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Free low end pc games on steamrental steam cleaner near me REC ROOM today me and spy cakes are playing baldis basics and poppy playtime and five nights at freddys and were doing it all in rec room so before i meet up with spy cakes i have to create my character now i could create a normal looking character that looks like me but no wheres the fun in that yep i created baldi before we get started i want to thank rec room for sponsoring todays video rec room is completely free to play its on mobile playstation 4 playstation 5 xbox steam and all of your favorite vr platforms i also love how they have cross play so if your friend is playing on mobile and youre playing on your pc you guys could all play together i left the link in the description below if you guys want to download the game lets go find spy cakes hey spice stop beating up larry this is larry yeah thats larry i named him up like two seconds ago hey stop stop punching him wait spy spy you want to see my dance move spy so i heard theres like 12 million different games that we can play so uh should we start playing one lets do it lets go find some awesome rooms uh spy i do not want to be in huggy wuggys uh toy factory there he is right here hes watching us ready smack him hit him like you did up wait what did i name the last guy larry its not working wait wait maybe both of us if we both punch karate chopping him in the throat so we have to collect six toys before huggy finds us wait what i didnt sign up for this i did i signed up for the terrifying huggy wuggy rec group oh i found one thats a toy i think so oh i see you i see oh uh what do we do here spy were in a corner okay im gonna show you what i see i i know training i got the train watch this beat him up oh no oh my gosh i just witnessed my best friend get eaten by huggy woggy no i just dodged him you dodged him i dodged him like a a dodge ball i i dont know im not good at sports spy im looking for some more stuff im back in i guess i lost my present dude this is a big map this is really cool yeah i didnt expect huggy wuggy to actually come after us i didnt think he would eat your head off like he did uh spy oh no i forgot about proximity chat spy i think youre a little too far away i cant find you oh no oh no spy spy spy where is he oh hi oh i see my scene right there oh i found another one its like claws oh were like collecting parts oh so were gonna be like making our own huggy wuggy maybe i guess oh my gosh its running oh my gosh shes like just turned into an olympic athlete oh my gosh dont look fine im gonna im just popping and weaving wait did you die spy oh he got eaten again didnt he i think the more toys we get the faster he runs kind of like baldis basics a little bit oh guess what i found another toy oh i found another one that should be five that should be five yeah okay so we need to find one more toy ooh i dont wait know what that thing is i found the exit it says no one leaves well float a toy find all six toy parts and return here its a big gate okay so we have one more to find spy yeah maybe this one hi right here wheres huggy hes a little quiet right now a little too quiet oh by the way if you guys want to see more rec room dont forget to hit that like button maybe subscribe smack it for our survival okay spy i know i said i get scared and alone but i think maybe we should split up and find the last toy okay okay you go that way ill go this way im going in the scary vents oh i hear you wait is that you that i hear or is this i thought that was you behind me nope it was just huggy eating my head no one leaves without a toy find all six parts and return it here he will find you well we already learned that the hard way toy locations have changed well thats not fair i found the exit should i go go spy leave me in the dust okay i think spy got out of here so now im in here by myself oh oh this might be my last toy nope i already have that one son of a nutcracker all parts collected get to the exit okay okay oh this is it this is it yeah we survived even though we died ten times spy that was terrifying can we play another game thats less scary like five nights at freddys wave to me or i will be very sad nope oh she left the room spy i scared her away spy is this your son it literally says sun over his head are you my son i dont know i think man okay spy this time were not alone were actually with other people like yeah that kid over there thats my style Music oh you left them in their spine hey whats the magic word one two three that was it that was it okay so spy this is the security breach map on uh rec room so what is our objective i think its to not get eaten well so far were doing a good job i havent found anything oh no i lost my flashlight me and spy searched the entire map and couldnt find anything so i went back to my dorm room and found a package congrats for getting to level two i got a female green shirt brandon what happened oh what are you wearing oh no did i put it on no i didnt want to put it on i didnt mean to put it on take it off nice dress wait this is actually five nights at freddys oh were gonna get in trouble were gonna get were gonna fail dude whoa look at this this is cool so can we oh doors so were at 93 power but its still 12 a.m let me know if you see an animatromo spy and i will close that door faster than i can close up a door just karate chop him you know bonnies moving where hes wearing scaring me spider go pick up the thing and put one beat oh bonnies on the move but but hes in the cafeteria yeah we should be good for a second oh oh oh i heard someone i heard someone bodys outside the left what youre still there go away you jerk yeah im gonna open the door this is why dont do that im gonna open it lets not be crazy here wait was it oh i think that might have been him leaving oh no hes still there foxys at the door where this one thats over here okay its 3 a.m spy and we have less than half of our power bonnies still here bonnie can you go away please oh crazy dear freddies here freddys there right there oh jeez okay wait bonnies gone so we can open this door nobodys not gone body is not gone died we might die we might die spy we are running out of power faster than um i i drink kool-aid two percent spyware dead men dont look behind you why Laughter is the power going to go out the doors are open oh um spy im coming over to your side because im scared and frightened over here you got you not me yes thats not fair uh bran i got an idea night five no no no im leaving im out of here oh this is a problem spy are you seeing this yeah wait wait you ready whos the real baldy Music that was the wrong one spy okay we got to get all seven notebooks and get the heck out of here before this psycho looking baldy kills us yeah okay i gotta im gonna go over here dude he follows us everywhere we walk look at this oh no oh get in here what happened what happened get in here look at this this is impossible spy how are we gonna solve this nonsense oh oh one plus zero equals 19. oh wait pick up the shiny quarter oh i got it i got it 10 minus eight equals im gonna go with two got it we got it we got it he did it it did it its random i think hes coming oh hes definitely coming all right lets go go go this way yeah we should maybe maybe partially oh wait theres another bully how many bullies i think we got to use the quarter on them we got to use the quarter okay thats a good idea i found another quarter anyways sweet im gonna throw it at the bullys head ah sorry it didnt work what oh he wont let me pass take the corner take the corner spy this could be an issue all right we gotta go backwards but baldis gonna be there okay oh what happened baldy got me no spy baldy got me oh i see him okay im uh gonna go off on my own okay spy theres a major problem theres like 856 bullies and none of us or none of them take items yeah i think you just got to avoid them wait oh oh oh oh sweeping time stop doing this nope im gonna get around them ah okay spy lets uh divide and conquer wait theres multiple baldies so you just grab the book and bring it over to the letters oh is that how it works yep oh so if i pick this one up hes already coming what did we already get two of them i dont know but hes already at the door right there hes freaky oh lets go one way i guess this way spy im holding up the number one i dont know why but i am okay theres a bully oh theres the principal no the principal sent me to detention wait that might be good oh maybe i actually i got away from baldy yeah and you might be in a different area oh true so i have three more seconds of detention and im out of here that actually worked out really well thank you principal hi now i have that spy tell the principal to stop giving me detentions no i found another notebook whoa this is a tough one negative 95 plus 65. oh wait did you get this one no there it is oh here it is here it is bam okay wait we have two of seven seven oh no oh my god he went through the wall run oh boy the bullys head exploded and principals got you im stuck in detention for the 80th time watch out for the baldy number two im gonna get around him gonna get around him no well clearly we cant handle this check out the link below if you guys want to play rec room dont forget to hit that subscribe button and check out my other youtube channel its called tfg vlogs and i will see all of you in the next video Music steam deck game profiles Can Baldi Escape Huggy Wuggy in Rec Room Gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer Rec Room with SpyCakes is finally here!Check Out Rec Room! 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