Portal 2 - Egg and the Boy (co-op gameplay)

Steam team thomasintruder steam charts PORTAL 2 game hey patreon its your boys anna and price whats up whats up i was like we dont ash isnt here um egg and the boy egg and the boy exactly uh you all voted for this on patreon so were playing portal 2 today and ive not played portal 2 uh since the game came out yeah and i have christy and i played this a couple years ago oh yeah yeah before we moved in together but um and we recorded it and uh i never i like lost the footage so um oh no so you all never got to see that i can only place a portal on a white portal so listen you can place a portal wherever i tell you glados there okay so then we oh we dont have portal guns yet we just have to tell it where to point them or where to shoot the board we have to point oh i see we have to point two okay so now i need to point one over where you are look i can run through here we um okay where are we trying to go wait how did you confirm mine oh do i have to place it in mine i think you have to do yours on your wall and then on the other wall so you can run in like a straight line like this tutorials are tough when youre like already like knowing what to do mostly okay were gonna go oh man its its so trippy when youre like running like youre gonna go somewhere um im watching you what are we supposed to do can we just run and jump and grab this nope dont do that oh you know what we got a oh gosh there we go its almost like we have to play the game and blue is first to acquire a portal oh i beat you oh gosh how dare you as a portal device final each device can create two self-contained portals please test your device by portaling to that ledge you need to get up here i just need to yeah yeah yeah i can do that oh wait look whos the head this time oh you have left and right click left and right click so okay there we go there we go got light and dark i forgot how fun this game oh it gets so good okay okay okay okay im caught up now listen were even you got the first one okay okay so ive got this red button yeah you gotta let me through and then ill let you through this way calibrating oranges weight no variance is detected i miss glados hello where i want like a a vhs show of like where is she now where is glados oh man okay so i have a door oh i can go through this okay yeah yeah okay i need i might need you to move oh i can just take away your portals now you can go through communicating specific locations to your partner yeah go through there yeah you see hi okay so i i opened a portal for you there because there was uh stuff on both sides you wouldnt have been able to hit this wall but i was able to hit it how did you do that how did you make it so you could use you gave me your portal there was um a hole in the wall here theres like a little window thats empty so i was able to shoot through that one and we can both use each others portals its just we have to be in the same area okay okay uh okay all right what am i doing dropping a cube okay okay e to pick up eat it put down there we go companion cube no variance is detected did you know humans frown on weight variances if you want to upset a human just say their weight variance is above or below oh death count for price is now at two yep yep this is this is interesting this is different uh all right go ahead and drop it okay gotcha oh you caught it right then i think i hand it through to you oh yeah so then i got it and ill run over here and i think youll hand it to me yeah okay take this cube back tis my cube now now i want to go get my portal cube plushie oh you you have one i do companion cube thats cute yeah all right okay okay and then lets see all right what did i close oh its these so these ones you cant bring stuff through so maybe ill hand you something and then oh yeah yeah i have a i have a spot that i can have a window for so so go through there and go hit that button oh i cant hit the button the buttons like the buttons on my side i cant get over there hmm okay okay okay well lets see oh wait wait wait wait wait wait hold on hold on there is okay you can if you go to your side go over to that window can you see across the way is there can you hit that wall there with your portal the white wall this one yeah yeah okay okay and then put one um here oh yeah yeah okay i got one there and then ill put one there there you go okay so then ill go up so you should be able yeah there we go look at us whoda thought not me oh look we got confettis can we high five how do we high five theres a high five button i know there is this oh youve up yeah yeah look at that do it again gladys doesnt like it come back how do you do it whatd you press i pres well im playing on a controller so i just pressed up on the d-pad got your hand later you cant get me getting in my safe place ill get you listen out of two of us only one person has died and thats been you its true and i have experience with this game and thats upsetting thats all right im just a wild card what can i say you are the two the two chaos beings are together yep chaos bots you dont want to give us immortality and infinite time i mean i do no we do but others dont want that its chaos for the world we completed courses i will wave to you okay steps taken oh i can see you in my dancing pictures yeah it helps actually uh okay so this looks like the first oh oh theres like different sections yeah this