Ready Or Not Active Shooter Scenario Gameplay

Steam pod l orealcan you play nintendo switch games on steam deck READY OR NOT gameplay hows it going guys tactical potato here today were playing ready or not going to be doing the active shooter scenario on a gas and its pretty much just a gas station and theres i think like two active shooters in there so uh what were just gonna try to do is go in as quick as we can and eliminate the threats and uh i will be playing with ait coming to you sir hopefully pretty soon i should be getting out some videos playing with some uh some of my friends uh co-op so thatll be fun looking forward to it ive already played quite a bit of co-op and ive had some pretty funny moments so anyways lets lets get in here as quick as we can one person unarmed i dont like that door open get down i want to see put your hands up it sounds like maybe oh man all right well thats all the dead suspect here roger entry team notifying medical thats the quickest oh geez Music this is a gruesome game down on your knees unarmed contact talk to entry team proceed with mission all right i think now we just need to secure all the civilians so arrest that guy arrest him hes not security hes not under arrest im over here put your hands up why should i listen to you why should you listen to me great head on the ground now hands up hard day at work huh make this come down put your hands up please put your hands out of here arms out stretch your cuffed and ready for hands now ill  __  your head at this point i think were just uh securing everybody ready for trailers hands up above weve got this under control get me out of here its going cuffed and prepped for you back okay already got him all right oh my gosh police hands up hands up do it now you got a floating mag okay were good to go for evac trailers man that sucks heres our first guy hands up talk to entry team copy entry team proceed with mission arrest that guy hands up do it now so civilian is secured nice tattoos wheres my teammates like oh there they are okay you need to relax taking care of it now its a little understanding lets see how we do it i think we did pretty good threats as quick as we could fortunately did lose some people oh theres i didnt know theres evidence on this thing oh what happened we killed a civilian ah i dont know when oh that sucks well guys uh hope you guys enjoyed the video um unfortunately we couldnt get a super high score but i feel like we eliminated the threat pretty pretty fast its usually a pretty hard pretty hard uh scenario even with the actual players just because of how fast you got to get in and take them out as quick as you can because if you dont as you saw they just start taking people out but uh its a pretty fun mission uh pretty hectic at times but uh im excited to see them add more of those scenarios to the maps that we have and currently we have like five maps that are fully kind of done uh but this is an alpha so everything is subject to change and including graphics and guns and stuff so im sure by the end of its uh cycle itll be a lot better still a lot of bugs unfortunately especially with flash bangs i think anybody who plays this or knows about that one any throwables are pretty rough around the edges right now but everything else is uh pretty solid so hope you guys enjoyed the video uh if you liked it smash a like if you didnt like it and i think theres something i could improve on uh dislike it and put it in the comment section so i will see you guys in the next one how to remove a game from steam recently played Little gameplay of the Active Shooter Scenario on the maps GAS in the Ready or Not Alpha. simulator games steam how long does it take to steam clams how to backup my steam games how to get steam games on switch black and decker 2 in 1 steam and iron