Playing Portal 2 for the first time! -- PORTAL 2 BLIND PLAYTHROUGH Episode #1

Steam share games librarybest apple steam games PORTAL 2 game hello beautiful people of the internet my name is Ryan and welcome in to a portal 2 blind playthrough I am very excited to play the campaign of this game Ive been waiting with baited breath for a couple of months now and its finally time for me to play it uh were sitting on this screen because were gonna hop in in just a second but I wanted to give you a little bit of information about how this playthrough is going to go so that you could decide whether or not its for you or if you want to watch so um first off Im a writer I really like paying attention to the writing in games and so I have played portal one I loved the writing especially gladoss uh dialogue actually just this morning read the portal webcomic lab rat that came that came out as sort of the release for Portal 2 as a as a teaser for Portal 2 and I loved it and Im very excited to see how that affects things here in just a second uh were gonna spend a lot of time paying attention to the writing Etc as I said this is also a blind playthrough so I dont know what to expect here at all uh so Im excited for that and lastly this is going to be a daily playthrough so videos will come out every single day at the same time on our YouTube channel and uh and you can find them there uh every single day so lets uh lets get into it I do have one thing to ask as we uh as we get started here new game the courtesy call okay I dont know what that means I have one thing to ask as we get started here which is that this is a series I am recording as the videos come out so at least for the first couple days that means that if you write a comment down below Im gonna be reading it good morning you have been in suspension for 50 days in compliance with state and federal regulations all testing candidates science extended Relaxation Center must be revived periodically for a mandatory physical and mental Wellness exercise when you hear the buzzer look up at the ceiling you okay you will hear a buzzer when you hear the buzzer look down at the floor Im being pavlovd this completes the gymnastic portion of your mandatory physical and mental Wellness exercise theres a really quickly I just wanted to say Im going to be reading these comments as you post them and I have not yet finished the game so for at least the first couple days please dont say anything that might change the way that I play the game or look at the end of the game uh just for the first few days and then after that um hopefully I will have finished the game and and you can write whatever you want um all right lets freaking do this lets do it round painting on the wall please go stand in front of it over there I just saw it Oh we moved fast were in like a hotel room yep please go stand in his voice there was a flamed painting on the wall his voice is funny is this Greenery alive when you hear the buzzer stare at the yard this is art what happens if I dont look you should now feel mentally reinvigorated oh okay you suspect staring at art has not provided the required intellectual sustenance reflect briefly on this classical music foreign Music now please return to your bed beautiful all right well that was that was quick um I feel reinvigorated in the gymnastic and an intellectual way one thing I know about portal first game is that youre always being interrupted by beautiful dialogue that I always want to hear as much of it as possible so you may hear me stop in the middle of a conversation here uh what exactly it is that that person is saying and I click I cant click whats in the closet nothing all right I guess were sleeping Ill see you in another 50 days lets do it good morning suspension hello anyone in there Music any time whoa um good looking good actually are you okay how are you dont answer that Im absolutely sure youre fine theres plenty of time for you to recover just take it please prepare for emergency evacuation stay calm stay calm stay calm stay calm yelling at me all right dont move Im gonna get us out of here dont move you might want to hang on to something word of advice up to you hang on to something where did you go oh my God whats happening youre right down there technical difficulties hello yeah what the  __  weve been here forever nine nine nine nine nine most test subjects do experience some cognitive deterioration after a few months in suspension now youve been under for quite a lot longer and its not out of the question that you might have a very minor case of serious very minor case of serious brain damage all right uh although if you do if you do feel alarmed try to hold on to that feeling because that is the proper reaction to being told that youve got brain damage do you understand what Im saying I love him this make any sense just tell me just say yes yes I can speak okay what are you doing there is jumping you just jumped but never mind okay you know what thats close enough just hold tight thats perfect I have to turn the volume up a little bit for him because I I really want to hear him more um hopefully its not gonna deafen you all uh I love it gives you one control and you do it and it does something completely different therefore