What Is The Endgame For PSO2 NGS

Steam game won't stop runninghow to steam frozen shrimp PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS game Music hey guys hows it going today im going to be going over what there is to do in pso2 i really wanted to just kind of show you guys basically what there is to offer um the game and kind of what end game content specific things that you can do currently in the game uh and what there is to look forward to in the future so its kind of going to be like a uh is it worth coming back to or a is it worth playing kind of thing um i mean tldr yes but im gonna go in uh a little bit more in detail about what there is to do specifically on a daily basis as well its not the most engaging there arent any raids or anything really necessarily i should say at least not in the same format as like a proper raid aside from the ultra qua or the urgent quest but those urgent quests basically dont really count as a raid theyre more geared towards the casual player pretty easy to do um theres no like hard version like there was in base pso2 where they used to have like the four man hard version after that you did the 12 men no its pretty much all catered toward casuals theres going to be a couple of different things were going to go over um and the first one i want to touch on is augment farming thats going to be basically your main way of getting power and gearing up you currently in the game have five augments um and im gonna go in detail about how you get five augments a little bit later but basically uh you need five augments of each type um most of these augments are going to be potency at least four out of the five augments you have should be potency um im not going to go over everything you know all the augments or anything in this video but basically youre gonna want to be farming these to basically increase your potency i believe the max potency right now is like somewhere upwards of 60 to 70 percent im only currently at like 40 something percent the main thing youre going to be doing basically is going to be augmented farming youre going to be doing this the entire way through everything you kill pretty much drops an augment to an extent so youre like you know thats going to go into a lot of the different thing activities basically every activity you do to get different things is going to be revolved around augments now how do you augment farm the basic way the way i view it is when youre just going out grinding for levels or youre just grinding a zone you feel like playing pizza too you want to just hop into a zone and grind that will always get you augments itll get your basic augments some of them you know really required you can get a bunch of different augments from that there are specific bosses though that drop certain augments such as veterans which drop dreadkeeper and i believe uh some veteran certain veterans drop dreadkeeper all veterans drop dreadkeeper and then certain other veterans that are specific types like daisol i believe axe or dacial sword i think its a special acts will drop defts deafness three which is one of the you know what a high priority augment now currently as of this you know making of this video you can actually craft the augments the augments come in three stages one two three and some of them four very rarely and like one mastery four and then one two three were going to ignore mastery for right now because its really extremely hard to get i dont know of a solid way to get that and like i said im not going to go over all the augments or anything but the way you get these augments is going to different open fields like laboratory vanford laboratory are going to certain zones out in the open field that are highest level um it doesnt need to be the highest level anywhere from like 31 upwards i think basically will get you what you need so you can go to van ford i mean go to read them to get the right of augments you know get the alter augments you basically just get what you want um theres a lot of different ones that you need you need stemites you need to be grinding the endgame zones from the elite mobs which you get the megaphysias to make semite you can use again a bunch of placeholder augments but like i said youll basically just be farming in the open zone to get these now what youll also get in another end game farming activity that you want is called shrugmans but you mainly get these strugglements from open field farming that is going to be the main way so it also ties in when youre open field farming pretty much as long as its a high end level zone a rank two of the alia zones and i think rank two a rank three of the ilio zones and rank two of the redem zones will get you the mega fusia as well as the struggling dual drop shotguns basically these are used to make arms refiners arms refiners are required to make your gear limit break and limit break gets your gear up to 50 which is currently in the cap like i said were having a giant update in two months so that might change but as the making of this video it takes about three arms refiners which is 30 of each segment and a and b are really easy to drop c is the hard one to get um they usually have different limited time campaigns or quests to kind of like get you your better while giving you arms refiners straight up but like i said the main way youre going to be getting strugglements will literally just be from open field farming it takes like i said you pop all your boosters it takes a couple of hours to get 10 of each especially c takes a very long time to get c but a and b are pretty theyre uh pretty easily dropped but in the uq you actually get i believe its two of each in certain eqs and then other eq sometimes or uqs sometimes youll get seven of one type like ive gotten seven cs ive gotten seven as depending on the uq kind of like the older ones and then like in dark falls i think i get two of each i go to dark falls or no i think dark falls gives me like four of each im not entirely sure about that but i do know that uqs will also get you your photon skills and eqs are basically like urgent quests like the quests that pop up randomly um they happen in increments of 30 minutes basically and f30 either at the 30 minute mark i think ive seen at the 45 minute mark but 30 minute mark or on the hour really just depends on when its going um it also depends on if theres a concert uh but yeah so basically like i said youll be augment farming a lot