I Found Deleted Scenes From The Rec Room Trailer?!

How to add steam games from another drivesteam library missing games REC ROOM after my previous video on solving the forbidden mystery behind these two characters here ive determined that the first character here is a player known as cabbage however our search for the paintball partys character continues luckily through the past few days i received countless pieces of information from lots of people which helped me find out who they are today ill be guiding through my process on how i found out who the characters were in the record trailer ill be interviewing them for some classified information and today i will be revealing some never before deleted and extended scenes that were intended for the recruitment trailer make sure to watch this to the end trust me its gonna be worth your time alright so its been exactly three days since i posted this video and uh lets actually take a look at some of the comments we got 202 comments lets actually take a look at him i was looking through the comments until i found this random comment here oh shoot cabbage the guy that we just saw a few days ago he commented and he said to check wreck net which is what im gonna do right now lets see oh hey lets see oh just cabbage hashtag four one three two someone showed me your video about the trailer and its super sick hit me up on discord i have a ton to tell you and some never before seen deleted scenes oh boy yo guys im so excited you dont understand all right lets uh lets copy this boom send a friend request and i also want to show you guys some dms that i did get from a lot of you guys that really helped out a lot specifically i got one from styles my friend styles i dont know if you guys knew styles actually told me his discord alright so i think for the most part here we have made contact with cabbage however as you guys remember theres still one major thing we need to solve is the paintball partys guide but luckily i do think i have a bit of a lead all right i just sent my message and yeah we have made full contact with cabbage now as i was saying before i have made contact with the paintball with my friends guy so i got this anonymous dm from a guy called 25 fox and he sent me im the person in the recruitment trailer i only have one photo i can prove it but right now im trying to find my old photos of me and he sent me some photos of what he used to look like and this is exactly like the photo so uh yeah looks like it that is uh pretty much identical and he also said that the map that they recorded that scene was got deleted unfortunately and then i replied oh shoot yo whats up man ill likely be doing a part two ill see what time works for me or what then yes alright im still not 100 certain if this is actually the paintball with my friends guy but i will let you guys know im going to reply to him im going to plan out a date all right i just sent him a message well see what happens i hope 25 fox replies and yeah also another one of my close friends dumbfox he says i have answers to that i like playing paypal with my friends guy is uh nani i met him in a rec center i didnt catch his name but i have other answers the outfit in the trailer is not his normal outfit and he doesnt like playing paintball with his friends he also wears the orange space visor and his normal outfit alright well thats pretty interesting just another quick thing i was checking my rec net messages and 25 fox the guy that we just saw earlier who claimed to be the paintball with my friends guy he messaged me um stuff so i i did grow a little bit suspicious so i am gonna look up his name and lets take a look at his uh so im already friended with him uh well i i accept all friend requests so probably got through that way and the first photo on here is literally a photo of me and uh i i assume this is him the orange space visor that uh dumbfox was just talking about i dont think this is an original photo which i will be looking for right now so lets actually take a look uh right now i dont see any outfit that looks remotely similar to that however dumbfox did say that its not his normal outfit so i will give him the benefit of the doubt for that but i will keep examining i think what im gonna do im gonna go to the date to where the rec room trailer was released which i believe was september lets actually see so the day the rec room trailer was released september 21st so im gonna go to that day so lets see uh june 20th all right so lets go down until september oh shoot oh shoot look at that wait oh wait thats him oh yeah the facials the facial features the eyes are the same eyes its just a little bit different and the picture right before that was with harry and i believe yeah this is the real harry i uh i think this actually is him 25 bucks it looks reasonably similar uh lets actually go back to when the trailer was filmed lets see oh his name used to be 25 gamer see oh wow oh my god we found it this is the photo this is the exact that this was the spot where they filmed it right there oh my goodness this was a little bit after looks like yeah wow this is the exact location and yeah he he yeah the map did get deleted he said i think this is him yeah and his name used to be 25 gamer i see that pillow right there in that like gazebo in the back right there hes