showing off the brain damage ball Reactor Core safeguards are now non-functional please prepare for Reactor Core meltdown no no no no no no oh God I wasnt going to mention this to you but Im in pretty hot water here how are you doing down there oh my God yep were jumping power ran out so of course the whole taxation Center stops waking up the bloody test subject oh oh tricky nobody nobody say anything no once you tell me anything why should I be captainful you know about the life functions of the 10 000 bloody test subjects ten thousand why its close can you see am I gonna make it through but not enough space uh uh down down down oh okay I just dont concentrate yep youre doing great do you think its gonna be when the management comes down here and finds ten thousand flipping vegetables oh my God this game is beautiful yeah you did and youre still hitting it youre still hitting it okay listen we should get our story straight all right if anyone asks and no ones gonna ask dont worry but if anyone asks tell them as far as you know the last time you checked everyone looked pretty much alive yeah right not dead okay yeah almost there thats the opposite of dead is alive its one of the old testing tracks theres a lot of equipment in there that were gonna need to get out of here I have a feeling I know what it is this is a docking station get ready it says docking station right it does say docking station you just want to hit it as hard as you can that is not a docking station so theres one mystery soul Im gonna attempt a manual override on this wall could get a bit tactical hold on manual override listen almost there remember youre looking seriously do hold on this time okay there we go now Ill be honest you are probably in no fit state to run this particular type of cognitive Gauntlet but um at least youre a good jumper so you got that youve got the jumping on your side um just do your best and Ill meet you up ahead uh great I will do that in just a second hey uh Wheatley did you know that Ive actually done a couple of these cognitive test before Ive actually played portal one and oh I just march on through that hole I hear you Whitley just let me finish my sentence real quick buddy I think were gonna be spinning it go ahead a lot of time together so let me talk come on thats the spirit my wife and I have actually played portal to co-op which I thought maybe was a similar plot but it sounds I mean it might be similar but it Portal 2 cop was just very different uh so I have played portal one and Portal 2 Co-op but so at least I know how the portal gun works pretty well um you just want me to go across all this Rubble yep got a steam a steam achievement I love how he stares at me this is way more beautiful than I would have expected uh I liked portal one but man it was oh hello and again welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center we are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to circumstances of potentially apocalyptic significance beyond our control however thanks to emergency testing protocols testing can continue these pre-recorded messages will provide instructional and motivational support so that science can still be done even in the event of environmental Financial economic or structural collapse and emergency testing will begin in three two one can I take my radio with me I want to take my radio can I take it I cant grab it no can I turn it on hey look thats me so from the web comic I have lots of questions I read the webcomic earlier today I learned the name of the character from the first game am I meant Oh this is a rhetorical question am I meant to believe I am still shell this this much later I also learned to uh just tripping me out already this tripping me out already Im staring at myself through that through that thing right here looking at me standing right here about to walk through the door Im tripped out already lets let the fun begin what is this uh what does this clipboard say am I supposed to believe that Im still shell oh I can zoom okay portal test sequence sure Im in those are birds right foreign this is so cool this game looks beautiful I didnt again I just didnt expect it Cube and button-based testing remains an important tool for science even in a dire emergency Im gonna be paying very based testing cause this emergency dont worry the odds of this happening twice are very slim all right so that has to be a reference to the first game right I think that what what that means is I mean so in the first game I mean spoilers right but like we escape and in the process bring the whole place down and we turn off the main grid of power actually uh we learned this in the webcomic and then the second the we get put on reserve the like life system puts me on reserve power which keeps shell alive I think and then I I think Im shell again and oh buddy that door is broken oh that door oh that door is OSHA does not approve OSHA is not okay OSHA is very mad OSHA has entered the chat please note the incandescent particle field across the exit this Aperture Science material emancipation Grill will vaporize any unauthorized equipment that passes through it sure let me grab something through it oh I cant probably grab the cube so if GLaDOS is dead whos this is this bratos