How to remove games from your steam accountsteamed hamburgers READY OR NOT gameplay Ok careful careful Im going to die Whats up my people how are you welcome to another radio episode not first of all sorry I know I have nt uploaded for a long time I had several problems both with my equipment and work and with many things that made it difficult for me to record but well radio was updated at the beginning of the year I dont know anything about the update I am completely blind playing this for the first time from the start we can see that there is a new menu And well, it is also worth mentioning among the equipment failures that I had the microphone died Unfortunately So I am recording with a headset So if the audio quality is not the same I apologize but even so I was doing some tests and it seems that it is enough so that everything is audible no so good is nothing more to say lets start what I see a new menu and I hope to see new things because I tell you I havent checked anything good at all. In Spanish, lets see, the headquarters is loading over there Okay, here we are and Ok right away to start I dont know if there are going to be performance problems at the moment it feels very very very very very very smooth I suddenly see drops But well said, as we can see up there were getting more than 60 its not 120 but its down, were going to take a look at the barracks Although the lighting starts right now the guy over there our partner the baldy is still down there the shooting area seems identical it seems that it does open the sound Ok yes Its still just as strong, well, the buttons dont seem to have changed much in that regard. The user interface is the same for now, lets see. In fact, Id like to go there and see if we dont see something. Central button, I dont remember what buttons I had. Ah, well. This is for the shoodhouse, which I dont think is going to be the test. To avoid wasting so much time, but in general it seems to improve the graphics a bit. The barracks changed the lighting on the r Performance immediately in the barracks I can see that it is going much better, which is very good because the truth is that the game is very nice graphically. So seeing that they are optimizing it, the only thing that can be seen in the patches is that They made performance improvements with Direct x12 Although, well, we see that the mirror Well, the mirror is still bad, but its another issue, this, this in the previous update, this piece of furniture was repeated, it was literally the same as now, a computer was worth it a bit, you can actually interact and this Music Ok it seems that there is now a little more history on the outside I dont know if some kind of Easter or something that can be solved surely the community will solve it as soon as something is known I will bring a little information about it This but well for now the table Ah well this makes much more sense now it is a screen as such It is no longer a huge fictitious screen now it is a diet screen or it is a is part of the game but we dont continue Lets see I dont know what maps no brixley challenge thats new Hill thats still the same for you gas stations that I wouldnt like to do yet Already played a couple of times in fact with my girlfriend this this map is very difficult very very difficult the truth is that in fact it would be better in cooperative but well see about that I think this is also new it also seems to be new Neo Knight it is also relatively new Since two updates ago I tried it a couple of times almost almost when it came out but I dont know much about the dreams Postal Service I think this is also new I think they already put Minecraft Center Ok This is the dealership that yes state no We have played on the channel but yes it is Oops there is a hospital there is a hospital I am very inclined towards the porn hospital and the farm that is famously difficult So I think Im interested in trying out the hospital this episode is going to be very much like a test to see what theyve gotten into So were going to try a couple of maps and see how relaxing its called, well, were going to do aspects, which is the classic one, and to see how were going, its true that you have to put yourself in front of the screen, it comes out, I dont know how the performance will go now. in game especially with the new maps lets hope there is no conflict or glitches ok it s loading a bit we can see the lighting here in the policeman its slightly improved here I dont know whats going on like theres like very intense film grain I dont know if its new like new design by Oops Ok here we are at the performance one we are going to let it load a bit but for now the performance is Ok if it is stabilizing but it does not reach a constant 60 eh You have to keep an eye there anyway it is the contact immediately be careful be careful a the right I think they already killed him yes below Ok subject down we start immediately eh lets report And if the performance is regular on this new map we have to wait and see how this progresses from now on Erdo carefully we are going to send our teammates and if I can remember how it seems to me that I had it at the top I did not have it which button could have been the secondary button of the Mouse we are going to ask them to enter for now I do not want to separate many of them the blue team and red because they become very complicated and I still have no experience either on the map or with that type of control over my teammates So lets go calmly Although for now we are going well to the question is I bring the camera Yes yes lets see And if Performance is going down a lot but we are going to do what we can. Although we see casings here there was some kind of shooting but I dont see any suspects. So we are going to ask one of my colleagues. We return to our long gun. Any problem you can see inside, come on OK Lets go well Okay we