How I SNEAKED My Invention Into Rec Rooms Top Games!

How to launch steam games in fullscreensteam engine blueprints REC ROOM game this is the most popular game in all of rec room and then over here is my invention in fact you might notice that my invention is in quite a few different popular rooms right now how did i get to this point why is this invention of an orange cube in a bunch of rec rooms top games and why am i doing this well be getting into all of that today when i tell you about how i bribed rec rooms top creators into promoting my invention im gonna try and keep this backstory quick so i know most of you probably already know it but basically about 11 months ago i created a basic orange cube invention and sold it on the invention store in the hopes for it to become the most bought paid invention in all of rec room i did this a because i thought it would be funny and b because i wanted to gift back all of the tokens that i earned from the cube into the community which ive done and ive made two videos about it and ive posted them to my channel to promote the cube and its all great but there is one little problem actually getting people to go from my youtube video into rec room to search up the cube and actually get them to buy it is not a very easy thing to do that is a lot of steps to ask from people who probably are never going to actually benefit from buying the cube except for knowing they helped contribute to this stupid goal i noticed this when i posted my second video promoting the cube because it did not get the cube nearly as many new purchases as the first video did despite me gaining quite a few subscribers since the first video it was at this moment i knew i would need a special plan and i knew just what to do if i couldnt get people to go from youtube to rec room to buy the cube i was just gonna have to start right at the source in rec room so what do i just go around rec centers and tell as many people as possible to buy the cube i think that would take ages no i needed to put the cube in front of as many people as possible and the best way for me to do that was to put it in these rooms with millions and millions of visits but here comes another issue how am i gonna know which rooms have players spending the most time in them so i know what rooms to try and get it into i mean sure i could just look at the hot tab on the watch and try to take an educated guess as to the current most popular ones based on their visit count but i wanted some more solid evidence what rooms are players actually spending the most time in and lucky for me rec room has actually started providing that data publicly starting in december theyve done this thing called room rewards which gives rewards to the owners of the rooms that have the most players spending the most time in them and not only that but every week they release an updated list of what the top 100 rooms are that have the most time spent in them so literally to get the rooms i want all i have to do is start at the top of this list and work my way down contacting the creators but this brings up yet another problem how am i going to convince these room creators with millions and millions of visits to put my random invention that doesnt benefit them at all in their rooms well this is where the bribes come in now you might not know this but not only am i a youtuber but im also a circuiter in-game and i actually work on building rooms with a group of people called ink overflow so being both a youtuber and a builder in game ive already got quite a few connections to go off of when contacting these people and trying to bribe them to put my cube in their room and of course even if they arent on the top 100 list i can just start with rooms that im already co-owner on so i dont need to ask anyone the two most popular rooms that im already co-owner on are rap rumble and sword summit and these are ink overflow rooms so i just went in there and threw a link button to the orange cube and some text telling people to buy it and boom weve got two rooms already even if theyre not like top 100 material they still get a pretty consistent amount of visits but there was one more ink overflow room that i wanted to put a link button in considering it was literally in the number one spot for time spent in it youve probably heard of it the room is poppy playtime even though im not co-owner on this room because i didnt help make it personally im still friends with all the people who did make it because were in the same build group so i just dmd pan knight one of the co-owners on poppy playtime and one of the ink overflow leaders and waited for a response the second room on the list was prison life created by hkr who you might recognize as the person with the most subscribers in all of rec room by a very large margin lucky for me hkr actually watches my videos so it wasnt too hard to get in contact with him and propose my offer and as we go down the list well see that hkr is co-owner on quite a few rooms that are popular besides prison life too next up i contacted brody gameplays who is the owner of clash of kingdoms and hide and seek both of which are pretty popular rooms right now i remembered recognizing this name from somewhere and i was pretty sure its because i thought he was a fan of my content or at least like knew i existed at some point so i had pretty high hopes for this response too and the final person i contacted was its glitch who is the owner of desert storm war island warfare and rec room battlegrounds wow all of these popular rooms are literally just war at this point i felt like id contacted enough creators because every one of these people had at least more than one room that was high up on this top 100 list so what did these people want in return and what did they say in replies well lets check it out so first up lets talk about brody gameplays in his rooms clash of kingdoms and hide and seek this one was pretty seamless and he was really nice to work with as i expected he said that he had heard of my channel before and he was more than happy to put a link button to the orange cube in both of these rooms if i just gave a shout out to his youtube channel in this video which is what im doing right now alright this is where i need you go to the description and click on the link to brody gameplays channel i need to repay back his generosity and for that i need your help right now he is at