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Games i should get on steamsteam game id 1 PIXEL WORLDS: MMO SANDBOX game how are you friends how are you welcome to this new video this time we are going to be playing pixel worlds a sandbox type video game and it is quite interesting because there are two things to do look there is the pixel station and of course the worlds we are going to capital station so you can see what is this here you will find some special events races other players stores and much more for example go here is daily quest daily tasks here you can get daily tasks and some other things daily bonuses look for example here is a daily bonus there are little gifts and why For example, lets see, were going to throw a daily bonus here, lets see how it goes, lets see that I get 50 cough diamonds, pretty good, if I want another little gift, I think this one, for example, I have to come tomorrow and well, at least they gave me 50 cough diamonds for here and vip area no I dont know what this is to dog because it is literal vip area I dont know how then how to access here I think well paying how else can I I imagine that they are also little gifts but more perrón is here he could remove his sight so you can see everything there is a dog but it was still Chinese as we have it but there are events right now there are none to measure néider than néder world to see perrone der world no one talking I vote I why because I said I couldnt see what he was saying like he asks me for things about the beat or pity that other other events many things there are some portals some peaks are not spoken or what you can die in this zone to the huge ok lets see lets try it later like here you can make a score I dont know I dont know why its like a tour around here sometimes were going to try is that its fried in l there is a score that I dont know if you can win something or simply no more because if I know its difficult because of the boxes I dont know if Ill win something at the end of the journey the truth is that if we jump well actually electrocute ourselves we wait a bit and theres less lets go here I imagine that ventilates dor back to the peaks but Im going to get ready and chum chum chum Im fine Im not kidding anymore I m fine and I cant jump why cant I jump that you can I think I already lost value thats good well there is that event there are also some racing events and much more and of course you can play with friends here there are even little shops and other things but look we are going to get out of here we are going to give you the main menu and here in the main menu is where you can create your own world look save me and we are going to put this uncle uncle lands we are going to put uncle land to create it costs us 0 there it seems that we already created it and there we already created it with some rock in fact I dont know if they noticed that there were other ways to create look for example here there is diamond and cough and well here you could play perfectly with your friends I dont know how it will go down I do nt know how to dig down the truth but here there are diamonds look here also apply the zoom you can remove it p To have a little more field of vision or you can put the super fences the truth is that there where this boy is here if you can play with friends I dont know what that is granite three points harvest to see some tree seeds here so that You plant your own little trees I can knock this down or it seems that if I already minecraft I think it leaves all the bad things that I knocked it down I couldnt stick it up although I think if I touch it up looking like in minecraft up to a certain height if I can see and down I can or yes I can yes I can or there is something to see low low low low low compadre under a stop here there are diamonds look diamonds diamonds psuv their diamond diamonds lets see whats further down well down to a being that is coming down I think Im building a bad path because later Im not going to struggle too much to get out but well, chorizo, now were going to try to get out, were going to try to go up and here it was worth it, I think that here I can get it from here or from here but get out of here look here I have some of the materials or Simon can equip this or I took it off with soap or I put on the little suit that boy there I have some little seeds I also have some rocks I think Im going to start building a little ladder by downloading this menu but I m going to start building a little ladder look why there is something if there is something right here it was just a bucket x insist we are going to try to go up here look here but today we are fine now and He will already underline his network nothing under he closed it again oh look and we are going to jump and he abides by it it does not end here because we are leaving so that what we can get out there is look at I just came out from under the water now I can also cultivate lets go cultivate something the same the map is not very big we are going to cultivate here there is a little tree also your hair is there I have the military we are going to try to cultivate something that what is it for I have no idea we are going to cultivate some little seeds as per For example, you are looking tuk tuk tuk there to cultivate a few little seeds we are going to continue cultivating these look these today I put them as mixtures to the others lets see we are going to cultivate the beast here because I put that there this part of the grave that destroys there All this I want my little trees to be fine perrones Im going to put this here its here its here its here or you can put it here its good to see there double these are already starting to grow so its better that it starts to collapse here lets see its starting to Use your punch, son, he s already growing up, and such is this because if he doesnt, he wont be able to grow anymore. This is all good, everything will be fine, everything will be fine, everything is fine. go I have many little trees that could plant diamonds to get maybe I understand look here I am getting diamonds from what I see looking I already have 50 diamonds Im going to see it maybe as I get diamonds It is later I can buy the other plots and so I am not improving in each plot getting diamonds planting trees and things like that a slight loop Klein water we will see clean air that other diamonds gave me an eye and all good there we are going to give it more to see what happens note and my world no longer exists my world uncle rape was called my world I am nothing if he looks and says join there is word ok if he can enter you hollande but lets see lets try to create another another other world look lets create another world blank slate costs five of mine and they cost a good diamond no then dick leo it wont be cerati hollande again they rape you uncle land yolanda me and look were going to go ahead sure there are the little trees and well well then more or less you I understood a little more I m going to have to be cultivating little trees to be able to get diamonds and be able to buy the other levels that this is, I can make him very happy and so I even have to e s this you need to be 25 global scene message on the piano and I have my list of friends and everything is fine now what I dont understand is how to water these little trees I dont know how to get a little water to water the not not ready youre not hitting them stupid how could I pour water look at me because for a sword here to see what part the sword what the sword here stupid this takes away the good thing this plant finished it we are going to take this seed and plant it there ok and then here in these tools I can put this long sword dog and I bring it in my mitten and this because it works well friends know that I left this gameplay here I hope you enjoyed it if you liked it you can leave a like if you dont like it dislike see you in the next one friends take care cool one we saw it cheers bye get a refund on steam 🧡 MI WEB: 💜 MI CANAL DE PRINCIPAL: 💙 Discord: 💙Twitch: 🧡 PAGINA DE FB: 💜 PERFIL PERSONAL DE FACEBOOK: PLAQUITAS DE AGRADECIMIENTO DEL TIO MEDIAFIRE PARA LOS DONADORES DEL CANAL: top 10 steam games right now free two player games steam steam dryer hose free fun games to play on steam scary games on steam free