Portal Companion Collection Nintendo Switch Review!

Steam pc game passred dead online steam PORTAL 2 gameplay Music the port collection is just 13 pounds 49 on the nintendo switch but how does it perform whats it like in co-op mode does the split screen work whats the frame rate like and yeah is it worth you picking it up if youve never played it before or double dipping if you played it back in the day hopefully this video will answer all of those questions my name is mark walker welcome back to switch up and do stick around if youre interested in reviews of games like monster hunt arise sun break and let me know what you thought of that mini direct i think it was surprisingly good maybe they just uh stripped it down after all the rumors and stuff but yeah having the persona games is brilliant news and that live a live demo looks great with saves that carry across to the full game happy days but for now lets have a look at the performance of portal was this a triumph and is the game still alive or will it be hard to overstate my disappointment well lets find and out there might even be cake lets first jump into portal 1 then and as mentioned right at the start there both of these can be had for just 13 pounds 49 and while yes theyve been out on other platforms and they can be had relatively cheaply it does feel a bit like valve looking at some of the other releases weve seen of older games and saying why have you charged that much 13 pound 49 is absolutely on the money and despite the rage youre getting two of the best first person puzzle action games that there are available this companion collection also has developer commentary online multiplayer split screen and a reasonable download size which ill put on the screen the online play will require a nintendo online subscription so make sure youve got that set up if thats what youre after onto performance the frame rates for both games are targeting a locked out 60 frames per second which is fantastic and valves source engine holds up reasonably well portal 1 seems to have no issues with that 60 fps its running at native resolution in both docked and hand held modes and image quality is well its reflective of its time really although the engine saw a lot of tweaks with the sequel and subsequent releases it looks pretty dated with that said the portal engine still looks quite cool theres something about staring into infinity that feels vaguely familiar everyone looks at their backlogs and that 60 frames per second target is maintained in 99 of portal 1. it does however have that general washed out look due to having less lighting effects than some of the later games the age of the game is reflected in its textures although its overall image quality isnt bad at all because the environments are relatively small and they have that uniform art style with a minimalist and relatively clean look its more functional than pretty now when we jump over to the sequel things look drastically different that is not a docking station so theres one mystery solved inside your head this one arrived four years after the original and the source engine had seen a number of upgrades once again its targeting 60 frames per second in both docked and hand held modes and this is less consistent than the first game while there we see almost perfect frame pacing in the earlier areas portal 2 has some frame pacing issues it seems to hitch a little when you load into new areas when entering a portal but again i found this smoothed out an hour or so into the game and with the run down more dystopian future look with the overgrown vegetation more dynamic shadows more lighting better textures the source engine holds up remarkably well in this instance hopping over to handheld is the same again it just plays and runs so well in handheld the final element then would be the split screen now thankfully my daughter was willing to try the game out and together we played through straight away i can see this is running at 30 frames per second which is understandable but there was neria hitch and nerius stutter it still looks decent and you can choose whether to split the screen horizontally or vertically shed never used motion control so you have to forgive the uh occasional flailing on the subject of control zen as you can see there are motion control implementations which for first person shooters or first person puzzle games like this in my opinion at least it makes it much easier its entirely optional you dont have to use it but for those like myself that enjoy it is here and you can tweak the sensitivities of absolutely everything change your access and tailor the game to the way that you like to play load times tended to be in the 7 to 12 second range theres no issue there at all and its quick to get in and out of games now one issue i have experienced seems to be related to the network it seems like the game checks if youre online i say this because although ive had perfect internet connection it keeps popping up whether youre not connected to the network one of those really annoying intrusive boxes and its happened multiple times now in fairness the internet in my office is absolutely dire so it could be related to that but the fact that it detects it and feels the need to give you that message its a pain in the bum i dont know how it would work if youre out and about maybe youd need to tether to your phone you can still play without the internet but yeah its going to tell you about it which is a bit silly in my opinion as far as the gameplay holding up then in both one and two the first title introduced the concept of the portal-based gameplay and it was essentially a sequel of sorts or at least a spiritual successor called into wikipedia of a 2005 indie game called narbacula drop never heard of it never played it but i can see the similarities when i first played this it didnt particularly stress out my g-force 3 so im not surprised that it runs well enough on the switch but its all about the gameplay placing one of two portals which linked together in the world allows you to solve a number of puzzles the puzzles are physics based and they also carry over the momentum of the player this then allows you to use your linear momentum to solve those puzzles and much of this up firing blocks through portals jumping through yourself with the sequel taking things a step further both visually and in terms of that gameplay and its one of those experiences that makes you feel much smarter than you are a problem that initially feels insurmountable will quickly become evident as you experiment and much of it is through experimentation but its the expert design which facilitates this the portal games feature no health although you can die sometimes through physics-based objects colliding with you or gun turrets and other such hazards there are challenge maps to work through once youve completed the game and a more complex advanced mode once you finish now contrary to appearances theres actually a decent narrative on the other side of that wall is one of the old testing tracks theres a piece of equipment in there that were going to need to get out of here your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test problem it features an ai called glados who without spoiling too much has one of the greatest songs of all time and its glados voiced by ella maclean who will guide you through the adventure but its the sequel with the introduction of stephen merchant who voices the ai companion where the developers hit their comic stride merchant by his very nature is an excellent writer but its his deadpan delivery and brentisms which really struck home oh god you looked um good looking good actually overall then the games are certainly old but they have aged brilliantly playing these on the nintendo switch at 60 frames per second for a very reasonable price and with only a few minor issues related to the network on the sequel you wont be disappointed if you pick them up but theyve certainly pitched it within impulse buy territory let me know in the comments if theres anything ive missed out normally id comment on things like text size but its a game that generally narrates what you need to know and do let me know in the comments what you thought of that mini direct and if you want to make any purchases make sure you use code switch up over at when you buy your eshop vouchers to save 10 all right ive got some monsters to hunt for all things switch all the time keep it switch up cheers guys see ya Music steam deck australia eb games Loved these back in the day so it’s an easy one to blast out a review. 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