Wheatleys Betrayal | Portal 2 Animation (S2FM)

Steam gyozabest pixel art games on steam PORTAL 2 let me tell you I knew it was going to be cool to be in charge of everything but wow this is cool and check this out Im a bloody genius now I dont even know what I just said but I can find out oh sorry no the lid yes sorry this body is amazing seriously I cant go over how small you are but Im human foreign uh actually why do we have to leave right now do you have any idea how good this feels I did this tiny little Wheatley did this you didnt do anything she did all the work oh really thats what the two of you think is it well maybe its time I did something then what are you doing no no no I dont think Im not onto YouTube lady you know what you are selfish Ive done nothing but sacrifice to get us here and what have you sacrificed nothing serum all youve done is boss me around well now whos the boss whos the Boss Music ah see that that is a potato battery its a toy for children and now she lives in it sorry uh what engineers intelligence dampening sphere on me to my tumor no not this thing not listening no no youre lying youre lying I am not a yes you are how about now now whos a could a pass you into this Im gonna do that no Music steam chars Credits:Portal Mega Pack (S2FM): VR - Thinking Without Portals: S2FM Logo by @Harry101UK ---------- Socials: My Twitter: (pls follow thx) My TikTok: best steam games under $10 steam deck stream steam plateup best free to play co op games on steam can you play steam games on a regular laptop