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How to steam spinach on stovesteam issues today PORTAL 2 game in compliance with state and federal regulations all testing candidates in the aperture science extended relaxation center must be revived periodically for a mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise you will hear a buzzer when you hear the buzzer look up at the ceiling good you will hear a buzzer when you hear the buzzer look down at the floor good this completes the gymnastic portion of your mandatory physical and mental wellness there is a framed painting on the wall please go stand in front of it this is art you will hear a buzzer when you hear the buzzer stare at the yard you should now feel mentally reinvigorated if you suspect staring at art has not provided the required intellectual sustenance reflect briefly on this classical music Music good now please return to your bed Music good morning you have been in suspension for nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine hello anyone in there the enrichment immediately any tests are you um good looking good actually are you okay how are you dont answer that im actually sure youre fine theres plenty of time for you to recover just take it please prepare for emergency evacuation stay calm stay calm prepare its always saying prepare its all fine all right dont move im gonna get us out of here oh you might want to hang on to something word of advice up to you Applause youre right down there can you hear me hello most test subjects do experience some cognitive deterioration after a few months in suspension now youve been under for quite a lot longer and its not out of the question that you might have a very minor case of serious brain damage but dont be alarmed all right uh although if you do if you do feel alarm try to hold on to that feeling because that is the proper reaction to being told that youve got brain damage do you understand what im saying at all does any of this make any sense just tell me just say yes okay what youre doing there is jumping uh you just you just jumped but never mind say apple apple okay you know what thats close enough just hold tight all reactor core safeguards are now non-functional please prepare for reactor core meltdown Music okay look i wasnt going to mention this to you but im in pretty hot water here how are you doing down there youre still holding on the reserve power ran out so of course the whole relaxation center stops waking up the bloody test subjects hold on this is a bit tricky and of course nobody tells me anything no why should you tell me anything why should i be kept informed you know about the like functions of the 10 thousand bloody test subjects im supposed to be in charge of why close can you see am i gonna make it through but not enough space uh just just gotta get through here all right i just dont concentrate and whose fault do you think its going to be when the management comes down here and finds 10 000 flipping vegetables all right okay listen we should get our stories straight all right if anyone asks and no ones gonna ask dont worry but if anyone asks tell them as far as you know the last time you checked everyone looked pretty much alive all right not dead okay almost there on the other side of that wall is one of the old testing tracks theres a piece of equipment in there that were going to need to get out of here i i think this is a docking station get ready Music good news that is not a docking station so theres one mystery solved uh im gonna attempt a manual override on this wall could get a bit technical hold on almost there remember youre looking for a gun that makes holes not bullet holes but dont worry youll figure out seriously do hold on this time there we go ill be honest you are probably good hello and again welcome to the aperture science enrichment center we are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to circumstances of potentially apocalyptic significance beyond our control however thanks to emergency testing protocols testing can continue these pre-recorded messages will provide instructional and motivational support so that science can still be done even in the event of environmental social economic or structural collapse the portal will open and emergency testing will begin in three two one Music Music cube and button-based testing remains an important tool for science even in a dire emergency if cube and button-based testing caused this emergency dont worry the odds of this happening twice are very slim if you feel liquid running down your neck relax lie on your back and apply immediate pressure to your temples you are simply experiencing a rare reaction in which the material emancipation grill may have emancipated the ear tubes inside your head so Music good because of the technical difficulties we are currently experiencing your test environment is unsupervised before re-entering a relaxation vault at the conclusion of testing please take a moment to write down the results of your test an aperture science reintegration associate will revive you for an interview when society has been rebuilt if the earth is currently governed by a manner of animal king sentient cloud or other governing body that either refuses to or is incapable of listening hey you made it there should be a portal device on that oh hello can you see the portal gun also are you in line thats important first do you know what im gonna do im gonna work on the assumption that youre still alive and im just gonna wait for you up ahead oh wait ill wait one hour then ill come back and assuming i can locate your dead body ill bury you all right brilliant go team see you in an hour hopefully if youre not dead some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military androids rest assured that all lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the laws of robotics to share good if you feel that a legal military android has not respected your rights as detailed in the laws of robotics please note it on your self-reporting form a future aperture science entitlement associate will initiate the appropriate grievance filing paperwork Applause this next test is very dangerous to help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death smooth jazz will be deployed in three two one Music Music all right great work because this message is pre-recorded any observations related to your performance are speculation on our partner please disregard any undeserved compliments Music so Applause if the enrichment center is currently being bombarded with fireballs meteorites or other objects from space please avoid unsheltered testing areas wherever a lack of shelter from space debris does not appear to be a deliberate part of the test me so so so so so well done the enrichment center reminds you that although circumstances may appear bleak you are not alone all aperture science personality constructs will remain functional in apocalyptic low power environments of as few as 1.1 volts Music this next test applies the principles of momentum to movement through points if the laws of physics no longer apply in the future god help you so Music if you are a non-employee who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization welcome and remember testing is the future and the future starts with you Music so me so good work getting this part future starter that said if you are simple-minded bold or irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you please return to your primitive tribe and send back someone better qualified for testing vhs game steam Subscribe! 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