standing pretty much in the exact spot where it was recorded wow all right i think weve confirmed it like its exactly the same like his mouth his hair the armbands the luau shirt wow yeah this is this is theres no way its not him we found it we found him all right i i will arrange interviews with both of them and uh we will see what happens from there on out yall no way its literally been like two minutes i just ended my previous recording and cabbage is already replying oh baby do i have something for you never seen before oh man im excited he just sent me something for now trailer sample 12 views unlisted trailer sample whoa is that a window over there come on bar lets check it out whoa wait i think thats cabbage yo corbins my man lets high five okay baller lets go take some more pictures come on Laughter hello yeah all right one all right two wow that was the original scene oh my goodness this is the original thing this is where they got all the footage from all right two look at that oh my goodness oh look at that lets go corbins lets go check out this uh this carnival red my man whats up oh wait thats bread and is this corbins you just called them corbins lets go corbins lets go check out this uh this carnival red my man whats up have a ball in my hall please help me pay my rent here it is there is a bunch of cheese in there it is going to be amazing wow there are so many deleted scenes oh there it is this is the footage that they actually use for the trailer wow this is astounding right there right there theres like three shots right there thats what they use for the trailer yeah there you go Music Music wow my mind is blown my mind is seriously blown all right what is up everybody ive just made contact this time with the official paintball with my friends guy 25 fox go ahead and introduce yourself oh im 25 fox i am the person who said i like playing paintball my friends all right lets uh lets get into it so why dont you tell me about how you were you know added to the uh added to the trailer and why harry wanted you in the trailer why dont we get to that all right so it was happening randomly he went to like his like dorm tours room and hes just picking random people i guess i was like a lucky person just to get choking for it nice nice uh one thing i do want to ask you your outfit looks a little bit different from the one i originally saw do you still have the original outfit saved perhaps oh steve do you have it okay oh oh boy i think i have it no way oh its in the back oh okay come on come on no way get like a countdown for this get a countdown for this all right five four three two one no way there it is 25 fox oh my god wow it is literally identical holy smokes that was crazy all right um another quick thing i noticed your name used to be 25 gamer am i right yes nice all right uh another quick thing did you notice that in the description of the video where they put the cast where your name was supposed to be written they put small goats name uh were you aware of that or no uh no not really i actually didnt know that yeah oh dang why dont you just tell us about the um the exact spot where you did where you said the i like having paintball with my friends and also like um was that something you wanted to say or was that something that like harry made you say i was kind of forced to say it oh okay i didnt say i wouldnt i mean its for its for the trailer its the purposes for the trailer it makes sense all right and i think the ultimate question that ive been waiting for and you already know what im about to ask everybody wants to know do you like throwing do you like playing paintball with your friends or not surprisingly i dont oh what why not do you not like i mostly do wreck rail im also more of a royal guy yeah i dont really have anyone to play paintball but yeah i see i see so i i like playing paintball without my friends yeah are you can you quickly recreate that can you go back to your outfit and just say i like i like playing paintball with my friends come on come on do it for the video do it for the video come on come on fine all right now do the exact thing yeah my voice is really different yeah your voice changed a lot all right come on come on just say i like having people with my friends just say that i like playing paintball my friends yeah lets go all right so that will conclude our quick little interview session with 25 fox everybody if you see him in a public room say hi to him hes the guy in the trailer yeah famous man right here all right thank you guys were going to go move on to were known but now my cover has been revealed yep youre 25 bucks anyone see him go say hi to him all right now were going to continue our session on to investigating cabbage and what he previously mentioned in his dms i will see you guys soon right about now all right what is up everybody i have just made contact this time with cabbage the other guy that i tried to make contact with last time but regardless we are here now with cabbage unfortunately hes not on vr but that is not a problem cabbage introduce yourself yo im cabbage im the person in the trailer who said i love throwing pizza parties with my friends nice all right so first thing i want to ask right away and im sure other people are concerned about uh your outfit looks a little bit different from