have a door on the left be careful be careful light contact from my colleagues you cross me partner We have another fall very poorly covered this area Ok be careful be careful contact I am going to die Ok I think the flashlight has fallen suspect reported we are going to ask my colleagues because I am injured at the moment in the back of the hip we are going to ask them to move there and that they take care of any suspect finally lets remember that in this game the companions are like a small human shield we can use them so that they die in us like there exactly there we hear contact Ok we have a doctor Ok be careful it seems that we are going to ask him to our colleagues to take care of the restraint please perfect and it seems that there is nothing here anymore eh we have another suspect and we are going to put a glow in this room I think it was With the correct c correct Although we remember that this is the one that disappeared we ignore the Books at the moment There is already a problem with the solid floor lets see if here ok It doesnt seem that the map has problems with n the ones that But hey, we are supposed to release those wands to mark the areas that are clean So we are going to ask my colleagues to follow me falling, thats what the button is for if there is at the bottom No, it does not give me any confidence that of done from there we come forget it here we go carefully Okay we are going to send my colleagues over there and I move to the left because it hurts me to the left we are going to ask them to cover that area come come come come oh we have a second floor santa Mother of God I dont know how big the map is anyway and thats why there are also stability problems because at the moment its around 30 sometimes it goes up a bit but there are problems Ok with permission Hey I bother you please holy mother Thank you carefully Uff Its that its very big, its very, very big, well remove dead doctors, its going to come to your mind, dont forget the game is still in Early Access, so you have to forgive him for a couple of things, its the game as such, he hasnt known. lido we are testing this early versions OK We are going to use the weapon under the door before putting them in although this area is empty and it seems that there is a room over there that connects and by the way for some reason take out the weapon see how the fps drops take out this The camera lowers the fps, something that it did not do before the game So this must be an error in how they are handling the issue of the camera Because as soon as I save it, it goes up to 40 and some 50 until it reaches around 60 But hey, it must be Ok we hear a Rem again we are going to take out the lag weapon indeed Ok we have the parking lot over here it is still possible to enter here instead of through the main entrance but well lets see I am going to ask my colleagues to follow me here we are going wait for them and thats why I cover this area very poorly because here we have suspects down, although I already know where we are and where we are going, thats where we actually went in. Here we are going to return to where we are. We are going to ask you to Open include, Ill put myself here in case there is a suspect, be careful, it seems that the map is no longer here, but here I heard the suspect, eh. Were going back were going to ask them to stay with me stack and were going to enter here Im going to open it if I die well Ok Im listening were going to ask them to move behind them always remember in this game this game No yes you can go as the Hero once If you know the map, in fact, you can leave your teammates behind, but its not recommended because if you dont know the map, its very dangerous. Okay, it looks like its the womens bathroom. Were going to ask them to stay here covering this area and Ill go in alone before the lag camera Ok we have a hostage and that I suppose that it will be evidence it could be and nothing more so it seems that they surely entered Lets go in it is closed although it is already please Someone who knows about it It comes out then Lets continue to the right Ok here we have a partner so there is no danger here this door I dont know what could be underneath lets look at the second floor before going up I would like to leave all this part free that we are going to ask you again always remember You have to send the compañeros first Ok Ah Well, in fact, they were already there, the lamp is no longer necessary and I dont think weve been here But I dont see a network or someone please order that one of hers fast fast to walk slowly Remember that with shift you can change slower what did my partner talking seems and here in this room you cant open it ok this I think it s clear here we can be calm here nothing It comes out well lets put one in this big room done just need the bathroom of men that here I dont know if there is someone like that I would like to check me So it does not seem that there is anything Lets go in Anyway and also Remember Always say that when you enter any bathroom, not any bathroom, any room, you have to punch F to ask them all to get on your knees. You have to report it and its been reported. This is not evidence, its a simple bag. Preferably not to make noise Ok, as we will, thats right, I m going to send my colleagues. I dont know whats on the second floor and we havent found any evidence and the objectives are no. In this case, there is no evidence, we just have to kill all the neutralize all the criminals and assure all the civilians, be careful, that is, ask them to move fast, compañeros there Music lets go behind them holy mother, not the second floor I think were going but God, what happened here can we report someone here like its They were some polygons not that in this they move with me falling That for the moment they are staying there because I asked them to cover that area if you do not put