work and cradle of darkness   can be initiated with a quest trigger basically  people buy the trigger key from the alliance shop   with alliance points and use them in the most  populated blocks because once you start the key   you cannot reclaim it so its important to have  players available in order to complete the quest   but anyway stand at the quest counter and wait for  these quests to become available or watch the chat   as someone usually announces when they launch  the quest if you choose to watch chat then stay   in the gateway area and not francas speak with  the class counter clerk and select join party   with quest in progress next select all parties we  can either join an already existing party or join   as a separate party we can see if theres room  to join the mission by checking this number here   sometimes we cant join a mission that appears to  have space this is because the mission has already   started but when you do get into a mission  make sure to use all your drop rate boosters   its important to party up as each player adds  a 10 try boost we can tell when someone is not   in a party by the color of their name white  indicating that the player is solo either   someone will set down a party beacon which we  can interact with or we can drop one ourselves   to do this open up the quick menu and select place  remove party beacon now a few tips for cradle   the fastest way to make the most masetta is  to get pse bursts and crossburst whenever   this happens the best thing to do is group up  with everyone preferably at a corner close by   this is because during a burst the  enemies actually spawn around each player   if one person is far out that will cut down the  amount of enemies condensed in one area the more   enemies that are spread out the less kills and  the last chances of another psc burst or possibly   crossburst a crossburst happens when two photon  streams reach level 8 at the same time a cross   burst also guarantees a second burst now why does  this matter well because a burst increases the   amount of enemies spawned which in turn increases  the amount of rare drops we can acquire the rare   drops are how we make masetta and another thing  about cradling i see people standing around in   cradle from time to time possibly going through  their inventory like i used to do not worry about   your bag inventory if it fills up thats okay as  we already set up our auto loot options earlier   in the video so all 13 star weapons and units will  automatically be stored in the bank and ultimately   those are the only items that matter if  you do start to see items like 13 star   units and weapons on the ground then you may  want to check if your bank is actually full   if it is i suggest leaving the cradle group unless  you are there for the experience then go ahead   and finish the run although i dont recommend  it because when you finish cradling you will   likely miss the next run because the storage  needs to be emptied whereas if you leave early   this allows you some time to start emptying  your bag and hopefully catch the next round   in between rounds of cradle if your storage is  not full and you are waiting for your cradle   run to fill up with players what people usually  do is stay in the gateway ship and exchange the   items from the previous run so for me i sit at  the storage in the gateway ship and pull items   out and exchange until either the lobby fills up  or i run out of items the last tip i can think   of is to grab the 250 rare drop rate boost ticket  we can get them from the x-cube exchanger on the   second floor of the shopping plaza i wouldnt have  any second thoughts about spending six x cubes on   these because we get hundreds if not thousands of  these x cubes by doing cradle of darkness anyway   so the next thing we are going to talk about is  how to make money off of the items from cradle so   first step make sure you have your personal  equipment locked and other items that you dont   want to accidentally swap next would be to open up  the swap shop and exchange the items in your bag   then we will come over to kiara in the  shopping plaza to appraise all the unappraised   items in the bag and storage we can access our  storage at kiara as well i personally dont   bother looking at augments anymore as it just  slows us down and its actually just faster to   run cradle consistently than waiting on items  to sell in the shop not to mention that shop   passes will no longer be available to non-premium  players