Portal 2 But Not Really (Chells Way to Home)

Steam deck terminalsimulation games steam PORTAL 2 okay timble Bryce what are we playing were were playing old Russian mods thats supposed to be continuation of the end of portal one like if this was made before Portal 2 came out I dont remember but judging by the title of the mod are we just trying to find chills house I this Chell even remember who she is let alone where she lives I dont think thats more accurate or okay this is why are the captions this big I dont know I dont know if this is higher Graphics than the initial uh actual portal ending or if Ive just never actually looked up I knowing you you never looked up it could potentially be both then oh shell voice acting oh hi nice release oh maybe we should have had captions on we dont speak yeah and also it was really quiet to me oh my gosh okay um I will were just gonna have to deal with gigantic captions watch them not even caption the Russians um foreign I mean the voice acting isnt bad its just not English I mean we have plenty of uh Eastern European fans so Music that did not sound good he called his friends and they arrived but crashed their car right its my turn right no no friendo I told you it didnt sound oh no Gladys crush him that was the shortest character Arc of all time he showed up rescued us called his friends caused an avalanche with his voice and then died also they let us keep the portal gun I guess Shells got a strong grip is it shell or chill I I like alternate between the two constantly because Im unsure of myself I I was under the impression and I could be wrong that an English CH makes a CH sound okay but if you say shell listen its oh what about the surface looks portal portable Bowl portable portal a bull listen its called bad lighting oh hi uh I wanted to see him fall through a second he doesnt have a head crab how is this cannon I feel like hes just a re a regular guy acting like a zombie its a social experiment leave him alone I feel like aperture kind of was just a big social experiment that was well explain why everything about it was so weird okay does he have physics can he oh come on now okay you want to use a speed running tactic to see if we could get up there wait I have idea oh come on I dont get it okay fine Ill try your speed running trick all right it only took you seven attempts to do that lets why are you counting listen Im just Im Im Im Im you know okay all right now look up again yeah you can um a little further Orange uh any color and now you can walk back through hey interesting is this Soviet milk I wonder how different it is from regular milk is it just me or is it really quiet its not what the heck is an aggressive environment indicator this man thinks hes speaking English the subtitles I dont know how to say what I want to say why does this exist this is the most pointless conveyor belt Ive ever seen laughs Yay see thats the thing you can do anything you want with Aperture Science and it will make sense because theyre dumb enough to just make a four foot long freaking what I so are we just back in a different test chamber now no he explained earlier what this is supposed to be but it was in broken English and it was its hard enough for me to pay attention to non-broken English so I I dont Translate Porta okay so we could go to the borealis why do they have like a postcard of it you go to City 17. or the aperture campus which is the only piece of English anything in this entire mod for whatever reason Okay so first to answer your question the fact that they have a postcard of it means that they probably didnt understand its qualities and just thought it was a really cool boat and they thought the time traveling capacity of it was just a commodity oh I completely forgot I for some reason I completely forgot the aperture made the Borealis because Im so used to it just being like stereotypical Half-Life 3 fan mod plot device thing that I completely forgot the aperture had anything to do with it they had literally everything to do with it I know I I usually remember that but for some reason I dont know Im not having a very good date today no lets see if we were Russian we would probably know what we were supposed to be doing right now thats true I make lights go Blinky that just turns on the forefoot conveyor belt thats the thing what what is this elevator oh hello how long has that been doing that Im not sure I mean its not very helpful theres no portable surface uh and I almost did it you try you got a center I thought you just got scared by the Sparks I was like ah oh too far I like that there is a sound effect for you hitting your head on the metal I think we were supposed to do something with that box that was on the the conveyor belt but we cant grab it unless and we cant portal it unless theres like something we can drop on it to break it open things like the cash register but thats not heavy enough to break it its not even a fast conveyor belt how much how is this able to happen but if I