Deep rock galactic steam and game pass crossplaysteam deadspace REC ROOM gameplay and the boys in the club have been delayed for a few minutes but we were preparing a few things to have to be prepared lets mess around lets go to the rector well see you there no this can be said that its a cyber meeting were going to meet there lets see people yes yes first sounds everything was heard well that we want to listen to everything well both juice and gürtel that you cant work at a quarter past nine for another for another you can see us later yes we will do live shows for Christmas of course my goodness people of course lets go to take advantage of the fact that you are on vacation and we will do more of these virtual days Music no you cant be heard and thats how it fits well, you have to say it, that couplet listens to doubles and the room I dont know how we are going to be able to find each other we are blocked I m leaving right now you have to register with an account ok before it wasnt now this you have to create an account I havent created it I have registered as Its as a guest and Im playing a virtual game. Okay, I dont know if you can look for me. Were not going to try to see all the ones that we can enter in the same room, yes, but sometimes you can enter different ones. Okay, so lets try go in to see if we go to the same lobby and mess it up here ok lets see what can be done if we decide on the fly Ill leave you with Katie in the chat technical sounds problems of such just give her Im going to put it here but later You are going to play with her because she already really wants it. Hello, that has been more than cani, nobody wants to play with all the people there in the king room, so guys, I think this one sounds good and everything is fine and everything turned out. well and this is what we are going to look at where I am here okay this is me juan virtual this is the guest okay you are seeing it now you are seeing that this here is okay that is the number I dont know if you have to look for me by that number its a critical churro gas is q You have to register with your email, I didnt know all that and with these direct ones, well, dont open me for an hour, so I dont care, I get messages this how it works this is my hand this I have this here come home ok challenge messages andrés open david sergio almeria there are a lot of people here but the street I dont know Im not going to the lobby okay Im going to go to the lobby as I dont go to the lobby activities to the king and to the king center okay were going here and here there has to be people a strong air in her hello beautiful how are my nieces hello and a pass is coming eba how are you my mother before I behave what a shame what happens in my 3-year-old daughter of strange language hello how are you first I am yes for the first time no but the first time we were trying to do this was after having America and we became friends we know friends we are now in a live show we are winning a live show for youtube I imagined it by sight we have been talking very spontaneously and l or we have done it, it has been to have a meeting we have told a lot of people to come here to the ex room to join and mess it up here all but I do not know how people are going to coincide in the same in the same the most comfortable thing would be to create you a room of your own as you believe in the custom rooms clock would you like to join would you like to create in your room invite us all it will be easier yes easy we are friends who are you had the nice fried is that I dont know there are many people are coming to invite me to invite there are a lot of people but not sometimes thats normal thats normal they give people around here what they have invitations to the waters of the world álex to invite to read this text they are foreigners in general various tell you in Spanish here is like a needle in the haystack ok ok ok well we are we are going to clean up I know there will be a lot of people but I dont know who is coming is not swimming in the chat ok there are those who have there is someone who says they are coming to you someone who says they It comes like this, no, well, lets go into the room and now well see how we invite them, come like this, its very easy. Lets go, I think we can create. We have a performance room that is like a microphone, a large park for many people. starting in the room what you have blackboard if it has a microphone and it is thanks with that it will go from guzmán and banesto with crystals it is not it is it is it is everyone and I am trying to everyone and paint to such an extent but lets see one notification go doctor guzmán as a guest of a site Applause we have gone to the go and I tell everyone that yes but being here look, he has stayed there at the door this is not how it sounds this is like having the mobile there red hot I am Spanish from the theme of anac they are being Spanish Music and this will help pnc and the mind that does not see and they stand in front of me and do not speak to me to see it scariolo the world we have gone to a part to a place now we are going to see We are going to see for the fishing that these waves Spanish who is speaking French English seemed now the municipality anyone is worth what you have in friends directly face here we have fried very good hello you speak he is a friend of yours but he does not have that it is Spanish this does not stop ringing I have 25 messages, Andrés, but accept whats going on, were here a few of them, thats why it doesnt stop ringing, invite everyone today Music talking constantly, if this is a private mass, Im going to be able to talk a little, okay, but anything, well, Im counting for something the chat but its not worth it in the other one its very cool if I find it well see each other at the cross its okay its okay to find a microphone that says it I think everyone has accepted them as friends and now I m going to make friends this time Im