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Free point and click games steamsteamed chestnuts PORTAL 2 gameplay Good morning, shes been cryogenically locked for 50 days in compliance with state and federal laws Apetus Extended Relaxation Center test candidates must be revived periodically for a mandatory exercise session hear a tone when you hear it look up at the ceiling Music well you will hear a tone when Hears you look at the floor Music well he has completed the physical gymnastics section of his compulsory exercise session in front of you you will be able to see a box stand in front of him this is called Maple you will hear a tone when Hear it look at art you should be mentally stimulated if you suspect that looking at art is not giving you the necessary mental sustenance you deserve about this classical music Music ok Im going back to bed now good morning youve been frozen 999999 this courtesy call hello is there anyone there test subjects must leave the development center omg thats bad you look good youre fine no Answer me, Im sure youre fine Youll have time to recover Dont hurry, ready for emergency evacuation, calm down, get ready, thats what they say, everything is fine, dont move, Im going to get us out of here. downstairs can you hear me hello most test subjects suffer from some form of cognitive impairment after a few months in cryogenics you have been in a lot longer and it is not ruled out that you may have a very mild case of acute brain damage dont panic ok if you panic hold on to that which is a logical reaction when they tell you that you have a brain injury do you understand what I am saying makes some sense to you Just you yes well what you are doing is jumping you just just jumped but it doesnt matter home very well you know youre almost there wait Music reactor safety mechanisms broken ready for core meltdown look no squeeze here How is it going there are you still holding out the reserve current has run out and of course the relaxation center no longer wakes up the test subjects Wait its a bit complicated And of course no one tells me anything no because they should why they should inform me of the vital functions of the 10,000 test subjects Im supposed to be in charge of its very tight you see it can pass I have plenty of room I just have to pass it through here I just have to focus ya Who do you think theyre going to blame the bosses When they come and 10,000 __ vegetables are found Ah I hit this one I hit him Listen to things straight okay if someone asks you Although no one is going to do it dont worry But if someone asked about you last time you looked everyone seemed to be alive ok not dead ok Were almost over that wall theres an old test track theres a piece of equipment there well need to get out cr I see this is a loading dock get ready good news that wasnt a loading dock so weve solved a mystery Im going to go manual with This wall can get a little technical hold on almost there remember youre looking for a hole gun not bullet holes but it doesnt matter you ll find out for real hold on this time got it Ill be honest youre probably not up to accepting a wish luck welcome back to the Science dev center we are experiencing technical difficulties due to potentially apocalyptic circumstances beyond our control control however thanks to the emergency protocols the tests can continue these pre-recorded messages will provide you with instructions and support so that science is not hindered even in the event of a collapse with the only social ecological or structural the portal for emergency tests will open in three two one Music the tests with raw materials and buttons are still essential to science even in an emergency if the emergency was caused by testing with cubes or buttons dont worry its not likely to happen again you just crossed a material emancipation network from Science which removes almost all the opening team if you feel fluid running down your neck relax supine and press on your temples just experience an unusual reaction where the material emancipation network may have emancipated your ear canals Music Music Music Music Music ok due to the technical difficulties we experienced your tests are not being monitored at the end of the tests before you go back into cryo take a few minutes to write down the results an opening reintegration technician will revive you to interview you when you rebuild society Music if the land is currently ruled by any monarch intelligent cloud animal or other organ that is unable or refuses to enter you did it there shouldnt be a portal gun on that platform even though I cant Hi you see the portal gun And thats important I should have asked first you know what Im going to do Im going assuming youre still alive and Ill wait for you later Ill wait for you Ill wait for you an hour later Ill be back and assuming I can find your body from the bury Ill ok great cheer up see you in an hour if youre not dead Music maybe some evidence urgently require prolonged interaction with military androids You dont have to worry they know how to read and have a copy of the laws of robotics one for all okay if you think a military android has violated your rights under the laws of robotics write it down a complaint form a future Apple Science technician will then initiate the administrative complaint process the next test eba is too dangerous to help you keep calm at the thought of almost certain death will sound relaxing jazz on three two one Music Music Music Music awesome since this message is pre-recorded any appreciation we make about your accomplishments are pure speculation disregard any compliments Undeserved if the dev center is bombarded by fireballs meteors or other objects from space avoid uncovered areas where lack of space protection does not seem part of the tests Music Music well done dev center Reminds you that even though the situation seems hopeless you are not alone the personality cores continue to function in apocalyptic environments and require only a tiny 1.1 volt voltage to function in the next test will take advantage of the kinetic moment between portals if the laws of physics have ceased to apply we recommend that if it is not an e employed and discovered the facilities among the ruins of civilization welcome experimentation is the future and the future starts with you Music Laughter Music Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Music you ve done a good job so far trailblazer of the future Though if you suffer from feeblemindedness serenity or irradiation And therefore the future shouldnt start with you go back to your tribe and send someone better qualified Music to conserve energy needed for the main test protocols Se You have disabled security the development center respects your right to have doubts or question this policy Music great you found a portal gun you know this proves that at the end of the day people with brain damage are The Real Heroes not so brave open a portal in that wall behind me see you on the other side of the room listen i have to tell you something its pretty serious they told me never ha but never cut me off from management or Id die but were out of options So be ready to __ me ok just in case I dont die as