is the hub world yeah so you can see kind of theres different stuff on each one so like if you look at that its got like that like beam kind of thing um this ones got like the spring pad so its like as you unlock the different stuff you unlock the different zones just like uh like a banjo kazooie yeah dont look down yeah dont dont fall to your death oh my god i almost did okay okay were going dont pull the price one seems good yeah we got six little zones well see how far we get yeah get in your launch cube but its not a cube its a cylinder why do they have to like take us apart and then put us back together i feel like thats completely inefficient its the easiest way to transport us they transport us through tiny tubes even though they put us in a big tube they transport us through tiny tubes okay through the interior were in the back walls its not where were supposed to be all right theres a thing there okay okay okay okay okay okay this is a dead end yes you already have oh heres well yeah i was just looking heres white walls oh down below us down there is there oh thats a way to duck there we go wheres the disc do you have the disc laser disc i see a sign that says do not trust me oh its in there where is it in there we need to open that door oh here we go heres a lever has it out of power countdown oh oh hold for countdown how do that yeah wheres the countdown one i dont know this is on my d-pad hold for countdown hold on oh oranges being alive i just did a thing collaboration points oh got it theres two of them okay three two one nope try again okay three two one go okay oh oh i got it i got it we both did it at the same time and canceled it um oh theres the disc i got it i got the laser disc okay okay ah its my favorite powers its terminary power stone its terminator 2 judgement day here we go oh i was going for a dreamcast game oh does that look like a dreamcast what are you talking about thats a thats a laserdisc player okay fine were going straight to 1989. outside the testing courses the only way i can retrieve you is to violently disassemble you there we go okay okay luckily you dont feel pain at any rate oh glados i love you that you feel pain okay so you talked about that and pulling us apart how do you feel about them exploding us with fire i mean at least thats more showy hmm okay okay like id rather be exploded and put back together than be disassembled i think you may be done so now they forced us to come back here because we were murdered um okay okay glad i was using your power for not good you know right the opposite of good rude game rude okay back in the tubes we go into the internet we go hopefully we end up uh somewhere good yeah i was like what what is good in this world i have no idea but maybe we end up at a nonsense for robots maybe its like oil instead of water who knows this next test is so outside the box we just did this one right did we mess it up yeah maybe we did what maybe because it said it we did it we did what were supposed to do with the laserdisc okay you oh dude i cant flip im sorry its fine its fine its fine i see i see i was just trying to get you killed all right im wondering if we have to like if we have to go back and like set the set what level were on you know oh maybe maybe so maybe oh okay yeah well see well see okay one two three go whoops i pressed jump that was my bad one two three go okay got it perfect oh gosh okay so we got the late grab maybe we dont maybe we dont no we do we do i remember these these are uh unavoidable glados was just teaching us hey look Laughter do you see me creeping up behind you you cant move now you pushed wait Laughter oh man oh oh gosh that was rude maybe i should be paying attention maybe because one of us has finished this before it started us on the last level and we had to go back to the first level because i saw the button thing and maybe thats why because like you see thats why the bridge is already there because maybe its because ive beaten it maybe but you host it wants to sit thats weird yeah all right okay well lets see yeah cause theres this here well do this well do this all right okay okay well we know how to beat level six yeah all right sean when we get there itll be easy were doing this in a different order its like memento you know we work our way backwards we try to figure out like oh they were a bad guy the whole time they were a good guy the twists whole turns it was the laser disc the whole time was originally created for humans it emphasizes buttons humans need to be taught teamwork okay im over here learn the teamwork now do we go through right now okay we gotta hold him yeah we gotta we gotta do that can you see anyone can you no i cant i cant shoot from here you have to shoot yeah im trying to see i dont see a maybe a spot to hit but there is another thing there oh oh okay maybe maybe you just oh gotcha then i can i can place one over here yeah yeah so so maybe you need to put one in here and then go through i thought we both had to hold that to get that uh one door open okay you got that okay cool all coming through now you can go the other oh gosh okay yeah hold the can you hold oh oh no no ill go back there ill hold the other one yeah yeah yeah yeah all right so then you should open this one all right now use your light blue on that wall all right cool okay okay now you should be able to come over whoa what do you walk there you