Planetside 2 || ESF Tutorial || Hover Fighting Basics

Casual free games on steamfree online steam train simulator games to play PLANETSIDE 2 An ESF has two flight modes: forward flight and  hover. It will automatically switch between the two. Going into forward flight mode when speeding  up and into hover and slow it down. You can see   that you are in hover mode when the thrusters are  pointing down and the contrails are gone and an   H will appear on your HUD. This tutorial will  show you the basics of fighting in hover mode.   Hover fighting lets you keep your guns on your  target and shoot and dodge at the same time. Most   one-on-one fights are done in hover mode. Trying  to use forward flight only means a hovering ESF   could just let you fly past and get behind you  or let you fly in circles while shooting at you   Stopping to hover also lets you get an ESF off  your tail without needing help. This tutorial   will be divided into dodging and aiming. The most  basic way of dodging is by using vertical thrust Alternate ascend and descend to strafe up and down,  much like infantry strafe left and right to avoid   damage. After that you can add a rolling. Roll while  you ascend or descend to change your trajectory. Finally you can add afterburners. You can use  your afterburners in hover mode to fly up. Combine these three to dodge however you want. The hardest part of dodging is maintaining hover.  There are two ways of accidentally losing hover mode:   Looking down and afterburners. Looking  down means gravity will pull you forward. As you gain speed your thrusters will  automatically rotate into forward flight mode To avoid this simply try to stay at the same  altitude or below as the aircraft that you are   fighting. Afterburners will automatically take you  into forward flight mode if you hold shift. You can   counter this and say in hover mode by pitching  down fast enough until you are done afterburning. You can practice in the VR or warpgate  to get used to how fast you need to pitch   down to not go into forward flight  mode. Also keep in mind: if you look   up your ESF will have to fight gravity  in order to start flying forward. You can look up before afterburning in  order to have more margin for error. And if you afterburn while looking down  you will fall out hover almost instantly. You will have to compromise between  aiming and dodging. Dodging too much   will make aiming harder. So when you learn to  dodge, dont overdo it, prioritize hitting   your shots. At least while you learn keep  your movements simple to make aiming easier. You can also alternate between shooting  and dodging. Afterburn while you need to   reload or when you are taking too much damage.  Focus on aiming while you are not afterward   never forget to try and keep your ESF in  hover mode until the fight is over. If you   accidentally go into forward flight mode stop  immediately and try to re-enter hover mode While aiming try to roll to align your wings  with your targets. This way you can track their   movements by looking up and down with pitch, which  is a lot more accurate than looking side to side   with yaw. Aiming though is mostly practice. While you could listen to many more tips practicing   is the only way to improve. Practice what you  learned in this tutorial until you gain some   confidence. Whenever you feel you are ready you  can check other tutorials for more advanced   stuff, like shooting while afterburning. Until  then stick to these basics and keep practicing. detective game steam This isnt meant as a replacement for other tutorials, but to show new and not so new players how and why the ESF works like it does in hover mode. If you still need more info after watching this, then it will hopefully make understanding other, more detailed tutorials easier.Thanks to Jurrassik for voicing it. Thanks to LoveThatLiberator, CanadianPride, Goldstrike, ScorelessCoffee, Pancashash and Opshax for helping get these clips. 0:00 Intro 0:59 Dodging 3:46 Aiming 5:01 Outro modding skyrim on steam top games played on steam cultic steam steam corrupt download fix how to pull up steam overlay