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Paladins steam chartamazon steam cleaners PORTAL 2 game Music Music Music Music Music Good morning, shes been cryogenically locked up for 50 days in compliance with state and federal laws Science Extended Relaxation Center test candidates must be resuscitated periodically for one session you will hear a tone when you hear you look at the ceiling ok you will hear a tone when you hear you look at the floor ok you have completed the physical gymnastics section of your compulsory exercise in front of you you can see a box with whatever in front of him this is called art listening to a tone when Hear it look at art you should feel mentally stimulated if you suspect that looking at art has not given you the mental sustenance you deserve about this classical music Music ok Im going back to bed now Good morning shes been frozen 9999999999 this courtesy call hello Is there anyone there leaving the center oh my gosh thats bad you look good are you ok Dont answer me, Im sure youre fine Youll have time to recover Dont hurry, ready for emergency evacuation, calm down, get ready, thats what they say, everything is fine, dont move, Im going to get us out of here. can you hear me down there hi applause most of the test subjects suffer from some sort of cognitive impairment after a few months in cryogenics youve been in a lot longer and its not ruled out that you could have a very mild case of acute brain damage no dont panic Well if you panic hold on to that which is a logical reaction when youre told you have a brain injury you understand what Im saying makes some sense to you Just say yes well what youre doing is jumping you just stopped you just jumped but It doesnt matter, home, very well, you know that you almost have it, wait, reactor safety mechanisms damaged, ready for the meltdown of the reactor core. tight here How is it going around are you still holding on the reserve current has run out and of course the relaxation center no longer wakes up the test subjects Wait its a bit complicated And of course no one tells me anything no because they should why they should inform me of the functions vitals of the 10,000 test subjects Im supposed to be in charge of its very tight you see it can pass I have plenty of room I just have to pass it through here I just have to focus now Who do you think the bosses are going to blame When they come and 10,000 __ veggies are found Ive hit it Ive hit it Hear the record straight ok if someone asks you Although no ones going to do it dont worry But if someone asked as far as you were concerned the last time you looked everyone seemed to be alive in agreement undead ok Were almost over that wall theres an old test track theres a piece of equipment there well need to get out I think this is a loading dock get ready good news that wasnt a loading dock so weve solved a mystery Im going to go manual with This wall can get a little technical hold on youre almost there remember youre looking for a hole gun no bullet holes otherwise it doesnt matter you ll find out for real Hold on this time Ive got it Ill be honest you are luckily welcome back to the aperture science dev center we are experiencing technical difficulties due to potentially apocalyptic circumstances beyond our control however thanks to the protocols emergency testing can continue these pre-recorded messages will provide instructions and support so that science is not hampered even in the event of an economic, social, ecological or structural collapse the portal for emergency testing will open in three two one Music testing with raw and buttons are still essential for Do the science even in an emergency if the emergency was caused by testing with cubes or buttons dont worry its not likely to happen again if you feel fluid running down your neck Relax lie supine and temple pressures just experience a unusual reaction where the material emancipation network may have emancipated his ear canals Music Music Music ok due to the technical difficulties we experienced his tests are not being monitored at the end of the tests before going back into cryogenics Take a few minutes to write down the results an opening reintegration technician will revive you to interview you when society is rebuilt Music if the earth is currently ruled by any sentient cloud animal monarch or other organ that is unable or refuses to enter Music you did it there must be a portal gun on that platform Music ahead Ill wait before Ill wait for you an hour later Ill come back and assuming I can find your body Ill bury you ok great cheer up see you in an hour if youre not dead some emergency tests may require prolonged interaction with military droids No need to worry they can read and they have a copy of the laws of robotics one for all ok if you believe a lethal military android has violated your rights under the laws of robotics note it on a complaint form a future apple science technician will initiate then the administrative complaint process the next test is very dangerous to help you stay calm at the thought of almost certain death it will sound relaxing in three two one Music Music awesome since this message is pre-recorded any appreciation we make of your achievements is pure speculation perhaps disregarding any compliment Undeserved Applause if the development center suffers a bombardment from fireballs meteors or other objects from space avoid uncovered areas where lack of protection from Space Scum doesnt seem like part of the tests well done dev center Reminds you that even if the situation seems hopeless you are not alone or alone the personality cores continue to operate in apocalyptic environments and only require a tiny voltage of 1.1 volts to function in the next test it will take advantage of the kinetic moment between portals if the laws of physics have ceased to apply we recommend that Music if you are not an employee and discovered the facilities among the ruins of civilization welcome experimentation is the future and the future starts with you Music Music Music Music you have done a good job so far pioneering the future Although if you suffer from feeblemindedness sensitivity or are irradiated And therefore the future should not start with you again his Tribe Music how to download pc steam games on mac Muy buenas gente, en esta ocasión probaremos Portal 2 en gráficos altos Comenten si les gustaría que probara algún otro juego, o sí quisiera que subiera la campaña de alguno. 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