in struggling farming those are both open field activities youll basically just get that from from the open field as well as doing urgent quests you get different augments and different arms are fine you know arms refiners shrug mints um thats going to be kind of like your your base gearing basically like leveling up your gear getting your gear better you know and leveled up and then we have potential unlock potential unlock is comes in four levels and different weapons have different requirements for the potential most of these just take materials you go out and farm like you mine materials out in the open world you can just grab these you can look up a bunch of routes theres plenty of videos on routes for certain materials if you need a specific one they respawn i believe every day or every three days im not actually entirely sure i dont go out and farm these i just kind of like grab them as im moving about but yeah like you can kind of just get these um but yeah you because basically you can potentially unlock the gear by collecting certain materials and then going to the item lab and unlocking the potential for the weapon and like i said it comes in four stages uh and currently the weapon that we are using is called cinquam its the best weapon we have currently is not the only weapon you want but its basically the most accessible as well as the kuzu weapons which are going to be used for one of the end game activities coming later this month in april but the cinco muppets are the month-long grind it takes about a month and a half if you play every single day so itll take you about two months to actually get geared up depending give or take depending on how serious youre grinding now this is the end game farm you most likely wont hit level four you could probably hit level three if youre playing pretty aggressively im currently at level two um but they did just add a way to get more of these things to unlock the potential which are photon scales and thats the other group basically they know what are the other end game that are doing so for so far we have augment farming we have shrugman farming which basically tie into the kind of the same activities then we have photon scale forming now photon scale forming come from basically killing bosses called giga or giganomax gigantic gigantics giganomax pokemon i dont know they basically are giant purple versions of the enemies you are usually fighting that are like bosses but theyre just much harder im not exactly sure where people form for these i just kind of go to what everyones up i usually go to central red him to go fight the t-rex looking one and its basically just a bunch of people dying at once but trying to kill the giga you basically do reduce damage or i think they have a higher defense im not entirely sure i just know your damage is severely nerfed against the gigantics and for some reason like i said i think they just have really high defense and yeah theyre really tough they basically can one shot you especially if youre not hunter and im playing the tankiest class there is and i still get one shot pretty often so yeah at level 45 max level currently you have to be level 45 to kill them or you have to have a certain battle power i think the battle power is like 2140 or something its pretty high but you know youll get that in due time but like i said if you hit the max level you can actually start grinding these this is kind of like the most severe some of the most severe content that you get in pso2 basically kind of giving you that endgame kind of like satisfaction of fighting well this is more of an open world boss version of this rather than you kind of like going into an instance and fighting it now there is also another way to do that so the other way to get these photon scales would be going into the triggers and ive heard you can get anywhere from 8 to 13 scales from these triggers by going into these portals their purple portals basically when youre farming the open field youll drop these theyre called uh triggers and when you get five of these triggers either yellow yellow is for basically like leveling up you get like you know materials very very good source of um exp for different armors for them your armor and weapons so you know youll get these dropped pretty often and then you get purple triggers like on at a more rare raid youll get purple triggers and these purple triggers allow you to go into these end game zones that basically put you against i believe its five ive never actually done one before but i believe its five gigas and you farm these to get photon scales as well as different augments um i believe you can also get mastery the mastery augment which is basically the best augment in the game it goes up to four but thats a whole other grind um and i advi you know a whole other grind that it takes a very long time im not sure exactly and sometimes they also drop different cosmetics like dashes and stuff um so yeah its a very good source of getting these photon skills currently because they add the ability to photon skills from gigas like i said every run is like 8-13 um and youre gonna need a total of 1250 so youre gonna need 1250 entirely to make your single weapon level four and youre only gonna be able to make one two weapons with a multi-weapon system so you need about 1250 so its gonna be a lot of runs gigas and and uqs um as well as uh open world gigafarming open world google farming gives you any from two to four ive seen four ive seen two basically its based on your drop rate and how lucky you get so max you drop rate out whenever theres you know a storm and then you know go fight a giga and youll drop anywhere from two to four it takes a while like i said storms happen briefly pretty regularly they can happen um they can happen they can actually happen right one after another so you dont actually like wade but you know most of the time itll be spread out and usually youll be able to kill at least one maybe two gigas if youre lucky i dont know any proper giga farming methods i just go to like i said to central item kind of like as a casual thing and just kill it but like i said you can also do triggers which will get you 8 to 13. so from what ive heard ive actually never done one so about 8 to 13 scales and then you do your urgent quest which also will drop you a certain amount of skills dark falls drops you 12 every other uh earned request you do at a higher level but the higher level