Get my steamidscary free horror games on steam REC ROOM game crazy nail Music hi guys Im tiger Thai today Im going to be playing wreck room with my big friend anyway thank you guys for uh almost 700 subscribers yeah bye Scott 700 subscribers um look at that sandwich look at that shadow that shadow looks better than mean really like look at that right lets go school school run its High School birthday in high school oh yeah guys rec room is the best place to meet up with your friends and play games well I wasnt asking you no matter what you love to do put these bananas even though theyre not bananas um on thirsty thirsty its my first year High School can I see the whole I wasnt asking for oh yeah oh thats me sorry about that looking good okay shut up two minutes come on yeah you better cry Music oh Music restaurant down here lets go to the restaurant still open up almost everywhere you go in rec room yeah if youre not too competitive game show a great way to break the ice I want these what are you doing okay oh yeah oh my God can I not lets go boys let me hoping let me open parkour Im holding boys Im gonna get the basketball Maybe when the competition gets intense the spirit of being excellent to each other is always front and center I want a sniper oh well hell yeah okay when they are stupid whoa stupid Im bigger than the door anymore oh whats up boys practice playing with some of the objects in the room give it a shot get away stupid boys foreign hows your aim or even ask who my email oh sorry about that oh my gosh oh my God oh you guys please shut up oh my God you guys are gonna be a nerdy headshot oh youre the end youre not even using that oh youre not even using a boy oh my God youre a little nerd yo look here cardboard hey youre lucky youre lucky youre a cardboard finally I finished get oh we dont let me ever get well requip ow head lets go away oh whats up boy in rec room you have free control of your hands you can wave to others and even well stop give it a go oh oh yeah oh oh yeah oh oh yeah thats it oh yeah oh oh yeah oh oh yeah Im good oh oh yeah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yes Applause fortnite fortnite oh oh right this is not any other game we can find the last stop on the tour is all about our creative Community I wasnt asking you about your creative Gateway To Creation this means creating people 3D for others it means building entire game if youre ever curious building we have a whole creative Community friendly teachers who would love to show you around so much of the amazing stuff youll see in record is built by people just like you just like me shut up Im an alien faces to escape dungeon crawling Adventures made rooms about you can imagine best thing is that it all happens right here in rec room set up just you and your friends shut up and thats the end of orientation to start exploring those Millions we have a special gift to help you your very own rec room watch think of your watch as a magic portal to All Things rec room now everybody created is at your fingertips so what are you waiting for nothing check one out no I dont wanna really bro Quincy one two four what Music team oh yeah would you guys hey bro whats up my guy whats up Music oh stop oh damn oh damn whats up bro whats up hi bro hey I said you oh my God hi get away get away yeah run away better run away get away from me dont come there I will follow you I have my I still have my hands up guys Music one bro Music whats this Music oh yeah boys hell yeah oh Im open now yeah no Im a Potato I do not wake up here oh its fine I know I dont like up here too okay right boys whats up hi bro hi bro this is hard you boys oh my God whos taking the first step boys Im the one boys Music you bro get away get away high five high five anyone high five here we are high five I said free high five three high five high five three three lock me off wait come on then you wanna fight come on then come on yeah move ha fat pig your phone died youre out there huh baby get away from me I was asking you a single thing right boys Ive got this cover drive because its covered because its covered right boys Im gonna go first right you should be hitting me get away get away get away get away get away oh please shes trying to hit me one more time well make half the block boys Im trying to do something try to buy it thank you boys could you stop it please okay scared boys oh boys boys help help boys help help boys get on come here youre such a fat pigment not much I hate you bro youre so personal if youre such a nerd like only nerds do that like you whatever ever ever yeah it better be over like I hate guys Music Walmart Music for a good time nope wheres this oh you guys what happened to me what the SE people are spamming you can either mute onto your work settings Im standing up Chrissy hey bro board all right boys you got the weapons yes please no guys fake Music random people they are people used for me get the hell with mirror hell kill you foreign thank you hey boys help me let me out come on please hurry up boys hurry up get in here bye