RecRoom FNAF: Security Breach Daycare Room gameplay!!

Steam how to share gamesindie games on steam deck REC ROOM gameplay epic games store and steam crossplay I have been playing RecRoom for a while and as I am also playing Five Nights At Freddys: Security Breach I thought I would make a video of this room SuperstarDaycare_RP by @FifiPlayPL1 that I found as it is based on the Daycare level, you are able to play in both Day and Night Areas and if you can get to them before anyone else you can equip the Daycare attendant Sun man and Moon man Costumes. I found this room fun to play around in let me know in the comments what you thought and any other rooms to try.Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe for more videos and help me reach 1000 subs how to see the most wishlisted games on steam vaginal steam herbs best steam broccoli two player online games steam pc exclusive games on steam