The CREEPIEST VR HORROR GAME | Rec Room Gorilla Tag VR Horror Game in The Backrooms

Steam workshop download mods without gameplay steam games on fire tv REC ROOM game oh i got to level eight lets go what i get new vest cool all right i just randomized sure hey guys stout snail here im going to play a gorilla tag horror game in rec room if you enjoy subscribe lets get into it well attack horror all right girl the tag horror theres some hats oh oh okay lets see we got here oh theres mines back room all right back rooms back rooms yes must ill take a hat all right well uh lets grab a flashlight lets try and escape the back rooms this is creepy okay is this the start Music wait is there entities oh there is no no no yo oh thats creepy thats creepy all right im just trying to find a way out where are you right there okay oh this is a dead end no no no no please ah you got me i guess lets just try this again all right wait this was oh hes right there oh god oh god its its too its too closed in go away come on man Music all right all right gotta keep going gotta keep going dead end where are you where are you at least let me see when youre doing it okay oh this is this is extremely creepy ill give it one final go i dont know where i should go where should where should i attempt to go i dont i dont know this layout gotta listen for the breath okay hes right there called it all right all right all right all right go around him go around yep yep go around just keep going around okay uh dead end this is a dead end too oh man damn yeah i hope you guys enjoyed leave a like comment subscribe join the discord down below this was guerrilla tag horror in rec room hope to see you in the next video goodbye best horror free games on steam A monke chases, but will I escape? I must escape The Backrooms while a gorilla chases me, in Rec Room VR. Subscribe for more!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Join my discord: Follow me on TikTok: This Gorilla Tag VR The Backrooms Horror Game is on Rec Room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this Gorilla Tag VR video, I play a Gorilla Tag VR horror game in Rec Room VR, but Im also trapped in The Backrooms. This Gorilla Tag horror game is extremely creepy, and I dont want to play it again. Plenty of maps in this Rec Room Gorilla Tag VR horror game. Gorilla Tag is the best free vr game on meta oculus quest, meta oculus quest 2, and steam vr virtual reality headsets. This Rec Room horror game takes inspiration from TroutVRs Gorilla Tag VR horror game, which itself takes from Gorilla Tag. Rec Room is available on pretty much every device, including meta oculus quest, and meta oculus quest 2, as well as non-VR devices. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music Used: Hotel Another Medium CORE UNDERTALE OST by toby fox ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The CREEPIEST VR HORROR GAME | Rec Room Gorilla Tag VR Horror Game in The Backrooms Rec Room Horror Game Gorilla Tag Horror Game #gorillatag #recroom #oculusquest2 best racing game for steam deck star wars battlefront steam steam games with extra copies how to invite friends on steam to a game sekiro steam deck