Fall Inn they are going to stay where in the last instruction you gave them carefully Ok I hear a movement I hear footsteps I hear footsteps to the left it is free This smells to me rooftop your a doctor we are not on the third floor unit I would ask pediatrician no please to this The game is an expert in making controversy so I hope there is no content that Ok we have a doctor here he does not seem to be armed but as we have seen in other maps sometimes the criminals dress like that Ok fallen was dressed as a doctor Thats exactly what I mean. Deep down, Im crazy. I dont think Im crazy. Well, were going to ask someone to assure her. So far they havent hurt me anymore, which is pretty good. that room and Im going after them, lets be careful, be careful, do nt go there fast Quick Hey, for Gods sake, its not captured, not ready, let them move, I think What fools they are they are I heard shots Eh so Im worried Where can I do you hear the pediatric unit It shows later yes contact contact ok down to recharge ok we have two suspects down on this floor is free and it doesnt seem to me down down down down actually they can see how the sayings Yes they do have enough polygons they are just a little these civilians are not as polished as the ones on other maps it shows that they just put it we are going to report it so important when one of your colleagues Ties up a suspect or a civilian reports them So you dont have to worry about that anymore and this level is very big Uh ok there are still hostiles ok here this room It seems to me that it is empty and I think that this is where we enter it is possible yes that is where we enter Okay then its zone is free this subject must be reported the evidence that I have been forgetting Hijole we are not going to get a good Rank alone so I forgot to secure the evidence, always remember that when a suspect is killed, you have to secure the evidence, that is, the weapons, for example, here this subject you have to call him, you have to register him And in this case, I already lost his weapon, which is a problem due to Please, I dont want to see any dead children, I beg you, okay, listen to the voices, were going to ask my colleagues to move with me. For now, they stayed behind the lag chamber and it seems that this is empty. In fact, I think were going back here, so I I feel confident to open this Oops, Im a policeman, I m about to die because were going to ask them to move forward Music Be careful, be careful, be careful, I think it fell, it fell, it seems like were going to ask my colleagues, theyre going there, how are we going to demolition? half a loader suspects over there Im more worried about here okay if it works canceled to kill over here Im injured in the legs which makes me much slower so we better go ma Send my companions to that room please Well, for now, despite the fact that Im injured, its turned out quite well And there are still suspects, so here we were, yes We already turned around because I must have missed someone downstairs because this region or in here, of course, the bathrooms Lets see, it does nt seem that this area is already serious, I dont know why the camera is now loose, its very strange now, please, someone Hey, brother, he comes out and we meet with the mens bathroom, there was no one, so Im sure thats right Well, I dont know who I could miss it if it takes me a long time, I finish the mission and then we try to complete it because I would like to get more familiar with it on the map to see the evidence and we still need to move here it seems that This is how it is outside it seems to me that this is something else building completely from the hospital well we are going to ask them to move over there to advance in front of me others of them are going to wait for those who do not know where they stayed come behind you come Come on, come out Wow, okay, they definitely got more, the maps are much bigger, Ok, careful, careful. to change so I dont know if there is something Before we move there or go carefully here Hey, it seems that it could, we are going to ask you to move, I insist Remember that this game is not Call of Duty, you can die very badly with a few bullets Simply And well, they are long levels So since there are no Checkpoints Okay, if the suspect is down, it seems we re going to move forward if he can see the body over there, we re going to ask them to come in here and were going this way, okay for those suspects Although it might have been use illegal use of force no I didnt ask him to drop the weapon that will take away points and Im running out of bullets hey the map is very long It seems that we are doing well please Come with me empty there is another floor but what are you telling me at the moment okay that the suspect is down Ok I heard okay he is in the mens bathroom we are going to ask my colleagues to open it because it seems that there are people inside that I heard a voice Well, how are you going fast or not? No, yes, its really okay, please. Someone While Im assuring the evidence here, weve already reported it, this game is very rare sometimes, seriously, ok, and this is for us. There are still no suspects But how big is this map Okay I forgot again I forgot to ask them to put the gun down which takes points away from us because sometimes when you ask them to put the gun down if they do then you save yourself a kill and obviously You save bullets because at this moment we are going to regulate looking for two chargers I think the phone came from above in there we are going to ask them to put it on with me Oops this is missing to report this evidence to ensure and here is a phone ringing I dont know if its important Well I dont know if you can interact to begin with it doesnt seem like no Well nothing Oh my God with permission Well you dont have to go up or it was down no I remember right now well see on the stairs I think