Portal 2 Trailer - Wheatley

Steam foldersauce for steamed dumplings PORTAL 2 game Music ah brilliant he made it free welder okay follow me weve still got Washington Lee she cant touch us back here okay dont move okay all right so Ive got an idea but it is bloody dangerous here we go Music oh for Gods they told me if I ever turn this flashlight off I would die they told me that about everything I dont even know why they bother give me this stuff if they didnt want me to use it its pointless mad is an interesting story you might like this I lost our job then American benefactor but only of himself nepotism theyre getting even worse job tending to all the smelly humans the the sorrow that just sitting Music Ill tell you humans just well Music power up initiated okay dont panic its its week week and I can still stop it not a problem theres a possum its fine Ill just Ill just hack it okay all right stop panicking new plan its you know its a long time how have you been like Ive been really busy being dead you know after you murdered me what okay look we both said a lot of things that youre going to regret but I think we can put our differences behind us for science you monster you Music make steam wishlist public Footage that introduces Stephen Merchant as Wheatley. how to get any game on steam for free share game steam buy random steam games steam.roller how to uninstall steam on mac