want to put it under the box thats asking too much this is the slowest conveyor belt of all time look Mahogany its not gonna have enough momentum to break the Box what are you doing Music you wanna just no clip up there are you kidding me nucleo you need SP cheats first you dont know anything about the sausage and you Bethesda nerd no Clio oh it is where were supposed to go what the heck why are you turning it off now I dont know I was okay I was thinking about this the other day I was looking through the steam winter sale and I kept saying Eldon ring and I was like you know it would probably be really entertaining to try to complete a Souls like game with you in Co-op and then I remembered our bloodborne thing and I was like you know didnt he finish that game and then I was thinking wait how the heck did mahogany finish a Souls like and then I realized its just because youre the most stubborn person on the face of the Earth yeah oh Music hey can I try something yeah oh wow of course put it oh how convenient oh my gosh hey this is like that one time when you got stuck in a box or was it me that got stuck in a box I cant remember one of us got stuck in a box ah oh no I guess thats the AI Thats helping us whyd they give it a face it looks like a living Renaissance painting yeah I just okay so we can do that but we cant move a freaking box Laughter why does it have hair is it in black and white or is it entirely metal which okay is the door open try chucking them at the turrets okay these are the worst doors this is just bad level design dont blame the doors okay wow oh what the what is that hey come on this is Russia my young friend what does it have in its mouth my first thought was trumpet but I dont think thats correct all right first first order of business oh wooden Spike thats how the fellow died I think thats an ant lion leg s he died in t-pose low a pose maybe it was T pose but over time as his muscles deteriorated they dropped to a pose he doesnt have any muscles not thats why they deteriorated he shouldnt have any ligaments at all his bones shouldnt even be in like connected to each other maybe its the suit holding them together the suits only on his torso what about the you know the door I tried that that was the first thing I tried Im almost kind of disappointed that that wasnt a skull trumpet everything about this is like PlayStation 2 level design none of these physics objects actually have physics theyre all static so theyre just objects yeah so I cant theres like no vent behind this can you buy something from the vending machine no no that would have been hilarious if that was the answer the solution from the vending machine to use it to blow open the door I would forgive this mod for that if that was an actual thing Aperture Science grenade vending machine that just gave me an idea but Ill Ill tell you later no tell me now theres nothing to do besides sit here and stare at the window thats broken so basically either us or one of our fans makes this uh uh you know the subversion of expectations video yeah I hate to interrupt but we got the portal gun back without any explanation whatsoever anyways what were you saying basically uh theres a mod where the level design itself just makes no sense and its not really a subversion of expectations more more than just like nothing makes sense so like like you said earlier to solve one part of the level you have to like interact with that vending machine and buy like a grenade comes out of it they have to blow something up that would be kind of fun just all sorts of little puzzles like that okay where is The Voice coming from were outside maybe were the AI the whole time Aperture Science floating fire trademark and they tested that on the college campus of the extremely stretched jpeg cameras theyre like wait the model we used for the for the Stein was too long after science floating fences they made a lot of floating stuff why do they have random Graves outside the campus watch this just be the point where it becomes an open world game I thought you were gonna say watch the statue come to life and turn into a Dark Souls boss that just that would be more entertaining than just running around trying to find out the next thing who made this mod uh uh born in the USSR oh my thats his username I wonder where hes from okay no Aperture Science had such a quaint shore side campus in like Norway with like Johnson invested in so many things that like had no business paying off including a mansion in the middle of the Arctic yeah this is literally like that one place that uh Thor and Lokis dad teleports them too in that ones oh and Ragnarok yeah hes like remember this place its like remember this place and then he just dies and oh we need a valve at least I think thats what that is unless its just a random red herring uh okay if you have some way to kill these Fricks this would be a much more enjoyable puzzle segment all right well if if the ant lions show up again I have here tantrum radiator so I could