soon as I unhook the 3 ready 2 3 high too high doesnt feel right to you it seems like on three I have too much time to think on one this time ready well Im not dead Im not dead plug me into that wall outlet okay I ll show you something youre going to love I cant do it if youre looking seriously no kidding You can turn around in a moment, okay You can turn around now, lets go secret panel that I opened while you were in spades, pick me up and lets get out of here right away, look without a rail that marks the way, its great, we can go wherever we want now that I think about it Where are we going seriously Let me orientate You better follow the rail Hello were leaving dont look them in the eye No thanks its not necessary but thanks Dont stop Dont stop Music I think I should update you Ill give you something now so we can escape Well have to go through her chamber and youll probably kill us And if shes awake Ill put the cards on the table I dont want to do it I dont want to go in no dont go in its off yes we can breathe easy its off Theres what an abominable creation in seriously a real psychopath you know who ended her who destroyed her in the end youre not going to love it a human I know I wouldnt have believed it either Apparently the Human escaped and hasnt been seen for a long time absolutely nothing happened and anyway now we are here escaping thats more or less the whole story youre up to date dont touch anything jump now i didnt fly away yes you held me tight were good it was tremendous i just looked down i dont recommend it i did it again main switch room Find a switch that says escape pod okay And dont touch anything else youre not interested in anything else dont touch n ada dont even look at anything obviously Youll have to look for the escape pod switch But as soon as you see something that doesnt say capsule Look the other way okay and dont touch anything or look at anything else Well look at other things but you understand me you see it from somewhere I wont tell you what were going to do plug me in and Ill turn on the lights turn on the light that was the God its a date go look, its spinning but its okay as long as it doesnt start to go up lets see an escape pod well its going up okay its fine dont worry worry this should slow down no this speeds it up started calm down ok dont be nervous I can stop the process wow it has a password No no no no no it doesnt matter Ill blow it up Music Music I know this how long how has everything been going for you ? shes shot with being dead you know why you killed me Music Look we both said things that you would end up regretting But we can put our differences behind us for the sake of one hundred cia monster Music with the trouble youve taken to wake me up I have to deduce that you love to do tests to me too but first we must take care of one thing we are already in the incineration room Be careful do not trip over the pieces of me that I dont know they burned when you threw me here the dual portal device should be around when you find it well start like old times there it is wait alright you have the dual portal device you should be able to come back that way ahead when the tests start the protocol requires me to I talked to you the least luckily they havent started yet its our only chance to talk Music Let me catch up with you that you know what was the most valuable lesson I learned from you that I found out I had some kind of black box if a catastrophic failure occurs the last two minutes of my life are preserved for analysis i could half bound to relive as my murdered over and over again p Now you always know if you had done it to someone else he would have dedicated his life to getting back at you luckily Im above those things Im glad to have a clean slate After all theres a lot to do and only 60 years to do it I more or less dont have the statistics Ill get it out of the way this site is a real ruin The important thing is that youre back with me and now I know your tricks so there will be nothing to prevent us from continuing with tests for the rest of your life and after Who knows I d find a hobby maybe raise the dead Music sorry for the mess Ive left this abandoned since you killed me Thank you Sarcasm test complete is underway Ill start activating the rest while you take care of this simple test including lethal lasers and reaction of the subjects by locking them in a room with them it s not bad I forgot how good you were but take it easy we have a lot of evidence left in these chambers youll find laser redirection cubes i just finished them when it hit you you know that rage attack now we can see how it works there should be one in the corner Music well done here are the results youre a horrible person is what it says horrible and we didnt even investigate that dont be discouraged about a horrible person its just data if it makes you feel better your mothers decision to abandon you has been shown to be scientifically pale Music infections Music Congratulations not for the test most of people come out of cryogenics very malnourished I want to congratulate you on going against the statistics And somehow managing to put on a few pounds Music hold on Music you outgrow these chambers faster than it takes me to build them Take a break and do whatever you do when youre not trying to destroy things Music I have to admit you pay attention to me but for the record You dont have to be so slow Music next test the aperture science fair jump board was part of a project to investigate whether subjects catapulted into space could solve problems the results were illuminating they couldnt luck funny saying what you breathe is not real air it would be too expensive bring it in we just take carbon dioxide out of the room air it out a bit and pump it back up So youre going to be breathing the same recycled air for the rest of your life i thought youd like to know lets see what test next or advanced leap of faith plates well have fun choking the air and leaving the veins behind i have to go to the room that was made entirely of glass and pick up five acres of broken glass by myself sorry i havent cleaned the rest of the chambers sometimes they still contain litter lying around out there stinking and getting in the way Try to dodge that garbage that shoots out dont test with the garbage its garbage press the R button again Do you remember what I said about the stinking garbage lying around getting in the way it was a metaphor I was actually talking about you and Im sorry you didnt react then so I was worried you wouldnt have caught it in which case your apologies would have been absurd thats why I want to call you garbage again now you knew that it is very easy to scare people with an uneasy conscience with Music I m sorry I dont know how I got away anyway it was just an interesting fact that you complete the test Sorry, calm down go get another integrated one also good weve got several warehouses full theyre worthless Glad to get rid of them Music Music Music Music Music all chambers are rigged with emancipation nets at the exit so subjects cant evade evidence of the rooms this one is broken you have nothing with you in the next test there will be emancipation networks do you remember them