or Dairy dose God its gorgeous hmm I am very excited oh my gosh oh I cant wait if you feel liquid running down your neck relax lie on your back and apply immediate pressure to your tablets you are simply experiencing a rare reaction in which the material emancipation Grill may have emancipated the ear tubes inside your head hmm the material emancipation grid I I loved that from the first game and I and I cant wait to see how they employed in this game one of the best parts of the writing of of portals so far for me has been the like corporate culture the corporate speak material emancipation grid rather than like destruction Grid or you know something like that uh yet I have the market the marketing team is healthy budget at aperture Sciences oh my friend by that I mean my enemy my friend oh I can Crouch thats glass can I break it nope all right portal is opened somebody give me an actual gun okay is that opened a portal oh hey look thats me okay so that I bet that opens up Portal 2 and I bet that opens a uh portal all right trying to see if there is a gun shooting these portals or if theyre just opening from the little holes in the wall I think theyre opening from these little holes in the wall ah this games so pretty uh take you and were gonna first off thank you uh directly to you and see if we can hit you nope I wanna I wanna I wanna hit you with the cube hard physically I want to hit you really hard I guess its it looks like its staring straight down so its probably not on right okay so then we do this then we go through here portal I understand how this works portal hey Solutions because of the technical difficulties we are currently experiencing your test environment is unsupervised ah sure before re-entering a relaxation vault at the conclusion of testing please take a moment to write down the results of your test and Aperture Science reintegration associate will revive you for an interview when Society has been rebuilt so this interesting oh thats broken oh no oh God that seems not like its gonna work those are robots and cubes am I supposed to get in here it sounds like the uh the announcer the announcing voice is fully aware it said it was the emergency protocol so maybe this is like maybe its gladoss cousin brados who is like the backup well see I cant wait to find out oh I I wondered about the camera and then they said unsupervised animal King sending a cloud or other governing body that either refuses to or is incapable of listening listening to reason the okay the hell is this big turret pops down animal King takeover bow down before your animal King Overlord is that what that looked like bow down before our King turret hes wearing leopard skin yep bow bow so they mentioned unsupervised I wonder if that will remain true oh oh oh oh oh theres nothing there okay hey you made it oh there it is hi wheelie should be a portal device on that Podium over there a Portal Device I cant see it though maybe it fell off really whats been going on these last couple years yeah it is missing can I oh do you know what Im gonna do Im gonna work on the assumption that youre still alive and Im just gonna wait for you up ahead oh wait Ill wait one hour then Ill come back and assuming I can locate your dead body cheers to that wheelie yep yep youll see me in an hour because I have one thing follow there it is uh I have one thing which is tenacity Im off the 99th percentile in tenacity looks like a portal gun so we have drawings oh man if you havent read the webcomic I fully recommend it its incredible we also have a video on it um of reacting to it if you want to see that but uh scientists GLaDOS Companion Cube love love love and people choking people okay oh portal gun GLaDOS head I cant tell looks like a GLaDOS head Maybe shell thats me oh Im curvy holy Lab Rats thats the the art on the front of the uh oh man so how am I supposed to read wow thats gorgeous what happened here I can still only shoot one okay I can still only shoot one were through now we go up okay probably cant go many of the other places that look a little off uh off bounds but ah were almost up there lets just Escape right there thatd be fantastic Im imagining they have to teach you the basics of how to use the oh look at that so neat shows you where your portals were Im imagining they have to show you the basics of how to play this game again from the start so I think well probably be back to like um you know one portal at first two portals later do I have Office Space some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military Androids rest assured that all lethal military Androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the laws of robotics to share one copy to share okay so I cant get up so I have to go across and then you oh you die get out of here uh how about that and then oh I have to go back and then I go back good if you feel that a lethal military Android has not respected your rights as detailed in the laws of robotics please note it on your self-reporting form a future Aperture Science entitlement associate will initiate the appropriate grievance filing paperwork I do love the in the in the post-apocalypse what matters most is continuing the testing that we worked so hard to set up and so of course you must