probably oh good with it it makes a return uh uh somebody threw someone away who got thrown away they got thrown away a while ago why is the wood plugged in unless its unless it like generates a portal there when like its switched on which is probably the switch thats behind that door once we find the valve uh in the Sands no thats just another dude man what are they doing to these college students uh how did he just die there theres just not even any blood you just fell over on the beach I mean it is a Seaside so the blood may have gotten washed away but then again that would have washed the body away too lets do a full 28 minute long analysis video about the beach body that sounds like a Richter overtime video attention total evacuations is appointed on tomorrow are you holding it why would she be holding the fact I interpret the word vase and the word vas as two different things okay so its a basin whats a Vaz then I say vase is theyre a lot wider I would say not neces not like wider than they are tall but like a vas is like skinny but like Im pretty sure thats like not a rule that exists I dont think it is but thats how thats like my head Cannon for the word I cant believe Im gatekeeping vocabulary for real life what the heck what is the conspiracy theories are oh my gosh this whole video is just gonna be us having entertaining conversations while were at the beginning level trying to find a self that may or may not exist those are my favorite kinds of videos that we make though do you have anything on you he does not weve stared at him for so long what if we can trick can we just look up a walk through fantastic I have a plan so you see Im giving you 15 minutes until I staged an intervention because if I if I dont put a time limit on this were gonna spend all night doing this and then and then youre gonna be like okay I gotta leave and then youre gonna hang up and Im gonna be sitting here with three hours of footage of us on the shore level talking about the Illuminati ranking system you you literally have chronic stubbornness I wont say its a problem just yet but literally like youre in denial about your stubbornness you will never admit how bad it actually is thats why its chronic what what the other door was unlocked the left side was unlocked but the right side was locked jump scare time s tier level design our our games in Russia just like more difficult or something I guess so or is this just a case of no dont assume all Russians are like this just because one guy made a bad mod I gotta ask my brother-in-law about Russian game design there it is ah Im so glad you randomly had the impulse to check the lockers that you Norm that you normally cant open I checked the one door and Im like oh its not uh its not working I think Im gonna move on and then like something in the back of my mind was like you should try the other door the funny thing is I tried that set of doors too but I guess I just tried the one side and then gave up oh gasoline you gotta put the gas in the gin and then once youve got the gas in the chin then you turn the thingy how do I put it in the Gin I dont know I was thinking Id take it up to the thing and throw it at the at the one thing what why would he bother coding a functional generator with a lever that you can pull on it why would he make it function to where youd have to fuel it up before it would do anything because thats how generators work in real life yeah thats literally like the entire plot of Left 4 Dead is fuel the generators before turning them on can I try feeling the generator uh yeah if you want to why is there a rod here oh wait oh its connected to the generators wait maybe we have to take the kids out back out back pour it in the hole in the wall foreign ly I dont think thats the answer can you shut up at least it blasts apart the antlers oh its okay its just one of those things where you gotta you gotta press it a few times Music the OverWatch voice has very poor microphone quality you want to do me a favor and look up a walk through while Im walking around with the radiator yeah oh I think I I think I figured it out yes you can Yay see what I do when I uh look at walkthroughs is I try to get the least amount of info possible oh come on does it really only break one at a time oh my gosh the person who made this is sadistic okay is that wide enough for me to get through now or is the stupid thing in the way oh okay ah your turn oh come on oh come on nice what yes take me up oh my oh thats thats at least close the door no cover just stand there and if you strafe hard enough great level design just screw the player over without any Redemption whatsoever but if you grab a barrel a non-explosive barrel and bring it with you in the elevator and hide behind it actually thats not a bad idea Crouch behind it yeah this is surprisingly effective why would anybody think this is good like this who play tested this at least were too high for him now no nope not yet uh thats what you get for a laughing you remember