I warned you in the last camera that I didnt have no no other sometimes the turbines I have to go wait for this test yes it requires an explanation I will summarize it below so that if you have questions Remember what I said but in slow motion test your listening ability Now Ill be back Im fine Ive returned the jump plate let me Send a SOS signal you broke it right Now try now this plate must not be calibrated for someone of your great personality I will add zeros to the maximum weight By the way You look good healthy try it now I couldnt believe it either so it looks like it has exceeded its load capacity very ok Ill lower the roof Music look at you soaring majestically through the skies like an eagle on a Zeppelin good job Enjoy the next test Im going to the surface its a wonderful day yesterday I saw an iron if you solve the test maybe I ll let you take the elevator to the living room break to talk about that again about the time i saw a deer you passed the test i didnt see the deer today i did see some h Humans but with you Here I have more test subjects than I need Music these bridges are beams of light that I drive from the surface if you rub against one it will be like you are outside with the sun shining on your face but it will also set you on fire dont do it to the hair Music excellent you are a Predator and these tests Your prey By the way we experimented with sharks in the next test you know what animal kills whoever tries to help him if your answer was the shark has closed the correct answer is nobody nobody is as absurdly cruel as you good news I know what to do with what I will save by recycling the air in your living room when you die I will plasticize your skeleton and display it at the entrance so that future generations will learn not to have such unfortunate bone structure as yours perfect the door fails I guess someone will have to go fix it too dont get up Ill be back now dont touch anything Music a Up here I found bird eggs up here I dropped them into the door mechanism and it stuck it Ah a bird a bird a bird it must have been the mother not the one that laid the eggs shes furious what I mean is were going to escape from here very soon I promise I just have to think how how to escape who is coming continue pretend you havent seen I have talked to the door system lets say he will be indisposed indefinitely lets go back to testing Music Music well done you did it too Im coming write it down in your report in the acknowledgments section there are plenty of spaces it was well passable in the next test you will see turrets do you remember it right those white things full of bullets Ah no that wont be you in 5 seconds Music Youre still there Good night Hello put me down come on Hello hello from here when I dont hate you Whos going you could do it There you are Youre still there Hello resting Music Music Music This program Music doesnt p handle nothing and Music bye up there Music nothing happens Music Music to keep a constant test cycle we simulate daylight all hours and add adrenaline to oxygen your temporal perception could be altered the thing is that yesterday it was your birthday I thought you would like to know Music Music and you remember that I will be eternal But you are going to die in 60 years Well I have been preparing you a belated birthday present Well more like a birthday operation Well technically an experiment but it is A gift that world that you wear looks terrible and Im not saying it, its written down in your report, it looked better on others but a scientist pointed out that it looked terrible on you, what the hell does an engineer know about fashion? He says he had a doctorate in fashion at a university in France Open stores Hey octopus to the north I dont hate you because nothing happens there there and leaving Music there M music There you are Music searching after getting a little closer Music Hello hello testing a little from above Music sentinel mode active Music deploying Youre still there resting Im going through the list of subjects in cryogenic state I found two with your last name curious man and woman the world is a handkerchief I have prepared a surprise for after the next test I dont want to spoil it for you but have a clue it involves a couple you havent seen for a long time Are you still there Goodbye looking lost is there someone else aboutlost Music Music Music Music it says that the following test was designed by a Nobel laureate of opening it doesnt say what the award was for sure it wasnt for immunity to neurotoxins Music Music Music sure it You thought I had forgotten about the surprise No, in fact, now we are going for it after so many years, tears come to my eyes thinking about it, starting the surprise in 3 2 1 I made it up so Come on surprise if it makes you feel better you were abandoned at birth So I doubt very much they want to see you again Music Music Music Music Music Music Music I feel too bad for that surprise Look Im coming to call your parents now the parents shes trying to call love her take care sad but awesome message they had to work on the phone hows it going Ive been dealing with the old nanobot work unit rebuilding this hole I know its Jerry partner Im not in take a break you cant fire me for that yes Jerry or maybe this factory full of prejudices should have made room for a nanobot my size Thanks for the discrimination well see you in associate court anyway Look only hold five more cameras Well you know the old formula comedy equals tragedy plus time and youve been sleeping like this for a while I guess the result is actually funny Music Music Music Music Music Music Music I thought about our dilemma and came up with a solution that will honestly benefit one of us federal law requires me to let you know the next camera looks great if the facility is up and running again Music Music Music I think the test chambers look even better Now it was easy to improve them you must think objectively find what is left over and remove it I have a surprise for you after the next test not a lethal one like last time a real one although with tragic consequences with really good confetti the last little bag part of me will miss it but it was just taking up space Music whats up Whos paying for the electricity this guy spoke with an accent thats out of his hearing spectrum Hi Metallica lets go run Im closing the doors lets recap were escaping we re playing dont keep running Ill summarize our plans we will sabotage the production chain of turrets and neurotoxins and then well face it a Music will be an easier way to put together than any __ your little friend has planned Look theres a deer You might not be able to see it Come closer Come on because the last one was almost here test This is why you dont solve it will be an easier way to put it together than whatever __ your little friend has planned who thinks that Music Whats up here you can get out Music We have to get out of here try to get back to the exit for here I go with shots be careful with them It may be too late to warn but that there are no Music here here here turrets Music Music come come come Music its the way out since here we are finishing with installations quick hurry over here see you on the other