self-report so that we know what uh the outcome was okay their elevator seems very sketchy I dont like the elevator elevator feels bad just the same thing animal King takeover yeah okay elevator feels very sketchy going down oh I wonder how long wheatleys been alone I I wonder if well find out its very dangerous to help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death sprinkle Jazz will be deployed in three two one Music oh its a Bop no its no longer a Bop oh aperture cant do anything right come on oh hello yeah down you go and then into the rebel uh okay okay we closed that oh oh haha easy peasy lemon squeezy will there be cake at the end of this aha get out of here oh oh I threw you the wrong direction actually I think we can laser laser it fight you there yeah laser will fight you thats the technical term for whats happening were seeing a lot less observation rooms like in portal one there were observation rooms everywhere maybe well still see them I mean here its just plants plants and uh Lance a bad  __  all right so we go through here um put it on the floor oh I have to jump down okay I took you there then do I stand here or do I oh hello oh then I go up there and then walk through okay we need this Cube to go on the other one beautiful done great work because this message is pre-recorded many observations related to your performance are speculation please disregard any undeserved compliments if we compliment you and we didnt actually uh and you didnt actually deserve it please ignore it because we didnt mean to do it okay am I gonna fall onto the glass oh I fell under the glass that feels like I hurt my feet uh I could just walk back up it all right cool oh are we in a back hallway here that looks like where we should go and now I was really hoping wed go off the beaten path a lot in this game that was obviously the uh so much of the fun from the last game is where you get to crawl through the like Vince and ducks and stuff oh wait to crawl through the back alleys and yes the cat jumped over the moon is what that is those are formula unreason unreason is that like Nyan Cat kind of looks like it um TV a computer a monitoring space that I just talked about and beans Aperture Science all right uh cool lets go to the elevator that definitely works very well remember your evacuation training jump jump jump jump lets go I wonder how much how much World building well get to outside of aperture uh is currently being bombarded with Fireballs meteorites or other objects from space please avoid unsheltered testing areas wherever a lack of shelter from space debris does not appear to be a deliberate part of the test theyre always like stay safe and take care of yourself unless of course the test requires that you be unsafe and do not take care of yourself and then in which case the test comes first the science comes first falling yep yep these are the best all right cool uh I was gonna say that I really enjoyed the the chance to learn a little bit of something about the outside world uh during the last game and I hope maybe well get a chance to do that too here well see oh okay I feel like were getting to a more okay we got muck ready muck look at the the waves and the light okay uh that looks like a ball goes this way do I hit the button aha and then I leave I dont think Im there yet right no I have one more to do okay well keep that there hook that there oh  __  thats probably on a timer isnt it can I hit it again do it again do it again do it again nice on a timer beautiful I can just walk it up this I wonder if there will be a spiritual successor to the Companion Cube the Enrichment Center may appear Bleak You are not alone all Aperture Science personality constructs will remain functional in apocalyptic low-power environments of as few as 1.1 volts is there a way to hmm Im wondering if theres a way to like knock that thing off the wall you know I dont want it to be there I hate the cameras why do I hate them I dont know I just do mostly because it was really fun to destroy them in the first game and it feels like a little bit of a jab back at the man you know okay I dont want to walk in there I dont want to walk in there yeah we have to walk in there were breezing through this stuff so far breezing through it Wheatley can I see you soon Ive missed you where are you Wheatley this next test applies the principles of momentum to movement through ports if the laws of physics no longer apply in the future gotta help you God help you God help you all right so there it is  __  you too all right number six uh momentum Superman all right we have one there go through it what happens nothing much on the other hand lets see here we need to go all the way up there and you are stuck in there uh which I need to shoot down through okay we need to get up there first so I just I just run thats not gonna work nope aha I dont have to do it yeah here goes nothing oh yeah uh and then I went back over there  __  I did forget about that okay so now we just itll do it itself right if I just drop it off yeah now Im taking you two come along buddy uh you go here if you are not done who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization welcome and remember testing is the future and the future starts with you