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How to steam a hatsteam how to get a refund for a game PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS game what is up everybody and welcome back to the channel thrift shopping here and today i want to talk about how you can cheaply and easily upgrade your weapons your armors and your augments as you are progressing through the story quests of new genesis so first and foremost for the weapons you will be given a prim weapon when you start in new genesis dont upgrade this at all only upgraded if it requires you to do such for a quest very soon in the story quest you will receive a set of her nicer gear this will give you an entire set of renisa weapons for every single weapon in the game and these will be enhanced to plus 29 right away you will use this weapon until at least level 15 in which case i highly recommend investing in an elemental series weapon there are three elemental series in specific the tempesta series the lumiere series and the obscura series these are 5 star rarity weapons and its stats will be exceptional for your level this weapon will carry you all the way until you reach cavaris and 6 star gear so depending on the class you play this may be an incredibly expensive weapon since these were seasonal exclusives theres no way to drop them in the game anymore so if thats the case you can opt in to limit breaking your reniso weapon and enhancing that to plus 40 for some additional attack power as for those elemental series weapons go ahead and use the arcs visiphone website to identify what weapon series are available for the weapon that you are using i will leave a link down below to that arcsvisophone website either the elemental series weapon or the reniso weapon will carry you through all of the aelio story and once you enter the story quests in retem you will receive a plus 39 evil code weapon from gaiden in the story quest if you are still using the renaissance weapon this plus 39 evil coat weapon will become your new weapon youre going to use this weapon until you have access to the first five star weapon series these are going to be available at level 21 and theres three different weapons series theres gothica vivla and quintel go ahead and use that arcs visiphone website to figure out what weapon series have your specific weapon in them investing into one of these new weapons will give you a good attack power increase and a battle power increase so go ahead and upgrade these to plus 40 and this plus 40 weapon will service you through all of the retemp story quests once you complete the retemp story quest line you will unlock a quest that will give you 10 million experience points and this should get you really close to the level requirements for six star rarity gear the first six star weapon series you will have access to is called the sectal series the moonlight seasonal event will be out soon and we will have a different six star weapon that you can use in replacement of sekto that being called the codex series however we are unsure at this moment about the level requirement for that weapon series so if it is around level 45 you will most likely use this new codec weapon series in place of the sektal series simply because its going to be much easier to acquire and its already going to be enhanced with augments on it if it is a higher level requirement especially if its a level 50 or above you should use the sectal series for that immediate attack power increase as youll have a much better time training and unlocking kavara story quests and your last weapon youll work towards is the 7 star kaisar weapon this requires you to gather certain materials after completing rezos quests i have a complete video breaking down everything related to this weapon craft so go ahead and click the link in the description down below for more information and now on to the armors its going to follow a very similar path that the weapons did youre going to use the prim armors given to you at the beginning of the game but dont upgrade them unless you have to you will receive a set of plus 29 renesa armors at the same time you receive those renesa weapons this is honestly some of the best units youll get without investing some real money into other units so my suggestion is to limit break them and enhance them to plus 40. to save some money on enhancing do some ale yellow triggers once you have 1084 battle power and use the plus 20 silver and plus 20 gold prim armors as enhancement fodder to save a bunch of money on enhancement costs you will use these renisa units until you enter cavaris at the same time you receive that plus 39 evil coat weapon from gaiden you will also receive a plus 39 4 star unit when you get to that point in the retemp story you can go ahead and use this unit if you wish to however if you have limit broken those renesa units two plus 40 these are completely serviceable for all retemp story content the only reason i would consider suggesting using this new unit is because it is four star you might get a few battle power more however you have probably already augmented these renesa units and they will be just as good for the time being at level 47 the sestado armor arga shiza and delta variants will become available these are incredible armors that you will use they have 2.25 potency in two different potency types plus they give hp and pp you actually get one of each of these armors from red boxes in cavaris ill have a link to an image down below that shows the exact location of these three red boxes that contain these three armors i highly recommend using the armor that you need and selling the other two these three armors come equipped with an augment called d cold might decode precision or d cold technique and this augment is pretty darn valuable so others will pay a really good price for them in the personal shop this is some really easy cash early on for your account with that one sestado armor given to you from red boxes go ahead and buy the other two for