Steam game closing on launchtop ten best games on steam PORTAL 2 first time posting in self promo guys okay I gotta at self promo okay there we go I answered it Im just gonna hows it gonna do it Music Music Music thank you dont worry Im Im just editing it so I could put your name oh hell yeah youre already on my stream just on the like um Discord Music there we go okay okay tell me when ready Im ready okay hello stream and welcome to Portal 2 with we both streamers were gonna play some portal too well at least attempt to I dont know how to do this Im gonna be carrying yeah Buzzy be carrion you ready uh give me like five seconds to set my ice cream to the side okay okay dont worry dont worry it is off to the side so how how does this work explain oh lets assume oh you can zoom oh my God its like OBS hello there hello hello hello hello hello hello hello little blue robot hello youre looking kind of like a pen color oh my God fill my head oh my God Im gonna kicked you so no head so no head no head how do I do that which one uh so I I mean there there is a tutorial for this for a reason yeah yeah I I am notoriously known not to do tutorials well too bad its kind of forced on us anyway the  __  did you make that jump oh my God I want oh there I go it isnt even a test I was flying for a second yeah theres just its this isnt rendering oh yeah thats what I was talking about is this open for you nope okay um this is this is supposed to happen no together just so you left click with uh uh for one portal and you right click for the other dude now youre thinking of a portals whoa here we go to the abyss oh were going down to Hell oh uh one moment oh oh okay I was gonna were a bit this is a bit ahead but okay I dont know what this is whered you go I dont know oh I went back uh okay I just said no okay okay Ill wait for you to come back Im coming never mind its not letting me come back I need to press two both buttons at the same time how do I do this okay well it go somewhere one that was there can you come back with me help Im stuck Im stuck in a ball there we go back down to Hell not really okay so first of all over here select course one because apparently it says four six it in that corner there not letting me select anything well I guess this is the first course son okay here we go here I have this set to one of art therapy so Im hoping this is oh hold on button but Im gonna try something real quick Im gonna try something real quick okay okay Ill spam oh here we go we be we doing are we doing a little fun there we go what what is this the intro cutscene oh oh yeah I have not I played this like for like an hour one time and then like not even never played it again because I did not have anyone else to play with so I was like oh well no so have we switched characters no we didnt oh I just showed you both robots cool very cool I have no idea whether my stream is properly working okay I did remember to change it to gameplay that is a big thing with my streams I always keep it at starting soon Im just like trying to check everything there we go there we go there you go hello and again welcome to the Aperture Science computer aided okay we five in how do we get out of this thingy this way with a partner please wave to your partner should I be turning audio on you definitely should turn game audio on yeah I have a hat I just realized uh hold down q and press up as a team oh no teamwork oh no no no no no no to select your favorite animal foreign please observe your partners favorite animal good thats not my favorite animal tool to select your favorite favorite from the periodic table uh I like copper really okay okay I just got judged it really did just say really bro I really did just say really oh my God that is so that is that is a little bit annoying to your partner where you would like them to place their portal for the sake of this test I will pretend to be your partner using your pain tool please indicate where you would like me to place your two portals keeping each location look I can only place a portal on a orange is first to acquire a Portal Device blue please you cant place on black portal services there you go now you can go through it has a Portal Device it really did just say finally yeah GLaDOS is Gladys is sarcastic as  __  it really it really be like haha  __  you you aint smart enough get get destroyed yep is that a button lose weight kind of like this button get Dan Stone how are you feeling now you cant you kind of cant do anything right now I made a specific button thing for you I mean Im hitting the button I dont know why its not working I keep hitting the buttons stand there lets see Ill just keep hitting the button Im standing here yeah Im doing what you said over there on the red oh on the red this hair is kind of red no its not like this yes now just stay there Hayden hey how you doing Im standing right here Im doing what you say yeah it was me at that time you know there you go Ill do it for real Ill do it for real you can go you can go dont worry dont worry Im nice that actually was a mistake here you go thank you calibrating this is detected see I didnt pull that stuff for you thats amazing you had such an opportunity communicating specifically very nice thank you of course youve been button based testing Libby plated cubes calibrated no variances detected did you know humans frown on weight variances okay okay okay Chad how are we gonna mess with with them how are we gonna mess with them shall we just shoot them until they they come back okay boom boom boom boom boom okay okay okay um what else can we do is there a way to mess them up we could press button we can definitely press button foreign button does something okay button makes that fall orange yeah nice catch Orange we wait we wait um well I well we wait shall we shall we get some stream music lets get some stream music in not loud though I think that might be a little bit too quiet for stream music back there we have the waiting the lobby waiting music oh my God foreign I am back partner okay so theres this thingy you gotta go get the thing on this thingy you see the little yeah see look down It Go but you gotta grab crap fast yeah I can do that you ready there you go well from the looks of it now I need to hand you the queue yes yes you do yeah no okay you could go in if you like I dont think I will foreign Im not Music no no youre gonna hand me that Cube you said you should hand me the cube itll be funny new ones right there oh you missed it why would I hand you the cube because of 20 and I could do funky little things with the cube also known as Chuck it all youre going to do is another door all you all youre doing with the cube is put is putting it through another window after I hand it to you yeah yeah yeah totally uh-huh thats all youre supposed to do Im eliminating that step okay not anymore okay there you go there you go making the co-op game single player lets go yeah yeah I cant get over this on a on a very literal stage oh wait hold up hold up hold up um there you go thats I dont know how thats gonna help but hmm how can this help what can I do uh you just erase your portals but I can see what youre supposed to do now come on here Place one portal here go to the other side now because while Im on the button it puts down the Emancipation grid Place one over there its normal then I just finally I had almost given up hope of ever testing again oh my God this this robot is Sassy oh very thats GLaDOS we just high five oh my God sassy robot sassy robot you ready for something Zoom we just get taken apart and go bear we go bird we get taken apart here we go now were in a properly loaded version of this maybe you can find another course for you to fail specifically this is mine so which is mine uh like this is my Hub world I mean dont go through that very nice dont go through this time is it bad Music let me just alrighty dont touch one okay I can work with one I would like to get on with the testing buttons but funky little button look over there theres a ping theres a timer over there there we go okay me tries to distract you by saying theres a timer Im like okay lets go I should probably turn on my red light its starting to get dark in my room oh my God the ring light the ring light oh back to light hello hello volt this testing course was originally created for humans it emphasizes teamwork unlike us humans need to be taught teamwork humans need to be taught teamwork guys they need to be taught teamwork yes yes teamwork what is that what does that exist I kind of like I kind of like buttons if youre not gonna hold down the button I am bye thank you uh what oh I know what were supposed to do thank you boom oh wait uh hey Open Door yeah Ive opened the door oh hello queer void oh is is there is there a human being there theres multiple in my chat yes hello hello chat uh youre going the wrong way youre