ones will drop you eight and theres plenty of them theres like a couple of different variations of them but you always want to catch a uq if you see it you always want to get it done because youll always get eight scales or youll always get 12 skills basically catching two or three every day as well as doing some gigas will basically get you that in about a month a little less than a month um you can get 25. id say getting 25 to 50 strong anywhere from 25 to 50 a day will get you to that 1250 mark pretty easily um at least the 600 mark to get you to level three and level three i think is where everyone probably will be sitting by the time the new region comes out if theyre not playing every single day but if you are playing every single day youll definitely get the 1250 because theres so many ways to get it now um like i said its pretty easy to get now they definitely alleviated a lot of the pain that we had getting the photon scales so its much easier to kind of like grind towards that goal especially because its an endless grind now so yep so we have augment farming photon skill warming from urgent quest gigas which gigas are kind of like the end game thing um and then theres the meseta farm which also ties in to gigas as well as veterans you go around killing the veterans and you get stuff like dreadkeeper and then you can sell those augments were using a three-day shot pass as a free to play which you need to stack up by using the battle pass theyre going to be giving away some three-day shot passes i believe from some campaigns leading up to the new update in june which is a level 60 update but currently right now you can only get it from the battle pass so you have to get to level 22 you started the battle pass its level 22 which its free to get its 100 sg sg is a currency you get in the game its completely free just basically buy the battle pass for 100 sg and then youll get the shop key for three days make sure youre stacked up with augments dont just pop these randomly you want to make sure you have a bunch of augments you want to sell that are going for high demand you know and then just sell them in the market and thats a good way to make masetta other ways to make website i was just opening field farming not the best way to do that but you do get a decent amount of masetta ive seen my masada go up by like 200k in a span of like four or five days just by open field farming um you also get masetta from just doing your weeklies and your dailies weeklies and dailies you know weekly reset daily reset you get tasks to do certain things i believe you get like 500 or 600k per week maybe its a little bit more or less im not actually entirely sure i just know doing your weeklies get you a large amount of asset and this is the main way i basically get my setup im sitting at like five mil currently right now after purchasing some cosmetic things that i wanted im sitting about a five mil im sitting at about five mil masetta and i dont really ive been playing every day but i dont im sitting about five millimeter i make sure to do my weeklies every week as well as i have never sold anything in the shop so im im sitting pretty good ive never sold anything in the shop because it requires premium or three-day shot pass which you can get like i said from the battle pass and theyre hopefully going to add more ways to get them which they are currently um and then the other endgame farm that is coming its going to be called geo labyrinth which has different multipliers as well as um different um they have different multipliers uh and different like additional add-ons to make the labyrinth harder and the more you stack on there the more difficulties you stack on the more difficulties you stack on a geo labyrinth will basically get you more gear or more rewards i dont know what these rewards are going to be aside from a few cosmetics i dont actually know what theyre going to give im hoping theyre going to get photon skills um maybe some weapons maybe theyre going to evolve as well with the levels because this is this it skills to your level so you can go in there i believe you can go there level 30 or maybe at that be a like a minimum battle power or you can go in there at level 45 but its whatever the highest level in your party is the enemies there will be that level so if youre level 45 if you have someone level 40 in the party those the enemies will scale to your level like i said im not sure what the minimum level is you can go in there im assuming its going to be pretty high its kind of like you know an endless kind of thing oh its not endless theres six waves but you can keep going in there and you keep just getting here im assuming the rewards are going to be good we dont actually know entirely what theyre going to give but we do know theres going to be some cosmetics tied to it like this really really really cool black flame ninja dash which im super excited for definitely want that give you that edgy run feel as well as naruto run at the same time like youre using amaterasu on your feet really cool i know that was a bit of a ramble sorry about that but basically we have a lot of different activities to do right now augment farming which is from you know your general open field farming photon scales which is your uqs you get that from uh gigas as well so gigafarming as well as doing your uh timed quests you know every so often every hour every two hours whenever the quest shows up you got your shrugman farm and your arms definer farm which comes from open field farming as well as also doing the eq will also get you that as well masada farm which comes from your daily weekly basically as well as grinding specific augments to sell uh your daily and weeklies in general and the geo labyrinth which is also coming soon as well and then you also have the triggers as well to get some photon scales augments basically all in one theres a lot of different activities to do currently um its kind of hard to see what you wanna gear for anyway guys i hope you enjoyed the video i will see you guys in the next one bye-bye steamer hilton head Just a look at what PSO2 NGS endgame has to offer in its current state! Its a little bit of a ramble but I just threw it together and forgive my voice I was a little tired. Hope you guys enjoy! #PSO2NGS #MMO #SEGA how to get steam to see installed games corrupt game files steam first steam engine train delete a game from steam playing steam games on android