painting my face, well, were here Applause and its just that this doesnt stop ringing. Im telling everyone yes, but I want to invite Paul, having paid, come to the re and room doctor guzmán with I dont know what Ive done here guzmán the room for karaoke invite guzmán I think now he can come when and where he looks at the stage gray man youre here my goodness that of people they left the same where to the channel and three photos in addition please Laughter and this thinking they waited for the elimination more peña here here looking at the mobile mothers we are going to sing to do something the microphone take notes now you are listening now listen well because the speakers are going to play now now you hear me welcome everyone Guys, a lot of people are missing from this meeting, I am still training today in messages, so think about something that we can all play because of course we cannot play games of 4 if there are not enough people, but we can play tomato for example, take the circle with hands like this or we do something like that Im going to stop fishing who is the organizer of this party okay take the microphone Ill pass it to you say hello to fishing guys wait for it I have another 300 invitations worth 18 messages plus 155 Andrés come invite my mother wait this is crazy Applause noise and the end of the videos this is what dominates the names of the people to these kids we are here that you can play the movies man lets play that were going to play that what they are we can all play here this how can they join and look for me as virtual look at the profile look at the profile you see thats the profile guy if you want to join the party this is the profile look for me add me as friends and this is me look at me with a red beard and this will be the people who are here you can look for doctor guzmán who is here in other games too please ariel ariel gamer how is she a girl but not only shes in disguise youre here I havent seen you now here look look all the people were here to see how to play this movie between 46 which are in teams of four there are things that can be played all of the blackboard who does not know how to play this card and cards there and these here are cards that you take one that is worth it is up to me what happened oops they kicked me out I am but here far away it is never never your fault because tall you are your fault that Youre tall Laughs Im not here here and here in the photo Music Music maybe were going to map a dick were going to take a self and see how this changes theres a self and look there everyone here below this photo then we uploaded it on twitter and this is going to be great that I signed up and there are people as if I could put oh oh oh oh oh oh we are in all the photos that I am taller damn there is no human heat to be honest none of us are balls lets see Music ha ha ha ha you cant use theirs its true look at your watch they gave me yours its this message messages Applause Music the limit is 20 up to 20 no problem the limit there is no other place in which we can be part 20 maybe the marquis and someone creates a park maybe there is someone who knows how to create a reset park you have a level here in the custom run clock create and choose from the three above one this looks very fast look at the numbers like 20 13 30 you have to do everything its that you look at yourself Music we have to but we can have a part 20 or not doctor guzmán has invited us a couple who have invited us to the park avenger will take his part with you yes my mother what madness according to more than 20 itatí has ​​ to do I have a while to play Guzmán on the clock the people who are worth in this one messages in creator maybe if its how we invite people to god 20 is not the same is the same bigger beautiful but the public ocha in theory of anyone now people lets go to friends and this invite goes back the nice one of the plus that who have the profile in the park invite everyone here basket 9 with this height today someone can have some cars we can be the remote controlled car races and I dont know what of this message I have 212 messages accept the likes since Im finishing I think it ended in the head it has from raska raska raska raska raska who is the end greetings to a few out there linked if they think they love pointed out I have added but come on lets see how many we are and from here what we have it Music kids lets all come to see someone someone who wears the pumpkins in the league tell all of you who are listening hide and seek it was me hide and seek ok me Im going to count to 100 look in 1234 hide I dont know that anyone is the one who takes the pumpkin to see 50 Im going to cheat and 50 shadows and youre done its calmed down in 50 and 100 theyve all come out like a ball ha ha ha you have to look for them to see where you are with the signs you can see there is one on the lamppost you cant be seen but I can be seen by the sign to see who is who on this ticket the light collides with the vr first lets see take a look its big this is great Or can you imagine just look I hear him I hear him I hear something and look they are up there they catch you the same thing is that the head of the leagues with this on his head look here is another reset it is not too hidden to fit accept once they will look for something game that knows here you can do car racing we are all going to continue investigating here Music now here is another one Music Laughs we have come together who is the one who created this so that you can get things you can generate things here like time to be sandbox 4 does not know that it has level 30 we have caught it has caught almost everyone but some column next to the one we are going has been david mogollón odelín bolón today he was there on the mountain behind a tree there he is Music boys platelets and the shield you have to learn but there earthquake ariel gamer invitation here we continue inviting people the game lets