Playing Rec Room With My SISTER!

Tmodloader 64 bit steamsteam gaming REC ROOM game now im will smith this is my sister shes never played record before and today i decided to show her around also remember to support me and recommend for free just search my name slot and press this button you can also send me a friend request ill accept them all i dont want to support you you suck get shrek my god oh my god hes spinning all right im gonna give my sister a minute shell probably take a little bit to design her character oh my god clothes oh my god no way yall got pride hoodies lets go all right i guess ill build something in the meanwhile oh thats the wrong color my god its albert einstein its albert einstein oh my god its albert einstein oh my god how does slat have wings why dont i have pants how do i how do i change the colors on this bro actually where are the colors like albert einstein props albert einstein watches oh im tired im sitting on the floor Music oh im out of room oh my god its albert einstein Music boom subscribe okay like why is my characters forehead so big like this is the most similar thing to me but like why does it why do i look like a man loki bro how long is this woman gonna take oh my god the keyboard is so close someone took my username bro how long are you gonna take im trying to play rec room with you bro Music okay i forgot my username oh my god its albert einstein its albert einstein okay its literally been like 20 minutes how are you still in orientation holy how did they know how tall i am yo look at this new rec center thats the one thats not the one you got this you got this go for it you got this go for it go for it ah welcome to rec room r to rotate whats r i i i dont i dont know what im doing why am i spinning im starting why do i keep jumping how do i move oh oh oh oh oh oh im moving why my motion sick no way oh that was so close oh my god a donut oh this one has cream inside im pretty sure this is not the point of the game bro how is this woman still not done its literally been like 30 minutes oh slad says hes bad at dodgeball oh my god thats all thats albert einstein bro hurry the hell up im trying to play rec room fun fact im actually scared of balls in real life die die die die die die die die die die bro my controllers are literally gonna run out of battery whats in here happy first date coach it wants me to open this box but i dont know how grab it with the grip or the trigger oh i just hit my head oh my god i i i dont know okay can you tell me your username solid with um 12 ds any spaces or anything no way uh you said how many bees 12 uh how do you spell salad are you serious no i cant find you is it because im not done orientation im still trying to open this goddamn box now grab on the left side of the box there should be a little handle grab that and like swipe it up so i dont know how to grab this albert einstein its albert einstein no oh oh oh i did it bro youre the stupidest player so whats your username again salad salad salad were gonna do three times okay so solid salad salad i found you lets go i found you bro your character looked goofy as hell bro oh it was ds oh not bees oh it was d how can i get wings oh my god i can hear you normally now okay it was actually such a struggle to open up this goddamn box oh you got the yellow game yo im also yellow this is my dorm room its not oh can i tell that im sitting on the floor wait why i want wings sure ill give them to you you want you want these ones i have pretty much every single wing no this option okay heres the thing like this one you have to unlock by playing a certain game a bunch this one you have to spend money this one was only limited time oh my god youve got your ears okay you should receive a gift right now cope why is that so cold how did i run away hey there you go i like that oh i have a tutu am i hitting you uh yes but i dont feel like you look so stupid what the heck now im will smith why are you ive got four games that i think youd like okay first theres a little hangout map called pridefest we can go to paintball and have some shoot we can have like a shootout we can play wordle but my suggestion would be to play the new hit horror game escape will smith no you dont want to play you want to play escape will smith i thought you said no horror game today but its will smith why the are you dabbing dont i see something funny i can do though look at this ready what what the heck just happened yeah so you can do that to close your hands youre gonna meet some fans and also ill pretend to be a fan oh my god oh my god so what we have to do we have to party up to go to pride fest meaning we have to fist bump so brofist brother yo look you got some gifts open it happy happy pride is this like gay pride yeah rec room is very diverse with their um with their like inclusivity which i like a lot can i choose one no drop if you dont want to put it on drop it okay well i guess you put it on wait wait wait wait theres another one yeah they give you yeah i mean slot can i take off the headset for five minutes yeah go for a gopher thats okay not a fanny pack oh nice you cant see it but thats funny all you got to do is press that play button and theres a mini keyboard there and you just play wordle press go go to it and press you gotta walk closer okay what you can do youll see a little green Laughter starting where do you want uh up to you whats your whats your regular starting word i do a different one each time no way dream maybe try reach thats usually a good starting word for me okay that did not contribute a lot how about alter thats good okay theres an a large alert oh my god large hey w all right youre gonna help me now do your mom no way okay dang it okay ill do spear oh my god im insane purse oh crap purse my god im insane im insane im insane oh my god im so good oh you look stupid as hell i hope you know that what is this what is this im clapping im shy okay also do you see that big support button on the top right yeah yeah yeah yeah so what you want to do you press that button i dont want to support you you suck come on get shrek my god im gonna try to sneak up on her oh i see her this is gonna be easy she probably cant even see me Music your accuracy is very bad oh no you got me im just yo if i shoot her from over here im insane Music cope hi solid oh okay Music Music youre so bad hello my god its albert einstein its albert einstein oh my god crap no how did i miss you so what do you think about rec room bro im ha ha Music your head is upside down right now im lying on the floor do you want to say anything before the video wins wait the videos ending yeah this was fun but im so dizzy man dont forget to like comment subscribe to slot uh be be cool yeah and follow slot if youre cool okay bye and then you use uh use code slat use uh support you use code slot for for what uh for ever just use his code Music rip albert einstein steam buy 2 copies of a game oh my god its albert einsteinโญ 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