after the launch of ngs but just in case   you do want to sell decent augments i will leave a  link to a chart of the most important augments in   the description so when you can no longer convert  items into x cubes a message will pop up like this   this just means that the stack of x cubes in the  inventory has reached the cap simply transfer   the x cubes into storage to continue converting  items after converting all the weapons and units   into x-cubes next we are heading to the exchange  shop on the second floor of the shopping plaza   speak with nissa the x-cube exchanger and exchange  your x-cubes for grinders so after exchanging the   x-cubes for grinders where i like to go from here  is just down to the disc dealer here now all we   have to do is sell the grinders now what i found  was if you have material storage its actually   better to place the grinders in one of our default  character or extended storages because theres   actually a limit to the amount of grinders that  can be sold at once from a single stack what i   mean by this is in material storage you can have  i think around 65 000 grinders in a single stack   but we can only sell 999 from the stack at a time  its actually faster to batch sell hundreds of   grinder stacks from default character and extended  storage but unfortunately there is a limit to how   many stacks can be sold at once as well but this  is still faster than selling from material storage   so the way i am batch selling this so quickly  is by mousing over the first stack pressing and   holding shift and while still holding shift i  go down the list and then mouse over any stack   you will know it worked when you see your  masetta total go up if you did actually   place the grinders in your material storage you  can quickly turn them into multiple stacks by   accessing your material storage highlighting the  stack and depositing it into a normie storage and thats it congratulations thats  how we farm millions of masetta   its about 29 mil an hour with boosts as i made  a sad little note here in an attempt to compile   the data i was making 100 mil a day just running  cradle of darkness so now were at the part of the   video where i give general tips to improve your  gameplay and also explanations that expand on   systems i briefly mentioned earlier so some tips  for speeding up the exchange process doing cradle   over and over again will most likely net you some  15 star weapons we actually cant exchange these   but we can dismantle them for materials which  we can either save or sell on the player market   i personally took all of the 15 stars and placed  them in my alts character inventory that way   they dont show up at all when i go to exchange  just to clarify this is so that i can exchange   50 out of 50 bag space all at once without  having any 15 star remaining in my bag every time   another tip to mention is to use an alt as  an exchanger i unequipped all the items off   my alt so that i had 50 out of 50 bag space and  placed it in front of kiara so i can quickly log   in and start exchanging when you reach level 100  you can pretty much do anything you want what i   recommend for cradle farming at this point is  to use the exp boost that you are comfortable   using because each time you level up at 100 or  what i like to call prestige you get 15 class   x-cubes but what i end up doing with them is  swapping them for the regular x-cubes at the   swap shop and exchanging them for augment transfer  passes and experience tickets at the swap shop   specialist we can do this i believe once a month  as you can see the shop resets in seven days   there are actually a lot of interesting things  here that can be exchanged so i recommend coming   over here to browse this shop so some hidden  shortcuts to inventory management as you can   see throughout the video to quickly select a batch  of items on controller hover over an item and then   hold the right trigger then go up or down the  inventory when selling at the shop if we hit   the right trigger once it selects the whole stack  we can also select items individually by hovering   over the item and tapping the right trigger on the  items we want selected for pc its the same deal   basically the shift key is the right trigger and  either the up or down arrows or our mouse works   for selecting items so as an example hover over  an item and hold shift now move the mouse down   the list while holding shift alternatively we can  hold the arrow keys for selecting specific