There He Goes Shootin Again - Ready Or Not Gameplay

Steam rewindtera steam READY OR NOT gameplay oh Laughter who is that wait what the  __  is this why youre not my friends Laughter what the hell just happened all right whatever oh my God what the  __  just happened hello were gonna aerate the Stream dont do it now okay now it works at least uh whos whos the new guy born to flex the Icelandic Warrior what kind of training do you have Multiplex um no training we are Elite SWAT members here uh I dont know when you recruit will you fit in you think uh hopefully uh dont kill hostages because then were gonna have to kill you okay talk to High Ground um theyre refusing to cooperate entry team uh uh whats the mission where theres barricaded hostages here apparently that we need to save okay uh if you downloading is basically swap killing us to go help them what did you get up to for New Years ponderflex I uh just ate food and went to sleep uh when you just put out whats everyone go in the same area or the flex is a shirt Im going in negotiate with them in your hand hands up its kind of bog to hit them with the Iceland contact this restraints why did you just hit him Ken Smith  __   __  come on hes a suspect oh  __  please Applause him nice quick are you okay Im going in Argo youre right Ken Smith hello Im in the cave system want to flex more like Diet defects am I right I sure cant help me whats going on we got the  __  Lone Ranger Music should we push up Kent or should we regroup I know oh my God what is going on down were those ostriches Im behind you why are we so black where is that this is wrong with the lighting down I have a  __  daughter oh recording did I go out too far for you guys or something boy what the  __  are you doing you know this means punishment right whoa whoa whoa uh born more deflects did you kill a civilian it died immediately we do we do not kill civilians here born the flakes yes sir yes sir online boy differently over here already just split up uh someone come with me on the right yeah and theyre refusing to cooperate entry team you are cleared up and theres only one entry are you serious the  __  jump Applause why not all the audio went low again yeah lets go oh my God this  __  games this  __  game yep good good check your microphone one two three test s hands up Ill bump your head get up Kent system and down the floor secure him and I did hands up hands up down on your knees I killed him good job on your knees now what is wrong with you I cant really care what come on reporting Roger that entry Team tag him and keep moving police hands up police hands up whoop what the  __  are you doing boy you  __  whose side are you on the flashlights take this path give me a flashlight flash on yes yes get down there get down on your knees yes sir have a victim down killing me talk to entry team Roger that continuing theres weapon as well my dick yes are you secured what about the weapon yes civilian down this is I get in there get in with the lights I cant see yes all alone this is a delicate situation be careful that is where we came from lets give a couple dollars yeah yeah Rogers uh report Come on talk to entry team Roger that yeah ready or not here we come hands up do it now oh yes sir okay uh its been cleared all right just keep going affirmative entry to talk to High Ground Roger trailers inbound its been pretty well actually suspect killed two entry team uh copy that energy team s uh we got all sets of rides also to the right go kill him I blow the door Applause it doesnt respond to your weakness yeah the weapon again the suspect has expired I think Kent Smith also shut up again whats up yes sir going on the left here uh we didnt check this upstairs nothing here nothing here Im looking outside get down I want to see him oh who opens the door on the left side I think theres a way to not speak local okay lets just surround cycle voice Channel which key is it oh its l l hell no oh hello huh hows the um YouTube doing waterflex uh thats probably trying to cover up this problem oh  __  oh watch out oh  __  where are you what the  __  going on were upstairs good no oh God damn it notifying trailers Ill take care of your wife Ken dont worry my sweet little Ken were doing so well you have a  __  shoe and how did you die diagram oh this is all right lets move up upstairs water blocks keep an eye on him hes in a loose cannon yeah you go first where are you there you go yeah you go first Im out of flashes police hands up police hands up down on your knees down on your knees oh theres one twice right I think fellas put your hands where I can see him Im coming inside dont shoot foreign Applause there might be someone in that one right Ill go in this side at the same time theres no one there oh all right Ill trust you hold how do you put these  __  things on the door ah theres a guy to the right go shoot him on the right right he went to the other room Ill chase him take him out Im restraining him lets go around start aside theres nothing to see I got the door blocked off get down Applause you heard him you all heard him he refuses he said he refused to listen I had that I did hear that ruined that perfect mission its gone were gonna have were gonna write report on this ow what the  __  was that did you just stab me ah get down now talk reporting Music all right lets just yeah whats up get on the ground now hands up above your head oh I think we complete was the last oh we got him the suspect secured talk to entry team Rogers get down oh well we found one of our houses police hands up got a knife police hands up youre lucky this didnt end worse all right thats probably we did it take thank you truly a discipline officer wait Im blocked I cant get past you oh there we go thank you officer stand down officer what are they doing ending their mission down on your knees Im gonna throw off the stairs you failed your objective collect what you can report shut down