boys oh you guys better be dinner is that your banana gun all right I thank you little dummy come on give me here whats up you prisoners do not deserve I hate you boys Im getting revenge see your old thighs me you hear me spot boys man Im coming in for you Im Coming For This you boys are getting here now your voice again here night me you punch me up punch Im crazy steal my weapon I I dont wanna burn it because Shield dont worry I got Shield oh Chris I cant even buy it oh what is um I just got something good oh yeah guys all right guys just got some use Twitter right give me that pistol okay now why are you still here get away boy what the hell all right I am in cards boys lets climb up here boys you have more fun things to do guys you dont even I think what the hell is this game made let me have fun things to do no wonder they see all this all the stuff is for nerds no wonder boys were trying to sell they could have some fun things guys youre me Christmas no weapons oh three prisoners On The Run boys where are they wait come on boys whats up you little fat pigs I understand oh damn it awesome were gonna hit you oh bleeding me oh yeah ugly here guess were gonna put it on me give me the other one anyway boys of course covered me if I dont guys oh Christy oh Lord what the hell is my control okay one more time oh wait I got my board I just didnt know how to use it sorry guys oh my goddamn shotgun baby also oh my God man we got shotguns today we got everything heres what I thought man beautiful boys run boys up on here boys whats up on here boys oh yeah boys boys down here Road police station run wait run yes were away whats up boys supplies hi hi boys Im probably friendly friendly please I have more weapons on me Im on orange yes yes crap you know shut up bad friend my friend ah boys Music and getting fired and everything else anymore foreign oh oh yeah lets go boys Four Corners boy if you run over across all right of course oh yeah okay guys so theres theres people down here and Im going in the other please hi guys um theres people here I dont know whats happening but these people oh whats up boys Im protecting you from the police Im protecting you from the police officer here weve got the horse and everything which one good good man whats up my policeman stop these criminals have been bad repeat for almost been bad what do you think about what do you think are these dumb criminals why did you try crash it but right yeah back up back up so what do you think about these guys what do you think about these people notice you think we can see do you think yeah I believe in this game this game Robert from this games actual people who plays this game look at the nerd like Axel you dont help with this game this game is for babies bro fires and come near me ever again the Mind from The Window Guys Ill play just my YouTube channel I play this on my YouTube channel it wasnt a little scary never mind Ill put my friends a food myself but not food Music which is the mans on the window before oh my God hide under the bed boy boys oh please stop thanks oh boys all right boys where am I hiding I hide in this one box right I didnt um right there help me help me help me help me help me oh wheres the other guy go ES Im trying to get his attention God oh Im stuck in a box and its really glitchy bro no wonder if you like always right there I swear she coming again I will Im gonna cry right here close my eyes if I die just in case not mine the foxy but I I I he just had a fat face and he was like Thomas between oh foreign I am leaving this game well guys Im gonna put something oh damn whats this mean or back room he gets away from me you little white little Thomas the train guy oh hes in the back rooms what the hell were you know what the hell is his dog run boy and theres someone chasing me I dont even think Im in the game but uh whats our boy whats up front proof Im sprinting really theres like no one behind theres even though its getting darker but like yeah this game is scary this game is scaring me cause Im a big boy Im a big boy big boy and these guys are whistle boys and theyre not even a boy because theyre from the back room so theyre probably a monster okay closer to them guys guys we need to punch someone when he gets near us because I think its near us right were gonna get ready youre gonna get your hands ready you might be running to the corner oh boys what if I play part and yeah because it looks like theyre dumb little fat Fork not shark will definitely not human even though way eerie no food or drinks have fun and have fun oh yeah I want me to have fun if its such a deep world oh yeah guys never mind all my people have so much fun here yeah boys on here okay boys I love you come back up please I really want to go in there but I dont want to die wait thats thats the thing four yeah Renegade Renegade yeah cool I want to go in a bowl lets go lets go mine Im waiting on mine Ive been waiting for half an hour Music I Really Wanna I really want to go back I just got some shark looking at me I love your mom that was like in a