items   we tap shift on the items we want when appraising  items the fastest way to select everything is by   holding shift or right trigger then the up button  or up arrow key to get personal shot passes as a   free to play player simply exchange your x-cubes  at nissa the x-cube exchanger for the fun tickets   with these fun tickets we are going to open  up our inventory and consume the tickets   next we open up the ac scratch menu to pull  on the fun scratch blast scratch collection   as we can see they removed the  player shop passes so now we must   pay real money to sell items on the market i  will go over that in another video so theres   an easy way to feed your mag after unlocking  cradle and thats with these things here   the food device items if you have these boxes  i suggest opening them up and using the food   appropriate to your mag the way to use these  is by selecting use device instead of feed item i have two levels into tech support and well  talk about how to reset the levels in a second   we can get the food device minis if we speak to  tifris the photon drop swapper here as we could   see for two photon spheres we get three minis we  can get photon spheres from exchanging 10 star   weapons in the swap shop during cradle runs keep a  lookout for 10 star weapons typically found in the   giant red crystals that appear after defeating  a boss the way to reset mag support levels is   by using an item called mag level reduction  device we can get them by speaking to nissa   the x-cube exchanger and about halfway down  the list we find the mag level reduction device   the way to use them is the same way we use the  food device minis open the mag device menu and   select use device select the device and we can  actually choose which supports we want to reduce   so this ones a strange tip but if youre on  pc you can actually speed up loading times by   unlocking the frames per second on your game  to do this you will need the pso2 tweaker   this is a custom launcher which actually does a  lot of things to improve the games performance   i will leave a link to the website in the  description you can find the instructions on   how to install it there as well i also recommend  joining the pso2 tweaker discord its massive and   is a great place to just hang out and learn about  the game and upcoming content you can get notified   by the urgent quest mechabot in the discord group  there is also weekly urgent quest schedules posted   so because the market has changed and the weapon  progression from a month ago no longer applies   to todays market what i mean is the method  that i used in the past is no longer available   for weapon progression what i suggest is  purchasing a lambda series weapon for your   class as soon as you have the money and locking it  and then feeding it the weapons that you pick up   off the ground as you progress to do that walk  up to the visaphone and under the search menu   here for category select weapons and select the  weapon for your class in the subcategory then find   the cheapest lambda weapon now i actually already  talked about how to enhance earlier in the video   the section is called enhancing so if you watch  that portion you should already know whats   coming next but one thing thats different here  is at every 10 levels of enhancement we have to   unlock the weapons potential to do that simply  enhance the weapon again but this time we dont   feed it weapons but instead photon spheres and  masetta now we are going to need money grinders   and photon spheres for enhancing and thats why i  suggest working on this slowly as we will acquire   these items naturally we wont be able to equip it  until we meet the stat requirements but at least   it will be ready and we can familiarize ourselves  with enhancing so the next upgrade would be   the crosses series weapons and we are going to  talk about the collection folder now okay now   lets move over to print here print offers a way  to acquire our mid-grade weapons which we will use   to farm money and our end game gear come over  to legendary 15 star collection 1 and select a   weapon from the crosses series making sure to  select the appropriate weapon for your class   so how does this work well we have to fill these  bars to 100 and to do that it actually tells us   in this window right here for lumen mex we  can farm these early through urgent quests   so once this bar reaches 100 percent we actually  have to kill one more lumen mech and complete one   more urgent