side Music Music great you made it follow me we have a lot to do at least we are out of reach Whats up ok bi in dont move Music I have an idea but its __ dangerous here we go for love they told me that if I ever turned on the lighthouse I would die they told me the same thing with everything I dont know why they bothered to put so many accessories on me and then they didnt want me to I used them is that its absurd Music Its dark down here, its true they say that the Ancient guard of the place went completely crazy and dismembered his entire crew of robots, apparently at night the screams of their replicas can still be heard, all functionally indistinguishable from Los Originals no vestiges of the incident left and no one knows why they scream absolutely terrifying Although without any sense Paranormal obviously be careful careful Let this jump shine on you normal obviously be careful careful Let this jump shine on you this looks dangerous Ill aim the spotlight well done quick here you want to know something interesting I almost got the job here at the factory but bye vina Who did the foreman choose a duplicate of himself nepotism in the end they gave me the worst job tending to stinky humans Sorry no I didnt mean stinky just tending to humans sorry I slipped its inconsiderate of me you dont know all the humans Music we have to get you out of that room you can get to That back wall Music ok theres another wall here as I was telling you ardor to humans it looks impressive and its folklore is wonderful and quaint Music ok Ill take these rails to go to the back see you down luck Music Music active turret recycling purposes does not interact with turrets headed for recycling Music Music they are turret recycling ribbons not roller coasters exit the tapes Music Music well complicated blank fixed was complicated Music Music blank blank Music template answer Music template answer template study pendo you crossed very well follow me this youll love it were almost here this is the turret control center there arent those scanners over there right it decides which turrets to keep and which to discard And that master turret over there serves as a model if we remove the model turret the assembly line will be paralyzed template ok Ill have to force the door so we can get there its a technical thing while Give yourself the answer cymbals answers that should be enough there is no template using backup no its not enough let s see How to stop the production of turrets you can think of something template response s templates remember Music templates responses look I have a plan Yes we arrive in response contemplating absolutely silence template response template wait I got it I got it I got it no I dont have it Wait where are you going response you got an idea I just got it Have an idea we can pretend Ive captured you And handing you over will kill you But at least s Ill be able to stay alive what do you think template reply template reply Music template reply template reply What do you have there what are you or fantastic fantastic template accepted hopefully you wont notice that the turrets are useless until its too late ok pay attention to the line of turrets im going to force the door im going to go with the door now its a bit more complicated than it seems from your side it will take about 10 minutes watch the door actually the door is quite complicated how long has it been open was there any signal before it was opened like a buzz alarm or some kind of intruder alert its ok The important thing is that its open but in the future do something right lets see he cant use the turrets now go for the neurotoxin generator bring your daughter to work it had a disastrous end and 40 batteries of potatoes what a shame I understand that they are children but even so they went to the easy thing that is not science or anything ll go up to the roof Im sure the facility is infested with potatoes by now at least you wont be short of food Music Im sure were doing well Im just trying to cheer you up Music Dont worry Im absolutely sure its this way its not because here lets try this here Music I knew we were on the right track this is a bigger neurotoxin generator than I expected it wont be enough to throw it on the ground Well have to use cunning theres some kind of control room upstairs Lets investigate Im afraid that the door is closed we dont know what happens if you opened the door lets see whats good news i can use this to pay the neurotoxin system password to alarm its ok no smell of neurotoxin wait the neurotoxin level goes down so keep doing me wait wait something is wrong neurotoxins A 50% less have gone down 50% thats good news keep going down Dont stop got neurotoxins at 0%. yes danison the neurotoxin pressure has reached dangerous levels low metals we can get to her we must continue come on come we must go this should lead us to her at last im going to take the plunge i knew it would be fun they told me it wasnt and i believed them Im loving this, its incredible, this is enormous, we only see the upper layer, there are kilometers below, everything has been sealed for years, of course, we must be close, anxious study, put the face it does without neurotoxin, without turrets, we will catch it unawares, wait, wait, I may not have well thought out the next step Im going astray you continue see you there Music Music Music I really did not think you would fall in fact he designs an even more sophisticated trap for when you overcome that one is so easy if I had known you would You wouldnt let yourself be caught so easily, nor would it have been enough to hang a ham from the ceiling on top of a stock now that we know how everything goes with us. Get to work I hope you live something more powerful than the portal gun this time if you dont Im afraid Im going to name you ex- president of the club of people still alive seriously bye Music you ve been busy good I guess we could stare at each other eyes Until one drops dead but I can think of something better Your old friends the neurotoxins If I were you I would hold my breath for a long time how much I hate you 80% damaged core. I dont feel damaged I feel great to start the transfer of the core deposit the surrogate in the base transfer you must be kidding correct surrogate core ready to start the process yes I dont think damaged ready to start the process no no no no no no no no no no no conflict detected the transfer has been interrupted unless a conflict resolution expert Well, the resolution button Music in conflict resolution to press That button and you dont have it Dont listen to it It is true that you have no training but you have something much more important a slider with which you can use it complete result Music Music Music we did it I m talking about the facilities look at these not bad at all huh Im a huge giant robot its not just that I knew the truth Im huge The elevator is coming Look how small it is down there, I hardly even see you, tiny and insignificant, wait, I just thought of something. now Im huge and theyre waiting for me I dont know you get in the elevator Ill tell you something I knew it would be okay to be in control of everything but its going perfect special and look now Im a true