go huh i walk weird no its just funny watching you walk its not weird its just fun okay okay no judgment just appreciation its like a naruto run but your arms dont go backwards okay so like leaning forward but like yeah like a t-rex i dont know okay okay yeah you got a little like pop-pop pop-pop pop all right all right the winner how do you run the fewest i dont know how do i run watch me run you might find that you kind of your your stance is really wide so its kind of like like you walk confidently but kind of like outward if that makes sense you know it does it does uh all right what do we got here i dont know im gonna put a portal there though Music wait try again all go now i can hold tab and i can see your view now isnt that cool oh yeah yeah so i can come through which i guess i probably should do yeah oh whoa picture and picture this is wild im watching you all right now im over here obviously i cant get through yeah so i should oh oh oh can you put a light blue one in there yeah okay cool there you go there we go welcome this way we did it get out of here glados i feel like we should just be able to we beat the last one so we should be able to bypass it so it will not explode okay thats not working okay so i think heres what we do we put our we gotta get a cube do we yeah yeah this is a cube maybe you can um go up there from there ill try going up there oh yeah theres a button up here let me push this button okay yeah yeah so heres what i think we do come back down here so put one portal there and then keep the other portal up top right were gonna need to hit all these buttons super fast um because you can see the timers uh up there so theyre timing yeah so well want to basically count it down hit this button run through there hit the next button right okay let me see yeah okay okay ready uh three two one go or do we have to do it in order i wonder oh is there an order we got it we got oh no we got it boom and it dropped out a companion ball companion sphere you really come together as a team thanks to the one of you who appears to be doing all of the work its priced youre the one doing all the work oh okay okay im cool with it listen youve done this before its true thats true more recently than i have i mean no im precognizant thats all Laughter your brain is working it faster than mine right now i can see into the future when communication teamwork oh right here it says cube laser cube bad boys danger from bad and boys okay okay which okay please dont zap me i didnt i stopped the laser all right sort of where do we need that to go oh okay theres a thing here oh okay i know what to do all right come over and come over here so were gonna do yeah yeah do that and then put the other one here okay and then im gonna do like this and yeah yeah yes i wanted to hit you with the laser but i didnt we got to move it over just be it yeah there we go got them lasers you really wanted to kill me blazer it does it will murder i got ver i got very close but i were afraid the laser will murder like its not a joke right you gotta be careful with lasers okay oh theres a turret oh god oh god its gonna shoot me whoa hannah okay okay i didnt i didnt get you i was nice okay this is this is this is more uh okay i think maybe we want to zap them somehow um is there a is there a is there a wall yeah oh oh you know what i bet does it go through the um the glass it does oh yeah it does so i think if we go like hold on all right look out get get out of that hallway okay im leaving oh okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so then maybe you do angles here and there because theres like a laser thing on that wall there we go okay okay thats the stairs oh and then you know what one of us can hit this switch and then the other one can zap those nerds okay i will im on zap him ow ow youre on fire youre on fire okay im kidding we did it out all right now we gotta line these back up again they are no more important to you cool how do we leave dont touch the laser oh wait did it theres like stairs and stuff all right its its a real precise shot here oh come on there we go there you go okay jump it you dont jump very well in this no no we got for robots we do not have good hops you know youve seen those boss dynamics things were not those the murder robots yeah the armys murder robots were not those chambers Music were definitely not those we do not move creepily like that were a little more adorable and endearing were like the terminators that were made to like look like pixar characters so that like you let us into your home oh my gosh and then we murder you dont know what you think you are doing but i dont how dare you i want you to stop i want you just rock paper scissored me yeah you forged an excellent how dare you Music thats cute you cant separate us gladys okay i remember this one um what this one looks difficult so yeah i will say ill say this i always have done it from this side so if you want i can do it from that side you got to navigate me through that whole maze oh i see and then im not exactly sure what im getting through there though okay let me see what this does oh that goes up so how do i get oh so like i said you gotta get up there yeah yeah so i can do i can get myself up there like this yeah and then i have to guide you yeah so tell me which way i should go wherever youre trying to get me hold on dont go anywhere let me see let