Steam shower lightbest games for low end pc steam RESIDENT EVIL 5 review Good morning, friends, come back with me, the homepage on the Wina basudara channel, all the games we have been waiting for, the game that made the Winda Basudara channel come this far before the one million subscribers Resident Evil 4 remake. Its finally released, even though its still a demo. Really guys, were going back to Resident Evil 4. Ill check the charts first, ok, safe, safe, no. Finally, Resident Evil 4 remake is released, even though its still a demo, but its okay, well try to play it with friends who are watching, Ilham is there, Ragil is there Kurniawan Applause Winda is here Hello everyone, its morning Maam its morning everyone just go ahead guys, you guys must be impatient and so can I, I cant wait to come back again to see Leon S Kurniawan back in HD graphics, friends friends lets go Lets start guys Yes but this is still a demo guys oh my god oh my god the first scene looks like coy Music Mus ik Music The scene where he is practicing with crossers, you know Music Guys, you can smell retirement from YouTube. If you see this game, there is a training scene with the crowders. The skin was saved from the City account from a biological biological attack. Whats his name, yes, a biological weapon, and he is now working as a us Special Agent. He was assigned to look for a missing girl, yes, we know everyone, everyone should know, and the search took him to an isolated village in Europe. Intel suggested, uh, no, not Intel, saw and reported that the last time the girl was kidnapped, Ouch, this is a direct burden, it s still a demo, bro, what do you think, guys, whats the graphics, guys, this is a remix game, guys. okay, or not, the graphics, Im blaming Ray tracing, have you tried it ? Is my computer strong or not? can bro refreshing cant be turned on Bro why am I still on potatoes maybe friends okay thats good this is really good at the end of the demo but seems like its faster like Leona cuys movement for a while there should be a house in front Applause Applause the ants are bad, the movement is the city of Bandung. Okay, squatting. I swear its true, its crazy to see Lightning Mens Lightning remake is this jumping guys So why is it normal guys So how come you dont miss Miss Denis said you miss normal Ouch what else Bro Hasta Elvin your eyes asked the old one I should have fought right for the first one, I immediately died, I was given Oh, the interface is here, guys, wait a minute, maybe Ill use an old school camera, right under there, guys? Im just using a camera like this, is nt there a different house on PS2, the houses are different, guys. Okay, this is the police were looking for, OK? Got a key, can you use a bigger house ? Really, really Music got to the basement, theres no basement on PS2, oh, only rats, guys. I thought it was a zombie rat. I watched the demo early in the morning, fortunately Applause One more, there are two police, there are two police, guys, update Anjay, heres the map, guys. how do you guys like it or not look at the map like or not look at the map view Ki item our luggage bag knife theres a knife theres a medkit yes first theres Crafting there are these files Its similar, guys, okay, its not much different, its not like its not much different, its just this It looks like its simpler, for the case, its simpler. The PS2 has more Leon characters, guys. Music Wait a minute, guys, wait a minute, theres a lot of guys Music nice nice anj ir, there are two enemies, I just use a knife, thats what the opponent means, I mean, yes, knives have durability, you guys have already played, guys, its just been released, guys Applause, yeah Music I dont have bullets, guys, I only have knives, guys, Arorero, jump, youre bald here Oh the bridge looks like the bridge looks like the bridge looks like the bridge looks like PS2 guys I hope this is a bullet Music Let s gokil, dont be extravagant, lets just follow Bocil, dont be extravagant, guys. its still a demo, guys. So, I want to review a review. Can you shoot a bird or not, which item should you shoot, shoot one, definitely one will run away. This one is the one on the right, front and left, guys. lets go more bullets guys pretty good guys still with birds shot Is that there something theres a dog theres a doggy theres a doggy theres a doggy here Im woi woi no no wheres doggy k demo arena, RW 2 for a while, wait for the point to shrink, how come it doesnt shrink, can you close it again, stab it, guys. Okay, I understand, I understand, I understand. first, guys, its been