going the wrong way completely I had I hadnt I had something laid out I I cant believe its Britain what okay go through my portals never mind those are my portals okay okay so place your Dar uh what place your dark blue in that room not over my portal that was a mistake and then uh place your light blue in the room Ive opened up for you I cant get out no the other door oh yeah yeah theres theres a door actually just place your dark blue right yep perfect boom there we go how do we get here okay we made it we made it here we go Ill help you with wet British what is history I cannot help the wet the the other Floridians please dont mention Florida oh waiting for my partner no no in some humans but the winner is the one who scores the fewest possible points I just thought you might find that interesting did you know give me a second check your teams uh one moment Im done you just accidentally got a ping in your face okay sorry uh wrong but anyway Im stealing your Im stealing your face Music again Ive lost the game I know where are you there there there Im stealing your face oh no not my face Im gonna clip Im gonna Im gonna clip my hand through up here how do I do emotes uh cute uh hold down Q you can Circle uh there should you should have an option for like different uh there you go uh-huh so I just got smashed Hulk anyway hey where are we going where are we going on account of three we both jump in the water lets go for a swim on a count of three you both jump in the in the water lets go First Swim okay okay okay lets go lets go lets go two three huh yeah okay let me get it well someone yeah hold on I gotta speed around this uh we dont have enough time for both of us to go through only one of us is going through there so go wrong way go okay oh my God what are we hitting the witty right now um hey yo hi howdy how you doing you doing it youre doing I have partner View those buttons dont work for us normal beings I think we need to press the button at the same time wait uh no we gotta do the we gotta press all four at the same time uh so you youve got there and up there so ready I think this one will work best probably up first ready we did it that was scuffed as hell and I still got that you really come together as a team like I know we did who appears to be doing all of them that was the fastest level weve ever done oh my God it appears one of us is doing all the work I wonder who it is yeah me no no its its me guys its its all Mia Ive been Factor pro at this game Ive played many many times I cant believe these days oh hey lasers performance so far okay I think it goes on here no I think the friend no no Im trying to get the muzzle done not allowed oh hey um I need you to place a couple portals real quick I think it goes right here uh one on the other side awesome and then watch and learn  __  you watch and no Music and just saying no to you how do you feel how do you feel knowing this knowledge my game uh we just started the co-op our Cooperative EX experience yeah yeah Cooperative yeah right you can drive you should have been Peabody you should have been Peabody you should have been you should have been a  __  orange yeah  __  bananas this is this is insanely funny please I just wanted I just want to finish the test Please nope okay there we go okay watch here we go here we go see that yeah yeah I see it I see it now we can go through that was that was really fun level you know I I really enjoyed that one no you didnt actually well I mean you might have not but I really enjoyed it oh turret hey do me a favor press you like buttons right hold down the button kill them I blew their minds oh my God you blew their minds just go go around the other way you jump then lets go here we go oh wait I cant sing that song can I I mean you can sing it you just cant play it uh these are nothing the stairs are not rendering stairs stairs are there stairs was I supposed to oh wait wait wait wait wait no no wait hold on wait let me there we go out there we go I was right I did the good it would compromise the test to divulge individual scores however I can tell you that at least one celebration is doing very very well and I think that one is me the next death chamber that that one person says the short one says the short one okay so this is the one who couldnt keep hold of a block says the one who kept stealing the book for me well you made it kind of easy you know better not steal the block or else youre gonna Jane we still can oh my God I lost you at rock paper scissors thats thats thats kind of funny thats kind of silly cerebral challenges and the other ready to ponderously Im gonna have you do something smash you with the blocks go in no I think thats gonna be you no I dont think it will I I think it is I dont here we go the battle of the Battle of who can shoot faster its me then why cant you get your thing on you cant get yours on either exactly so then neither of us are faster hold on let me guess oh I just got mine on for a bit there we go there we go I say you should go no you should you should hop in there I dont want to because but I know youre not I know what to do with this properly Ive done this before actually this is the level I got to you gotta do this until you can get down and get to the block and then go back up yes but youre just gonna  __  with me if I ever do that youll never hand me a block for five minutes silly play that was just me being silly I promise you I will not do that Music I promise you thank you pinky promise pinky promise okay you ready yep there you go um or oh wait its up yeah wait this goes down see I told you you gonna go yep sorry I spaced out dont worry I got you oh wait thats up watch out watching where does this oh wait I have an idea I have an idea hi hello I think you need I have the key there we go see I told you I told you I wouldnt mess with you its collaboration see Id never do that I I never do it I never messed I never mess with anyone Im so nice you know advisement points I cant believe you just lost two opportunity advisement points oh my God I cant believe it this is this I think this is like kind of like rigged I am words oh what was that I I dont know Im off the game I think you just said Id be winning if it was a competition game sorry I was I was putting your pronouns on screen because my chat was yelling at me too and by my chat I mean one person Im pronouns are she her uh so now they are just stapled on my screen anyway we have to go this one first so that you could get across see no we gotta go this one first okay there you go parkour I dont trust you anymore Im just missing my mouse keeps moving okay you ready just tell me this please tell me this will be a slow painter lets dab okay um move it over over here ah do you need to lift it Im on the edge oh okay Im trying Im trying I tried to lift the other one for you you ready Im here now see I told you you could trust me now how am I supposed to do the same for you you go in here I dont have access to the block hmm oh wait oh hold up hold up hold up do you have any portable surfaces near you right now open this light bulb open the spike ball this this yeah thats what Ive been doing I oh  __  and then I go through here my game liked oh no remember my game I mean the Wi-Fi but uh youre not gonna be able to do this without another player okay okay well figure this out well figure this out we didnt need to do that I love the cube okay careful Im gonna hold that there for a while so that way you get maximum aptitude speedrun we go we go we go  __  it with all Okay so you do that and you see this uh no theres a white portal uh surface right there yeah just place your light blue there perfect there you go now you can get it oh okay yes Vol you are the bestest mod I will admit what my mod because I referred to my mod as just a person and theyre like mod abused oh my God I think that is you should be nicer to your mods they do a lot for you I only have one mod and its volt good job bolt keep going Bolts amazing literally eliminates all the Bots from my chats butts gonna get destroyed oh my God volt is literally so swag sometimes testing has to occur good this next test is so outside the box I cant I wont even tell you what you were looking for you will know it when you find it you ready here we go its this way right yeah I mean thats the only way to go I dont know there might be another way oh here we come here we go way better rock rock rock rock Im here Im also there hi hes here hes there hes everywhere Who you gonna call second friend for me oh not psychic how do we open them how do we get in uh oh we need countdown things one in-game countdown got it now I used an in-game count I used the countdown I tried to yeah only one of us needs a countdown we could both see it we go no oh no its fine thank you you dont need to get it guess what what congratulations complete this absolute absence test