it was going down I think this floor has already gone down indeed they are coming with me right yes they are coming with me that there it is free we are going back to where we started second floor no in fact the second floor we were not on the second floor oops I hear water okay first Im going to ask my colleagues to stay here that they charge that area and Ill see if but what OK Were going to secure a floor and we move to the third we re going to ask them So they go first if not this floor Definitely no we have not entered Ok down down down down we have to go back for that Ok careful contact contacts careful there I see it fell did not throw it we can use force lets go well Were going well And theres still something left But I think its this map ok But where where where where where but who did you kill Okay I heard contact one of my teammates but I didnt know where or why please someone take care of this subject and yes the game has At this moment, problems with having several cameras at the same time because when I use it to see the gopros of my colleagues, it guides it a lot and before it guided it, but not so much that a dead civilian seems to be on the second floor, and we could already say that its okay, theyre my comrades Well, lets see, last lap, if I dont leave anything, its because I hear people but I dont know where, by the way, when you say aspect, lets see, okay, I listen to people. I hope I dont die at this point in the mission, it would be quite tragic. I already entered here too But I hear voices Where and why ca nt you enter here okay this is where I hear someone here Listen to the voices that I am leaving not another time here no its maps are not very complicated I know it is Ah well I know it is part of but sometimes it is very difficult to orient yourself here even though it is not here No yes forget it No well I think there is nothing on this floor anymore this we are going Lets move to the first floor, which I think is the only one we need to see this door. Yes, there are people here, there are people, there are people, and I think Im alone because my classmates are elsewhere. very scared Ok it seems that down below lets see please mate I hear more voices but I dont know if they are not What nerves is it that they are a maze these over there over there over here over here quick quick quick come and here the performance is regular very very regular mate are you fine voices were being heard lets see please open this door yes Im listening I dont know I think its English I m not sure listen very strange come come come here there are people very sure sure indeed be careful compa dead baby fallen comrade lets throw ourselves okay we have a fallen comrade and all because of a holy mother but here we have already been where it came from where they are coming from Lets see lets make sure and I hear more voices but we already passed through here Although please maybe here to the left but its also here that I already entered unless I missed something but I did nt ask someone to secure this please see and complete in the order Not here We ve already been now yes we dont go through there and here yes We went in there where the blows took place Ok there are voices there are voices of suspects but here is that they are heard on the left to see falling please And it is that one more meeting like this good huh Because I am quite wounded and here I was also a labyrinth its maps We ve already been here No, were back, but please, get out of here, comrade. Weve already been here too. Well, I think Im going to go a little more violent to speed up the missions pace a bit, because if its not too much walk and nothing happens, nothing comes out here and we just needed it. It seems to me that the first floor because everything really was left here, well, we re going back, we re going to go down the first floor and see what happens to me, please, if it comes out okay, theres no soldier at less save time want to be careful here is also the water I dont know if there could be contact here Okay I see someone of someone of someone with care there was someone there was someone no and there it was very difficult this mission is very long very very long but very long and also Well, it should be mentioned that there are quite severe lag problems I think that for the good of the videos we are going to try half an hour half an hour quite long suspects reported 15 out of 20 only 5 were missing Ok 9 out of 12 civilians for me its a matter of Knowing the maps is a matter of knowing the maps But hey, were going to check the barracks and I think were going to leave this episode here people, this one was I chose a map Lamen tablely very difficult for this first one for this return of the series And Im also going to see if I can make some graphic adjustments so that especially the issue of because the map is very poorly optimized because for example here we have 100 120 fps which is what reasonable with an rtx I say but this seems to be not very badly optimized yet so we will have to check some kind of adjustment out there but well well Beyond that well this is the return of the radio series I hope you like it please put your comments I want to thank you very much Because we reached many subscribers in which I was far away I think we have more than 200 almost 250 so thank you all for subscribing I know I was silent for a while I apologize a lot for that but well guys this I am very grateful subscribe to the videos Comment for more and also at this moment I think that I am no longer as expert as I am sure some of you that I see they installed the game so nothing if you have advice especially for this hospital map Leave me in the comments and nothing Im Ángel deezer Thank you very much for watching the videos see you in the next one steam lego Qué onda mi gente ¿Cómo están? 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