REC ROOMs Strangest Game! No Stranger Thing than Giraffe Body Builder Llama? (FGTeeV Weird Again)

Games like phasmophobia on steamgame codes steam REC ROOM game this is the weirdest game on record is this rainbow friends please dont kill me whats the Fiji TVs its your boy feeds you with some breaking news theres a gigantic meteor coming straight to her and if you subscribe itll crash into the ocean instead of on your house so hurry before youre out of time well I havent done one of those in a while this game looks weird so weird into the net make sure to put all your audio to the max settings oh my my gosh its gonna blow my drums out drums oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Im scared hello hello can I have a pig please please Im not just for YouTube just put the camera away its freaking me out oh whats happening whats up help what hello oh how did you get in here what the do you see these browsers yes well these are strike by an unknown virus that I could not fight we will help you Ill take us to the first browser now its good mister Im just doing that thing again where Im moving my head even though I dont need to oh my God its just licking my hands yes its lagging yeah yeah run run subscribe to xgtv yeah lets go yes Im doing it Music no there must be an easy way I will smack you here stop doing that with the blue Bowl please please help me no put your hair down its offensive get down its too weird smack his hair all right sir you will now be a meme that I have a question here an impression wait we must all use the power of our hands to close the browser come on guys come on yes thank you for supporting us thank you for supporting us Music is this rainbow friends my hands have been dirty can you lick them again sir this is the good luck Tom yes I would have good luck for the rest of video thank you so much yo look at the Moon bro hes like the man from the window what indoor hungry llama you are so pretty can you please give everyone a pancake oh we gotta give him a pancake hey wait whos asking thank you why is this guy Ive never seen you here before you better not be a horse no Im not a horse theyre so disgusting no okay you look weird but I love it you look weird did you know its my birthday happy birthday did you bring me something yeah these pancakes oh so delicious wait does it even do anything when you feed him he just eat the pancakes and then thats it is this a unicorn poop yeah we can you stop playing with that thing look at all this stuff how about a tree you feel that red lipstick from Julius over there okay wants me to steal red lipstick from Juliet oh no looks like hes enjoying it lets make stars in hey dont take that thats fine you dont need lipstick sir get it get the Red Run I like stealing like whatever you want I think I would take this purple poop nothing for you hi Jeffrey purple oh my God purple its guess what I wanted what thank you so much for this glue all you wanted glue oh yes we did it because were the adventures and were done I thought it was oh my God oh my God you helped all of us so I think its only right what if we help you lets break this barrier so he can go back to his home we dont trust you yeah colors Im a oh thats scary oh Im afraid of colors what the heck is happening bro I had to get my hands dirty clean it good doggy good doggy wants to keep oh no Music Ive been hit I mean I need a bad case of Squidward is the best please dont kill me Im a ghost now oh youre survived I will kill you thank you oh my God clean my head screw shot me you did youre bad are you eating all my Sushi yeah sorry no sushi for Killers yeah guys lets wash dishes theres no parents here and you want to do chores who says that called responsibility fine oh Ill cook with let me get my chef outfit on wait I have a gluten allergy poison I mean I found popcorn in the in the um I dont know what Americans call them thats weird because Americans speak English so how does that make what do you call a red orange fruit that people mistake as a vegetable okay I think you call it tomato Oh Oh I thought this was a joke yeah we called tomorrow tomato so what is the day after today tomato I think its Wednesday it is okay thank you Mr virus Mr virus are you in here hello Mr pirate hi Mr virus was here but we were too busy playing I mean the Mr virus Music is coming alive hes coming alive I promise I told you the virus the heck is this granny Grannys house yo granny whats up hi granny yo do you like my costume spicy are you okay no I was told I told you I have a gluten allergy and you turned it to a pretzel taking it in the toilet oh good it sounds horrendous pretzels in the toilet Im gonna need you to chill youre drinking too much and youre acting kind of crazy oh my gosh oh my God Music Music Laughter my mom caught him and now hes in prison and now he only has one day left until he poops himself Music okay maybe you should get a new Grandpa yeah I agree my Xbox keeps overheating just put it in the freezer can I actually go put my Xbox hand freezer just dont tell whoever paid for it that I told you to do that its for me you are gonna get slapped out we think thats cool I dont know whats happening thats the weirdest video ever look at this trophy I won this trophy yeah I think the award is for me well that was it for that weird video and well check you next time thats so weird come over here come say goodbye with me Im not dressed for YouTube come here Im so sweaty I just want to show you my weird wife look at her oh shes so weird oh yeah Ill check you guys later peace out thanks for watching steam starfield Well, back with more weird and ... were sorry! lol 🥴 Support Us on REC ROOM: ... 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