but I almost forgot when you go outside for testing courses the only way I can retrieve you is to violently disassemble you then carefully reassemble you luckily you dont feel pain at any rate you dont have a way to communicate that you feel pain I consider that a failing by the way thing it really did say it failed to make us feel pain yeah except we didnt feel pain because were robots yes we are we are very cool robots the cool kids Im the taller one yes are you scared and Im the better woman no I disagree you may be tall but you aint better this way Zoom I didnt do anything one now youve never even done those ones we can try oh my God its a turret I think I I think he should go over there no I dont trust you were starting at one Id say we should start at eight I think its really fun we we should we should weve already done these see its blue here here in between in between in between go to the one that no no no no lets lets go here no not there what other but there there also this is a new version versions of test its its passing velocity and you havent gotten a chance to test that in a while we should go here I can do this all day I mean yeah I can do you cant do this all day yes again you got SMP stuff to work on like what I mean you made some pretty cool drawings Id imagine you want to do some free no no no no no no get in the tube no youre just looking I can trust my own judgment for the Lord for the Lord for the Lord there we go youre getting disabled too I just see your head getting ripped off oh my God okay well I saw your arms get ripped off yeah Im fine with that oh my God Marathon this was originally designed to build confidence in humans to do that the tests were nothing more than five minutes of them walking followed by me praising them for another 10 minutes okay you essentially not humans we both dont come upstairs to make them far more challenging and far less pointlessly fawning you go there you go and then I yeah I remember this one and then come on down to the Olive Garden and get your free breadstick I dont think ahead get it I dont I dont think the head is a bottom I huh youre come on Olive Garden here we go you ready got breadsticks Music where am I oh there I am what did you just do om there we go take care of the dress you know only a couple yeah only a couple only only a couple you know okay okay foreign okay so wait hold on I need to activate you and you to get you okay I mean how do you like this about to cut you off you still havent cut me off oh Music I did oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Music foreign Music I speak Italian now youve gone to the Bluffs okay then you get up there as well thats not up its a bit too far up there but okay hey there hi there my friend howdy hoodie how are you doing no we didnt go from here down so from there no so you go up there go go over go you remember over there Music I mean there I mean you gotta get up first Music okay and then you place the portal on here wait and boom launch yourself fun balls Im gonna play with my ball theres only one of them oh my God no youre holding on tour for dear life its my ball how do I do the other camera a tab oo did you know we originally oh my God if the subject survived the test we let them purchase the pictures for five dollars now Gladys is talking Im kind of sick of it popularism you excellent job placing ridiculously thats right here we go youre not humans I can drop the fake praise you have no idea how tiring it is to praise someone for placing an edgeless safety Cube into a receptacle designed to exactly fit an edgeless safety Cube damn the this  __  yourself kind of sad Ive been General this is so sad oh my God drowned crushed burned and go oh sorry I was just thinking of all the ways humans can die you cant die already big stretches you just keep testing and testing people are still protecting when invites are going to be coming down and its its scaring me it is scaring the living the living hell out of me and I dont know are you ready to get flung yes get in yeah was that necessary yes yes it was no thats hot again okay this time this time I gotta remember to press the button no I could press this button uh that just does the same thing now you got to do the same portal thing that you did that I did for you wrong one there we go lets go were doing good were doing good oh yeah the way things used to be but then there you are again like nothing happened because nothing did happen what happened nothing the best way to build confidence is to First recognize your insecurity orange can you write down all the ways you feel unworthy ashamed or inferior on second thought we dont have the time just look at how much better you are than blue blue you are very good at being an example thank you I highly enjoy being an example going Burr uh press Q in midair air gestures Air Show getting all of them in achievements um what do we do from here I have no idea all I know is Gober oh uh yellows on the bottom so shoot right okay you want the ball oh where do I put it uh dont put it through the air youre a little bit too late Im noticing you gotta go a little bit quicker theres also latency issues okay give me a second my headphones are telling me theyre about to die so I must go get the charger I just owned the game on Xbox 360 steam Xbox one uh I never owned a PS3 but I own a PS4 Yeah question huh chat question yeah hello chat Im Vulpix I do funky little things self-advertisement yeah follow me at vulpix637 on Twitch do it do it  __  do it with the odd listeners on my channel go follow go follow Buzzy Bee now its a requirement this is not a mask now literally go go  __  follow Vulpix this is just a follow game this is not a threat this is a promise thats the wrong God dang charger where is it well I I will I I will oh  __  okay there we go there we go it was chaos I could not find the right charger oh my God youre all good theres so many Chargers on me right now oh my God where do we go where what is one of them Dodge okay button yep where do I where do I get this okay okay so throw it up there see if you can like throw it up there wait idea wait no no no no dont need to throw give me five seconds Ill be up there in a moment and then and you can go up the stairs I come I can come in my bed is being annoying not this sure not not on not on the Stream dont what dont what Im making it Im making an inappropriate joke about my PG stream oh no okay wait wheres the door what door the exit was right there the whole time I thought youd be faster at this that I can appreciate the desire to stop and smell the testing oh lets open that entire time yeah we we just opened that and then I looked around where the door was youre so smart we are the smartest people in the whole wide world oh my God Im turning down the game volume there we go Im also probably gonna do that on mine I dont know if its too loud either indirect competition with you but dont worry you are in Lily what do we do Boop woo I go Bergen yeah okay so you good you good at pressing buttons yes Im always good at pushing buttons good because theres two of them yay theres two of them in there bye see one now other one bingo ball did I get it begin juggling test in three two one theres enough balls for everyone you wanna take him with this is fun I like this we will be hitting the gwitty right now there we go two two no two balls thats way too much its never too much well were about to lose one of our three balls so Im Im gonna have a ball removed oh my God castration lets go bros cooking oh my God wolf loves balls there buddy time why you lets go that was done by computer Im too clumsy Im too clumsy this needs to not be clumsy fly okay so if that goes like oh yeah we gotta put one up there yes no I I have to be the ones to place those over here youve got a lot and youve got to be able to fling yourself you know where to place the portals to fling yourself you and do cool and then Ill go out here and Ill place the portals here and howd you get the other one up there I didnt oh uh you want me to try I dont think we can is there a button to hide that one trying to think of locations that we could use to do this Im trying to sacrifice myself to do it oh Im blind okay but okay you remember the launch yourself thing over there yep do it I went through the wrong door thats because it wasnt a door it was a glass pane I know you hit the ready okay now okay now uh you come over uh I need you to wait a second huh thinking thinking you got one up there no you do the launch thing oh yeah wait oh Ive got to be study about this but yeah trust me this is Philly it wait Im not gonna be able to get into the Blue Portal how am I gonna get huh thinking how am I wait is oh I I had an idea Im gonna relaunch myself or youre gonna youre gonna relaunch yourself I guess friend friend oh wait what why did it why why did it go I put it over there