hes in a helicopter he could just go up like the co-pilots like oh Fiddlesticks hes out of range and then the pile is just like up button ah oh wait turret uh Heavys minigun from TF2 go I literally cant see oh did he abandon I think that was the co-pilot I dont know man were sustaining a lot of fire he didnt have any faith in the pilot after it took him that long to realize he could go up in a helicopter I probably would have jumped out as soon as that happened too you gotta find a gear back absolutely exactly what we needed what oh itll open from this side oh no have a crab water kill of paint kill of milk kill us something okay oh LOL chicken die Music oh we go back and hope its did something but the generator hasnt been fixed why are you trying to bring a barrel across the Gap I dont really know all right lets try to get back across yeah nice job screwing yourself over with the barrel you would have made that shot if the barrel wasnt there its a snow clip theres probably nothing in there anyways youre gonna waste all this time and then were gonna get in there and this is gonna turn out the gear isnt even going to be in that building what oh my God you see stepping on glass hurts you in real life yeah this is half-life not real life uh ah this is portel same Universe shut up you see its like real life touching electricity kills you dont get me wrong that was deliberate because I I uh you know you see get back fasty me when Im sick of my life so I touch fuse box oh my gosh you went dark with that one I mean hey emo temples is a meme now so is it yes why cant I climb this ladder you see you broke the ladder because you you took battery out of fuse box and the little ladders powered by electricity I already climbed the ladder I had to complete the joke otherwise it wouldnt have been quick to the walk through oh oh no under the couch no its not its even dumber oh oh wow oh my gosh wow amazing level design oh come on whats up there we go wow oh something arises helicopter oh my gosh your feet we uh clearly we do not where where the heck did Shell Shell get helicopter piloting experience yeah we we fly home we fly to chells house if that was the end of the game that would be hilarious but uh the walkthrough is longer than that so no why cant we just fly to chelles house maybe we have to discover where she lives first for some reason I thought you were gonna say we have to discover the true meaning of Christmas Laughter oh were getting shot down I mean yeah we we can only use one portal color well you see the impact from the crash broke the orange part of your portal gun now for no reason hey by the way did you know that were playing half-life did you know that were playing chells way to home unfortunately I did I almost said did you know we were playing your face no you didnt you just electrified yourself you just electrified your fate no that that actually did Electrify the water but only for a minute oh so this is a bleaches touching the generator kills you hey wait wait wait look what theres an x on that one its okay this one see I dreamed it oh its its only because I pointed out the the solution Im the hero of this story you didnt point out the solution you pointed out a map do we need to do the opposite and flood it with water instead hey look is that trained now oh it is no delicious well there are leeches they just cant move around but I dont see any so therefore they dont exist yeah its also like insanely dark here so if I cant see it it doesnt exist just turn the lights off on your all your problems that way your problems cant see you either no no if you cant see it doesnt exist so if you turn the lights off your problems dont exist I write self-help books no graph out of date rebuilding your turn yay help why this guy write help before hes starved to death waiting for pizza this is this is the aftermath of the pizza video by Robert benfer did you ever watch that one I think so thats like he orders pizza and hes like excitedly waiting for the pizza guy to arrive with his pizza and then the pizza guy gets distracted doing six skateboard moves forgets that hes delivering a pizza and then goes home and passes out and Robert Benford never gets his pizza and he starves to death and then dies on his bed wheres my pizza and I think he he was either wearing a plaid shirt or he has like plaid bed coverings like that so thats why it reminded me of that plus the help thing above it Music ding dong check if you a human press the button three times Music sound of door opening will attract zombies oh no its a Left 4 Dead segment its gonna take a really long time to open the door the sound is gonna attract zombies so we have to sit here and survive uh he just said thats what was gonna happen but it did it Music uh am I supposed to close the door okay I yeah I think you were supposed to close the door are you gonna reload me game or do we have to foreign Music I rang it so many times he thought that the doorbell was shorting out I cant let okay how is this