released, we dont explore anything. guys Oh can this also hide too? I can make it gombap Oh you can combine it if you eat it straight away you can too right my blood is already full what did I eat its funny earlier my blood is feeling less Well thats what he said it can be still I try a Yes, Ill try it, thats right, theres a Steel mechanic, a new mechanic, dear Steel mechanic Wow, so theres a Steel mechanic, yes you can but first eat at the hospital. If Im not mistaken, its on the left. back and forth this is the panic of all Resident players. You can go here. All the panic Resident Evil players are in this house, guys. Yes, there are a lot of them. And Panic Guys, we are Veterans. Guys, okay, first, the bullets are quite high, go up, please, theres a Shotgun up there, please Applause okay okay okay Music Music Music Wow Barbers granny Applause Music Stupid dogs are dead patient patient where are the chainsaws again Bro its really crowded bro At least guys its really crowded dogs Its more crowded than the one on PS2 cok Music I ca nt wait to be able to float again Applause Be patient, be patient, theres also this cuy there are really few bullets Ahh, can you jump cute or not huh? you can jump here and there, youre kidding, dog, ah, the tower fell, bro, bro, seriously, its a small tower, but its just dead, okay, lets explore right first, okay, you guys have played, the bullets are not bad. This tube is like this, guys, its less than 5, its like war. Whats the point of the money for people just demonstrating? Be patient, youre dead, be patient, guys, be patient first, Cicil first, then enter the house. Masya Allah, be patient, be patient, be patient, can someone load it now? Come on, wait, it looks like, cuy. When you dont die, two grenades are here, I m not afraid now. Okay, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient first. Sir, where is the chainsaw, mister? Music Music one or two Music Music Move aside, watch out for pigs here, grannies Music Focus on the chainsaw focus on the new saw the cow is on fire oh my gosh its in the back too please Be patient be patient be patient be patient be patient Ouch its too much more than the one on PS2 anjir Music Youre awesome, these people are grandparents grandparents really blocked the chainsaw Ouch hugs with grandma Ouch, what are these grannies? I mean, the game is over, guys, you get 3,000 cash. Oh, I got 3,000 cash earlier. I took it. Oh, I mean, if its not a demo, OK, okay, I can try the chainsaw, OK? One more time, but repeat, OK? Clear clear Music Music Thats right, guys, that doesnt make sense, ouch Music Ill try to cry again, Ill block it. I havent shot the devil many times yet Boy but its burnt Applause where the heck I killed the chainsaw one more time please Music can you block it again can it die again guys if it dies Im brave Well Im TB 10 eat this dog wow this is dying no, Im not going to die, guys, slow slow, calm, the last drop of blood, come on, bring this gojek gocek, until the bell rings Applause where was the corpse of the chainsaw, guys, saw the chainsaw, yes, I killed it twice, later, guys Music, you can, guys, right? but the durability isnt that much, cuy playing channel mode, what is cancel mode first, its still a demo, guys, its cool, its fun, its fun, its fun, its fun looking for chicken eggs. 15, if Im not mistaken, okay, thats the demo game that weve been waiting for the most, on the 24th, okay, on the 24th, guys, well be waiting for the Resident Evil 4 remake to be released, and hopefully this will be even better its just really good, the demo is good, its good, friends, especially when its full and weve passed the tower, so we should release it in full, well kill it. Wait until the 25th Ill be playing this again in the last days Music and yeah Its time for me to get off guys because I havent got off yet Thank you everyone see you on the 24th Resident Evil 4 remake thank you Music what is steam overlay Tidak usah donasi guys, terima kasih yah atas niat baiknya :)Facebook Pageku: Top Up Storeku semua game ada: MousePad Tema Greek Jualanku: Follow Instagram ku buat jadwal live: Subscribe Channel Youtube RRQ: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sebut nama oleh nightbot langsung aja ketik !sebutnama Terima kasih buat yang sudah mampir, dan yang sudah like, share, dan subscribe! Stream ini tidak membuka donasi teman- teman 😊. Donasi-kan lah ke anak yatim piatu atau orang- orang yang lebih me mbutuhkan, hal tersebut sudah menjadi bentuk donasi ke stream ini, terima kasih. 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