emancipation grid what this it Fizzles your portals and items oh thats stupid yep so my thought is one okay so while youre up there you should be able to shoot over at the Emancipation grid though I think I might lets see lets see okay uh do you see the so you no you just gotta shoot there oh cant scheiss um how this one oh thank you for the follow wolf I highly appreciate it hmm yes you got your first Barbie thats okay dont worry I I do some content oh I died um I I do content so I give you content how about that fair trade you get forced to follow me if it goes up yeah cool uh Im Im gonna go up first this time yep okay wait a second genius what go back there use the launcher how did we not find that out a long time ago good question next uh they would not know this ah I havent I I have not a lot in head neither do I oh hold on oh wait a second we need more momentum to get up there thankfully I know where we can get that area that works too and theres a button dont know what it does uh we need to get the cube first for the button you might be up there I gotta get the cube real quick okay go go oh wait hold on Im doing this wrong um go to your nearest food depository I dont I go eat something I do you have food in your fridge or like oh hey youre up there wait book reminder to everyone to eat Cube Cube and do I put it on button yep put it on button and then Im gonna fling myself through your portal yes uh Place one right there uh light blue thats dark blue that works okay now you now you go through Music now Ive got to figure out how to do this individually oh just Erics here cool do you know who dances around like an imbecile when they accomplish the tiniest little thing me I said it first oh my God on my end I said it first thing I said I said it first in my eyes foreign was created with an imperfection I was given too much empathy with human suffering but I overcame my handicap thats a true story you also flooded the we also uh flooded the enrichment center with deadly neurotoxin your point hi Im kind of vibing here ah I just flagged the  __  ah bye hi that worked somehow youve trapped me out of existence youve trapped me out of existence how dare you you know just out of nowhere catch that yeah Laughter you know that was such good timing oh my God on an unrelated note Im at the end of the test oh what do you want to do with this thing Okay so uh okay I did not expect to kiss I just literally just went through a portal when I and its just Superior do you remember where your light blue portal was before right here uh like when you placed it through on the rampy thingy you remember when you placed your light blue portal on the rampy thingy over somewhere over there yep here here let me just no the random okay someone needs to clip that I swear eventually Im gonna go back and clip that on my channel hold on that just needs to happen yeah I just did this no dude Music Im just trying to get back up Im just trying to get back up give me a second yeah okay uh boom there I got it out of the way and one there uh then one on the other perfect and then just let it do its thing yeah yeah I still cant believe that happened oh I am still like dying inside that was so funny okay I just caught it now theoretically you should be able to use are you able to reach uh the ramp portals from up there like if you go up there are you still able to shoot the portals for the ramp uh on the two ramps not not in midair you can like you go up there you place the portals then you go send yourself flying okay Okay so perfect then set yourself flying and bingo welcome I tried to do it in midair it did pretty good at first but didnt do very well afterwards now what do we do with this uh put it down here not like that because now we dont have a way back up there hes gonna say no we dont have a way back up I mean you could die but did you let what huh Im alive immortalized I think Im Immortal you know I dont die oh no thats not right I am alive immortalized youre the Creator you traitor oh my god I think Im a traitor guys I cant believe it I cant believe youre like from the hit song bendy and the ink machine oh my God I I think Ill just leave you behind then bye thats it Ive never played that game oh oh there it goes yeah let me just ready to catch it no good job good job because guess what damage oh what the frick frack Im in a loop you could just go in a loop like that yeah twice okay um okay I dont want to see this Loop okay have fun Im gonna figure this out here I go wait what if I catch you in midair like this oh Fair smack the wall I just got a timer thats right that was not right so wait until I come out of the um go to the towards the Blue Portal now nevermind way over you oh Bucks next playthrough thats so swag I love book snacks um thinking so it doesnt get high enough to reach there but it gets higher than you here personally again I want to see how it goes okay one moment dang it so you need to press it so that when it when its coming near the portal Im going out of the portal oh okay okay you ready still probably now right dang it a little bit before so now no theres delay on my end Im pressing now okay so when I when I hit the Blue Portal um right after I come out um hit it because uh there is a bit of delay with hitting it oh yeah so uh hit it very very fast nope that was very slow just keep hitting it 24 7. no its so close oh wait a sec that almost worked yeah its too high for me to grab yeah hmm how are we gonna do this football what does that mean no more flying thats what that means okay idea um hit the butt so if Im flying towards it from the other way you see instead of going against it Im going towards it right its harder to time but we can get this worked out yeah tell me one now a bit sooner than that okay we can figure this out weve got this yeah yeah so Im just gonna hit it right now and see how like you could come back and then go nope oh Im Im not even going through the portal so Im gonna try and grab it before it gets punched in midair oh 92 on your near damn it oh this is a hard one yeah it is I swear if its if its very easy and were just not thinking of it I really hope its not I wish you just went a little bit higher you know yeah hmm now damn it nope hmm you ready no Im not Im not in position going at it what if you what if you jump from there and grab it well it drops like that like jump from this side here oh wait yeah would that be possible maybe lets see drop it nope I  __  up hmm CLC ready oh no dead ready tell me anyone yeah no its still too high not even not even in the right Arch how the heck do we do this chat chat does anyone know hold on let me I know this is to co-op anything hold on wait a minute I want to see something oh oh no oh no oh fear applications may come out on the 15th thats two days for invites youre gonna need more time to prove myself I think youve proved yourself enough I personally think theres no one better for the s p venue code needs to get in code has literally spent every single day on the server typing 24 7. code has put so much effort in I I still fear I still fear that might work but yeah stress stress why is why is this stress for me worse than when I was applying to college when it comes to applying to smps this shouldnt be I was I should have more stress to play when I applied for oh my God crap you got it can you eat the portal there we go that was by accident holy sh but I what do we do now okay over there I cant holy  __  during the stress talk I just got it I was like oh yeah but thats a thing what are you working as a team oh my God we did it without it we did it we did it we somehow managed to do it but yeah for the first Solstice tweet they said um as we get closer sending out invites weve been hanging out on Discord join us for teasers Shenanigans or just when you ask when when are you sending exits invites for the 15th time well see you there does that mean it it could be a Hint it could be a hint but it could also not be a hit overtaking it this is from someone else on the Discord Im I I still fear I need to prove myself I think you found yourself plenty but thats my I I dont know I guess I dont know if my opinions worth much the thing is theres 200 people who are all trying to prove themselves oh I see what were supposed to do okay I see what were supposed to do are you ready um okay shoot shooting portal on the target and then shoot a portal there then pick your launcher any launcher you kind of took forever there man like okay come on friend come on friend oh thats a laser be the best team oh Music I dont think were going uh put the box down and run so dang it I couldnt sneak in the cracks how we both die yeah but yeah I got something figured out is that I can what is it Boop um maybe theres one at the end Im thinking because we can get that laser higher up I dont think how are you talking Music um like that hat oh were not gonna