continue speak speak Im tall for everyone that Saturday things to play everyone thats cool profile here Yes we are going to take photos we are going to take photos I dont know you guys know that this Friday there is a virtual reality event in Madrid for those of you who are nearby or want to go it is free on the google campus it is the fest xr extended reality voucher there is a virtual reality event on fex friday that is super cool there are super cool virtual reality people who are going to be there its free on google campus so if youre in madrid hosted because you dont appreciate it dont go out there We wont be able to see but of course Im telling this and you re trolling me youre not putting things in my mouth youre upset in my mind nothing takes a photo not united theyve asked it again well you have to find me look at this the bases Do you want to join, ok, virtual Juan, this is my name, youre looking for me, no one, nice, as a friend, Luis, I can invite you to see this, its crazy, give me something to see, take a photo, take more, create cars, no, there are still remote-controlled cars hello Laughter if you put your mouth like that, well, they dont speak, they dont listen to me, they dont hear you, of course, thats where I am here right now, they arent listening to me because Im like this, its great, its great, but but no, I wont start you off in the head, but its something like this Music hello Music were going to make a circle were going to make a circle for parakeet so everyone come hold your hand were going to dance at home so come on were already there in a circle come on edwin its a gesture at the same time cc ting is a giant with what from the menu who has a playstation now we are going to see the playstation group there for example lets see is that I have the three conquests using now you have three heads come on look look we are here and you can start a game pay attention to the owner of the one he created in the area, he can give him a place, but he does not play anything where he can be, we do not know how to play as if I am here as a senator and play here there is a referee, the taste may be lacking here people are going to upload a lot to each other I think you can give them points as if I were the referee thats how many we can play paintball to were going to do it come back here its okay to play it Music whats crazy for me katy people are disappearing no now abducted or __ that is to these messages offers quest no but no Music such an action has already come out for you the hormones I am super confused played in help on the htc ranges the gun taking hello luck I already have my duplicate by leaving your son very short three years you have to connect with these hands today we got to play something more than just shoot no we are not going to see if it is worth groups and we do have that small because the girl has bush actions lets see how much we are when we are women in total here In the room, we do nt know, I dont know why people move so fast to tell them already known Laughter and how he took the gun from me Laughter and were going to put a target or something that And it s not me Laughter Hes the one where youre from, the futures, actually, I know from Madrid in a friendship of friendship, thats what it is, lets see someone else. wait if anyone wants to take my balls Laughter I got the other one were here we go look today I have a picture in my head but seriously there may be one that comes from more fame Music the world has lost host usually this morning losing time 20 24 creators of the canary islands at least in the form of the tallest is for now not if the shortest is mister rothman hello and if they dont let me they are putting photos in my hand he has come to shake your hand calmly - the center will they have given again and this one who pp look how difficult it is to pronounce jonathan Laughs I m going to investigate to investigate who has a band reggae rumbas u2 lutz long sing from tc its been your similar look the extra photo catches us so were going to play to something how do me no what are we playing come the creator guzmán thats why if we do a race you have to arrive for example hand in hand to become your friend yes but also where are you here the other hand that is we are friends make friends how are we going to make friends friends friends at the same time 1 good Applause like crazy Music in my time good time the workers those who are working on the construction sites of the baskets they are working this I am not going to put this here anymore lets have it here it is in the middle we are going to make a and the teams are there, its better to wait for the brave ones, these are the target centers to choose, ok, ok Laughter Music hello, yes, we have made videos of the main craven of the virtual team at another time, the best thing could be, what happens is that we dont I play minecraft a lot I have ever played delighted a pleasure or pleasure pointed out friends no no and I dont know okay now that Im up to here come where are those who have those who have the one above red that you can see Get there those who have the blue that to the right, beyond the reds, the right has been said, for example, red had to be the left, it seems good to me, it seems good to me. there and those in blue here yes sometimes it is very close to the public Laughter to see that we do not analyze ourselves it is in this road map you are there and we need a leader of the reds who is the leader of red roles Music jon is the high miches the high reaches all the reds will continue to mix and the blues as verbal with me the blues with me and the reds with mix but my solar team and red team is román rojo goes there as if he were going to press a battle lets see where he is Were going for them, were going for them, were going to hit them with photos, come a lot of photos, its sensitive and everyone Laughter there Laughter Music weve lost the masks of the goals, its possible