Portal 2: A MINUTED MILLIONS - Full Walkthrough

Steam download windowssteam game stopped working PORTAL 2 game i awake in a midday haze to find that i am in dire need of a drink in this quiet motel bedroom i dont recall this room yesterday i must have been drinking pretty hard to miss this Music do Music deploying Music Music Music do Music Music so Music Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music Music my cold beverage is right there it teases me as i seem to not be able to find a way in the room my throat is parched Music how peculiar not one soul in this place it must be a slow week Music Music Music so Music Music so Music so Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music uh Music mom Music Applause Music Applause Music ah Music can you find the 10 things wrong with this room if you cant figure it out you could just randomly click on things so you can get on with your life oh Music my Music Applause Music so Music Applause Music dear leicester Music somewhere there is a man sprawled across a plateau he throws a ball but there is no one to catch it the ball rolls to the edge and bemused looks about for a moment turning to the man it says can you truly be so cruel as to cast me from this cliff nay i say tis you who best descend for the fleeting moment during which you threw me you felt sensation so why then shall i one who has completed his duty be the one to fall a look of concern crossed the mans face why had the ball chosen this moment to lay its mind bare too late now he thought to himself watching the ball accelerate towards the inevitable there was a sickening crack as the woman now covered in fresh sanguine blood embraced the earth as we journey through the day and as the day turns into night a reflection calls to memory a far-off sun scene through the clouds who are we we who would seek to climb mountains but then turn and pray they move the mountains need not more for us for we already move for them it is his way his truth his undying love tie my memoriam will flow like a river the river sticks for that is all time is a red fox amidst a vast vast color of shining turquoise how can mirrors be real if our eyes arent real Music who are we to be the kings for if we are truly worthy to be called blizzard i believe it is you have done this truly worth of admonishment it is the crop circle at the edge of time and space awaits your life you must go you must go Music so Music i dont need to use the bathroom right now but maybe there is a key floating around here so Music Applause Music more Music Music yes Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music so so Music shooting intensifies Music Music Music do Music Music uh Music so uh Music Music Music Music do Music so foreign Music my Music Music uh Music um Music Music so Music do Music so Music so Music Music so Music Music Applause so Laughter Applause Music foreign steam linux supported games Full Playthrough of the Portal 2 Mod A Minuted Millions in a Single Video with NO Deaths.★★★ Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE! ★★★ Thanks :) Join us on: Discord:► Twitter:► You can download Portal 2: A Minuted Millions for free here: -------- Portal Walkthroughs -------- Portal Reloaded ► Portal Prelude ► Portal ► Portal Rexaura ► Portal 2 ► Portal 2 Co Op ► ► Aperature Tag ► Portal Stories: Mel - Story Mode ► Portal Stories: Mel - Advanced Mode ► Portal 2: Thinking with Time Machine ► Portal: The Flash Version ► Portal: Still Alive ► Portal: Factum Solus Episode 1 ► Portal: Factum Solus Episode 2 ► Half-Life 2 with the Portal Gun ► ---------------------------------------------- Portal - BETA - 2005 Edition ► Portal - BETA - 2006 Version ► Portal 2 - Developer Commentary ► Portal 2: Cut Content - GLaDOS Unused Lines ► Portal 2: Cut Content - Wheatley Unused Lines ► --------------------- Half-Life ► Half-Life: Blue Shift ► Half-Life: Opposing Force ► Half-Life 2: ► Half-Life 2: Episode 1 ► Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ► Half-Life - The Movie ►►► ----------------------- Gabe Newell Simulator ► The Stanley Parable ► The Beginners Guide ► ★★★ Please SUBSCRIBE ★★★ Thanks :) Email: when is steam fall sale rainbow six extraction steam charts steam regional prices free fnaf fan games on steam steam hams