be able to get it super high but I mean I got super high I I was holding it at the time in case you were wondering you do not need to be crushed to solve this test okay so we would need the laser okay Im gonna uh youre gonna get crushed yeah I tried uh okay Im just hoping this is an SRS the last one I think we only got the last one out of chance yeah um grab the cube and just come back we can think time theres a launching machine there is there any way to get higher not that I can see then were gonna have to go around idea about so every time I use the laser I can make it go oh we just need to angle it more now I tried to go too soon okay we got this I think smart I really think we do we do got this oh wait a second wait a second way to flip flop in a second got this you got this you got this just we can use the portal to extend the laser wheres where do I put the other portal here let me get this on another portal surface thinking this through bingo and then shoot your light balloon right next to it hmm I get ah I can move this if needed to another location just think here where does this aim that also hits another portal surface up there thats not a portal surface theyre up there thats not hitting another portal surface the laser needs to hit another portal surface wait what if I have an idea going the other way thats not yet I okay I I I put it too close to the corner okay wait for it to uh thats perfect should be poking out the bottom of the portal now perfect which I can then use for that kind of hoping that this would hit a portal sir perfect Whered I put it that puts it right in that corner there uh weird its going at a very weird angle I will say now okay there we go is it working oh no Ive got and its straight I had it straightened out a bit but not against a portable surface Music wait a second what if I just lift it I hated that I just did that that burnt like hell anyway are you okay no in game theres a whole last laser anyway thats hitting a portal its hitting a portal surface huh this is as far as I could go there and where I think this sir try over here first see which direction it leads oh thats almost straight shot just set it right next to it just place your light blue next to the dark blue ah  __  how are we gonna do this we got this were survivors first I was afraid I was petrified we got this everything will be okay what if were doing this all wrong then were doing it all wrong ah we had it uh oh the cube just broke did we find a way possibly because I heard I could drink I think its just we have to carry it yep right there be quick Im about to die okay there you go oh we did that did nothing I thought that this would lift this up it did it just not permanently yeah because Ive got because the laser out just dont let yourself get crushed hmm we could find a more permanent solution it doesnt Resort in peoples deaths okay Im realizing what kind of needs to be done mm-hmm if we can figure out how to get the laser pointed uh one of us will have to risk Our Lives temporarily I will do that okay so its a matter of pointing the laser uh through two portals to uh quickly get this lifted off the ground as as soon as its lifted off the ground uh I will jump I will fling myself and Ill hit the button that disables the uh the spikes yes I just needed portals the portals to do so yep uh Ill need you to place your portals uh here and here then here and then he here yes and Ill work out Ill work out the Kinks okay a bit bit dead yeah see if I can do this um left left hold on to me watch out its coming I can youre next no Im not thats really  __  ominous by the way I got it youre saying youre next really  __  ominous I mean I I I I I I I Im a pretty ominous person you know okay I can make this work I can make this work once uh Im gonna let this do another round of spikies and then Im going to uh only place your portals now Im going in wait up there and go oh wait you have to go go up there go go on the go on there Music Place one below you so you can launch yourself fling yourself youve done it I made it um youve done it oh like I said it ended it ended in one of our deaths but you know its fine you need to go in there Ill Ill Ill do Ill take one for the team okay go in how are you doing thats the problem no no no no that aint how this works open it back up now dont fling yourself off there Ive got an idea its just gonna be a minute because walking speeds are slow and theres no sprint button dont worry this is a cube yeah you know what we can do with cubes keep going but it go it launch run made it no I didnt thats really funny that hurt okay attempt number two getting myself in you got this it is I have all of the beliefs in the world for you you got this lets go lets go lets go run run run run fast run fast Yes we made it special testing courses Music oh man holy  __  that was literally that was a rough one but we did it we did it we wed be smart we do smart dont worry they are of no use to anyone totally boring and useless this is just a thought experiment just to see how much time youll waste thinking about these worthless documents the correct time is zero seconds I gotta get some water I have my water bottle right next to me have you you hydrated yes I have a hydrate or die drape on them people can redeem their beat their uh people can chat here hear me out please redeem the hydrate make them make make them hydrate uh you already have make them hydrate more a pit to jump off of whatever could that be used for Im going down hey I was about to push you I did something Cube oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh go down uh I got my timing off I had my timing off sorry you dont have to apologize for that Im gonna I dont even know what hes talking about because when you hit when I launch you and you hit that it sets off a timer that throws a cube into the air that I can grab them come over here okay so then shouldnt Id be doing that since I dont know what the heck Im doing oh I man both portals thats the best part just go down oh uh and that was lagged okay lets try again my my bit rate is going crazy you ready ready ready ready oh um that was not that that did not go as planned dont you laugh at me dont you dodge thats so rude two one ah  __  you missed just a tiny bit but now you have the general idea of whats going on two now one you go too high no this is familiarity at its finest you missed there wasnt a portal to mist There Was You just I had placed it right right under you and you missed whatever you say one see yeah I told you you Vibe you do good now if the game could stop lagging and let me pick up the cube now how do I get across you dont need to this is all to turn off that turbine you just started up the turbine again we have no reason to go down here please dont drop the cube down there please dont I dont want to have to do that again please dont I dont want to do that again just like it goes off that aint that aint happening because Im getting this test done today oh wait I could oh ah its still tracking the laser  __  you  __  you let a woman piss in peace you know I mean I never do that no matter who why am I beeping please please let me please let me do the test draw  __  you I got it I tried I got very close okay no hey Im trying to explain something to you this is unfair I have lag now we have to do that all over again I really dont want to actually I remember I didnt I didnt want to do that again  __  it no Im doing this myself  __  you random funny Im only a little bit chaotic today are you okay I could get it if you want no Ive got this Ive got this okay Boop three two one no because I missed like I always do its okay hit that three two one got it Double Dragon do it on my own you know it would be really funny Im not doing it again youre gonna have to solve this whole test on your own if you throw it in if you throw it down Im joking Im joking Im joking youre solving the whole test on your own if you do that again I didnt technically intend to undoing in the first place youre the one who literally threw it in the back I mean I didnt I thought there was like a barrier or something I need to know because Im like um oh uh up there there should be I can not hold that and do this do you want me to Im trying to remember what to do next because I remember that part then I remember I thought there was a portal surface in there apparently not oh wait I know what Im supposed to do never mind uh can you keep that disabled Im about to go  __  flying like that no or like or would you like to be the one to go flying oh here so you want to hold it here yes just hold it okay okay go go you got this ah sorry my mouse got weird okay made it through and then alrighty go ahead and keep holding this I see you where where are you partner View oh youre over there Im in here okay Im in a building oh hey I wonder thats not gonna work so how do I get over there