me okay yeah okay so go to the right my right youre just straight yeah yeah yeah yeah go down okay keep going actually there is a thing here i could put my my portal oh i know im can i shoot through that no okay yeah why dont you stick a portal right there up there just in case yeah okay and then i think that okay come on down here whee okay dont dont stick a portal there okay cause what is that thats scary okay actually okay go go towards the next yeah yep and im gonna lower this one and then get on top of the one that just got lowered so right in front of you and put a put a portal on that one okay okay now you should be next to your box theres my cube okay and then you should be able to oh did my portals clear the other one on the top is still fine but that one i guess is gone so you can oh its because the thing uh killed it probably when it moved yeah so you can go through there and im safe okay get back on that okay one yeah and then there you go okay and then keep going Music and then you should be able to come back over here oh yeah cool no deaths look at that where did you go im down here yeah i need you to help me up here okay okay now we can put it on the thing now we got a laser okay we need to get it up top there so where do we need to get it up top uh theres a laser receiver thing behind here so like that oh okay well that was easy honestly that was very well done very well done yeah you did a good job too thanks i was a little rat in a maze it was wonderful ill say i usually have a little bit uh shake your hands and kill people a couple of times Laughter Music all right what do you think did we do all six of them no theres i think theres one more oh and then theres the death level do i just finish the chapter should we just do one more yeah lets lets just do this chapter yeah if it were all right weve got a cube oh you hear that im winning oh not cool not cool oh thats what happened all right so it re-materialized when i hit the button five signs collaboration point oh john and thats why we need to be able to respawn it um okay lets see what this does i didnt even know there was a drop there okay so we got that okay and that one lowers that so yeah so what it is is one of us is gonna have to go through here because like look so theres that and that lifts up that spike clamp then you can so these but but these these levers oh i see okay okay so were gonna have to do this time thing yeah so then what youre going to want to do is like portal here and there yeah yeah yeah that kind of thing but you might want to have that this one a little bit lower there we go yeah so that you can go through and maybe i guess then this one higher if youre going that way um all right so wait a second okay okay well i can go over here on this and then use there you go there you go okay okay i see it okay guys okay give me a second to move the other one yeah okay okay you just just put the laser through my body yeah no i i just laser i looked over here and just picked it up like i did not turn with it that was the game that was the game okay now i need now we need to get you back yeah so so lets see i think uh oh i can line this up and then i can go if you set me up a portal here then i should be able to go through that way im watching you im fine dont worry about me hello i didnt mean to laser you before im sorry im sorry look hugs all right hugs okay okay oh man Music just silly robots egging the ball survives egging the ball and im eggs so i stole your identity so you didnt deal with that but i stole your identity afterwards oh dang sometimes testing yeah i dont know what im going to do this next test but this is memento it is look at this and now were back where we started yall but with with new knowledge of what came before okay i feel like were pros yes yeah we got it at this one got it all right hitting the switches okay three two one go nope i didnt i pre keep pressing jump three two one go all right im letting you shine oh man all right okay all right give me power stone its power stone this time yes yes we watched whatever termination we already watched and we died we died several times maybe as robots in an apocalyptic future we shouldnt watch a movie about robots in an apocalyptic future yeah that seems that seems to be the thing not to do we could not compute because it wasnt how it happened but we thought it was a documentary so then we exploded dont feel pain at any rate were gonna explode again arent we yeah oh no there we go well thats how it goes i guess yeah thats uh thats how it goes but we did it we got through the first chapter indeed indeed there it is good old patrons i mean i guess yeah if you all wanted to see more vote for it again and then i could go stage two testing courses theres 176 bathrooms on this side nice huge huge shout out to all our patrons thank you so much for voting on this if you want to go ahead and become a patron definitely check it out you can help vote for what price and i will play next or we all get to play so thank you so much and we will see you next time Music foreign Music steam oops the game crashed Aenne and Price check out Portal 2 - the classic co-op first person puzzler where you take on the role of a pair of experiment performing robots, intent on escaping the increasingly difficult puzzles placed before them by the nefarious AI GLaDOS. 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