I Played Gorilla Tag in Rec Room (Oculus Quest 2)

How to play music in steam gameswhy wont my steam games launch REC ROOM gameplay Music where were you when i needed you Music Music hello this is Music we interrupt this program to let you know that this but my microphone corrupted the audio so the audio sucks for the intro portion of this video here are some tips and tricks to deal with this issue as a viewer uh trick number one deal with it so ill just take this time to say that i mentioned in the this intro but ill say it nice and clear for you here my goal for this year is to hit a million subscribers on the channel um its super ambitious if we dont get it thats fine im gonna do everything i can to get it i think it would be such an awesome goal so uh lets make it happen also follow me on these socials im collecting check marks i got mine on youtube lets just say my ego is huge social media controls my life and actually deep down inside i am nothing so smash the follow button um okay enjoy the intro i im not im not the first person to do this uh but basically i wanted to go into reverb which is like roblox vr version its also on like every platform on there you can play rec room on a thermometer like its everywhere i know there are other people did this already i did not come up with this idea i dont know who did it but i just know its been done already dont worry again yo by your friend me Music 42 unread messages what oh oh let me out free me from this prison Music gorilla tag lets do this one tutorial im a tutorial oh my god guys wait is this okay okay okay Music im home im home did they they updated for fall its actually being updated look at the gorillas what Music yes dude you dont even have to climb i yellow monkey oh my god the treehouse take me there look at all the trees the bridge oh nothing here yet i guess really no freaking way im so impressed actual cosmetics wands sticks microphones hats this guys ahead of the actual game dunce i want it to get has put on your back use your camera on your watch as a mirror yo how we looking boys yeah hey guys welcome back to another video so today were gonna be playing gorilla tag chicken the turkey leg canyon caves cave what theres an echo dude this is crazy im blown away canyon looks like suck meat dude i know dude its the same thing what you can actually Music yes yes yes hey you you failers lack gorilla tag youre playing manhunts wait im the lava monkey i should be tagging you wait were tag but we have to attack dream whered you get the paintball gun from what do you mean dude what do you mean this is just a banana i want it hey yo you guys you guys play girl tag a lot oh my god oh my god check this out im the monkey from fortnite what give me all your shiny rolex oh jesus listen i dont have any i sped them all oh monkey what the hell does he move so fast wait was he running wait wait you do that with your arm am i wall running yo oh my god thats so cool hey do you guys watch any girl tag youtubers mighty chats yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah apollo enrique i think thats his name what are you doing i took a picture of you can i see absolutely oh thank you you wont be able to get me Music he did the thing he did the thing Music oh look how good another game Music hello hello what is that devil angel gorilla wow that is freaky im out of here lets go lets go to that the first one deal with this emotional stuff again hello helping us did you create this map by any chance maybe maybe okay thats why i recognize your name dude wow dude i was just saying you did a fantastic job bro and its like updated yeah thank you are you the owner yeah he is the owner is that crazy wow that is um congrats on 100k thank you 100k uh followers on uh only fans oh my Music wait im tagged yeah she has a problem okay Music okay what a small tree house okay much fun as that was and as good as those maps are wonderful stop im going to kill myself no no whats that what Music yo me Music i gotta i gotta cover just get a bunch of information on it but look what game in the mail oh my gosh oh my gosh look its good paper wow Music oh my god never thought id hold one of these thank you everybody i wouldnt be here without you im looking forward to the next nine hundred thousand Music how to link rockstar games to steam Thanks for watching!Join the Discord to chat with me, other great people, and to be in my videos! Become a part of Team jmancurly! Follow me on Twitch! Follow me on TikTok! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter! In this gorilla tag vr jmancurly video, I play gorilla tag in rec room! In rec room, I went to a bunch of gorilla tag vr rooms to see how they were! 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