thats what Im trying to figure out um theres a fan shutdown thing over here oh hey wait laser goes through glass right portal portal doesnt go through glass but laser goes through glass put the laser through the glass over here where I am I cant really get it to angle that way oh  __  see if you can use portals to get get it up higher Im gonna youre gonna hate me so much right now youre gonna need to come back and do that all over again do what all over again um so theres a way to get a portal here I dont know right there we need to get one over there too oh no on that side yeah if you want a laser go that way theres no portal surfaces over on this end oh theres no portal surfaces in the pan let me get it there then thats what Im figuring out hmm I was thinking the window turbines lab Im gonna move hmm um wait a second idea idea okay okay so big stretch up you know how you have your portal that you can place on the surf there place the other one over there point it in midair oh okay maybe we can work with that can we work with an angle holy  __  look behind you get it in the laser laser red portal done guess what I did it well Im about to do it yep okay cool cool cool let me just I have to I have to do a bit of stuff on my end dont worry um would that help um can you lower the laser a tiny bit like from the uh just like this is this is it lowered uh can you lower your Blue Portal then or the light blue portal I mean a bit higher than that a tiny bit higher perfect up got a crash I got a Crouch Im burning myself okay you can crouch in this game yeah Patrol oh got it beep so how do I get to you I remember how I flung myself over here not really yeah theres a white portal down there and theres a ramp right there nice thats what I remember hold on to me there we go surface there uh yeah you place a portal there and a portal there cool then you can use your you can use the portal to get back up never mind you placed them both down there so youve got to use the stairs now never mind okay and then you just shoot your other portal there then you go over here and you fling yourself remember momentum where do I fling myself remember how I flung myself with the buttons there we go we made it and now timing based stuff oh no got it we made it weve made it we are a good team despite the memes yeah and then we gotta find a disc found it very it was in plain  __  sight very good oh my God do not upload the v237 schematics as GLaDOS youre in my chat I know wait hold on did you did you sub holy  __  wait wait what did you sub no not that you know if I I do broke it I dont need to update um Im gonna go to my Creator mode stream manager save those two did I get a free sub did it just give me a free stuff to you no I dont think so I dont have access to your remotes uh I only have one to be fair but three hold on I want to do a thing uh real quick with you since youre in chat let me know let me just go to I love chat no youre I mean your messages are in chat so youve given me delete them you have given me the opportunity no what are you doing now whatever it is no Vulpix I want to dont you dare dont do anything no dont do what do you mean I dont know what youre doing Im Im trying oh I didnt even realize oh VIP yeah I didnt even realize poetic was in the chat Im sorry I didnt you I didnt know that was a while ago I hold on let me just how to VIP so oh I just have to slash uh VIP and then your username VIP and I could do that since I have your stream on mine as well oh no I dont have never mind I cant because I dont have that yet I dont have access to that youre now a VIP no you have not done any of these you have not done any of these go to your tube and think about what youve done thats a no for you oh hug back to the consistent um button press here we go theres only a check mark next to one of these actually hold up wait I dont even have my here we go no yes come on were doing test one I I am being Gremlin because I do actually have to go oh okay its its nice its night time but I shall I shall I shall do a funky little thing before we go hell yeah cause Im probably Gonna Keep streaming yeah Im reading you oh sweet Im gonna in that case lets exit the game and we are gonna switch to a uh we are going to switch from a portal stream to a South Park stream why is it on this is let me raid you please picky truths South Park what thats second attempt now how many times am I gonna spell your name wrong theres four wise if that helps I did three thats why yep there we go itll take a second to load swag I am switching my stream stuff all right and Im going to start playing Stick of Truth thank you for the raid ah yes thank you the person if we see yeah no problem dont worry dont worry yeah Im reading with my one viewer which is me I mean hey I appreciate it regardless I keep my viewer account hidden so it doesnt even matter well have a good day Ill help you just be vibing public like Ill be vibing in the SMP chat probably okay Ill probably join there I need to be seen as active oh my God youre very active your scene is active in my eyes you are at least have a good day bye alrighty South Park Stick of Truth oh right I needed to remove Vulpix pronouns from obs game capture full screen application hell yeah wheres the audio okay Im gonna close the game and reopen it because I think it the audio  __  up there we go much better back to South Park my stomachs upset shouldnt have had ice cream I have notifications on Discord alrighty lets do this  __  good night little man I hope youre as happy as we are everything is going to be better now that were in this quiet little mountain town thank you I wish I had Terence and fill up pajamas they look so comfy aliens Im having a dream again Music whats happening oh Jesus Jesus Christ can I be streaming this can I stream this I mean Im Im doing an 18 plus stream but thank you explosive parts Music I hope this is fine is this your first time getting probed yeah its a pain but this is the kind of stuff you put up with living in a remote little mountain town at least we dont have to deal with traffic hey you broke free kid you have an incredible control of your  __  get me loose too wow look at that you must have broke off part of the probe and now you can control it Im surrounded by some kind of force field go find a way to shut it off when you break me free I can show you how to get off the ship Music laughs okay hold on I got a inventory my weapons are still equipped I should be a higher level at this point unfortunately so I do have to work on that a bit equip equip equip better oh Ive gotta re-equip something to my weapons actually because aliens are weak to electricity so I want to modify you better Music foreign much better okay that should that should allow me to get first attack yes it does so here we go theyre all on fire Shields arent gonna do anything oh oh there we go bleeding damage oh hey there you are oh yeah yep thats the Lambda containment block take that elevator next to you  __  should enter with it great youre in youre looking for a security console should be one above you in probe maintenance and another below you in the atmospheric processor yeah I know this stuff cant remember which one you want though been a while since I did this please foreign no more makes my life easier great youre there see if you can free me from that console probably not though its incredibly Advanced alien technology no way some kid could work it okay glowing goo I knew I could trust you keep it up Im still stuck better try the other console score aliens hate electricity oh thats gonna be so helpful hold on let me just I modify unequipped perfect shock damage okay lets try the other console God I hope this works oh we might not get in there I oh wait I know go this way that way Im thinking Im about to initiate combat theyll both be stunned as soon as I enter moo moo I can use bar darts give them bleeding and fire damage Music I win Ive gotten much better at this I will say alien defensive Matrix foreign squished eyeball ow okay oh youve got to be close come on try again Im doing well Mel how are how how are you how are you how are you okay that one doesnt work either head back towards the elevator thats good one more console you can try in that room across the bridge the alien who works there is really tall so be careful and remember okay Music I Im gonna modify this Im gonna remove the 10 shock damage Im gonna place that with the 10 damage whats 20 gross in what is oh wait never mind gotta work back and then I want to go here bardarts on a quick fire equip lightning thats gonna be more helpful uh welcome to South Park the fractured butthole uh Im currently about to do a bit of a boss fight lets move move Music perfect move move okay items I need a cure potion thatll remove my debuffs I could probably thank you Applause move and hes taking bleeding damage so whoa first try I I