genius Silvestre I dont even know what I just said but I can find out Sorry, the elevator forgets all the time This body is incredible seriously, the fact that its so small Im huge misleads me. nothing she did everything so thats what you two think huh Well maybe its time for me to do something what are you doing No no you dont know what is selfish I have made nothing but sacrifices so that we could get here you that you have sacrificed wax you have not done more keep me orders And now whos boss who Music is a potato battery a childs toy now lives in it as you say the engineers tried to put me in my place slow me down you have I was fitted with a town hall sphere my brain was clinging like a tumor generating an endless stream of silly ideas no I dont hear you I dont hear you no you dont lie its a lie Im none Music now a bunny could throw you on a liner to bumps huh i could do it Music Hi how are you doing everything because Im a great potato I keep my sarcastic clapping teacher something is something like it seems that we are not going anywhere Well yes we are going alarmingly fast I would say but since we have nothing else to do Ill tell you a thing or two hes no ordinary jerk hes the product of the clearest Minds of an entire generation united with the Express goal of creating the worlds greatest jerk and you just put him in charge of the facility its still working Hey just in case Turns out this pit has a bottom How about you take off one of your shock boots and put me in it Dont forget to land on the other foot Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music welcome gentlemen to warn you we seek the best you Who wants to recognize science Me I want Well, as you have already introduced yourself now and my quiet assistant has already transferred your schedules to the quality organization of your choice Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music thousands of tests take place every day in our spheres of development Since I cannot supervise them, all these programmed messages will deal with all the doubts that you may have and respond to any incident that occurs. ca in our Scientific Adventure the final test of each one varies according to the way in which they have bent the world to their will those who are here to help us with the repulsor gel who follow the blue line in the soil if you volunteered for the DNA injection of praying mantis i have some bad news and some good news the bad is that we postpone the tests indefinitely the good is that we have a better test to fight against an army of men when starting Music notice we are going to point a superconductor at full power at you Until finish the following test if you need to plant a pine tree after the following tests notify an assistant because it is very likely that what comes out is coal that is temporary you have not cut yourself during a test you may have verified that your blood is now gasoline its normal we irradiated you with an invisible laser that turns blood into gasoline So that means it works Music Music Music Music they say that great discoveries are made on the shoulders of giants, we dont make them from scratch in opening, nobody takes us by the hand Music okay Lets start the first test is about something that the guys call it repulsor gel youre not part of the control group your real gels the one before you had blue paint joking aside its true he broke all the bones in his legs tragic but enlightening or so they say Music Music Music Music the lab tells me that I shouldnt have mentioned the control group also that I should stop recording these messages that gave me an idea Im going to record more messages I pay the bills I can say whatever I want from the control group control Music Music for the next test we add nanoparticles to the gel speaking Christian they are trillions of tiny little gizmos that are going to travel through your bloodstream and pump out genes molecules of RNA and send Of course it can be recognized Dont worry if you presented the waiting state without taking your feet now Music Music Music Music Music Music Music in case youre covered in that gel Keep in mind the following advice from the laboratory Do not let the repulsor gel cover you, we are still not clear what is wrong with it, but if the following is that it is very active and does not like human skeletons, these spheres are made up of asbestos By the way, it scares away the rats, let us know if you are short of breath, suffer from a persistent dry cough or your heart stops because none of that is part of the test, it is because of asbestos. The good news is that the symptoms of asbestos poisoning show a latency 40.6 years old So if you are over 30 you will almost be laughing at worst you will miss some dominoes but you will have contributed to a leap in the advancement of science compromised those ci Frases on the calculator and I get a smiley face I like your style follow your own rules just like I was told I couldnt fire someone for using a wheelchair Now I did ramp they are expensive Music Music Music Music Music Music Music fluorescent calcium so that we could measure your brain activity there is a minimal possibility that the calcium hardens and vitrifies your frontal lobe anyway dont worry about it actually imagine what happens and getting overwhelmed causes such a reaction Music if youre part of the control group Kepler 7 weve implanted a tiny postcard-sized microchip in your skull Im sure youve already forgotten but if it starts vibrating and beeping on the next test let me know because it means that it is going to reach 500 degrees and we will have to get it out right away Music I insist that you should not be alarmed ok in the next test you could experience time travel A piece of advice if you find yourself, dont even look at yourself, the ones with the legs say that this would erase the entire time forwards and backwards. So he should do a favor to your other self and to yourself and dont bother your duplicate, no matter how nice it is Music projecting their own fear they didnt fly into space they assaulted a beach they extracted gold We did you and me against the world kid you have guts but you lack again Music Music Music Music invent a security door in the ass when leaving I fire you your things in a box door armament car goodbye Music Congratulations the mere fact that you are here listening to me means that you have made a crucial contribution to science as founder and president designs I thank you for your participation and I hope I can counting on you in the future were not going to release any of this to the public until we get it right Polished So as long as you stick it out You ll still get a big limo Music Music Music Music Music Greetings Im Johnson president designs or it will sound because we participated in the 1968 senate advisory committee on missing astronauts also surely you have used products of our invention that other companies have stolen from us Black table can be entered The tests are in me, Lord. Okay, now you may be wondering how difficult these tests were, as stated in that encyclopedia-sized contract that I signed, there is a danger of leaving. Let me answer with a question. Who wants 60 dollars in cash, you can