quest to acquire these items now be  careful here if your inventory is full the items   will drop in your immediate area they are hard  to miss though because they glow white if not   the items will actually go straight into your  inventory once we have finished the collection   we can tell its finished by the green check mark  which means that the items have been acquired and   we can safely discard the sheet now if for  whatever reason we had a full inventory and   missed the white weapons on the ground i actually  verified unintentionally that it will drop on the   floor and even if we leave the mission and not  collect the item the weapon will keep appearing   in every mission until we actually pick it up this  track will not stay complete until we have it in   our inventory so rest assured we cannot miss these  items now the last upgrade i recommend is for the   second best series in the game the reason im  not recommending the best series which is the   klaus weapons is because its a huge grind to get  and we definitely wont be getting it within three   days so anamana has a guide on getting the flexio  weapons so ill leave a link to his video showing   the challenge quest in order to get the title  which gives the fluxio weapon but basically after   you complete the challenge quest 3 called violent  tremor the title keeper will award you with the   fluxio weapon if you didnt get the weapon for  your class come over to zig in the plaza and   swap the one in your inventory for the correct one  so choose change fluxio series weapon category and   finally choose your weapon from the list if you  receive an alliance invitation either accept it or   we can make our own the reason we want to do this  is so that we can take advantage of two things   alliance points and the photon tree the photon  tree gives us boosts based on what we select   as we can see here it gives us experience rare  drop rate and meseta boost we can select one of   these boosts to help us in whichever activities we  plan on doing when leveling we take the experience   boost and when we are farming the setup we  take the rare drop rate so when doing the   cradle of darkness what we want to be taking is  the experience boost to level 2 100 and if were   farming masetta we take the rare drop rate for  this section i will only explain the relevant   currencies so star gems what is it its the cross  between premium and free to play currency premium   currency so the ways it can be acquired purchased  with ac and the sg shop story quests titles from   the title clerk i will leave a link to the title  rewards in the description and the magatsu keys   ac is a premium currency purchased with real  money you can access it by opening up the   main menu then clicking on the shopping  cart and selecting ac shop then buy ac   steam should pop up if you are on pc and  you can purchase it by coming down here   class x cubes we get 15 for the main class  that levels up past level 100. if im playing   gunner and its at 100 the next time i level up  will give me 15 gunner x-cubes photon spheres   can be acquired through the swap shop the simplest  method is exchanging 10 star weapons for them   grinders you acquire these naturally by completing  quests lambda grinders can be acquired through the   swap shop with 12 star weapons or through the x  cube exchanger nissa 10 x cubes for one lambda please come again congratulations on making it this far and  i hope this guide helped you in some way   i just want to give a huge shout out to the  arks lair discord you guys are __ awesome   you helped me and many other players so much and a  huge thanks to the content creators covering pso2   i literally ate and breathed the game when i first  started playing and watch their latest news and   reminders during my morning routines and yeah  please feel free to comment or ask any questions   i will make an effort to reply also if you found  the video helpful why not hit the like button   it will help a lot for my future videos i  plan on covering both bass pso2 and ngs in   the future and it would be nice if i could  join this community to spread the knowledge   even further by the way algorithm you look  good today gotta make sure algorithm is happy you can see here that i received pp economic   economist economization econo economism  condensation economization see if we   have access to the lookbook in ngs we  can click between base pso2 fashion okay so what happens if we do this with the bass bodies guys im not worried i dont  think im gonna make a new i wont be making a new   ngs character unless we wont be able to swap  bodies and faces on the fly with the lookbook untitled goose game steam release date UPDATES**As of the NGS launch, the 30% fresh aura backpiece is no longer given in the 1st time login. Check the title keeper for 50% boost tickets after visiting Afin and Jan. *Magatsu keys no longer drop from the special presents. *Rainbow keys have been added to the special presents. LEVEL 1-100, fastest way to farm Meseta and the fastest way to level up. Farm meseta to buy fashion to bring over to PSO2 NGS! This is 1 year of info streamlined into a UP TO DATE guide. 