simultaneously the worst designed mod ever made and at the same time he has insane attention to detail for realism Im touching electrified anything kills you instantly touching generators even if theyre just models of generators while theyre on kills you consistently and pressing the button too many times makes the people think theyre ding dong gringer is shorting out instead of just oh my gosh okay now we could press the button yeah you pressed it four times not two not eight and not even one Music Im quick saving here lets get out of the way the door is already closed oh Russian propaganda its a good thing I dont understand Russian otherwise Id be converted to Communism just by reading this ah hi weve fighted zombies back good job well hello there it seems like you came from far away your appearance is unusual for this place yeah I have worked but passed away right on the workplace people say that supercomputer has gone mad and poisoned everybody with gas and what is more this piece of junk mocked oh my gosh it goes so fast Springs on feet you have to read this in your in your bad fan fiction narrator voice lets have a look yeah no not that well buy a bot narrator or uh they were called the laboratory rats those who worked full-time also was getting nanomatics with limited effect inside them boss limited means curing but not everything limited means everything but not everywhere I want that on a t-shirt that doesnt even mean anything yes yes yes that kind of field okay we cant get the back we cant get the past back anyway aliens are here already go to our doctor then go back weve got things to discuss hey girl weve got the proposals we will try to make your Nano Medics work okay youre still using Windows XP its like 20 42. ah Gordon Freeman yeah yeah clearly not enough attention to detail Gordon Freeman is female confirmed why cant I pick this up with one hand why why did I just okay I almost killed myself with physics doctor whats the prognosis how long do I have he very formal he focused he do intense study did I just throw a cassette at him I dont even know what that was oh oh okay ah my hands go through the the armrest why is this giving me Call of Duty Black Ops 1 flashbacks but like lame are they gonna give us a tattoo oh sick though dont crush my hand why did the arm have to go through that entire motion hes why hes just give us the evil eye oh no thumbnail no its not a human face nobodys gonna care about it well its either that or the Android bro lets move to the next topic of importance its like lets quickly change the subject Im just gonna say that next time I really want to change the subject what did he do to us he inject us and fix our nanomatics so in other words Nano machines son Nano machines can I get up now why did It Fade to Black play the sound of birds and then fade to black and then Not Fade to Black what have a safe trip use your body as you see fit anyways have fun bye I will now study this diagram of the human nervous system Ive said nervous system before I actually saw what it said I know things if I wasnt sure what the nervous system looks like which is more than I can say for myself dude that guy has a sick t-shirt I want to see what it says Day of the Dead thats probably Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead or Shawn of the Dead the look on the other side I wasnt paying attention to what the letters were when we were on the other side of it every Ting worked well yeah some time is needed about 50 seconds thanks for sharing you Nanobots hey it will be so cool if got shot just laid just for 50 SEC and you are back we talked a bit and decided to offer you a mutually beneficent deal there was a door aperture CN slab in this bunker it was close until recently when it got opened without any reason we found there a server room we thought we brought there some Reserve units okay we cant go inside though we got the portal gun inside the surfer room there is one too using both of them you will definitely we get to dual wheel to finally make it also I love this guys soul patch and really long sideburns he looks like the main character from Yakuza actually I think its Yakuza but I dont know I dont know Japanese is it your turn now oh yeah gun break please fix the hey wait is wait is this the Chamber from portal one I think so quick quick what is that what that sound guess no that I I dont know well you you made it green green means good to the walk through oh my gosh so on the walk through uh that Im on it says uh in a text on screen it says somehow those numbers are a clue to the puzzle I never got it so I just copied from a random walkthrough the walkthrough used to walk through yeah evidently walk through Section okay I got it so it does have something to do with the um the key the numbers Mason the numbers Mason theyre just different combinations where they you know doing things okay uh yeah company if you like how will these subversions expectate us this time I got you to laugh this time but not when I made