around 800 subscribers i want to try and get him to 1 500 subscribers which is almost double that so if you want to help out then go to the link in the description to subscribe to brody gameplays he makes rec room videos and vr content very similar to me i think youll like it so thats an orange cube button in two more rooms here not only did he put the button but he also put this like whole arrow and text above it saying to download it thank you very much brody your contribution to the orange cube means a lot next up lets talk about its glitch who was also willing to help me out as long as i gave a shout out to his youtube channel very similar to brodie so again i know i just asked you to go to the description and subscribe to someone im sorry but im here doing it again ive got a link in the description to glitchs youtube channel as well right now hes at around 200 subscribers so lets see if we can over double that again and get him to 500 so go ahead go to the description and subscribe hes planning on making rec room videos there all good stuff for ink reasons i dont think he was able to put the button in island warfare but he did go ahead and put one in desert storm war and rec room battlegrounds so thats another two rooms to add on to the list thank you very much glitch for helping out next up lets talk again about hkr the most subscribed to player in all of rec room now hkrs request wasnt as simple as just asking for his youtube channel to be shouted out alright im not going to go into too much detail on this but as a circuit here i have created this sort of bought in rec room that you can use to import images from out of the game into rec room on a canvas this is totally tos friendly because it uses circuits and before you ask no i will not print something for you i only do it for special occasions and no i will not be telling you how to make one if you ever see people selling pictures of dogs and cats and stuff on the invention store they probably have an art bot like this that they use to put it in the game now not many people have art bots that can do full color high resolution prints so its a pretty exclusive thing i think all hkr wanted was for me to print his profile picture in game so he could use it in rec room and also to print an image that he could use as the profile picture for his club and also he asked for a shout out to his youtube channel too so uh theres a link in the description to that one if youre not already fatigued out on subscribing to people in return he went ahead and put a link button to the orange cube in prison life and in squid game yeah squid game i love squid games and finally we have come to the last creator who supposedly should be the easiest to convince to help me out because i mean were just friends itd be pretty depressing if he said no actually i wanted a link button in poppy playtime the most popular room in the game penn knight was happy to oblige but in return he wanted a shout out a little bit different to everybody else you see on our discord which is at by the way weve got a whole set of channels for commissions which you can use to commission players and rec room to build whatever you want yes this is paid with real money but you can basically go in and make a request for whatever you want you know you want a custom dorm skin boom you can do that you want a custom full body costume you can go in and ask for one there theres a whole team of verified creators that make these things for you and most of the value comes in that you are the only one who owns it so it is a one of the kind item made just for you so if you want a special dorm skin or anything one of the kind made for you in rec room then head on over to read up on the commission guidelines in there and then go ahead and make your request oh yeah i didnt really mention uh pan knight wanted me to promote the commission marketplace so thats thats what i just did and with that the orange cube has been added to the final room of this video poppy playtime so there we go all together now the orange cube is in nine different popular rooms hopefully i counted that right the cubes only been in these rooms for a couple of days now so i cant really give any accurate data on exactly how much theyve helped with the sales but what i can do is assure you that the cube is getting a much larger amount of sales per day than it was before i did all of this to be honest after the last video didnt really get the cube that many more sales i was a little bit concerned on if it was actually ever going to become the most bought invention but this plan has restored my faith that this is possible as of the time of me recording this the cube is at over 4 700 purchases but as of the time youre watching this its probably already over 5 000. its kind of hard to say what the actual goal is for the orange cube because the most bought invention is always changing the amount of sales it has like obviously thats still getting sales too originally the goal was 11 000 and in my last video i said it was 13 000. i think a solid goal for now is 15 000. currently i think the most bought invention has like 14 100 or something so i dont know well see ill keep you guys updated with the goal but for now were just trying to get as many sales as possible and of course if you have a popular room and you want to help out then feel free to go throw an orange q button in your room as well im probably not going to be doing any more special deals or shout outs with people like this but from the kindness of your own heart if you want to put the orange cube button in your own popular room just because you think itd be funny if the orange cube is the most bought invention and also because you want to give me tokens to give back to the community in another gifting video then go ahead and do so it would mean a lot to me i really need as much help as i can get here guys and of course thank you to all of the creators who have already helped me by putting buttons in their own rooms that i contacted in this video it really means a lot that you all were so happy to help me so thats gonna be about it remember to buy the orange cube if you havent already okay go to the room by the cube i i figured that went without saying but buy the cube if you havent thanks for watching and ill see you the next one goodbye mac games for steam Thank you for watching! 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