testing is the future and the future starts with you so get to testing you are after all just a lab rat um well what do we have here we have a a big droppy QB thingy we have a big momentumy QB thingy yeah oh we have back and forth Seas up there big drop here so I dont know lets do this seems fun all right theres the cube Cube needs to go through that that would probably be like there and then we and then we jump will that fall it will oh sweet I already did it lets go after it be oh man bang bang can I break the glass no but I can walk through lets go I keep I keep dropping it there we go all right that open to that so we just need to go through that thing again great take you with me and damn it there we are nope wait what am I doing wrong wait I have to jump from the taller one aha wait but how do I get up to the taller one wait okay um hows this work again wait okay its down here I go over here there it is then I go over thats the wrong way  __  this is one of those tests that is harder than I thought up there that will knock me against the wall keep me on this higher platform from which I can jump off with more momentum right there yeah that seems good lets try it hey there it is foreign I can say apple I can also jump actually I can only do one of those two things please remain calm please remain calm return to your primitive tribe I hope wheatleys okay to ensure that sufficient power remains for core testing protocols all safety devices have been disabled sure the Enrichment Center respects your right to have questions or concerns about this policy you can have the concerns you just cant voice them please remain calm upside down oops uh and unreadable very sure all right oh boy yeah where I dont see you ah there you are no oh brilliant you did find a portal gun Im alive do you know what it just goes to show people with brain damage are the real heroes in the end arent they at the end of the day Brave pop a portal on that wall behind me there and Ill meet you on the other side of the room all right fantastic uh he does have a so this track yep I understand Wheatley just one second this track is 100 percent just come on through to the other side nope I heard you the first time yep and Ill be there just in one second the track is where Wheatley goes so lets keep an eye on the track okay listen let me lay something on here its pretty heavy level with me they told me never never ever to disengage myself from my management rail or I would die but were out of options here oh so get ready to catch me all right on the off chance that Im Not Dead the moment I pop off this thing sure oh straight ready one two what if I drop three thats high its its too high all right going on three just gives you too much time think about it lets uh go on one this time three two one count the other one oh what the  __  Im not dead Im Not Dead plug me into that stick on the wall over there yeah and Ill show you something youll be impressed with it um what if I didnt what if I just took you with me no I hear you Im just what if I just didnt what if I just left you like right here yeah what if I just it wont let me drop it I mean I could um yeah I cant do it if youre watching oh okay seriously Im not joking can you just turn it down for a second yep Im not looking all right you can turn around now yeah the secret panel nice well your back was turned pick me up well lets get out of here can I can I oh I do need to take you with me yeah no I hear you its just that I really want to kill the camera okay come on with me buddy this is way too much time spent together already oh to tell us where to go oh this is brilliant we go wherever we want just hold on Im so happy hang on let me just get my bearings um what if I held you over the edge if I follow the rail huh we can go anywhere we want except as long as we follow the rail but if I just held you over the edge am I the first person to play this game and feel like maybe I should just bully Wheatley I hope Im not that would make me that would be very concerning yep we just we just follow the rail oh wheelie oh no yes hello whatever you do no thanks were good appreciate it keep moving keep moving hello hello hello hello hello hello Im Different are you lets get you lets lets save you I cant put you down which is the real problem here really sit down nope this turret claims to be different oh the turrets have the best voices in this game oh my goodness its a different door whats this door oh man the turrets Im Different what does it mean did it also up to speed on something right now in order to escape were gonna have to go through her chamber and she will probably kill us if if shes um away hes her whos her we could just sit here forever thats an option option A sit here do nothing option b go through there and if shes alive shell almost certainly kill us so thats great lets do that any reservations whatsoever about this plan now would be a tremendous time to voice them okay right now plenty of reservations about yourself Ive missed the window of time to voice my reservations are you scared really are you scared is that what it is are you afraid I kind of like it when youre afraid it makes me less afraid in a weird way oh that looks bad it makes me less afraid if you are also scared