Becoming IronMan On Rec Room

Steam horse gamefree fishing games on steam REC ROOM hey guys mateys c13 here and today im just gonna i like something i whacked my chair i really like my what is up rick rumors it is me stealing vr and today i made my own iron man simulator inside of rec room okay so without further ado lets meet iron man Applause so today im going to be teaching you guys how to fly the rec room iron man okay so step one is going to be to equip the costume to equip the iron man costume simply go over to one of them and then click on the button that says equip youll now become iron man then once you have the iron man costume equipped youre going to want to grab two of the handles blue in the left and red in the right okay so the first step to learn how to fly the iron man costume is to get both hands flat out and put them by your waist the angle of slight is judged by what part the top of your hand is pointed so youre pointing directly flat youll go up on it sideways youll go this way pretty self-explanatory okay now to get into flying all right now you guys can see from behind me so you can see exactly what my hand is pointing so if my hand is flat ill go directly other way around ill go straight down my hand is pointed sideways ill start to go forward i tilt it slowly and i have the other one slanted youll see we start to go forward while remaining in the air so again to go up you leave your hands pointed down and holding the triggers the easiest way to learn how to fly is to join the room and try out by yourself once you get the hang of it youre going to want to try and go through all the rings this is how you actually know you know how to fly so again starting with both hands flat pointing slightly up and go you dont want to hold down the button all the way because you might go a little bit too high and hold it in too little will also make you just hit the floor turning is a little bit challenging but the more you do it the better you get and just like that you too can learn how to fly another cool thing to do is slow falling just by jumping out and slightly pushing in the triggers will make you fall really really slow like a feather just imagine theres fall damage and game you dont want to break your non-existent legs also here we support screen modes so screen modes 2 can learn how to become iron man all the instructions are the exact same with screen mode however its just a little less sensitive so screen mods can look whatever direction you want while flying thats it for this video if you guys enjoyed make sure you like and subscribe and if you want to learn how to either make the costume or how to make the gadgets behind flying make sure you like and comment ill respond to every single one of your comments thats it see you next time peace steam wall Today I Show You Rec Roomers How To Become Iron Man In VR! Follow Each Step Closely And You Too Can Become Iron Man Hello my name is Steel Add me on rec room. Name is ( SteelOnVR ) I accept all friend requests. Join the Steel Squad Discord Server( ) #RecRoom #VR #Oculus #Oculusquest #Oculusquest1 #Oculusquest2 #fun #ironman #marvel #SteelOnVR steam launch for sale steam game tags fun games to play on steam for free best free games on steam 2023 steam how to share games with another account