A Free To Play Anime MMORPG?! - Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - First Impressions

Steam next fest gameshat steamer machine PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS game there are a lot of MMORPGs in 2023 and most of them have either been average or disappointing finding a good one can be quite a challenge as you have to invest both time and money to find out if its really for you but Fantasy Star online 2 new genesis attempts to draw you in by removing one of those factors this game is a free to play MMORPG released back in August of 2020. join us here at game 8 Information Station as we take a look if this game deserves your attention the game starts off with two young girls serving a small island when a meteor comes crashing down carrying you the protagonist inside it you wake up with amnesia and you are then rescued by aino who is one of the girls roaming around the island beforehand after emerging from the meteor you are then taken through the tutorial and eventually reach eliotown the local settlement across the island here you will finish the tutorial by helping out the chief and townspeople when suddenly the dolls a major faction in new genesis invade after beating a handful of them you are then forced to treat as the dolls completely ravaged the village now that aliatown is no more you take refuge in the Central City where you are then recruited by the arcs to fight against the dolls from there you take on various quests to get stronger while aiding in the war against the dolls Eastern MMORPGs have a reputation for throwing a lot of options when it comes to character customization from the start and fantasy Star online 2 fulfills that very well youll come to realize that there are a lot of cosmetic options and not just clothing but body features as well compared to most MMOs where you only have a few options to choose from in new genesis you have sliders for almost everything like your nose lips ears and many more aside from Cosmetics the world itself looks really cool both in terms of visuals and how its designed the games world is effective at keeping the player invested in progressing through the game as theres always a point of interest that makes you go hmm whats over there the enemys designs are also quite varied and fit with the art style of the game combat is also a visual Feast While most MMORPGs reserve the more visually appealing animations for stronger abilities new genesis offers polish and over-the-top animations for every skill make making you feel like an Opie anime protagonist Music gameplay wise the game is easy to understand you take a Quest level up get better gear and repeat its your typical RPG gameplay Loop but where new genesis differs is the combat system its fast exciting and as said before the combat is a visual spectacle due to how over-the-top animations are you can even opt to stay in the air for the entirety of the combat if you want to which gives you more options when you approach enemies combat is relatively simple most enemies have weak points and its always obvious where they are although you may look cool its not really a power fantasy at least not in earlier stages in the early game before you become an OB enemy Pro tag your skills will be put to the test with fast-paced action as you maneuver around heavy hitting enemies and aim for the weak points another notable difference between Fantasy Star 2 compared to other RPGs is the class system choosing a class locks you into two to three weapons for example the Gunner is tied to dual guns and rifles but later you can set a secondary class which opens you up to using a wider variety of weapons classes being locked out of using other weapons may feel somewhat restrictive but luckily you can change your classes anytime for free so if you feel like the class you chose at the start may not be for you dont worry you can switch in and out of classes and experiment as much as you like Fantasy Star online 2 new genesis is a great game for those looking to spend a few days on a game without breaking the bank the visuals are over the top and fit well with a matching over-the-top combat if you are looking for an MMORPG with fast-paced action that makes you feel like an anime badass new genesis might just be for you what do you guys think about fantasy star 2 new genesis what are your favorite MMOs and what other games you want us to cover sound off in the comments below till then this is game 8 Information Station signing off foreign Music pc steam games Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, is here at last! Its time to jump into adventures beyond imagination!#firstimpressions #mmorpg #pso2 #pso2ngs #animegames #online #rpg the game of life steam multiplayer steam elden ring achievements steam cbs steam deck latency how to make a steam game fullscreen