today were going to have the team and those of our team that does not have Some have to protect the terrace and when I have everything, they have taken it away from me. We are going to try to put them all in a square like Laughter and you are going to see it and then you are going to see everything you are doing Laughter my goodness come on We protect your kingdom so that you dont take off your red clothes we have to protect the blue ones and when one of the red ones picks it up when they pick up the pumpkin I prefer its the teams turn yes but if its being broadcast now live well see yourselves Music Music mountain e Laughter Im going to commit suicide, really good if you jump high defects like the ones inscribed someone throws a fried egg ass how did you get in there I m in there where are you now that were here is the pumpkin kids and even there run more than usain bolt of 700 neighbors to play paintball we are going to play baseball or not to play it is worth me one part for all groups in groups of 8 3 and 4 or the look of the canaries there is here to get to your part continue uation Music see if we create a private group, then returning to this game every 4 to 4 you are not like the healing dress as you prefer I am demeaning fair clash is the fist and this is where you are I do not understand what is happening is Im here, we have a squad, so things dont happen, mate, we re going to look for one of those eyebrows Applause Laughter but not Music to play tricks on you, but I hit it but it made me think that the top ones were full, were going to play paintball everyone here this month Music so make me late in this state at work as well as dont cry dont cry for me look for freeland but the Spanish the useful Spanish lets see to believe that you have to give him that we use Music wherever you want and now we have a single on the river that is easier how to control and glove from above there is no one like this Music we are all because you can give it these levels we are blue it does not recharge it has to be shot for the team only if they kill us it doesnt cost us anything its okay and you have to protect our flag and take it from the red team and take the least perfect form its okay to win Music 1 and another inside well nobody here has visa and we protect I go for the flag and Music then to the flag this is the flag Music this is a shield Music where is the flag I grab coming out this joke okay okay look Music Applause we are in white rose de la has Music but chen Music this is less madness its calmer Music the galley Music on the side and Ill write myself down invitations are also arriving they are inviting us now to the other park and its finished more Music I go I go Music they have given us Music of that level Music when I think not Music 24 and I only gave 4 and scratch and scratch time Music of a person for the flag and the others that cover it, I am deceitful very bad shooting Music today I was already shooting mine Music we have here Music but in boys Music because of the flag Music not shooting that there was a gun Music I think there are some left there Music who has the flag the flag come run run we are protecting t Music ok Music Im not getting better Im getting better Music come on come on 4 minutes left Music and and Music good 50 Music and right Music with what was there because the flag here and we discovered I think Music we covered you there are many degrees and its good this is fixing the situation every time 54 at the end 14 lets see lets go swimming lets go to the park lets go to the park here is doctor guzmán michelle here channel and 3 Im hello here with virtual now Im with channel 3 Im here another game and they sent me to another game I dont know how I got here how strong Music but lets go with channel 3 channel and 3 it has to be good because 4 and we are both the red ones we are the red ones gus and we go for them for the blue ones it is constant Applause Music lets see what can get behind you sometimes when Im upside down __ Music Music You know how to play this like Mitch, dont stay there, but Im killing, but we have to strategize, they are merging us, of course, estimating the best with the man, every day 4 they are inviting another party, this is to go to the park Music with skinny change and no ah Music cover my mouth once kids Music they are stealing our flag we also live lets go for them here to the left to follow me to get salty flags Music we arrived at the park to say goodbye we all go to the park all what time its up to you Music we go to the park we go to the park and to big rooms in this modality Music and always standing out volatile was unbeatable how we invite people to do birds pass sometimes how it feels says the michelin and they also look like a basketball team with the same jersey Laughter Music many each say if the genes are sailors the centuries when we practice yes yes yes today tell me thanks who are you I dont see you dodman its you regarding the pocket Its nice, well, not because were here because were here Music but it cant because its here there are two of us if were 18 there are two holes there Music but stop shooting theyre not putting headshots this is you Im going to change you of clothes d Music once in the Canary Islands we talked later I sit down and I m about my height 1 to this were going to get Music lets go lets see good that saying goodbye come come Applause that we have no yes there where is the dr. Twitter of the robots no longer because it is the most immersive of all it is true the coverage the tracking and the coverage and such brutal if you are already here back for virtual but if I never saw it that game is immersion it is not immers ivo euros is a game she where the wilson gere is windsurfing stadium games a lot is the investment she has it will be a fear how the drawers looked inside the house old man who never gets tired is the space project trailer and simple where are you the fruit has