remember the first time I did that fight it took me like three tries hey that did it the force Fields down come on back and we can get out of here okay there is a weapon somewhere around here that I want to unlock were gonna go down real quick I dont know where I can find the weapon but I do need to find the weapon thats hidden here oh yeah not to zombies all right so good Applause Music did I get any level higher than three Im waiting oh I can get them to level five bleeding good to know lets do another assault and battery Applause oh its armors his AC is so  __  high ice please even oh bleeding damage you saved my life not the weapon I was looking for but Ill take it I guess uh theres a weapon that is essentially just one of it it is so good early game that you can get here great you made it okay use this panel here and we can all go home hold on I gotta not in here Music Music  __  ing oh you did it thanks kid I dont know who you are or if youre real but consider me your friend oh yes theres the weapon until we meet wait do I not have it unlocked yet no I just dont have it at all thank you okay Im just gonna save real quick this is a difficult fight especially considering I dont have the weapon I had last time okay move all right oh their defense up is gonna be my downfall Music move blocked move forwards bleeding damage is gonna kill you there we go heal up move move oh first try unfortunately didnt get the super good weapon but guess I really didnt need it so you missed the perfect opportunity to play that Im just saying yes thank you so much for the 100 bits by the location how many people in the town get in there and cover it up this could change everything get everyone moving weve got another UFO crash hello again welcome to South Park this just in I just got an animal probe the fact that Im only level six is upsetting I got the alien rape gun why didnt I get the other thing uh that was on my uh free stream playthrough I played through a bit of it before stream aiming it and then I restarted the game when I did start streaming it foreign special weapon anymore pooped poop stolen thats my room parents room already rated oh my God they came out of nowhere there was a huge earthquake and then there was burning in my yard didnt you hear about it its all over the news here look and that a large earthquake and several fires in the South Park area last night there we go many residents from their sleep here with the report is a  __  in a bikini Tom government ah thank you are assuring everyone I only trust this person the only reason huge tents have gone up to cover this area is to mask the construction of a new Taco Bell which will open sometime later this month thanks  __  I do love me some Taco Bell the mayor of South Park states that last nights Tremors and fires are under control and that hopefully schools and businesses can open again soon its horrible you dont understand the elves they took the stick and its  __  because that is totally cheating we specifically said no trying to take us dirty little liars and we have to lay waste to their entire base you have some incredible ability to make friends quickly sir douchebag Im sending you on a quest to go out into the lands of Zaron and recruit a whole nother faction to Kuba keep find the find them and give them this letter to join our kingdom and we shall lay waste to the drows once and for all  __  cheaters alrighty lets do this then well if you wanted to come play with us again I do uh let me look at my quest list uh lets start beating up some homeless people I guess I stress I never ciao Music you have slaying the mighty Frost giant guy standing all of you he will I continue to admire your awesomeness I want to look at my quests um I dont want to recruit the goth kids I need to reach an ideal spot in the South Park to use the different okay Im gonna work on the man bear pig stuff then the more I can do quite frankly the better itll lead to a higher amount of stuff done in game quite frankly might lead to just to a better chance overall of having the items and levels I need to complete for any situation I like the stapler I thought it would summarize in the meantime I have not actually been in this building  __  it my God Damien silent this is never witnessed the thing as hideous and vile as the one you Mortals called watch rated R for pirates you garage Schneider was an animal then he was a woman oh yeah it is the stapler you believe Rob Schneiders a stapler features Ill take all that oh dont mind everything going for you only problem is hes about to become carry it is 24K I dont understand this anyway Im changing my glasses I think these are so much cooler I can also make these purple though and thats really cool but 3D glasses theyre so much cooler oh my bar darts are better than any other item I currently have okay Music I shall lay waste to your kingdom dont worry Butters we got this ah  __  reposting can only be hit by uh projectiles what was that for suck my balls where are your parents okay now I have the stuff to get down here so Music a new patch Ill take that Music lets do this I am smells like strong magic down here I dont think I like you very much I dont like them either Butters no no no no no no please through it that was pretty good got Butters and level seven if I have a perk available  __  wow Marksman Music all right y were done here oh wait hold on oh  __  nugget and a dollar in cash my dreams are finally coming to reality I can have  __  nuggets now youre kind of creeping me out dude okay now I need to request return to Al Gore okay I know our Al Gore is money in the meantime sir Timmys fast travel six that ones outboard right yeah nice work I will let you know of any updates on member Peg make sure to share the news on Facebook Im super cereal sweet Ive finished the man bear pig quests now perfect quests now I need to find the last uh fast uh fast travel flag um mutant bacteria I only have three I only have four more of these things left and I will just look up where exactly I need to find those uh Penis Mouse South Park I finished rabbit Junkyard Dog Finnish Farm cow penis Mouse foreign I have to go back over there I have to go back over to the sewers Music you will never get laid looking like that kid Music speed running I finished it and they missed it the alien mission to receive the Alien Probe go behind the wall on the left aha oh my God I will interact with that in a moment we gotta fight a penis Mouse now up the ladder on the far right Music oh almost man  __  two of them this is my spot uh both are grossed out after that okay first things first Im gonna use a cure potion on Butters bar darts Butters youre then going to use a health potion on yourself or not to have my healers allowed just give me whatever youve got on you Im good for it  __  it whatever Professor chaos Music oh that was genius okay cure potion on myself thank you lets get a little bit of bleeding damage in oh theyre stunned there we go there we go didnt even have to try that hard thank you which ladder is it that I need to go uh I should do it on the pipe continue to the right actually the switch head up and I place the from under cheese bingo Music um give me some bleeding damage you know lets start off the fight strong with Professor chaos Music thank you oh that was beautiful no no no no no no I think it was  __  obliterated that was a lot of damage cool thats okay so then finish to the finished penis Maps then I need the blood sucking fruit bat I think I can get there Music because I can go down here wig going to be a new weapon while Im at it Im not worried about them Music Butters I need Professor chaos Music I can do that oh come on okay Im gonna use a health potion on Butters have him healed up Im just gonna use more bar darts because breathing damage is insane broken hobo one out thats not nice I can finish them off ciao not even worried that wasnt even much of a fight Music again its like a maze but I can do this Music I have to unfriend Al Gore oh my God Music thank you yes I was about to  __  okay bar darts Im gonna start off by just using Butters to take out the rat oh hey nice lets get some more bleeding damage in spare chain the hammer if it is oh come on well Im sorry I win Im so good at this game Music I did once cash thats two dollars I went that way already okay um Music how do I unfriend Al Gore friends Pro Al Gore is acting like a clingy ax stamp did I already go this way yeah I did Music I thought I could go deeper in Music damn there we go okay Music foreign Mr Hanky now Music Music okay I dont think Im gonna find that fruit bat thing tonight but not a while Music I want to figure out how to visit Mr hankies now foreign Mr Hanky you all gotta purchase make two chat hello Mr Hanky hmm guess they let anybody down in the sewers these days no its not anyone with pills for you darling okay this is my lovely