cheap and then you have your armors for the current end game now on to augmenting this is going to depend on a lot of factors so ill do my best to explain myself as i am suggesting certain augments the bottom line is augments are important because they give you stats including battle power so this is the cheapest way to get extra battle power that will allow you to progress through story quests as quick as possible for your renesa weapons and units i would suggest using an augment build that looks like these three examples for the melee build you can get magnus notes by training in the mount magnus combat sector might two and three can drop from any exploration sector frostal daedal and dust souls you will probably not have at this point however you can acquire those through mission pass rewards as well as just simply buy them off of the personal shop and for the melra and meltec doable three capsules you may have dropped some already or you may have some level two or level one variants and as an optional side note if you dont have any of the capsules that i just listed honestly use anything that you can add into an empty slot just to get extra battle power so you can continue to progress that story quest as quick as possible as for the ranged build here the lab note you would get in vanford labs so go ahead and train there if you are a ranged class and its the same breakdown precision twos and threes you might have from exploration sectors the crack is soul 2 and 3 are insanely cheap so if you want to buy them go ahead and the same case goes for the ramelra and rawtek doables and for the tech build here rizzola notes those drop from rezzel forest if you are a tech based class go ahead and focus most of your training in the resell forest and you should drop a good amount of these notes now sega changed up how you can acquire capsules they have a new capsule exchange system that you can utilize through the item lab enhancement technician in any major city and specifically speaking for those stat capsules and those doable capsules you can actually exchange any set of 10 level 1 capsules or set of 4 level two capsules and you should be utilizing this feature so you can get better capsules on your equipment as soon as possible now once youre into retim you should have either a five star elemental weapon or a five star gothica fivla or quintal weapon you should augment this weapon with one of these three builds down below most of these builds are going to require a little bit of personal shop investment if you want to go into these specific builds but much like the previous builds you dont have to break the bank on gear that you are going to replace at some point however most of these capsules you are looking at are 1 000 to 2 000 masetta in the personal shop a piece so youre really only spending maybe at most twenty to thirty thousand on your weapon to have a pretty good build specifically speaking the gigas might gigas precision and gigas technique two capsules those should be one thousand masetta in the personal shop so you can decide if you want to invest into that the might three precision three and technique three we already went through you can use the item lab enhancement technician to exchange for those and for melee buy into a cavarno b or c this is going to give you two percent melee potency its gonna come with a downside of negative two percent damage resistance but dont worry that is not make or break this is a very good potency capsule for one thousand masetta and for the range build you would use kvarno b or d because it gives ranged potency and for the technique build you would use kvar note c or d because that gives tech potency and as an optional here you can use one of those doable three capsules if you dont have one of the four listed above and once you are into cavaris and youre finally investing into six star gear you should now begin on investing into the better capsules you will now be utilizing the capsule exchange for a bunch of your end game augments now here are three example builds in these builds we are going with level three gigas capsules just like how you were exchanging for stat 3 and dual 3 capsules you can exchange gigastat 1 and gigastack 2 capsules 4 gigastat 3 capsules and you can get all of these gigastat 1 2 and 3 capsules required for this exchange by doing rattem purple trigger runs you should now be investing in level 3 boss souls since they are the strongest potency capsule instead of using a stat 3 capsule you now have the option to go into the prefix stack capsules those being the stamina deft guard and spirit stack capsules these are just going to give you a little bit of extra stat or just a little bit more of a cost you should consider using alt seeker to 3 now in your build this is one of the best offensive capsules that we have and as an optional you can go ahead and use dreadkeeper two or three if you wish to get some more tankiness or you can go ahead and use covaris notes for that cheap potency alternative and since one of your sestata units will have that decollete stat augment you obviously will keep that on your gear and you can go ahead and skip the stat 3 capsule for that augment build this build right here is going to give you some nice potency and is going to allow you to do any in-game content once you reach max level you will be able to limit break your gear to plus 50 enhancements this is going to unlock a fifth augment slot so at this point you should have a decent amount of masetta saved and you can go in many routes with that final augment slot i would personally suggest going either of the optional suggestions ive already provided or even going into a dominant augment since you should have some of these saved up from running rank 2 yellow triggers if you havent ran any rank to yellow triggers this is a stupidly easy way to level classes and earn good capsules at the same time if you enjoyed this video please consider liking 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