also relax for up to 20 minutes in the waiting room, which is much more comfortable than those benches in which most of you have been sleeping when we finally meet. Welcome to you are here because we look for the best of you Music Music Music Music Music Music Hello, in a matter of hours it is you will charge to replace it it is a deadlock you take me to him and return me to the body It does not matter the gun must c onget magnesium I think Im drawing half Music Music volts unconscious Im going to fry this before we can get lost in that jerks mushroom cloud Music Music the testing area is ahead the sooner you get past it the sooner youll get the 60 bucks are ready compensation coupons Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music extreme emotions seem to require more than 1.6 volts now We know We ll have to relax Well keep trying to find out Whats up but calm down Music Music good job astronaut war hero or demigod with your help lets change its on watch out down there thats called an elevator there its not the toilet if you 60 dollars more are interested, call a test assistant and tell him, he could leave here with 120 dollars in his pocket if you let us take you apart, put on some experimental gadgets and put you back together like nothing happened Music Music Music In case youre interested, there are still places for the extra work I was talking about before, I repeat, all you have to do is let us cut you to pieces. brand new organs to finish off textile lets stop the tumors the truth is you should pay us thanks I cant believe Im going to thank you propellant gel tests for once you were useful to society and humanity thanks you if you had belongings the low newspaper building It works for a lot of you to win 60 bucks its like winning the lottery So dont spend it all on the Caroline who used to buy threadbare hats Music Music because I know her maybe he murders or maybe Oh my God Look youre doing great job can i leave you alone for a while i need to think Music Music Welcome to the dev center since we started forcing our em Employees to participate has exponentially improved the quality of our test subjects Im afraid the quantity hasnt so youve heard what were going to stop experimenting on humans but we still have a few things to polish the accounting geeks were saying we couldnt afford to spend 7 dollars in moon rocks less than 70 million because I bought them I ground them and converted them G you know that the ground moon rocks are poisonous Im dying but it seems that they are a good conductor for portals that we want to test if going out and entering these new portals can somehow extract the lunar venom from human blood In bad weather, have a good face, lets not lose optimism and continue with Science Thats great, if you could finish the test as soon as possible Caroline, the painkillers please Music Music Music Music Music Music Music I ve been reflecting on the bad weather, nothing to put on a good face, put on a disgusting face, get angry Tell him what a good face the hell I have to be happy because its __ cold and its raining the weather manager the complaints book Make him regret the day that Johnson got bad weather you know who I am Im the one whos going to burn the __ mother of time on isobar-based fuel the question is can we save music on a compact disc why not human intelligence and personality i have engineers working on it brain transfer artificial intelligence we should have been working on it 30 years ago let it go on record and Im going to record it for everyone to hear a hundred times a day if I die before you can cram me into a computer I want Caroline to take the reins she might complain shell say she cant shes a humble girl force her to __ put my computer I dont care turn on the tests you can go back to your table Music Music I know the situation seems hopeless but the crazy I was right before, lets not put a good face on bad weather, were going to go back upstairs and force him to return me in my body and hell probably kill us because hes powerful and I dont have a plan. Now they say that the odds are one against a million and thats rounding up but hey lets get pissed off if were going to explode at least well explode with dignity Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music can resist them must be how to defeat him Music Music Music Music if you can put me in front of all the circuits of that bighead to face a guide Powerpuffs But its a better plan than exploding for Gods sake youre boxes on legs your only purpose is to walk towards buttons How can you fail at all youre good for Ill hit you with a hotter hot paradox boiling cold colder freezing cold youre at the Pole very very cold look Get on the button its funny its true yes because Weve been here 12 hours and he hasnt solved it either So I dont know what youre laughing at you have an hour to solve it Music solve this puzzle when get back into a paradox I knew I would make it Hello from paradoxes this statement is false Music true just like that maybe I already knew the answer it was almost cheating Music turns out Im a little short on test subjects Like this this is perfect here we go you dont know what it feels like in this body I have to test all the time or I get this tingling you know it will be built into the circuitry But Ill tell you one thing every time I test my god theres nothing better I cant help it and now youre going to do a test and I m going to look and everything is going to be perfect notice core heating fusion individually A design of this test myself is something yes bi In fact, I loved that. I have an idea since creating tests is so difficult. Why does nt this test continue solving the same one and I watch how you do it? It sounds much easier. evidence there should be new evidence around here here we go Music luck from the looks of it you know both proof construction and logical contradictions survive until you find it ok never mind i just made up more proofs this new one youre mine not quite look at the word from the wall that s new Music well done seriously Why dont you two move on Ill see you later news so its the good news is honestly none for now Ill let you know Music I d love to help you but I cant sorry I cant help you, well, yes, I myself have done this test with other little ones, I fused them together, buttons, funnels, bottomless pits, it has everything, its absolute. Dynamite Music You are taking too long I am going to tell you How to solve the test you see That button there You just have to go It doesnt matter solve it you I will not help you Music well done now I have good news at the end he ran out of test cameras do not leave me any in the bedroom Im coming Im coming dont start yet you wont believe it Ive found an entire sealed wing hundreds of perfectly valid unused pieces of evidence full of skeletons but we still have Music Music Music Music were almost there how disappointing Music continue with the tests Ill find the way out ok that last test they were disappointing it seems that being polite doesnt work with you so Ill try her way donkey cow donkey cow adopted Whats wrong with being adopted and youre horrible alone i try to get it down it is possible friends are orphans but Music