Steam Deck News - Resident Evil 5, 8BitDo Ultimate, L3 Cache Issue, CS:GO Source 2

Game of trone steamingsteam accounts free with games RESIDENT EVIL 5 steam hey guys Liam here time for some more steam deck news but first of all can I just say how dare you I sound absolutely nothing like salad fingers just listen to this classic animation I like Rusty Spoons just what how do I sound anything like that your weirdos but also thank you you are very kind as well but Im actually from Southern UK now on to the news first up theres been a rather nice update to Resident Evil 5 that has removed games for Windows Live adds in local Split Screen Co-op and has some other minor bug fixes thanks to this as you can see from my footage here it works on Steam deck and no workarounds are needed its simply click and play with the current main proton 7. Im not really up to date on Resident Evil theres so many of them now it can be a bit confusing and a bit daunting to jump back in but for those who have been wanting better support but here you are its also good to see developers go back and continue to upgrade their older titles because what a pain in the butt games for Windows Live was right back in the days of Windows Vista I remember when they tried to charge people to play online it was absolutely ridiculous on PC and its still maddening that some consoles charge for it even now Ive never really understood that youre already paying for the game and your computer or steam deck and your internet why are people paying to play online Im really glad the steam deck and the PC as a whole remain as such an open platform next up in the news is entropy02 a free Standalone Half-Life 2 story mode that focuses on bad cop that PC Gamer said was the best Half-Life 2 campaign since Half-Life 2. theyre actually working towards a new release which includes a whole bunch of Linux and steam deck improvements thats available in the one 0.4 release beta that you can opt into on Steam Im not going to overly spoil this one yet for myself as Im going to give it a full play through once this new staple release is out and in full but if youve never heard of it before maybe its something youll also want to keep on your radar it certainly seems like it could be a lot of fun and at least for my early testing this new build on Steam deck seems to run quite nicely I also wanted to have a note here that Ive been playing around with this the 8-Bit doe ultimate Wireless for about three months now so I just wanted to talk about how wonderful this controller actually is to use its proper Wireless not Bluetooth so you get good input from it and honestly this might be the most comfortable controller that I own I love it its been plug and play on Steam deck 2 since December last year with a little dock to stick it in to charge it up as well the only downside with the 8-Bit dough ultimate Wireless is that the back paddles cannot be used on Steam deck and it sounds like that wont be changing anytime soon still its a nice controller overall for those of you that want a pick up and play full wireless controller take a look at it if the back pedal issue doesnt bother you now in my last news video talking about steamos 3.4.6 and do maternal Ray tracing I mentioned about a steam deck too and thinking on how long that they should wait before announcing one part of the problem is long-term support and updates for valve its a little easier with the steam deck since it uses Linux they can do what they want with it they own Steam and they can continue updates for as long as they want even years later steam updates can still be applied to the steam deck even after a steam deck to eventually releases because of how the steam client works this leads me on to my point here about picking the steam deck over something like a Neo who are constantly putting up new devices just look at their current product page listing on how many different models there are and some of them even have a mixture of different processes available to choose from theyve also only just recently announced the air plus yet another one how can they do any kind of long-term supports both in terms of replacing issues with hardware and updating software or even in the short term if by the time people get their devices theyre ready to announce another this is just one in a long list of reasons why I will always be personally sticking to the steam deck and whatever valve comes up with next its just the safer option for your personal investment into it we also hit a nice Milestone recently with over 8 000 games being noted to be either playable or verified as always this is just an overall indicator of how many have actually been through form all verification while many thousands more work fine and some that are verified dont actually work all that well because well the system isnt perfect still its a nice indicator of progress overall and how things are going as we can see here on Steam database which is the best list to use since it includes titles unlisted from the steam store but anyone who owns can still play the current count is 5062 playable 3 000 verified and 2 595 unsupported heres a good deal for those of you in the UK looking to upgrade your steam deck scan UK have another SSD upgrade available for you with a one terabyte drive at around 100 pounds compared to some previous deals on this from other brands and other stores it actually seems like a pretty good deal overall now I know Alden ring is a big game on Steam deck even though Im absolutely horrible at it and I just fail at playing this but you may want to know that an expansion has been announced its currently in development with very little known about it since theyre only just announcing its in progress right now another big game on Steam deck is cyberpunk 2077 which has worked pretty great for a while especially after the FSR upgrade but it is now actually fully steam deck verified too I do already have a few videos of that on the channel so go take a look valve also revealed the most played games on Steam deck for February because yes it is already somehow March the most played games from top to bottom based on playtime are Hogwarts Legacy Elden ring vampire survivors stardew Valley Red Dead Redemption 2 The Witcher 3 wild Hunt Grand Theft Auto 5 the Elder Scrolls Skyrim special edition Hades brotato Persona 5 Royal Monster Hunter rise the Binding of Isaac rebirth Fallout 4 cyberpunk 2077 valheim slay the Spire Marvels midnight Sons NBA 2k23 and project zomboid now on to a technical note here because the website chips and cheese recently did a really nice breakdown of the steam deck hardware and they had some interesting finds like an issue with the L3 cache the good news is that a valve developer Pierre Lu Griffey mentioned on Twitter about this that the L3 finding on Linux is likely caused by the C3 entry cache flush which goes away in our upcoming 6.1 kernel it doesnt affect most game workloads but can be a real performance problem in some specific cases so with an upcoming upgrade hopefully that will be another performance issue solved on Steam deck by an updated Linux kernel finally something that may be outdated very soon but worth mentioning is that valve seemed to be preparing a major upgrade to Counter-Strike Global Offensive early indicators and leaks from Nvidia looked like it was going to be Counter-Strike 2 but its far more likely to be the long rumored Source 2 upgrade for CS go Im personally quite excited by this because Im a big fan of Cs go and it will apparently release sometime in beta this month also do be sure to check out my previous news video where I talk about the fun of Ray tracing available in the new steamos preview and if you like these News videos be sure to follow along and let me know but thats it for this news video please do like subscribe and comment help me appease the mighty algorithm tell me what you think and Ill see you later deckers diablo 3 on steam deck Some of the latest #SteamDeck news including updated games, #8BitDo Ultimate and something about #CSGO #Source2? 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