the Earth joke originally I know dang it what I dont know what that did why it not working hold on oh my thats so thats so dumb thats a button too thats gonna kill me could it be the first time you crushed yourself with an elevator it would not I dont even think it would be the sign okay when hunt down the Freeman came out there was some really crazy conspiracy theories that it was intentionally made bad and the people who made it were actually valve and they did it to like rile up the community for some specific reason that I dont remember they said oh no that was that wasnt an era when there was tons of of valve-related conspiracy theories all over the place so do you think we can somehow get to that without death without doing a dead yeah exactly this is a shower room I think so why does it why does the drain have a ladder underneath it Baltic its not about why its about why not 92 64. he died waiting for pizza too oh no he literally died like in the cafe where theres food he wanted Pizza nothing else oh my gosh she has all the luxuries and coffees coffees coffees coffee for all day no sleep coffee of all day no he is my cousin okey dokey do you remember that he is my cousin yeah I dont think so when we still have the Discord um I cant remember what his username was at the time he was like this six-year-old like actually six years old that would like occasionally pop into General chat and say something like half intelligible um and one day he showed up in general chat posted a picture of Donald Trump and said he is my cousin he drank coffee all day no sleep and then left and we didnt see him for like another week oh my gosh I was not there that week and then it became like an in-joke with me and a couple other people sometimes the things that are said in This Server give me the urge to throw a flashbang into a room full of epilepsy is that why you referenced all day no sleep in that one video what video I dont remember well Im sure it must have been then because thats the only place Ive ever heard the phrase all day no sleep these we have to put them over there so we can get up to there oh boy quick save yep well while youre waiting for that platform to make a full rotation oh did you ever watch crafted movie as a kid I did not oh dang it wait what well there goes your way to home so youre probably quick save again when its like a lot closer so you dont have to wait and you need another box oh this is either gonna be Pro I can fish it out oh it worked its Pro Im surprised you didnt you never saw any crafted Movie videos as a kid they were like Minecraft machinimas but high production equality with unique characters all right Im going back to the walkthrough okay I figured it out yeah what this makes me want to touch a fuse box thats Immaculate level design I dont remember this in the base game didnt go anywhere you had to press the button twice real fast oh its an in no other mod has that button model been two separate actual buttons what is its the Dark Souls of source mods yeah but Dark Souls is actually a challenge you just do a graffiti and leave the big bad wanted what G-Man what G-Man dont have good grammar or art skills maybe you just have to press the button again I swear oh wait you see its like real life because old elevators get jammed sometimes not like the ah what what you see its like real life because sometimes you just get will you see if we get to the top its just gonna do the thing again maybe you have to crawl underneath the door and out of the elevator as fast as possible before it crashes oh this is awkward I think you glitched it the big bad jellyfish what jellyfish oh what is thats still deadly and I cant get out because jimin was blocking the way did you just say jimin lock their time wait no why why is Barrel parkour always your answer to everything in this mod do you think it wont be the answer I mean Im sure it will be at some point but regardless all right Walk Through Time and now we have to wait for this so how was your weekend Oh no thats okay thats the most obscure running joke we have on our Channel Im pretty sure its not even listed in the wiki yet yeah they fish this the Snape actually say that that was supposed to be counting on Dooku if Snape said it would be like its just slow motion Count Dooku thats all it is wait when did Count Dooku ever say oh he did never say he did never say it actually okay so let me talk about this the best thing to do is to thrust the player into an environment that theyve never seen before and also blind them with a screen flashing effect anyway this is a ladder oh okay you should get the help its not a real health pack theyve all been real up to this point I know wait why are there elevator buttons in the shower oh thats why there are elevator buttons in the shower it controls the platform why would why is there about to control the Platforms in the shower so the rooms still radioactive thank you theyre just randomly inject you with 2014 when youre not looking yeah I dont exactly