Music Music Why cant you solve a simple test this time Im sorry I hope I didnt bother you There was the sound of the picture books going by, thats what made reading books. You see, Im not a __ , as I was saying, I ve finished the last one right now, the most difficult subject, well, it wasnt that bad, I understood it the first time, I doubt it, continue with the test. I wish there were more books but no Music Music Music Music Music Music Music I didnt care I did it for science to do tests there could be problems come on lets go you do it yours Im just approaching the test chamber to see if the proximity To the tests results Music Music Im sure youre solving it well yes it has solved But I wonder if I did more for more than solving tests and youve settled for the worst of them nana That was the solution desperate this looks bad I had an inspiration I will record you solving the tests and then I will see 10 recordings together in a super concentrated Burst of science By the way you will have to solve er all 10 times faster Let me know when youre about to solve these ok I dont want you to mess up the ending by the time I see it Music Music why are you making it so hard for me Remember when I told you all the decisions because I think it has Decided not to keep any of the crucial functions that keep the facility from being men laboratories is self-destructing cucumber was self-destructing no longer one last tremor for old times sake 1 2 1 2 more tremors happened more fun warning core heating but dont listen Music Music Music Music Music Music ok theres still nothing with you Sorry about the elevator youre temporarily broken we better start with the tour to the left some lights to the right a huge thing approaches you full speed run run that shouldnt be there you feel fine Look Im going to turn off this makes luxury you wait for me to wait it hasnt helped I dont know why I thought it would help, youre alive, excellent, Im preparing a test for you, of course, who will it be for ? I had lost you and I looked for more test subjects nothing is still Dead but I did find something which reminds me that I have a surprise for you both you will love it Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music You are going to adore the surprise that I have prepared for you, you would both die for it, in fact you are going to die for it when they kill you and well I dont know if you understand what Im saying but the thing is Music in which case its pretty pathetic Sorry sorry butter hands company only three cameras for surprise it has been cut Music Music Music Music Music Music you figured it out good good for you good good and suddenly hes happy even though he should be freaking out from abstinence testing and hes got a surprise for us that hes found Music Im sure youll both you are dying to know what the surprise will be there are two surprise cameras left we will do it now surely you have noticed but the fact is that I dont need you anymore I found two robots designed just to do cooperative tests to free myself from human subjects before your personal life but you know it is that you did kill me it was right in the part where it marks us Hello Now when I go I kill you I had a moment of inspiration I was touching some metal plates they are lethal but they are missing something they needed to drop sharp little things no no no no no dont do that keep the machine Hello Now when I go and kill you I had a moment of inspiration I was crashing the metal plates And I thought yes yes no no no no no no no dont do that stay still the machine and where has it been come back come back come back please Music ok Listen I have decided not to kill you but only if you come back you have been thinking about the old days when we were friends inseparable friends not enemies I told you that you would come back if you answered me of course and for a few days that have been good times Music I couldnt help noticing that you havent come back you disappoint me I have an idea if you suck at that Im done Well, lets start the Duel good morning whats up Its been the good old days I couldnt help noticing that you havent come back you disappoint me I have an idea yes its worth the Duel begin Wait wait Wait wait almost forget me keep escaping they are killing you they are killing you not killing you silence Oh I think so maybe the turrets have learned to use piano wires that would explain why they killed you it was your riddled body that went flying it was Ah it was before broken instead of all I dont care, I dont care, I dont just have the Aces up my sleeve, I send big with everyone. Ive never played the cards, but I plan to learn anyway, I have new turrets, Im not defective. Oh, they were defeats instead of turrets. Aces up my sleeve I send big with everyone I have never played cards but I plan to learn anyway I have new non- defective turrets ordeal to Poker I think everything wins Music Music Music Music Music Music Music very intelligent and these Machiavellian revolving blades are not excellent Finally a Nemesis worthy of my immeasurable intellect Music Aristotle against a spiked plate Stay still stop moving Oh Almost Tello Where are you Where has it been come back come back something has broken over there Oh he killed you it would be great if he had killed you Hello Very good the inspiration has come to me Now Ill be back if youre still alive dont die until I come back ok Music Music Music ca Music crushing him would be merciful first hell spend a year in the incinerator the second in the cryogenic refrigeration area then a decade in the building chamber where the screaming robots last Ill kill him Music Music Music Music that catwalk Thats better I wanted to talk to you if you dont mind I ll be honest my death traps have been a failure for both of us so far and youre getting too close to my lair Its the first time Ive said it out loud the truth is that sounds a bit ridiculous but its arian a real villain lair wanted to give you a chance to kill yourself before entering the lair just jump into that masher more than a death trap its a dead chance i know it sounds crazy but heed when you get there to my lair death will not be a possibility but an obligation without tricks or surprises only your death as a result of a tortuous murder process so you have your m The best possibility is to commit suicide It seems to me an effort and necessary to walk the path to my door when you have a more comfortable way of dying here I already tell you that it is not a death trap it would be a voluntary death the crusher works I assure you I will take it like one who wins the best the best the best sphere Observe that now I have said wait I have not seen this Music Oh God What did you put that place I know you dont feel like turning me upside down again that I will betray you in other circumstances youd be right scientists never tired of hanging nuclei on me to regulate my behavior ive heard voices all my life but the one i hear now is my conscience and it terrifies me because its alive i think something really bad is wrong with me Music if we do it a few Sometimes well damage him enough to force another transfer. I ll take you upstairs. Even if you still think were enemies, we have a