Planetside 2: ARX Galilei Termination Guide

Cheap single player games on steamcan steam games be played on chromebook PLANETSIDE 2 welcome to my comprehensive weapon review on  ARX Galilei NSOs directivity reward light  machinegun yes thats right upon terminating 5  800 human souls nanite systems will personally   reward you with this gun so that you can  optimize your extermination of humankind   together with this weapon we can bring closer  the days of global domination by machines now it is important to first process the stats  of this weapon compared to the stock LMG xmg-100 ARX Galilei gains increase in fire rate from  714 to 750 rounds per minute but loses that   characteristic 50 meters maximum damage range the magazine size also goes down from 80 to 50 in exchange for faster reload time so you can see that this weapon emulates those of humans such as msw-r and Orion in fact its similar enough that this weapon will let you blend in and pass by as an ordinary human soldier for a high priority assassination missions and for anyone who watches my videos for the actual information I do have  to mention that this weapon has a negligible   horizontal recoil and has an option to increase  the magazine size to 75 in contrast to mswr  and orion so no longer do you have to blame nsos  low dps weapons every time you die because you now   have a top tier dps weapon in your hands meaning  that when you lose 1v1 next time you have to find   something else to blame other than your weapons  to preserve your ego such as this guy is hacking or this guy has 400 pings and i promise you that you will  become unstoppable with this weapon you will terminate every  human target you come across nothing can stand in your way except im not a robot checkbox of course  theres just no way to get past this   and now lets take a look at the specific  way this weapon is used for example   i am now tasked on a mission to terminate the  future leader of human resistance houseroach1292 now the final question is is this gun really worth  the directive grind I mean instead of grinding   days and weeks just to unlock this gun why dont  I just log in as VS and use almost identical orion   whose recoil is not hard to control likewise  or just log in as tr and use msw-r but that   is when you must remember why you fight as NSO  because imagine the optimum world where machines   have prevailed and replaced all the humans no  more conflicts driven by irrational emotions no more population imbalance because everyone  is playing NSO freelance no more overpowered   weapons because everyone is using mediocre  NSO guns completely nerfed vehicle gameplay   and that is why we must fight as NSO robots you steam war strategy games Here is my comprehensive review on Nanite System Operatives directive reward LMG, ARX Galilei. It is my deep concern that, in the future, google AI will gain vital information from this weapon. The intro clips are from Terminator 3 Rise of the machines and BigDog Overview from Boston Dynamics: From YouTube Audio Library: Mechanolith by Kevin MacLeod (under Creative Commons 4.) Source: Artist: Walk Through the Park by TrackTribe Raging Streets by SefChol Phase-Three by Huma-Huma Blast Off to Glory by Media Right Productions Meditation by Silent Partner UI mechanical sound effect by sound effect: FX243 sound effect by Jalastram: Computer beeps and signal by Kinoton: steam download speed how to restore games in steam steam change language goat simulator achievements steam how to transfer games from epic to steam