appreciate that look man I I have I look back on 2014 with fond memories okay walk through oh it just uh it just skips that part let me find a different video um I didnt know you were watching a video I thought you were like reading an IGN like written a walk through I and I was singing badahini the whole time you were trying to listen to it so apparently you remember back at like level one when we were on there we have to backtrack that far but we dont no Im just saying uh evidently there was like two alternate alternative paths we could have taken youre telling me this is an RPG not necessarily how did our health get back up to us I was just about to ask you oh the metal machines the Nano machines I how could we forget so maybe theres enough time now to figure out what the hecks going on Nano machine son Every Time I Think of the word Nano machines I have flashbacks to this prank call video on YouTube I watched a really long time ago where somebody called Like Home Depot using Senator Armstrong for Metal Gear Rising as the voice and they kept asking the Home Depot clerk for Nano machines the same person also did another prank call video where they called uh tech support scammer company as JC Denton and they told them that they were gonna like report them to the FBI and stuff oh my gosh it was really funny its like I know youre working for the NSF oh so you didnt take the hell a chapter what theres another alternate looks like were going to have to do multiple playthroughs um Im kidding respectfully absolutely not were probably not even gonna be able to finish this mod I mean wed never really do in any of our videos anyways this is just this is terrible oh I just can I okay let me know when the Nano machines heal us so I can like Im gonna keep trying to look for a walk through if you cant figure this out within the next 15 minutes Im going to bed fair enough this is Im pinning this on you top 10 ways to trigger epilepsy if I watch Mojo throw a flashbang into a room remember how this door is stupid yes oh and we run all the way back cryostasis and for what okay so we need to find things in there and put them we gotta put two servers in there oh is that there does it I guess were going to find out I would have laughed so hard if it chomped it open up like attention to detail time it actually breaks the server in half if it if the door happens to close when youre halfway through pudding they could not make the source engine do that if they tried for years uh you might be able to oh and maybe it doesnt feel like it right now ask him nicely can you please go in there I was checking the walk through and apparently you just gotta be gentle with it see I told you you just gotta be nice how hot do these things run grab the other boy and kill yourself with it this time I didnt kill myself with it he chose to kill me with it chose to kill me with himself okay where are we coming back to we gotta go back to the Yakuza guy okay uh how do we do that are you kidding me huh why is there a Harpoon in the wall and I dont know but it was some for some reason okay the panels here and the Harpoon was there whos playing with harpoons in the middle of Aperture Science moreover how did that prevent the door from opening whoever made this was like either Hajj mental problems or was on drugs or both alt tab Im just relying on the walkthrough at this point me and the boys Music what happened ran out of disk space while I was talking about drugs okay it was divine intervention to prevent us from getting canceled for saying the words crack cocaine on YouTube anyway they didnt have to scan you on entrance but they have to scan you before you leave maybe its because we fought our way through an irradiated tunnel fought our way through an irradiated tunnel theres nothing to fight it was more of a psychological battle its my turn because it loaded oh crowbar guy crowbar guy had a rest after after wasting all his energy trying to close the door that we closed so hes happy now because he he was take nap and you can quote me on that remote ideas no aliens gonna die GLaDOS died we could use all of aperture Sciences Ive started to send white Aperture Science is what you sound like just all their locations all of their science information Martinez their names are in obituaries your uncle father Gregory all right oh no no this is the worst fan fiction like relationship connection thing ever shell is Father Gregorys niece such animal s thats salute did you see that oh can we be done now that the reveal happened Music nba 2k23 steam charts j e l l y f i s hGet the mod: 0:00 Intro 4:45 Getting Stuck on First Puzzle 10:27 First Puzzle Solved 12:18 Stuck on the Shore Level 23:12 Solving the Shore Level 23:56 The Cliffside Level 30:06 The Sewer Level 35:51 The Rebel Encampment Cutscene Level 42:13 The Return to Aperture Level 48:11 Very Important Moment 51:04 Stuck on Shower Puzzle 54:16 Server Room Puzzle 57:37 HUGE PLOT TWIST OMG!!!!!! 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