common goal. Do you like revenge? Revenge is true, everyone likes it, well, lets go, excellent welcome, nice, take a good look at how the light control panel says there, the entire building will self-destruct in 6 minutes. It gives me that it is a problem with the light bulbs on the panel. If anything, its not from the light bulbs, Im going to have to kill you. I mean, we have three minutes and a one-minute break, which would leave us two minutes to think about how to put out whatever is causing the fires. Thats the plan, plus Ive seen the recording of how I killed her if I didnt make those same mistakes my plan is based on four elements walls for portals no two emitting neurotoxins already 3 bomb-proof shields for me what I would take four bombs for you you know its such a good plan that Im going to give you a chance Ill remove the neurotoxins Im kidding clear neuro level people ready in 5 minutes Music I was actually imitating why you just fell into my trap pa in my fantastic trap it was my father from the beginning I wanted you to convince me until I broke that sister-in-law I wanted you to believe that you had deceived me so that you trust yourself Overconfidence makes everything make mistakes This is a but I just made I will recover a telescope but for see me in space unlock wants to go to space but special miss lets go to the beach miss Im going to space miss I left it the space well tell the secret about that what you like most about space paradise core corruption at 50% ventilation damaged neurotoxins disconnected reactor explosion In 4 minutes what has happened what has happened what have you put on me Wait wait the little marks bombs have stuck it doesnt matter the reconfigured the shields put a sphere Who told you to do it well she only has me made stronger it has been useless Do you remember when I told you to look for that little pistol that you like so much the truth is that it is I hoped you would die along the way like the rest you wouldnt think Who is the first light the fifth not the sixth best Martinez yourself what happened to us you know the contemplating is over I m going to tell you they all died horribly trying to get the device portals you carry in your graceful human But you were different a good jumper witty intelligent you like adventures you are fighting against that guy you have him in control too many things you know in the countdown That means trouble things have turned ugly for such a beautiful woman but also to say it I dont want to scare you but I am an adventurous sphere designed for danger because you dont take a breath excellent I will take care of everything love Stay behind me if you almost cross the thing is about to get Red hot you want to do it warn corruption of the core at 75% explosion timer destroyed explosion urgency prevention protocol potential ion of the reactor started the building will self-destruct in two minutes I told you that you didnt want any more sphere But you to follow the girl we kept quiet ignoring in silence listening I just wanted everything to be better for me I was going to solve well at 200 simple tests for a few years but you couldnt hold me back even that true saying to space yes im going to space i told you i could die throwing myself off the rail and you didnt pick me up you didnt even try and now i see everything clearly you searched still they toasted you you woke up And from Ill cry a little for me to help you escape to the surface and you tell yourself then find a painting of portals So when when I stop being useful to you I try things Music 1995 before its invention someone had to stay in the car all the time and account until the passengers included But before the invention of favorite games in 1917 breakfast was long games rotated n as justification the first one that showed that cows milk totally had many many 100% core corruption needed manual core replacement did not want substitute is ready damaged core is ready what do you think interpreting hesitation as yes complete detected fire detected in annex of conflict resolution turning off easily you would have all good to know a little earlier conflict resolution technician press the conflict resolution button no dont do it I forbid you to press it five put a trap on the engine ok keep on top Dont bother because Im still on my chassis al command and I have no idea how to fix this you had to play the car and around eh while people tried Im still connected Ill be able to get back pulling I can still fix it Ive already fixed it and you wont be able to come back Music Music thank God youre well you know being Caroline I have taught a lesson I thought you were my biggest enemy when its always been the opposite being Caroline has taught me another good choice Where in me Caroline resides Caroline deleted Goodbye Caroline you know how to delete Caroline now she has taught me a good lesson the best solution to a problem is usually the simplest and Ill be honest killing you is hard you know how it used to be all day long with evidence no one killed me turned me into a potato or fed me to the birds it was wonderful and then you appeared dangerously lunatic fashion you know your desire get out it was good dont come back Music Music Music Music Music I need so much space I wish I could change the past seriously honestly and Im not just saying that because Im drifting in space I know mate were both in space anyway yeah the If I were to see you again, you know what I would say I would say Im truly sorry Im sorry I was bossy a monster And Im really really sorry ssundee steam games Portal 2 Gameplay Español Walkthrough Parte 1 y hasta el capítulo final incluirá la campaña del juego completo Portal 2 en Xbox Series X. Este juego de Portal 2 está grabado en 4K 60FPS HDR en Xbox Series X e incluirá la historia del juego completo y la película completa; todos los finales y todas las peleas de jefes estarán presentes en este walkthrough.💡 SINOPSIS Tras los eventos del primer Portal, Chell (nuestra protagonista) despierta 50 días después de haber sido criogenizada en una cámara de relajación, donde una máquina alternativa le da una serie de indicaciones para moverse y finalmente volver a dormir. Posteriormente Chell es despertada de nuevo, pero esta vez la habitación donde se encuentra está seriamente deteriorada, con el contador de tiempo fallando. De fondo suena una voz al otro lado de la puerta, tras abrirla aparece Wheatley, el módulo de personalidad que despertó a Chell de su letargo. Siguiendo las indicaciones de Wheatley, Chell será conducida hacia las cámaras de pruebas donde se desarrolló el primer Portal (pero con las instalaciones semidestruidas e invadidas por la vegetación tras años de abandono). Tras localizar la pistola de portales, Chell se rencontrará con Wheatley quien la ayudará a escapar en una cápsula cerca del lugar donde se encuentra el cuerpo inanimado de GLaDOS. Lamentablemente, debido a la torpeza de Wheatley lo único que logran es reactivar a GLaDOS, que reconoce inmediatamente a Chell y tras una corta charla, se deshace de Wheatley con una pinza metálica, enviando a Chell otra vez al circuito de cámaras de pruebas que GLaDOS está reparando. 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