and I have to be the adult in the room seems bad tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe the dynamic the environment has been so Dynamic at this point that like in terms of like falling apart like the original scene were crashing through stuff oh my God I just I now expect every little thing to break okay Im gonna leave my cards on the table I dont want to do it I dont want to go in there dont go in there shes off shes off dont panic over shes all fine oh my God hes off shes off this the end of the first it is oh thats so cool now were stepping in oh wow there she is what a nasty piece of work she was honestly like a proper Maniac do you know who ended up youre telling me youre taking her down in the end youre not gonna believe this a human is it me I know I wouldnt have believed either no apparently this human escaped and uh nobodys seen him since then it was a long chunk of time where um absolutely nothing happened and then theres us escaping now so um thats pretty much the whole story you have to speak dont touch them a human and they did say he which uh you know I dont want to disagree with you but I might disagree with you dont touch anything huh are you sure I kind of want to touch stuff I kind of want to touch it all right well I wont touch it this is very cool absolutely nothing happened in that enormous amount of time that theyre still writing on the walls and also two separate incidents where humans escaped yeah follow by the way yep jump this actually look at it that is quite thats quite a distance isnt it better distance yeah okay you know what uh go ahead and jump youve got youve got braces on your legs so youre all set although no braces on your arms though so youre gonna have to rely on the old human strength to keep a grip on the device and by extension me so do do really make sure you keep a grip on me also a note no braces on your spine either so so dont land on that um or your head no braces there that could that could split like I love this voice um so do definitely focus on Landing with your legs theres no evidence of it you know Im not Im not like just a plastic cup uh we will be landing with some Force so a bit of bit of grip just using grip classic grip you hear this sound really right lets go jump whats the worst that can happen thats the sound of me trying to grab you the game wont let me or else I will I just thought something even worse better plan a new plan no imagining of any potential outcomes whatsoever okay just just jump just jump into the into the abyss and and see what happens all right oh still held still being held thats a great job youve applied the great were all fine thats tremendous the grip applied the grip Ive got the grip okay were just in the middle of the yep everythings bad down here oh its dark very dark okay ah I just sorry I just looked down yeah whyd you do that for her oh God damn it youre scaring me this oh its the main breaker room Wow Lets go in I mean sure look for a switch that says Escape pod all right dont touch anything else not interested anything else dont touch anything else dont you dont even look at anything else just well obviously youve got to look at everything else to find a skateboard but as soon as you look to something that doesnt say Escape pod look at something else look at the next thing all right but dont touch anything else or looking well look at other things but dont you understand can you see it anywhere I cant see it anywhere uh Im about to put you down plug me in and Ill turn the lights on turn the lights on to any lights all right here goes nothing let there be light thats uh God yep no I understood that oh turning ominous but probably fine as long as it doesnt start you know moving up moving up escape this should slow it down no it makes it go faster uh-oh power up initiated all right stop panicking uh I can I can still stop this um completely stop it really hurry really weve got no time thats youre too late already oh my God is that GLaDOS okay okay listen all right new plan I dont like it its you know her its been a long time how have you been gladoss boys you know until you murdered me you did what oh no oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no okay look we both said a lot of things that youre going to regret but I think we can put our differences behind us for science really really no I will say though that since you went to all the trouble of waking me up you must really really love to test this is the thing I love it theres just one small thing we need to take care of first this is where I killed her originally right down this thing oh my God I think thats the thing that I killed her heads in during the last game I dropped her heads into that incredible GLaDOS is alive and I think Wheatley might be dead and we are testing so GLaDOS also confirmed what we needed to know which is that it was us who did the killing the first time GLaDOS sounds pissed by the way very mad careful not to trip over any parts of me that didnt get greatly burned when you threw them down here this is the incentives should be around here somewhere once you find it we can start testing just like old time just like old times still alive Juan GLaDOS youre still alive if you will oh God this is terrifying did I