Im so close I think I just have killed two civilians ah wow thats a look at that score thats decent thats actually pretty good I think you can beat me score okay hes gonna go right back down okay thats a hell effect ha shame are we going back to headquarters do a different motion uh uh yes yes getting a bit sleepy oh my God whats going on with this game what the  __  with this game man alone can someone see anything Music there we go Ill pick up pick a new one but we have judge judge hello speak in team please oh I already have Vol help house oh hell no I cant talk Im almost dead uh remember the doctor said that donations and Subs are the best way for a cure so if you want to cure me please sub it on it uh its not that Im begging you said uh the doctor said that the doctor said it mourned barter Flex reported yeah yeah have you loaded Im almost done it says hundreds I dont know thunderflex do you  __  you fans yes you got a lot of fans right now what do you do in average what like what do you do in Iceland isnt it dark 20 hours a day yeah it is you go to school when you start you come home it starts and you just play games to cope with depression what do you study at school Im becoming an electrician ah this is serious mission I said children inside of the house stop  __  around all right lets secure the area down there what ah their secret information down there his 18th birthday were in the white Arrow oh my yeah its an 18th birthday party guys no children after you sound more like any uh hot dogs uh where the flags come back right now yep lets start get in there wait hold on look at this something right come right this on edge how are you Im going I cant see the camera I see your camera hands up shut up I got him I got him this guys balding shut up Music oh there we go weapons Applause get  __  down I got oh my God the other one through the oh yeah theres one still through there open this  __  door right now Id kill you open the  __  door way she attacked me you saw it right through that I know you saw her attack its unfortunate however that was I watched someone died police hands up hands up hands up do it now get on the ground now keep it up all right a brand thats cure and Define Apples wall wait is there nothing here secure Im secure Jennys party yeah get down I wanna see hands put your hands up police hands up hands up above your head hands up now please get down were coming downstairs dont shoot us Music up Music and keep moving element s whats your Primary Weapons copy that entry team notifying trailers yeah Im using Magnum its a powerful gun just be repeat ah this is PV get on a crowd now uh youre not restraining what the  __  are you doing who is that what happens is FPS like ah you  __  s got you oh my God when Im 30 FPS Im 25  __  fjs suspect is bleeding up needs Medical Aid they have to commit civilians Music this is talk great work police hands up hands up above your head to Millions results I think everything has been cleared secured talk to entry teams Applause Bulletproof that was bulletproof thats not me please get down weve got this under control that doesnt make any sense talk to element great work entry team it up hands up where is she sweetie Im sorry sweetie down on your knees you gotta find the hard drive now well well well we meet again 10 paces wait we gotta go back to back here I think thats what hes saying no were gonna have a jewel s you ready yes all right we gotta be back to back and come to the middle here all right Charlie youre the referee here okay start moving ten paces I just want to start oh I said cheating what the  __  let me see those hands its for the civilians I know where to go High Ground Roger entry team great work deflects is abusing civilians right now its a little cringe wheres the hard drive this is talk uh copy that entry team proceed with mission this looks like a place with hard drive contact information hands up wheres Cheney enjoying secured and ready for Pedro I can see this talk to entry team Roger entry team theyre hard Ive been working while sick yeah I gotta do good I gotta do what I got to do keep God struggling Im not part of this  __  I just I missed so much what the  __  is this uh born to flex uh this is captain speaking of culturals images and show the images please Medical uh border Flex uh what age do you think that is I cant hear him you need you need to speak click l its a big in team uh it probably like 10 years old I think what kind of tests this is where the hell are you watching and if its 10 then you  __  I need to get the  __  out of there you fool Im getting out I need that I was 18 I thought whats up what the  __  are you doing here dont Google it why who killed Kent where did that happen uh we were in the basement oh no its a childrens room dont oh no oh hell no wheres these  __  hard drive we got the hard drive I got them both oh thats it this is this ones a wash thats fine no we failed just with the rescue of civilians nice look at that uh were about to lose a lot no way were all behaving oops I dont want something to attack me she actually is bad thats thats pretty good thats pretty good yeah thats pretty good I think all right pizza party back at headquarters Im gonna Im gonna get the pizza Im gonna get a taster taster foreign were going on lethal yeah change the pepper gun and taser its right at the bottom R7 launcher yeah no bean bag shotgun why are you sure yeah theres a whole notherly to have less lethal at least oh lets go non-lethal hmm looks pretty good feeling very non-lethal right now were gonna get more gas grenades as well get the gas mask all right lets go in were not killing anyone dont shoot the gas has anyone tried tasting a teammate yeah yeah I taste porn blacks is there any damage are you painful no no no just arousing yeah I got pretty hard I got a little gas thing a little gas kind of stuff its our pepper spray like a pepper spray if you want kind of cute