wife Music its Christmas why why the  __  are my kids what do you mean where the kids youre supposed to be watching them out back I dont want a minute yeah I would be too Music baby to search the sewers for lost nuggets Im getting hungry down here Butters thats not the best thing to say in a  __  store but okay feel my registry Im rubber youre glue I hope not I hope Butters isnt thinking about eating trash Music I promise Ill do what I can Music check me out okay have Amber I have Cornwallis and Simon left to find now Music we got him I hope we dont get in trouble for this oh Butters smack it with your hammer perfect whatd I do Music Butters smack it with your hammer  __  good job oh come on Music huh I just were seeing if it works alrighty well make this work  __  bleeding damage is a  __  isnt it good luck fighting me when you flood out to death Simon no its Cornwallis a new weapon so now we just have Simon I hope we can find those little  __  nuggets me too Butters Music oh havent been in this part of the Catacombs yet Music I just got multiple parts to a Damian outfit anyway I say we should uh cosmetic up a bit pentagram tattoo no I have a Damien wig oh bat is this well here we go again okay okay that wasnt so bad Music for me is a health potion on Butters which means I can no longer oh I cant actually never mind there we go Music foreign okay Im gonna pause real quick um oh Music oh this isnt too many of uh theres only four of them we can take them foreign Music bleeding damage is the way to go with everything at this point blood orange okay waiting damage Professor chaos Music there we go oh theyre dead next I have mutant bacteria okay I have to I have to wait to do that one cry cry ing taste like crap how much more do I have left Quest big game hunting I have to beat a Canadian barking spider in the queefing Caverns but otherwise I have taken out the fruit bat and the penis Mouse thats pretty good so far Id say lets go find a poop child well this is like finding a dingleberry Music Music foreign okay Music a lever Music oh wait what if its okay wouldnt be that easy Music foreign Music foreign Music one of them is protected by rats uh behind a great Music hmm thank you protected by rats under a great no okay weird I cant find anything right now um now oh I didnt realize there was a wall there Music Music okay Music hmm Music foreign Music Music foreign located Music foreign Music Music I think I got the first hit okay Professor Chaos might be the best option for this one Music oh yeah foreign ER thank you okay I think after Im done with Mr hankys mission Im gonna call it a night Ive been streaming for about three and a half for about three hours 15 minutes give or take and I am pooped Music every time you need my help you just call on me and Ill be there soon pretty oh except against bosses of course I might have  __  for brains but Im not stupid and I cant help you more than once per day just like I cant help anyone who wont help themselves with rehab oh Im level eight um were gonna upgrade this one and now that were level eight we can use this which is a major upgrade modify Ive had no modifier on that the whole time so were gonna switch to this one not this one sorry Im gonna switch to the broken bottle yeah wait which is better okay or oh because it does 10 gross damage and then Im also going to add foreign modify oh thatll be uh ten percent 15 shock there we go now I have something that does bleeding four times more HP and there we go Music Id say thats a win I do want to remove Al Gore Im gonna figure out how to unfriend Al Gore okay its easy cool lets go lets go have a little conversation come on Butters Skeeter really cleaned up that bar of his now that Ive got an improved weapon ouch youre back junior algorian but why havent you liked any of my Facebook messages unless of course youre no normal human kid its you man bear pig how did he know Music now lets see how you like sitting through a whole presentation on global warming oh Butters is out you cannot escape the scientific certainty of global climate change yeah okay oh Excelsior protect the former sort of Vice President oh that was just a  __  gun foreign okay I really gotta heal Butters cool no more bleeding no more screwiness and by the camera that is Music that was the most perfect throw Ive ever seen now yeah okay I need to revive taco wonderful take cover foreign enchiladas but I think I can hold out medic I cant block my leg I love the smell of Victory and toast Continuum no Im beating this  __  boss fight Junior algorian but why have alrighty the whole presentation on global warming no no no no no no cannot escape the scientific certainty of global climate change they did much better than that time cool so Im thinking who are we at people laughed at me when I told them you were real Whos Laughing Now PP health potion cure potion oh yes well use that ouch Butters youre gonna do the same go orgasm protect the former sort of Vice President okay theyve all got bleeding damage now and were gonna use Professor chaos thank you Music I havent seen this one before Music passing good yeah what so its a stand go with you Im here perfect yeah oh that bear will be pleased that was so that was so op Orion uh okay its a good day to die but for you that is now lets see how you like sitting through a whole presentation on global warming oh cannot escape the scientific certainty of global climate change okay outdoor I can get this if I take him out early will he not summon anyone with me Music Excelsior protect the former sort of Vice President oh I didnt realize what I could do I could do a Im low on enchilada rations but I think I can hold out my movie Im low on enchilada rations but I think I can hold out Red Bull another Professor Chaos attack thats how were thats how were gonna take this  __  out Professor chaos Non-Stop oh fantastic no no no no no Im not gonna work with this okay Im gonna do this now so I dont have to later Butters Red Bull myself glass bottles possibly anyway Professor chaos again Music uh just took out the shield Music again they have not gone from me and thats the weird part so well use a revive potion yeah Butters is back and were gonna keep using these then Im just gonna thank you power potion ability Professor Chaos again Music okay were gonna Shield again looks like you know what Im fine with that wasnt so bad wonderful Al Gore is not lost much HP is the scary part what the  __  thank you smoothly ouch okay Music Im no longer knocked out what hostile is taking a sweet time I know thats the point no no no no no no so cold wonderful realistically now Al gors are the main target feeling touch Butters is bleeding and thats not good so lets fix that now were getting somewhere Music another health potion on Butters Butters is becoming a liability but its fine oh Music good job Music it worked foreign okay Im saving the game so I dont have to do that ever again all right oh apparently I must have some new armor oh I do so many Im currently using one that adds five armor we just so were gonna equip the five armor equipped seven armor unequip that equipped that modify melee weapon attacks and inflicts 10 more damage how about range attacks do 40 more damage actually no five more armor all right perfect thats a good AC weve got great armor actually compared to the other armor I have no armor no a three armor thats two but also has uh the theres also more aesthetic uh Music tin foil hat Maybe in the meantime I think Im good with what I got okay we took out Al Gore Music okay all right need Timmy so I can go over here ready to see ready to see how my new boosts work if I need to right Jimmy what can I do for you new kid all right like that I was the last fruit that mouse was making us okay I cant buy any new weapons I dont need that I think considering my throwing weapon adds bleeding then I just use my slashing weapon to get 50 HP back oh its beautiful so beautiful thats a strategy also apparently I got an animal testicle 30 gross compared to 20. Im not worried but I think save game save game main menu I think thats gonna be the end thank you all for going to the stream hope you have an amazing rest your night I think were gonna raid again tonight for the norm um you know were gonna read nanner should I get audio for them Music but yeah lets rate thank you all for joining stay awesome keep buzzing you know all that jazz see you later long time can you steam clean leather car seats I not only played portal 2 co-op with a new friend of mine but i also played stick of truth!! come stick around and follow Vulpix on all platforms shes incredible :DDDVulpixs Twitter: Vulpixs Twitch: wanna see it live? check it out here! join the community: can you share a steam game with a friend parental control steam is steam a good cleaner what to do with unwanted steam games how to hide recent game activity on steam profile