arrived, so we are here with all three glasses basically I said before if you see how the gun is good hello everyone hello thank you and here all the people appear throwing hosts kids that we say goodbye Benghazi children its about time lets go Im going to take the photos so this is me the redhead well the timer come on everyone and put away the fried eggs we are not going to leave this for now 21 it is known that eyes closed all look yes no Applause you can stay there come on come on come on 3 2 again 3 2 1 and the stubborn marks a pleasure for the kids equally yes sir it really is sometimes great tomorrow Music sure sure see you in real life Music a house we know we are already here and calm hello whats up yes yes virtual and this is so and and great guys katy and come here lets say goodbye shes hooked shes watching the video but from there loréal is late to see what will happen there How to fly, well, well, but were not going to get together a lot. If we get together, its not a plan, its a plan, what are you waiting for? Im going to do something else. It was in the past, that is, at least 40 or 50 people have come together to go. There was no space. for all these with so many people also all tvr consumers that we liked the virtual there playing the fool as I said yes or yes or yes but it is that one thing does not take away the other you see this is the good thing that we have been able to get together with people from Tenerife from alicante a million places thanks to virtual reality we tried physical meetings its friday were going to an rl event its free were just going to visit it and see people from the virtual ones in madrid in the campus is all day from 9 in the morning until 7 oclock you will see experiences, videos, games, many vr professionals, its okay if you are interested in all this, then we will see each other there and there is the fest x r voucher of extended reality that they call it Its like a mixture of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, and everything, well, extended reality. Anyway, after the description, we can put the link to the web so that youre interested, so you can put red on it and well go starting in the morning, well be there, its the If you go there, well, well surely hold out and then at seven oclock, the beer and all this that you liked, Adriana. Weve been chatting before, theres been a good time and youre going to say hello to me, please, from the video and many more, many more, whats going on, thats good. well, guys, did you like this group, its left, if you liked it, give it a like because we do it more times, I ve loved cooperating with you, even one day if you want we can have a talk talk about the virtual vélez no not do it so crazy Walesa we can do many things I love this reggae room thing more and more we can get together people of all glasses Walesa we are not racists with glasses at all and on top of that it is a game that Its free, well here and more that its free since kids who have all this I say goodbye Im going to cut off and the connection is like katy saying goodbye thats fine as always Merry Christmas kids and were almost at Christmas what what I was thinking about what I have also been commenting on in the chat, which I think I dont know what I was thinking by myself, I dont tell the gamer but what would be great is either at Christmas or just after Christmas to take advantage of the fact that many Santa Claus already hears Maybe he will have brought some s4 some glasses or some oculus or something similar and we could get together in just hernández valencia we never say hello well we say hello Im a man hello and thats what I think is n Christmas or that time we are not on vacation we are all going to have gifts and most likely a lot of virtual reality will fall so I think it would be a very good idea to have another meeting like this in the area because it is the best place I think It is the best place if we can all get together we can greet each other chat do check out wta and it is a very fun game we are telling the English here that we will explain a little how the telegram thing is going I will leave on the right two will leave the link a moment ago it was putting in the chat and that link did not work for me but now we have a telegram group called jugo en virtual and there we have put many gamers and we are well all day commenting on glasses commentaries on games all greetings Damon national field but I know I say it to me, what I like is that these two greet me in Miami as well and that illusion that you greet me makes him more excited, of course, I am excited than you then. Its to say goodbye to say hello what is it that you in the street you dont go to people you go to the baker and he says say hello to me you dont say hello hello for good because that meant that you can also follow us on twitter on twitter that So we put the things that we are going to do to the events that we are going to do nonsense, several novelties with the theme of glasses on Instagram, well, we had a lot of drugged liberals. cadaqués and thats the spirit hello hello Im mister parodies and gameplay ok hello hello hello jesús villalba my goodness what people like to juneau the egg head or the blacksmiths head how funny or the girdle all i oli megan extra lya well guys one hour and average more hello jesús villalba man thor 65 this on this occasion in this newspaper or chimeras the truth is that she has been quiet almost all the time because between what the gamer was talking and what they were talking The other gamers from Uruguay are crazy and they assured me that Im going to take Dita out the same as at this time the gamer who doesnt shut up so well Merry Christmas we have been able to greet each other as we always want but Merry Christmas we love you steam games early access Vamos a quedar con todos los jugones que se apunten a divertirnos un rato en el Rec Room VR. 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