go this this seems the wrong way yep all right thats the wrong way just walk on the thing oh buddy yep so dynamic crazy oh my God raining  __  down from the heavens wow that one was pink no that one was pink all right coming through you I got you oh I didnt mean to do that no I meant to save you well rip to that guy I meant to save him I truly Oh my Jesus Christ I meant to save him I dont know what I did I need a portal gun I need a portal gun hold on yep whatever you say GLaDOS Im here to play along this time Im gonna be your friend thank you its amazing you can control the whole Factory still huh there should be a way back to the testing area up ahead great love that I love that you can still control the entire Factory okay uh GLaDOS what if we use team test this time Im required by protocol to keep interaction with you to a minimum luckily we havent started testing yet this will be our only chance to talk quiet yeah lets talk GLaDOS lets talk be fine here let me get that for you do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did I discovered I have a sort of Black Box quick save feature in the event of a catastrophic failure the last two minutes of my life are preserved for analysis oh I was able well forced really to relive you killing me see you saw it and again oh no no if youve done that to somebody else they might devote their existence to exacting Revenge luckily Im a bigger person than that Im happy to put this all behind us and get back to work after all weve got a lot to do and only 60 more years to do it I dont have the Actuarial tables Actuarial tables in front of me incredible is like you have give or take 60 years Ill do the math later on exactly how much youve got and what the odds are so that we can maximize the amount of testing that we get done oh GLaDOS is waking up Im glad I said to relive the last years over and over again oh okay oh thats another I get in there no hmm oh I can walk in there though oh  __  wrong interesting you guys gonna hit me if I walk through here youre all gonna be very kind and not touch me right oh hi GLaDOS I can see that youre staring at me now you dont see anything just squeak in here see if theres anything I can make use of no okay around the bend we go oh buddy 19 uh Ill just move that out of the way for you this place really is a wreck but the important thing is youre back with me and now Im on to all your little tricks so theres nothing to stop us from testing for the rest of your life after that who knows I might take up a hobby animating the dead maybe oh GLaDOS ah listen it was honestly fully an accident what happened and uh given the chance to do it again I wouldnt and so therefore we should act as if I never did it the first time frankly yeah I think that sounds like fun if we just forgot about it all so any Pathways to the top still you think any way out that you can think of be great if we found a way out you sure no all right lovely lovely lovely lovely oh I think wheatleys dead and I was I was really liking his his voice ah chapter two the cold boot and thats is where were gonna end this episode thank you so much for watching Portal 2 begins today the next episode will be coming out tomorrow at the exact same time on the YouTube channel if youd like to in the meantime check out our Portal 1 playthrough you can find that on YouTube or uh reacting to the webcomic as well or Portal 2 Co-op with my wife I guess weve done all the portal after this which is a sad thought but it looks like weve got quite the game ahead of us I cannot wait to find out more about what GLaDOS has in store about yeah about whats happening to the world here and and uh whats going on with this Factory so thats gonna do it hey for this episode in particular if you would not mind if you enjoyed this video at all giving it a like and commenting something positive down below Im a relatively small YouTuber we uh we live or die by the interactions that we get from uh the few people who watch us uh and that helps inner helps push our videos in front of other people who might also like it so uh YouTube algorithm is our GLaDOS and I would really appreciate it thanks so much for spending this uh this last 50 minutes with me uh I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow until then have a great rest of your day much love from me to you Ill see you tomorrow bye-bye 2 player co op steam games Ryan plays Portal 2 for the first time! This is a blind playthrough :) if youre looking for a fresh perspective of this beloved game, hit subscribe!➡️SUPPORT US ON PATREON: ➡️HANG OUT WITH US ON DISCORD: Portal 2 is a 2011 puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Like the original Portal, players solve puzzles by placing portals and teleporting between them. Portal 2 adds features including tractor beams, lasers, light bridges, and paint-like gels that alter player movement or allow portals to be placed on any surface. In the single-player campaign, players control Chell, who navigates the dilapidated Aperture Science Enrichment Center during its reconstruction by the supercomputer GLaDOS. Portal 2 received critical acclaim for its gameplay, balanced learning curve, pacing, dark humor, writing, and acting. 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