shark s in my clothes even if I die um if I dont make a video tomorrow then you know what happened to me right I got much better so far all right guys Im definitely going to get my spy shark on the boat yeah on the book Im definitely going to get marched by a shark Im really scared to go to the boot just think its like a munchpad shark I really do not want to go on the pool unless theyre scared I am I dont even want to look anymore guys oh my God bro whats up my guys are fully protected against a shark attack by a 40 millimeter grenade launcher yeah yeah yeah me neither lets go boys so this is base youre cleared for departure m86 have a good trip um time to start our voyeur um lets make me Secret s Music Im standing down in real life were back in 1974. bro oh my God no no no no amazing Music Applause transmission were picking up his distress signal now take the gun why is everyone else in the pool six a base oh no Music boys little duck no move out the way boys Music try the grenade launcher this games a good thumb grenade launcher is right underneath come on shoot the water were going inside the boat house until it gets safer okay are you serious right now bro lets where we can fish clock ew hello anybody in here well I cant see any hen hello stupid pigment oh my God you cant even see yourself hello anybody in here I I am Music waiting on me looks like we gotta go it wont work it wont work it wont work Music oh boys yes boys right were excited were on daylight Music its got that smoking everything 10 minutes heck no Im terrified you are so dumb youre going through fire back in broad daylight boys fire away well looks like we made it hang on everyone we should be okay no no but were gonna get fit this old fishing dock well load one row at a time Im holding my head stay just in case I might get scared guys and watch that high voltage charge Music wait this is gonna be a shark one here right now Music laughs whats that music for thats disgusting look at that what oh what a day this is Brody are you all right this is 7-6 call up the Marines we are coming home no no were gonna get money but hey we dont need to tell anyone about what happened out there right this business doesnt need to be shut down so uh keep it to yourself Music I just got money Music thumbs down this place thumbs down I hate this place just like it actually got a heart attack awesome dude Music well dont tell anyone about what happened bro there was a good damn sure kind of done made their ass was so dumb um oh yes boys Music how about you next wheres the spawn a run right what other Maps double one TV who was he right oh Im ready team scores yes boys Music yeah why cant I play the game Im done Music cool ing voice oh hell yeah popcorn what the hell was that anyway what River no no maybe that thumbs bye wait Im a VR player I made that noise guys oh yeah wait um in the river Music guys and one thing I need to tell you youre not gonna go in there are you like say far Music BFF friend again boyfriend foreign Music Music Music okay right of the second oh my God what are you seeing thats me oh my God my wife is just a scared from now fine ah yo he told me Im gonna kill him Music grenade Music oh freeze watch the oriflower chicken red flags flag dropped new flag returned wait red flag return all right we cannot voice guys because thats how they look so The Blue Team Works poop he makes my cute man whos just healthy oh my God boys what the hell Im out I hate my life especially skin what yeah you gotta go down player Music sorry I just have good in someone hear you oh yeah no I mean real quick and they are right there I need to pick our up first in case its just in case guys for food hey worry boys just zombie on me in the head Music how um you want third party are Music Ive got a red flag dropped red flag taken but theyll be fighting red flag red flag return foreign Music Music red flag dropped Music all right flag take it please take the boys black Music foreign red flag dropped Music flag returned yeah oh Music yeah I want it nice bro wake up who let me go to sleep too then okay let me put the Boombox on real quick come lying down guys sitting down in real life guys foreign Music whats up am I oh guys what poor guys parkour parkour awkward huh you can sort of whip one thats incredibly good game shut up oh yeah shut up may I go shut up forever nerd Music Goblin go go what definitely wasnt trying to hit use boys like man oh I play Mario Im breathing lets go to him like foreign Music congrats on getting a little before Music whos that popcorn Applause parkour oh my hands running here if youre asking why because oh boys come on oh come on boys Im gonna collect this bomber right get up Music boys get away from me oh its getting removed thing wait I need to make it there right Santa Claus Music Music stop talking Music come on lets go Music cool boys yeah I still hate you though guys Im gonna end it there Music epic games link steam steam workshop io anchor steam tattoo gallery washer steam free steam multiplayer games for low end pc steam forgot password