1/01/2021 In this video, we are going to spend 1-hour learning hidden time-saving tricks to avoid literal days of fumbling around and speedrun your way to the endgame. I JUST WANT TO SAY HUGE THANKS TO THE ARKS LAYER DISCORD - KEROPPI - GEMMA TATERS - BLAC TO BASICS - KRONO KATASTROPHY - KAOIJI - MACONN This video would not be possible without them. 00:00 Intro 01:27 IMPORTANT PLEASE LISTEN 01:55 HOW TO CHANGE PLAYER ID 02:40 AFTER CHARACTER CREATION 03:14 LEVEL 1-10 04:36 CLASS TREE EXPLANATION UP TO DATE CLASS BUILDS 05:29 SKILL RESET PASS EXPLANATION 07:35 SPEEDRUN STORAGE 08:13 HOW TO ACCESS PLAYER MARKET 8:53 SETTING AUTO-CHAT 10:01 VOICE CHAT ON BY DEFAULT 10:28 HOW TO TELEPORT AROUND THE SHIP 10:59 HOW TO UNBIND KEYBINDS 12:23 HIDING YOUR UNITS (ARMOR) 13:00 SKIP THE STORY 13:31 THE MOST IMPORTANT NPC IS coffee 13:53 HOW TO LEVEL MAG DEVICE MAG FOOD CHART 15:25 BEFORE DOING URGENT QUESTS GET THIS 16:35 EGGS FOR SUMMONERS SUMMONER INDEPTH GUIDE 17:15 LEVEL 1-20 17:45 QUEST CLERK LOCATIONS 17:53 ACCESSING STORY QUESTS 18:05 LEVEL 1-20 18:26 No longer given after ngs 20:09 RECRUIT NPCs TO PARTY 20:50 BOOSTER JUICE 21:22 PAUSING ACTIVE BUFFS 21:41 SETTING UP AUTO-PICKUP 22:08 HOW TO GATHER 22:41 HOW TO GET AN S RANK 23:33 CLIENT ORDER SPEEDRUN TIPS 24:00 HOW TO COOK 24:43 HOW TO SKILL RING GATHERING LOCATION INFO 25:11 ENHANCING 26:22 HOW TO UNLOCK HIGHER DIFFICULTY MISSION 26:35 WHICH EXP BOOST TICKETS STACK? 27:07 URGENT QUEST EXPLANATION 27:33 LIMITED TIME EVENTS AND TITLE REWARDS 27:58 LEVEL 20-50 27:58 SPEEDRUN SUBCLASS PERMIT WHERE TO FIND FODRAN WHERE TO FIND GARONGO 29:02 QUICK WAY TO LEAVE MISSIONS 29:14 SUBCLASS PERMIT SPEEDRUN 29:23 HOW TO SET SUBCLASS 29:49 AUXILIARY SPEEDRUN 31:05 SETUP PASSIVE EXP GAINS 32:22 ITEM DISMANTLING 32:40 CRAFTING CUSTOM SKILL DISCS 33:46 GET YOUR MOVEMENT SKILLS 34:14 START SKILL INSTRUCTOR CLIENT ORDERS 34:58 START DAILY MISSIONS 35:30 SPEEDRUN DAILIES: UNDER LEVEL 50 36:00 SPECIAL PRESENT EXPLANATION 36:42 HOW TO COMPLETE CROESUS EARLY 37:14 RECAP LEVEL 20 - 40 35:46 APPRAISE YOUR ITEMS 38:19 LEVELING AFTER 40 39:28 DECENT ARMOR (UNITS) 39:40 DOING BONUS KEYS BONUS KEY REWARDS 42:00 EXPIRED BONUS KEYS, WHAT DO? 42:24 NO KEYS? GRIND RECOMMENDED QUEST 43:04 RECAP LEVEL 40 - 50 43:40 AFTER LEVEL 50 43:35 EXTRA SKILL POINTS FROM INSTRUCTORS 44:03 IMPORTANT DAILY ORDERS 44:38 SPEEDRUN DAILIES AFTER LEVEL 50 46:07 BOOST TICKETS NOT WORKING? 46:35 LIVE CONCERT EXP BOOST 46:50 RECAP 50 - 75 47:50 AFTER LEVEL 75 48:04 HOW TO UNLOCK SCION CLASSES HERO - LUSTER - PHANTOM - ETOILE 48:26 AT LEVEL 80 48:31 LEVELING UP AFTER LEVEL 85 49:00 FARMING MESETA (BOTH MAIN & SUBCLASSES AT 85) 51:10 OPTIMIZE YOUR CRADLE OF DARKNESS RUNS 53:23 FARMING MESETA 53:55 SELLING AUGMENTS IS NOT EFFICIENT IMPORTANT AUGMENTS CHART 54:22 EX CUBE EXCHANGER 54:34 SELLING GRINDERS QUICKLY 55:45 CONGRATS 56:00 SPEEDRUN EXCHANGING TIPS 56:58 WHAT TO DO WITH CLASS EX CUBES? AND EXPLANATION 57:35 HOW TO BATCH SELECT ITEMS 58:21 SPEED UP APPRAISING 58:21 UNLIMITED PERSONAL QUARTERS 58:59 QUICK WAY TO LEVEL UP MAG DEVICE 59:44 HOW TO RESET MAG LEVEL 1:00:10 PSO2 TWEAKER FASTER LOADING TIMES PSO2 TWEAKER 1:00:48 WEAPON PROGRESSION 1:03:00 CLAIMING COLLECTION FOLDER WEAPONS 1:03:36 GET YOUR FLUXIO WEAPON A link to Anamana!s walkthrough guide (Name changed to Gemma Taters) 1:04:13 WHY JOIN AN ALLIANCE? 1:04:53 CURRENCIES EXPLAINED 1:06:09 SERIOUSLY THANKYOU 1:07:01 TOP SECRET Boot Sequence by Meganeko Youtube Music from Victor Cooper - Windwalker (Copyright Free Music) Download free: Whorls of Smoke / 橙ミャオ Do Cats Dream of Lo-fi? / 橙ミャオ 夜燈 / 橙ミャオ Nightlight / DaiDai Myao Girls be synthesized! / 橙ミャオ #PSO2 #PSO2NGS #phantasystaronline2 best steam games for macbook pro the division on steam barbie dream house game steam can you use a steam cleaner on hardwood floors how to add steam friend without buying a game