the one we originally saw in the trailer do you still have that one saved or not oh i dont think so for the trailer we had to make a like a lot of different outfits yeah i know Music this is similar oh wow i think oh yeah thats a really good one yeah thats pretty similar yeah all right this is my main outfit for a while and so thats why nice i dont know if you saw the original video but i was like uh i was stalking your wreck net to see if you were really who you were yeah i thought that was where youre gonna find like yeah something embarrassing im lucky so the first thing i want to ask is about the trailer uh like why why did harry ask you to meet the trailer and just tell us about like you know you being recorded in the trailer and all that just tell us about that well okay first of all harry and i we met like a very very long time ago im a 2016 player so we kind of i guess we knew of each other we werent like we were friends for a while and then like i stopped playing for a while and then i came back i see so um the how did i get invited to the trailer well i think most of the organization happened on the film academy discord like the official rec room film academy thing and i just graduated so he just i dont know i just was in the right place at the right time i guess the other thing i wanted to ask is uh when you were in the trailer were you aware that like there were gonna be some deleted scenes and all that and he was gonna be editing it down or were you like already like initiated that youre going to be in the trailer oh yes okay thats a great question so for the for the speaking part like i love throwing pizza party with my friends those originally were like he created a public public room and he kind of just put the camera down and said oh say whatever you like doing most about records so theres supposed to be like a community involvement thing like oh some person goes on like oh i love playing quest but people are like saying stuff that you know its like a 30 second video like people were saying stuff oh i like making friends and like so they were it didnt really fit so eventually he just took me and i thought it was smile goats but im not yeah i interviewed him yesterday his name is um 25 fox super chill guy hes um he was the guy with the um yeah the luau shirt and all that really yeah thats it but when i did interview small go he said that he did have some voice lines like he was supposed to be the in the spot where 25 fox was but i think yes the editor or i assume harry he probably you know thought that the 25 foxes was a bit better but yeah it made sense and smog was in the description as well not 25 fox but yeah so it was supposed to be like community voice lines like oh you just say your favorite thing and my my original one was like something about quest but harry was like eventually oh were just gonna take you and smile goat and you two are just gonna say uh the excellent youre just gonna say i love so it wasnt really my idea to say that but oh thats the line that i got i dont know like we did the line i probably said that like a hundred times throughout the last thing outfits like it was super you know im sure you know like filming videos yeah a lot of stuff is wrong one of the most important questions in my opinion actually i think you already know what im about to ask all right do you really like throwing pizza parties with your friends that you know thats a funny question because ive played this game for about five years and i dont think ive specifically ever thrown a pizza party like ive never i mean ive been eating now and like pizza comes out but ive never been like hey you guys want to eat some pizza i dont think ive ever thrown a pizza party yeah it makes more sense i i i dont think um pizza party would be the best term to use for the record but i think partying is just you know i like partying with my friends but you know pizza party sounds yeah i like that i do like that line in the trailer a lot and that will conclude our quick interview session with cabbage remember this is cabbage hes an awesome guy if you ever see him in like a rec center say hi to him hes a fantastic guy all right cabbage you want to say anything else to finish it off uh thank you for watching the video it was really fun to be part of this and its like so weird seeing a video about myself and like kind of funny and so many people who keep me on discord so thank you i feel like yeah i had people like um dming me like screenshots of them dming you like um stuff that yeah ive seen a lot of that so yeah uh if you guys ever do see cabbage hes uh he works with the film academy i believe if you ever you know see him you know whatever say hi to him hes a great guy and im sure he will uh love to talk to you yeah lovely beautiful all right finally after two weeks of investigations and with the help of you guys we finally answered it the paintball partys guy 25 fox doesnt like playing paintball with his friends and cabbage has never even thrown a pizza party i really hope you guys enjoyed this two-part series and if you guys would like more videos like this let me know down below ill be sure to consider every suggestion bye-bye you steam game at 100 but still downloading This is a Part 2 to my previous video, where I 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