Steam deck games won't launchfree download games for pc steam PIXEL WORLDS: MMO SANDBOX game me joking please dont me give you all my GT world locks for you okay have diamond locks for you welcome to pixel welds new haunting and banning scammers video my name is Jake and Im the community manager here at pixel wells headquarters and well if you havent seen all the previous episodes go and check them out but if you have seen them you know what is going to happen so why dont we just go and jump right into it and ban some scammers Music all right here we have our first case and I got a rapport that there is something weird and shady happening in this world and well we can actually see what is happening so this looks like a drop game alright so hmm somebodys dropping some healing potions Id like to get those what all right I think we would have to do this in undercover ways so why dont we do that now to choose the name Penta months yeah I know I used that previously well we shall just see if they are going to recognize me or not now lets go to the entrance portal and respawn so to speak and by the way oh we got summoned this time Im going to do their voices by voice acting and for the upcoming videos if you would like to have a specific voice that I would do a voice acting on what their voices sound like please let me know in the comments down below and I will do my best in the next banning this cameras video folks mall okay I I think this guy recognized me and hes no fleeing his leaving oh my he actually destroyed the world lock but dont worry I got him all right I think its time to go to the necklace right all right lets go to the next one I got this report where it said that this guy or these guys are having something to do with trading non-game items so world lugs to GT well logs this kind of stuff so were gonna listen to this conversation and see what is actually happening here oh well youre right thats true what and he knows it he does you know you dont know me gee big are you just yesterday Seymour banner who tried to take treat no Dean I see but yes we banned Music plz yes no theres not you okay this guy knows whats going alright so we need to hunt down somebody else oh oh hes getting into it okay I gotta stop this well hello guys yeah yeah yeah but raiding where lakhs from GT is illegal and here we go bye bye Lana she hmm now what to do with you know youre glad to trade as well I just want to test him okay but okay yeah well next time dont do that okay yeah but I still have to punish you because you almost did it so but you know what Im just gonna do a little bit shorter ban and next time it will be longer all right lets jump into the next one and I got some reports from this world and what is going on here this is kind of chaotic I would say um they receiving a new world blog so I guess a new player and COO is hosting a drop game or something wheres the actual owner oh there he is Jane you said drop so all the whole account has been made just for the reason of rubbing crap righty then this is pretty clear case okay I think in this case just lets not waste any time Im just gonna reveal myself and lets see what is going to happen and we are going to ban the scanner all right so I think theres so much people here that it might be the best if I build a separate area yep all right lets do it and now lets sum the guy here lets have a little chance yeah now that Im here youre sorry hosting drop games will get you banned you know and you probably know because you created an account for that I will also ban your other accounts I werent scamming anyway I havent scammed anyone yeah well I got here in time so yeah I hope you will learn from this ban and not to host drop games anymore please no I will do again I promise also guys remember playing is illegal as well and you gotta live with your actions and consequences now we got a report that sell GTA locks yes con barek toss I have found you and youre going to get banned menu so I gotta talk to you and like tell and let you know like what you are doing wrong so we get a find a good spots here where I can actually summon here okay I think this is a good place and now just remove my invisibility and summon you there we go hello well hello there please item me Trading GT world looks for pixel worlds is illegal and will get you bad guy doesnt know who I am you bro a little bit more than me chunks what are your doing is legal and well get your bad man what I need wha well you um Miki butts you okay so you want to get me banned in YouTube as well okay Im the creator of this game one of them oh he gets it and you are breaking the game rules by the way please I know me follow me okay dont again please lock him lock me please Farmar please like me dont I really hope you will learn from this again actions have consequences dont break the game rules again okay okay see you later Music that was an interesting case farmer he tells me well hey guys if this video reaches or when it reaches 3000 likes I will do another one of these batting scammers videos so if you like this kind of videos Goliath on and also subscribe if you havent already and yeah without further ado thank you very much guys for watching this banning scammers video my name is Jake Im the community manager here pixel well headquarters and of course Ill see you in pinnacle wilds Music how to get games on steam free So I got this offer for Free WLs... 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