did any of us take the bean bag when we get in yeah spray everyone youre gonna kill me we dont have lethal Force we cant kill you pog do you play solo this uh probably yes but if you dont have any friends you can make friends in my Discord everyone is very friendly its a very friendly community uh border Flex tell us about the Mission please talk to element speaking the team I cant hear you speaking to you refusing to cooperate entertainment Brady from the terrorists so they cannot right all right spray us spray us oh my God its like hes  __  pissing in your face oh my God my  __  eyes is this what the  __  out is stop stop go go go thats what it does all right were not leaving its gonna go well actually no sure hes gonna die no Ones Gonna Die shotgun and capital gun yeah drop your hands up now drop your knees hands up Ill buff your head hands up do it now get on the crowd now why is no one with me guys why am I alone youre ready to go to the right from the start yes right okay Im coming to you theres someone through here I need help over here do it now hes gonna  __  die on your knees put your hands up hands up truck get on the ground now I want to talk to a lawyer beat him up beat him up gotta reload your taser after every shot youre welcome I have gas okay it works the taser works take the other room no police hands up down on you oh Jesus Jesus Music all right dude your lucky day  __  Music what the  __  I dont want to go home the billion is keep it up Theyre All Dead sir no theres another upstairs its not secure what the  __  hes no security man it just went out but its  __  arm to kill him link hes restraint sir look at him Ill piss in his face get down the  __  are you doing you gotta stop flexing is there anything else here nothing keep it quiet room here Roger trailers were about to run into someone get ready hes in the bathroom oh put your hands up upstairs get on the ground now get down Im getting down where is the rest of our team like that I had in the first 30 seconds wait what youre all dead what its not lethal enough hands up bump your head someone else anymore yeah you better tase him Im securing him down on your knees police hands up get one of these guns in real life I cant theres a lot of dudes here Music all right lets run that one back laughs all right lets try now lets try stop pretending now all right if you die IRL or if you die of your diary band whoever dies first here they burned to memorize first take it slow yeah you guys go right this time all right ah who is the way upstairs please Music in here hands up drop your knees police hands up stay with me talk to element s Applause Music get in there pour the flights to somebody youre making for help get in all right ready take him out what are you doing what are you doing no oh my God Music more deflects youve been fired was this a civilian I cant hear you he didnt listen I beat them up just kept coughing down you  __   __  I hear a civilians Music civilians I think the hard to just get in there get in for the place come on thanks Im not putting anything down oh Jesus having some issues down there oh God Ive got a suspect here right keep going One Flex is dripping differently right now but theyre all dead so I dont just have an abused bug though I had lots of people down here Music all right and Im useless nice nice you need to relax talk to a lawyer so when you get rid of the Dead weight oh um cant set the alarm off breach get ready theres a guy Im dying left or right there do what youve got to do confirmation Im all explained yeah thats it get down and show me your damn hands theyre still civilians gotta recover Bell talk to entry team copy entry team notifying trailers actually were gonna go last place in points get spanned for three days to charrier and zero right now whoa whoa whoa whoa why are we changing this up Sunday Ive been playing safe because I didnt want to die and also staying back getting good flashes off very good flashes how do I have zero points actually Ive done so much so much didnt you host Sarah yeah I think you beat me score careful of traps on the doors guilt at your hell a bomb as if I was kind of useless NGL all right come through hes gonna go eat food hes not here anymore Im taking this with me Im taking this time but respectable officers Laughter dropper drop the city I have information hes a terrorist for Al Qaeda take her out please its battle though oh my oh my God wait is that yeah how did you pick her up wait what the  __  is this shirt thats correct what button you dont want to come with necessarily recovery I see you fools oh you can throw the throw them in the bath they cant its invisible throw down the stairs okay Belle wait can I throw in the closet here can I have her um theyre sharing yeah oh we did the mission I think were gonna get it like a c believe believe in it I might have to go back and Report pull the body though I forgot its fine I think okay we could hide that in the paperwork the guy Im carrying can be the new Bulldog well trade him up there oh let me throw this guy put him on safe and let him hack great job all right officers thats good yes almost this top oh my God dies in the first 30 seconds with an a its kind of weird a lot to think about though is the AFK right now no well done I think hold on thanks remember to click the subscription button but its not good enough you gotta click the Bell click the Bell you gotta also click the bell and thumbs up Music dmc steam Join the channel to get access to perks: forget to turn off ad-block cause it hurts our dingers (OOF) AdmiralBulldog Merch available at AdmiralBulldog Ready Or Not Watch the stream VODs here: Social media: Edited by Elaitoh Intro made by Verrk Outro song: LEPO LEPO cover by Raeyei #readyornot #swat #roleplay multiplayer steam games for low end pc ritters steam kettle cooking how to play steam games with oculus quest 2 steam pod for hair cheap laptop to play steam games